Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

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So here we are.. New Years Eve.. I can't actually believe 2012 is here already! This year has been really eventful, especially for the UK! It doesn't really sink in to the fact we were all meant to die, we had the London Olympics, we had the Jubilee - the time has just gone SO fast! We've all been waiting for 2012 for all the main events and I think it's the reason why it's just gone whizzing by. Christmas didn't last long and tomorrow will be the start of 2013, time to do it all over again!

2012 has been a year full of good and bad. We all have personal highlights and things we'd rather forget but all in all, I think its been a pretty good year. The weather wasn't brilliant for the UK, but hey! It never really is what we expect is it! I never really got to go to the beach this year which was a shame, so i'm counting on 2013 to bring me a little bit of a bronzed glow and sea&sand! I did get to go to London once a month this year, starting from June so I'm really happy with that, I love London and one day wish to move there! Each day we went to London this year we did something different, I got to visit Stratford Westfield which I wanted to do for ages, I got to visit Shepard's Bush Westfield which was good. I also got to see the Olympic clock which was cool after seeing it on the TV a few times! - I will be doing a post on my 2012 highlights tomorrow, so keep an eyeout if you want to see what I got up to in 2012!

2012 has really given me a little bit of confidence.. I didn't have the best time in 2011 and it's not been brilliant in 2012, but I did start doing something that I'm really proud of and that I will be doing for a long time. I started a blog! I know that I'm just starting out and I AM learning new things. I started a Youtube channel which I personally think has got off to a good start! I dont have millions of followers but what I do have - I'm happy with! It's given me a little hobby and something I can say to my mum 'Look what i did'. To some people you might not understand what I mean - I hope you do! In 2013 I will carry on with blogging, I have many things lined up and many idea's to share with you all!

I hope you've had a great year and I hope you enjoyed Christmas! Thankyou all for following me since I started blogging and thankyou all for subscribing on Youtube.. there's only a few of you but seriously - it means the world to know that I'm blogging for a reason!   

Thankyou .. and happy new year!

Lots of love,

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elemis FreshSkin Lipbalm

This refreshing peppermint Elemis FreshSkin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm is enriched with passionflower oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to soften and condition the lips.

Ever since I won the Elemis giveaway, I have wanted to review things for you and tell you what I think. I haven't got round to trying most of the skincare items, but I have got round to trying the 'FreshSkin Quenching Lipbalm'. I've never really been a huge fan of skincare as you all know and I haven't really been a fan of lip balm's until I tried the Born Lippy; Body Shop lip balm. I really wanted to review this because I really have enjoyed using this everyday as part of my routine; morning & night.

The lipbalm contains Vitamin E, Passionflower Oil, Peppermint & Sweet Almond Oil. When using the lipbalm I can really smell peppermint and it smells slightly like Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It scrub, if you've all smelled that, you'll know what I mean! When I apply the lipbalm, I can really feel it working, it tingles slightly but not as bad as Soap & Glory's plumping lip balm.

I really like how it's not sticky or overly glossy, it just creates a transparent coating. I really enjoy using this under or over a matte lipstick, just because it keeps my lips supple and smooth without leaving cracks or sightly lines through the lipstick. I normally apply this just before bedtime and just before I apply my makeup.

This is for teens-20 in the FreshSkin range and maybe it might not be as effective for over 30's as a treatment.. although it could be good for a makeup style application, for a lipgloss. On the Feel Unique website they gave a good beauty tip which I thought would be good to include "
Harsh winds, frosty mornings and strong sunlight all contribute to dry or chapped lips. Keep lips well moisturised at all times to minimise damage and drink plenty of water. Fine lines and wrinkles appear around the lips later in life, and smoking can exaggerate these lines." 

I won this in a giveaway for free but you can buy it at for £6.40 or on the Elemis website for £8. I don't quite understand why price ranges differ on both websites but I thought I would include both prices! I don't think for 10ml I would personally pay £8 but because I won it I think its amazing to use without the price tag!

Have you tried it?

