Monday, 3 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 3

Hey Lovelies

December..3..already?! I can see Christmas being here before we can even say Christmas! Once everyone has prepared everything, its midnight on Christmas Eve!
I think because we all count down via an Advent Calandar or Advent Candle, it does so fast, or its just me who thinks that!
I havent really done much today, I just sat around freeeeezing cold at home. I watched last nights TOWIE too, in preparation for the live one tonight, 'totes excited' haha!
I also scheduled all my Christmas viewing today too, so many Christmassy editions of programmes come out at the start of December, personally, I love it!
So yeah, I've done nothing today, this is the reason why I DO NOT do daily vlogs haha, I live such a boring life! Im still going to carry on with my Blogmas diaries though, I'll be doing a lot more soon, I just dont do things everyday which is such a shame, I love being busy!
Oh and while I remember! Today, I attempted to put the Christmas lights up in the window but dad failed so I dont think thats going to happen this year!

Hope you've all had a good day, what have you all been up to?
..are you going to be watching TOWIE live?!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blogmas | Day 2!

Hey lovelies

So Ive decided to do 'Blogmas'.. I had this idea about an hour ago when I saw it on someones blog! I wont be doing Vlogmas on my Vlog YouTube unfortunately, due to the fact of 0 confidence of carrying a camera about and chatting to it everyday! Although I'll try and add the cheeky christmas video in when I can, but atleast with 'Blogmas' I can update you with December posts all the month!
I dont know when to do it to, until the last day in December or until Christmas Eve? ...I'm thinking up till the last day in December, yeah?!
Yesterday I missed a post because I didnt have the idea of doing 'Blogmas' until today, but I'll keep you updated with yesterdays events now!

So as yesterday was December 1st, I decided to make some cute decorations for the tree, I got a bit overly excited with the glitter and sticky bits but hey, my childish side was coming out!
I love Christmas but I just havent been 'Christmassy' this year.. I'm quite Christmassy now as I've put the Tree up but its on and off, I suppose its just because I dont think I'm getting a 'big present' this year, like a main present.. I'm just getting small bits and pieces, but I do think I'm getting and iPad for my birthday, so thats a bonus!

Today, for the actual Blogmas post; I put the tree up! I think December 1st (I was meant to do it yesterday, but did it today) is the best time to do it. It looks really pretty and kinda got me into the christmas spirit! We put Christmas chocolates on the tree and some candy canes, I had one.. couldnt resist! The gold, red, silver and purple baubles added a glittery touch, which looks so pretty on the tree. We added some glittery icicles too, which hang down from the tree. We also popped a glittery star on the top - just for tradition! I cant wait to pull the crackers on Christmas Day too!

Have you all put your trees up already, or when are you doing them?! You can send me links to pictures if you would like, I'd love to see them all, I'll insert a picture of mine at the end of this post, I tried getting a good one!

I'll start doing this everyday now, I know they wont be 100% beauty posts, but I think that updating you all is a good thing, especially because I dont always tweet off my blog/youtube twitter and I dont think any of you follow my Instagram, so I think this is a good idea and I hope you all enjoy the posts!

Hope you've all had a good day and I'll speak to you all tomorrow!

Night-Night xo

Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Bad Beauty Habits!

-photo is courtesy of although I personally edited the photo I will take it down if it belongs to you-

Hey lovelies
So we all have habits that we do in our everyday life, and I saw this tag on someone else's Youtube and thought it would be a great idea to do a post and video on it!
I have a few habits that I never noticed before, but when I sat down and thought ' I need to write a list on mine, what habits do I have?!' I actually came up with quite a few that you dont normally realise 'oops, I done it again!' when you actually do it.
So I'll list them below and as always, please comment below your habits, I'd love to read them! Or, if you want to do a video or have done a video, please leave me a video response! I'd love to know.

Biting my nails;
I do this all the time! At random moments of the day ill just be sitting there biting my nails! Even worse.. the skin around my nails! I wish I had pretty, long nails or perfect skin around the nails, but its such a bad habit! Even if I bought some of the bad tasting stuff to avoid me biting them, it really wouldnt work! 

Not cleaning my brushes regular!
Oops! I dont mind this ahhh:( Its such a bad habit but when theyre freshly washed, I dont think they work as well as they do when they're a week old?! Its strange but really bad! I love when they're soft though! I normally wash them every 2/3 weeks which is awful!

♥ Sunbathing with no cream!
I dont think this is that bad because I have olive skin and I dont ACTUALLY burn! But this year, I burnt quite bad by sitting in the sun for ages and my back was so sore! Next year I will definately apply some suncream because this year, I spotted some wrinkles! Oops!

♥ Touching My face;
I do it without noticing! I sit there touching my face every now and then, so bad! Then I wonder why I have spots? This blends in with the next one..

♥ Picking spots;
I dont pop them, ew no! But if its quite hard I will just pick the top off and its a really bad habit. I always get them round my mouth and its so frustrating! When I can actually go out with a spot, im not petty!

♥ Wearing makeup while asleep;
This is the biggest one! If I stay up all night (also a bad one!) I'll just leave it on. Or, if I do go to sleep ill just leave it on for my eyemakeup to rub everywhere and for my foundation to go all oily into my skin.. so so so dirty! Then I moan when I have spots?!

♥ Using out of date makeup;
If I have some pretty colored palettes, I'll keep them for further use. I dont realise that they're actually out of date and dont act the same as they did when I first bought them. This isnt such a bad one, I dont have much out of date makeup! (only a few palettes!)

So I hope you all enjoyed this tag, I like doing them as you get to know me a little bit more and its just a simple but good post to do! It also keeps me entertained haha! 

Friday, 30 November 2012

November Round Up!

Hey lovelies

So its December 1st tomorrow! This year has gone so fast and its been okay, not that exciting but I've been to London alot so I suppose thats what makes me happiest.
Anyway, its not even Dec 1 yet and I'm rambling about the year, thats for New Years Eve haha!
I've seen people do this post alot tonight so its my turn, haha.

I've done quite a bit this month, November&December is jam packed so thats what I enjoy, I hate being stuck at home bored. 

♥ November 4th - 
This seems like SO long ago.. On November 4th we had a bonfire night type thing in the garden, we had marshmallows and chocolate and me&dad did some BBQ'ing! Unfortunately we ran out of coal so we had to cook in doors! 

November 5th - 
Best day of November! We went to London to see Oxford Street 2012 lights switch on and I saw Leona, Robbie Williams and Lawson! All amazing and such a great day, I started to get Christmassy but I've lost it a bit now haha. 

♥ November 5th
The christmas lights on Debenhams! London looks so pretty in the winter!

 November 20 -
The autumn leaves! Me&Dad took the dog for a walk and I