Blogmas | Day 26

Hello! I have Christmas blues.. I really am dreading the tree going down and the presents being put away upstairs in my room. I love all seasons, I love summer but winter has been really good this year and I really have enjoyed Christmas although me, Mum & Dad argued a lot over the last few days!
I have had a great birthday, at first I woke up at 2 - cries - and I was really moody but by 5pm I was really excited and in a good mood! I got some lovely presents, I never get as much as I do for Christmas on my Birthday just because I like to get more for Christmas. I got some really nice personalized '16 today' gifts which are so lovely and I really appreciate! This years presents have been amazing. I also got made a cake by Dad which is so lovely, topped with sweets.. mm! I didn't do anything for my birthday because I'm going to London on Friday for my birthday, skating & winter wonderland! I'm really excited for that too, haha.
I also had another roast dinner today which was good, cant beat a Sunday Dinner on a Wednesday!

Hope you all had a good Boxing Day,

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 25

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas Day! Seems quite strange that now it's all over and all that leadup has just been and gone.. I love Christmas and always get a bit sad when it's over! I had a great day and got some great little bits! I have a lot to show you over on Youtube when I do my Christmas haul and I really cant wait to review some of the bits for you all, telling you what's worthy and not worthy!
I got some Yankee candles which smell b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! I remember ordering them waaaaaaaaay back and now I finally have them! I have pink sands, christmas tree, baby powder, christmas cookie and Lemon & lavendar; a perfect range of scents. I got a lot of bath/body things which is always handy because I've used quite a lot up this year and still have alot of Soap&Glory to use, but the more the merrier! I got a few sweeties bits which  I love! (Chewits & Jellytots.. mm!).
I wont go into much detail about what I got, just because I want to do a Christmas Haul and so I don't want to spoil it! I wont be posting pictures of my haul on here, just because its too large and It'll bore you! But I will review quite a few bits after Christmas. As you all might know it's now 2am and it is actually my 16th Birthday! I'm quite excited for my birthday, I can buy a lotto ticket and have a few vodka's in the pub;-) I cant wait to see what small gifts I have in the morning, I know I wont have millions, just because I got a lot on Christmas Day which I prefer.
I'm so happy with my gifts and had a lovely day! It went too fast for my liking, but Christmas always does! 374 more days to go..;)
I hope you all had the most perfect day ever and had a great time with family and friends. I hope you all got what you wanted and hope Santa was generous! I will be Blogmassing tomorrow too so make sure you keep and eye out as I don't know what time it will be posted as I'm not good with keeping everything up to date so it might be past midnight!

Who saw Santa last night;)?

Lots of love..

Have a great Boxing Day xo

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Blogmas | Christmas Eve

Hey lovelies

Today has been so busy! I'm so tired and so glad I'll be able to sleep tonight and wake up for Christmas Day instead of tossing and turning without sleep. I've had such a good day! I didn't sleep much last night, I slept 5-6 and tracked Santa from 6AM when it started! I used NORAD, not Google.. it's so cool.. aw haha. I tracked him all day non stop! I'm still tracking now! I made Mum&Dad some Christmas cards too and I put some handmade decorations on the tree. Then around 4 I went to the pub with Mum just to see everyone and say happy christmas! When I got home, we all had a few snacks laid out and watched the TV! I love Christmas Eve.. such a shame it's over now but I suppose 365 more days until we can see it again! I absolutely love Christmas and I've been really happy to share it all with you. I will be doing Blogmas tomorrow so you can expect a post on here if you're on your laptops! I'm going to keep this short and sweet and carry on eating my snacks and watching the rest of the TV! I'll still be tracking Santa and waiting until bedtime! I do hope you all have an amazing, brilliant, great, fantastic day and you all deserve it! I hope Santa brings you everything you want and I hope you all stay sober until at LEAST 2pm.. haha!
Sorry about the pictures, they were just quick ones! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Week | NOTW!

Hello everyone!
So today might be the day you all do Christmassy designs on your nails - its Christmas Eve! I promised to show you my nails and show you what designs I managed to do from my recent post. I only picked the easiest and best designs from my nail wheel, some I wasn't quite impressed with, so the ones I was impressed with I attempted them on my nails! Sometimes I think that designing on nail wheels is much easier than actually doing them yourself. 

So yeah, that's my NOTW post.. I know it's only small but I'm not quite sure what to put as I explained the nail designs in my post the other day, which you can read - here - if you wish. 

Blogmas | Day 23

Hey lovelies

Ow deaaar! Sorry I'm Blogmassing at 2am.. I haven't got round to it today so I'm really sorry. Atleast I'm remembering to do it aha. Today I got up late which is a no-no and so I need to get up early this morning so I can wake up early for Christmas Day. Its now Christmas Eve because it's past midnight!;-) *cheeky*. So today I made a Gingerbread house. FIRST TIME EVER! It looks amazing, full with chocolate buttons and jelly tots and icing sugar.. mmmm. I don't want to eat it because it's so pretty but I will because I LOVE gingerbread! With the remaining mixture I made gingerbread men which turned out quite cool.
I'm so excited for Christmas now, I need to wake up at 6am to NORAD track Santa but seeing as I'm still up at 2am I really can't see that happening. So I'll get up around 8/9. Tomorrow I will have a really busy day so you guys will have a good read of Blogmas! I still don't know whether to blog for the whole month or stop after my birthday.. you lot haven't told me what you want so I'll just go ahead and do the whole month!
I also need to do my NOTW post tomorrow and I promise I will. I've been slacking a lot and it's terrible..

Meet the family..;-)

Hope you all like my new family and apartment.. haha joking;-)
have a BRILLIANT Christmas Eve!
Love you all..

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 22

Hey lovelies

Today's been an ok day! It's not been busy but I did things in the house. I got up slightlyyy late! I got up at 1.30 - oops! I need to start getting up early again, just incase I miss Christmas! I painted my nails today, in Christmassy design. I will post a NOTW post tomorrow showing you. I also done a blog post on Christmas nails which you have all seen AND I made a Christmas Cake! I dont think I like Christmas Cake, I've never tried it but I don't think I would! I always bake things and never eat my own baking.. I just let Dad have it, haha. Not really much to type today! Not long until Christmas though, I'm excited now. 

Hope you all had a brilliant day,
Have a great rest of the weekend..

Christmas Week | Nail Designs

Hey everyone! Recently, I feel like I've been a bit sparse with my posts.. I haven't given up with Blogging at all! I've been blogging, but I've just been scheduling posts ready for the right times when they need to be up. I've also been doing a lot on Youtube (Christmas week) with uploads everyday, so I haven't had anything to blog on here, because they're mainly tutorials! I have loads of things to show you in the upcoming weeks too, including a Christmas & Birthday haul which I'm really excited about. I've also been doing Blogmas on here since December 1 so I didn't want to overdo the posts!

So instead of rambling, I have a post for you today! I hope you all like it and find it quite helpful! I put together a few nail designs and some that are really easy to do. I'm not very arty so I sometimes find it hard to do good nail designs, purely because I can't draw in real life! But using nail art pens it makes it a lot more easier, I really like using nail wheels to do lots of designs, it gives me more ideas on what to do for my own too! I'm also thinking about doing Nail Tutorials on Youtube once I get my tripod, then I can film one, because at the moment I have no idea on how I'd film it?! I hope you lot would want me to start doing them, if so I will!

I don't really know how to explain the designs and things so I'll just make a small list of what designs are what L-R and what nail paints I used!

Candy Cane 
For this one I just used LA colors white nail polish (Energy Source) which is such a good white color, sounds stupid but most white nail paints I've tried are very gloopy and don't dry for agessss! I really liked this as a base then I used nail art pens in red & green to draw lines, luckily they were straight! You could add glitter on the top if you wanted, I left mine plain!

Christmas Pudding
I wasn't sure whether to do this or not, I saw this image on Google and it looked quite complicated, but it was really easy! I painted the nail with Vivid Purple by Barry M, which I'm not overly keen on , but it's a nice winter shade. I then let that dry and with the nail art pen i draw a squiggly line from one corner, to the other. I then filled it in, let it dry and drew holly on the top! I also thought that drawing the Holly would be difficult but it wasnt.

Christmas Jumper
The Christmas Jumper is quite controversial! It is classed as 'tacky' by some people, but I think this year many people have one or two added to their wardrobe! Personally I think they're quite cute and add a cute touch to Christmas. I never got to buy one this year and last year I had some Christmas Leggings, which reminds me - I haven't worn them this year! *they might not fit.. oops!*. I think this was an easy design to do and I really like it, tonight I need to paint mine for Christmas and I think this is the design I will do. I painted the nail with Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Passion and let that dry. It's such a thick, matte, glossy red - I really like it but its nearly empty, so it's quite gloopy! I then let that dry and with white nail art pen I added designs on the top in triangle, lines and dots. I think this is one of the best designs I done, considering I'm not arty and neat, ha!

Christmas Lights
Christmas lights ARE a Christmas Essential! I think EVERY household needs them so why not have them on your nails too?! These were really easy, I painted my nails in Energy source and then added a black squiggly line on the top and did small shapes in color for the lights!

Santa Hat
I love this one! I didnt paint the nail for this one, I just used a red nail art pen and did a triangle shape, then I put a bobble on the top in white!

A Bow
This one is ok-ish, it's not the best but I suppose you lot could try it better! I painted my nail silver using an MUA shade, I don't know what it though.. then I used a tutorial online to do the bow, I'm sure you can find one online.. I'm not really great at explaining things and I cannot explain for the life of me how to do it!

A Snowman
I love this snowman/snowscene nail! I painted the whole nail with Kiko navy blue color, then i drew on a snowman figure with white nail art pens, then I decorated the blue paint with snow!

This is quite a bad one! Its really simple, draw square boxes in color and add white lines! I just don't think its as good as the others.

These went a bit wrong, I can't draw snowflakes, but I tried!

Christmas tree
I like this one! I like it because it turned out right and I think its a simple nail but would really work well on the accent nail. It was simple to do and you lot should all get it really easy if you can draw Christmas trees!

Snow & A Ribbon
This is really cute, I think the big glitter particles are quite 'snow' like and decorative with the bow. Not my best design but it's quite pretty!

Simple! I'm sure holly is simple to do so I don't need to explain this one! 

Big snowflake
Failed snowflake.

Candy Cane
I love this one, I'm definitely going to use this tonight, when I do mine! I painted my nails with High-Line-Green by NYC which is a big fave of mine. I then did a white nail art oen in a candy cane shape and topped with red lines! Just make sure everything dries before you do the next step, or things may smudge!

Santa's belt
Santa is the main part of Christmas;-) so by adding a Santa belt to your nails adds a great part to Christmas! Paint your nails red, then do a bubble type shape for the belt and add a black rectangle on after, when dry.

This one is slightly difficult. I rushed mine and it ended up quite ok but it was a bit tricky! I did an oval shape going from the bottom of the nail to the middle. Then I added the ears or whatever they're called in the reindeer world;-) Use a brown color. Then I added eyes and a mouth!

Coca Cola Lorry
We all know the Coke lorry, so I used the logo on my nails! Paint red, then write 'Coca Cola' in white! My writing looks a bit dodgy here!

This went really wrong. I think I slightly rushed this as it was the last nail I had to do. 

So I hope you liked my little guide of Christmassy designs and colors etc. I'm off to do mine now, this post took me 3 hours to do! I was making Christmas cake while trying to attempt this post! So at 19:10 I can finally go and paint mine! Tomorrow I'll do a NOTW post showing you mine! I also need to post my Blogmas up soon too! 

Feel free to show me your designs and photo's of yours, I'd love to see them!

Thursday, 20 December 2012


-photo does not belong to me, it was taken from

I have recently come across a website called I was actually contacted by them, telling me details of their upcoming website. I read the details they gave, explaining what they were about and how their website worked, I really liked the sound of it!
So I thought it would be a good idea to share the details with you all and see if you're interested.
How the website works is that they bring you over 200+ brands that most people all love and use; such as Urban Outfitters, New Look, FeelUnique, Burton, and more! This means that its your own personalized shopping experience filled with the brands you shop with/ you love/ you're interested in. To suit your preferences, handpicked items are then taken to your Mallzee for you to buy! I really liked this concept because its basically Online shopping made slightly easier? Instead of searching the whole website, you get the items you're searching for and the brands you want.. within minutes!
As the tagline says 'Making Shopping Social'.. this meaning - you can share your shopping favorites with Facebook and Twitter! So you can see what your friends are loving and you and your friends can view eachothers stores.
Another thing that I thought was very different and really interested me was the fact YOU can earn MONEY when someone buys something from your Mallzee! Not only that but even you can earn money by purchasing from your own Mallzee! So if you add something to your store and purchase it.. you make money. Being paid to shop? What a good idea! is still in process to lauch so its not actually able to use yet, but if you visit HERE you can sign up and be notified when the website goes live. By signing up you're also entered into a draw to win £100 so I suppose that's another brilliant part of the website! 

What do you think of
Will you be joining?!

*sponsored post

Blogmas | Day 20

Hey Lovelies

Its been another boring day..zz.. Dad finishes work tomorrow which is a good thing, so I hope to do more things, I haven't realized how much of a boring person I am, until I started Blogmas! I was planning on doing Blogmas until the end of December, but now I'm really unsure.. Up to what you lot want!!
Today I just attempted to film more stuff for Youtube but my camera batteries were being pathetic and wouldn't let me film one.. I wish the camera I had let me charge it by the mains and not via batteries, its such a pain and batteries cost around £3 which personally, I hate because batteries are a waste of money! So that sorta failed so I caught up on TOWIE Essexmas! It was a good episode, I love Christmas editions of TV and I'm looking forward to the next few days! I also need to plan a few posts for the next few days too, I'm slacking a little bit ever since I started Blogmas, so I need to catch up a bit. I'm doing a 'Christmas Week' on Youtube but I don't really know whether to do Blog posts for the video's just like I did with Halloween Week. I might do a few tags on here, like I did with Youtube.. I just don't know what posts to do!
I also had a Curry for dinner, which will be on a Wednesday #WhatIAteWednesday recipie, I'm really enjoying doing them and have them planned for weeks ahead, which is great. 
Thats about it really, hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you all tomorrow!

5 days to go!

Blogmas | Day 19

Hey lovelies

Sorry today's Blogmas has been a bit late! Its 1:07am now *won't be when I post it* but this is Wednesday's Blogmas.
This week is going pretty speedy! I kinda want it to be speedy but slow too, just because Christmas always comes&go's too fast! I'm dead excited to get my presents and enjoy Christmas! Now as Wednesday has gone, its only 5 days to go!
Today I did quite a bit. I walked the dog on a longer walk, we went round the area with the good christmas lights and saw a few. Then I came home and made Risotto for dinner and made a special recipe of Quesidilla so I will post a recipe up one day of that. Wasn't an overly busy day, but I did more than usual!

Not long now..
6 days

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Simple Mince Pies

Not long until Christmas now! So what better way to begin Christmas, than with a Mince Pie?

What You Need | Ingredients 
100g - Plain Flour
50g - Butter (unsalted)
2 tablespoons - Cold water

How To Do | Method
This recipe is really simple. You can make these simple Mince Pies in less than 30 minutes with this quick&easy recipe!
First, grease a cupcake tray. The tray shouldn't be very deep, the tray should look like this (picture isn't mine, I can remove if it belongs to you). You can grease using a light amount of butter or baking parchment
After you've done that, begin to make your pastry. Sieve the Flour into a medium sized mixing bowl and then add the cubes of butter
How I make my pastry is by using a spatula to really blend the two ingredients together. You use your fingers to make breadcrumb sizes first, then use the spatula to get a ball of pastry. You could even use your electric whisk! I used all three in stages. 
When you have a ball of pastry, flour your surface and your rolling pin. Then, begin to roll your pastry until you have the thickness you want. Do not do them too thin because they might crumble easy and not hold the mincemeat. You want quite a thick pastry.
Use round pastry cutters (cookie cutters) to cut the pastry out. Make sure they're round and they're the same size - or slightly bigger - than your pastry tray. Also make sure you cut the same amount of bottoms as you do tops! I used a star shape cutter for my pastry top.
Then, when you have cut all the pastry out, put the pastry into the tray and scoop a reasonable sized spoon of mincemeat into the base of the pastry. I used one tablespoon to do mine.. you might want less! When done, pop the star shaped pastry onto the top and sprinkle with sugar! Pop into the oven and enjoy! Cook until golden.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 18

Hey lovelies

OH MY GODDDDD! CHRISTMAS IS A WEEK TODAY! I'm starting to get a bit OTT because it's SO near! Weird to think this time next week it'll be basically nearly over and my birthday will be looming.. I'm not overly excited or looking forward/counting down to my birthday - I never do! But, I'm just so excited and I actually can't wait to get all my goodies and see what surprises I have. Mum went Christmas shopping again today, for surprises! So that's got me a bit more excited!
I've also seen the Dancing On Ice lineup today and I'm looking forward to that. I love that programme and look forward to it every year. The lineup looks great - Lauren Goodger to win! I wish I could skate that good, I've never been but I'm going to London soon so I'm definitely going to Hyde Park to skate. 
That's about it for today I suppose.. haven't done anything much again today..zz.. although I did film a few tag videos for YouTube. 

Do you watch Dancing On Ice?

Holly Jolly Christmas Tag!

-photo is courtesy of Although I personally edited it, I can remove if it belongs to you-

Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute?
In the UK I don't think we celebrate Black Friday as much as the US. I know I don't anyway. So I just do it a week or two before Christmas. If I know the items won't be out of stock or discontinued, I just leave it until a week/ two weeks before.

If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?
I don't really watch Christmas movies so I don't really know.. sorry!

Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Oooh! Hard one! I really do like them both! Eve and the actual day are really different so I don't know the answer.. Christmas Eve as a child is the best, you're so excited for Santa! Whereas now as I'm 15 *16 on Boxing Day* it doesn't have that certain special factor.. I really enjoy Christmas Eve though, so I can't choose between the two! 

When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it? 
Me&Dad decorate it, around December 1st. This year we put it up on December 2.

White lights or colored lights?
Both! We have two sets of colored lights on ours, though.

Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like the surprise?
I choose a lot of presents, like a wishlist, and then Mum&Dad buy them and buy me surprises. I know where the presents get put when they're bought and I don't peek! I think it just ruins it.

Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or in Santa's Workshop?
At first my answer was Gingerbread House! But I thought of all the presents in Santa's workshop.. oooh:-( ..Santa's workshop!

Tell us your Christmas Eve traditions!
On Christmas Eve, me&Dad 'Track Santa' via NORAD.. I think its so cool and makes the day fun.. obviously I don't believe in Santa but it's cool! We also lay out snacks and watch the TV. The past few years we'd put the presents under the tree but this year we're not. We also get the Christmas Dinner veggies!

If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?
*blank face*

What tops your tree?
A big, silver, glittery star! Cute;-)

Can you name the 12 days of Christmas?
I know the song and parts of it, but I can't list them! 

Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?
No.. My area/street/town don't do that I don't think? Isn't it more of a religious type thing? I'm not really religious so I don't do it haha.

Do you countdown to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?
I'm a major christmas-counter-downer haha! I count down from around July/August/September.. awful.. It's great though, come on!;-)

What are some foods and treats you can count on having every holiday season?
I think every household has a certain tradition and certain things they eat! We have a roast dinner *I have Quorn meat* and we NEVER have Turkey! Mum&Dad have beef! We hang candy canes and chocolate money on the tree; we also have snacks for eve, day and boxing day like cheese on sticks & crackers etc.

How has Christmas kept its magic for you as you've grown older?
I think if you're the type of person that enjoys and looks forward to Christmas, then you keep the magic by getting excited every year. Even though you're not little anymore and looking forward to Santa, I still think you can keep the magic! What I do is, I ask for 'surprise' presents.. so I have a wishlist and other little bits.. that keeps the magic because you don't know what you're getting.. just like when Santa came!

I hope you enjoyed this tag, I enjoyed doing it! Comment below your response to the tag if you want AND/OR leave a video response and I'll check it out! I'm also uploading a video on Youtube of this tag shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 17

Hey Lovelies

How are you all day?:)
I've had a good day today.. its been another day in but it hasn't been boring. Normally, when Mum isn't at work, the day goes by so slow and quite boring.. that isn't anything mean aimed at Mum - it just does! Whereas when Mum works, the day goes quite fast and I never seem to get bored.. haha.. strange! 
Today I lounged about, I done some blogging and I filmed two videos for YouTube. I couldn't be bothered to get properly ready today, so its good I had a tutorial to do! *up on Wednesday*.
 When Dad came home I walked the dog quickly and made some Almond & Chocolate muffins. Bit of a normal day, but atleast I did stuff!

Hope everyone had a good day..
1 week to go

Glamour Joy Card | What Did I Buy With Mine?

The Body Shop | Chocomania Soap & Clementine Lipbalm | £2 

As any true Glamour reader would know, there's another freebie in this months magazine! I only started reading Glamour magazine last month with the Nails Inc freebie, but I really enjoyed reading the magazine too so I thought I would get this months edition too AND there was another freebie enclosed! I never really collect magazines but I'm glad I started collecting this one, for the freebies and for the magazine. I'm not sure if Glamour give away something every month, I don't think they do. 

When I saw this in this months edition, I was really excited to try it out. I never really shop at The Body Shop, or enter the store. I've always thought that it's quite pricey, but now as I've been in and had a look - its really not! 

In the middle of the store is a few baskets with body butters, shower gels, soaps etc.. I was drawn to this as its a little cheaper and something I could have spent my card with. On my card was £3.. I think every card has £3 on it - I can't see them giving £100 away! Unless 1 or 2 cards have £100 on, I don't think many will. 

So what did I buy? As you can see, I bought a soap & a lipbalm! I absolutely LOVE this lipbalm! The taste/smell is lovely.. so fresh&fruity. I really love the smell of clementine, I bought a shower gel earlier this year with the smell of Clementine in..mmm. Most lipbalms  have a plain taste - makes me avoid having a lipbalm collection because most are like 'Vaseline' which is tasteless, whereas the Body Shop ones come in all different scents like Strawberry, Guava etc.. I really like this, it's so smooth on the lips and I actually used it the other day to go out; I used it like a lipgloss and it was noticeable and just the right amount of lip product! The orange color is not noticeable but you could see a tint. It's quite shimmery but it's perfect for a coating of 'gloss'. I like to apply this overnight and in the morning its soaked in and leaves my lips nice and smooth for the perfect application of lipstick.. I really love it and I'm going to collect them all!
Moving on to the soap - this is just a Chocoholics dream! I'm not overly addicted to the scent of Chocolate or eating chocolate so I was unsure on buying this. They had other soaps there like Clementine, Lemon etc but I decided to get Chocolate because I thought it was quite unusual and different, something I could add to my bath box without having another one. I haven't used this yet, but its very overpowering and extremely Chocolate scented. I can't wait to use it and I think the smell will 'tone down' just a bit when its lathered into the skin. For the price I'm also going to collect these, I think they're so worth the price!

The Body Shop have proved me wrong! I need to shop there a lot more and I think their products are great quality and really worth buying -  I'm happy with my purchases! 

What do you like to buy from the Body shop?
Did you get a joy card?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 14, 15, 16

Hey lovelies

BIG, BIG, BIG apologies.. I haven't Blogmassed in 3 whole days.. I feel really bad but I do have a reason! I didn't Blogmas just because I thought I would do one whole post instead of doing everyday saying 'i didn't do much'. To me, it seems like my Blogmas posts get quite boring if I haven't done anything, so maybe you guys wouldn't be too bothered if I didn't bother doing it for a few days. As you all know, I don't miss days out, I catch up by doing a big post with all the missed days, just like I'm doing tonight! I've done quite a bit too, so I hope you enjoy this Blogmas.. if you don't please comment below and I'll stop doing them! I just want you guys to have your say; if you don't like the posts.. I'll stop! xo

So on the 14th which was.. Friday.. I didn't have anything planned, around 3pm I decided to go to Tesco with Dad and do the Friday shop, unfortunately this didn't happen! We were on our way there and it was raining and ugh, I couldn't be bothered! Ever get that? Where you want to do something but can never be bothered to go?! So I went back home and watched Friday Night TV with a pizza! 

Then yesterday, Saturday 15th, I went into Town and showed Dad even MORE Christmas things I wanted! *BIG Christmas haul coming!!* and we just decided to buy them there, I knew what the things were so I didn't see the harm in just buying them, I'm getting surprises on Christmas anyway, so I don't know everything I'm getting. I also bought mum's presents! ..My Mum doesn't read my blog *she doesn't know anything about the internet, after many attempts of showing her my blog, the confused face remains* so I can tell you all what I got her; White Musk Body Shop Perfume, A book she's been wanting for a while, a new diary, Baileys and a new bag! Just small gifts that I know she needs and wants, my Mum never really wants presents but I cant just forget can I! I also bought the dog a few of his presents! He has a Christmas stocking with snacks, treats and toys *cute*. All I need now is Dad's presents then I'm done! 8 days to go! 
I also made some more Mince Pies today aswell! *Dads fave*.
Now as I'm finally Christmassy, 8 days seems like agesssssss away! I'm sure it'll go fast-ish but I can see next week being so boring that it goes slow! I always dread the weekdays.. ever so boring; I go to bed around 8pm hahaha!

Today; I really didn't do much. I made some Lemon Muffins & some Chocolate Crunch *#whatiatewednesday post is scheduled don't worry!;-)* and stayed in my onesie. I think it rained today too so I couldn't do much if I wanted too, I was going to take the dog on a long walk but the rain would have stopped that idea anyway! 

I hope you enjoyed this Blogmas, it was quite a big one!

Have you finished Christmas shopping now?

Friday, 14 December 2012

7 Christmas Party Dresses! - Over £25

Untitled #257

So the other day I did a post on dresses that you could buy for your Christmas Party.. all under £25! This post is the second half.. dresses over £25. I noticed that the over £25 ones are more longer and a bit more dressy, whereas the other dresses under £25 were a bit more girly and short. I like both sets of dresses though! 

Lipsy VIP Strapless Cutwork Detail Strapless Dress | £110 | Lipsy
This dress is pretty! I was talking about Floral's in my other post, the other day, and this is another way of wearing florals! Its not the lacy type like many other dresses. I really like this dress because its casual aswell as dressy. This would be good for a Christmas Party at home, or maybe one that you're hosting; One just with friends.

Sparkle Midi Bodycon Dress | £50 | Topshop
I think this is great! In my opinion, Topshop is quite pricey and I don't actually shop there.. I like a few of their clothes and their makeup is brilliant but I think its waaaay overpriced! For this dress though, £50 is pretty alright. Considering the Lipsy dresses I've featured are in the £100 mark. Personally, I wouldn't wear this because I don't have the figure! Obviously if you're confident to wear a nude bodycon then this is perfect! I really like it and I think its a great price. 

Praslin Embellished Black Lace Dress | £34 | New Look
This is so pretty! I think this would look great with these wedges! I would also wear this dress for a meal out or something, its not overly dressy but its not casual. Its quite 'smock' design too, so its not bodycon.. something I would definitely wear and feel confident in!

Lipsy VIP Strapless Diamante Detailed Dress | £160 | Lipsy! I love this so much! I think the neckline is SO flattering with the diamonds and sweetheart neckline! If I had the figure for this.. it'd be mine! I love the fishtail design too, its so lovely and does really show off your figure/curves. I think its also brilliant for a Christmas Office party or for a meal. Its also a pre-Christmas treat at a whopping £160 but TOTALLY worth it!

Lipsy VIP Sequin Beaded Detail Maxi Dress | £150 | Lipsy
This is also very beautiful! I love the sequins, great for the Christmas party! Glitter & Sequins are the best for Christmas! This is also quite fishtail, I love the design and how it would fit, I also like how its sweetheart neckline but has the sheer chest material so it covers you up a little more. I think this is so pretty and you would definately be the star of the party in this! I also think its worth the money, 100%.

Only Gold Izzy Sequin Dress | £48 | New Look
SEQUINS! This dress is definitely party! Its the ideal dress, I love the gold sequins and the simple design. Although I do think the price is a little excessive for this dress, but I suppose you only get what you pay for! 

Clean T-Shirt Satin Maxi Dress | £72 | Topshop
I prefer this to the nude Topshop one.. I really like the color, I love royal blue so much and this is just perfect for nighttime. I really like the T-shirt neckline, its such a simple dress and not over the top, so you can add jewelerry and glitzy heels. I think this is perfect for the curvier girl, just because it would be nicely fitting, not too tight but body adapting so you feel confident.

I hope you enjoyed my pick of £25+ dresses. I also hope you enjoyed the post yesterday, I think it was a great idea, and something different for my blog! I never really do fashion posts, I always do makeup ones! 

What one do you like?!

Blogmas | Day 13

Hey Lovelies

..Another day late Blogmas! I fell asleep at 8pm last night so I didn't manage to 'Blogmas'. I didn't really have an interesting day yesterday, but I wasn't in the whole day so that was a bonus! I quickly popped to Tesco and picked up some Flour, I made some Mince Pies, so that will be on next weeks #WhatIAteWednesday! I get up early everyday now, too; so I walked the dog around 10am when it was frosty and wintery! I took quite a few pictures too which was good, I normally forget to take a few pictures in Summer/Winter/Autumn.. this year I've remembered! Everywhere looked pretty yesterday, it looked like it snowed! Then when I got back I didn't do much and I was quite tired and I just happened to fall asleep at 8:00 haha! 
Sorry this Blogmas was boring! Hope your day yesterday was better, hope you're all having a good day today!

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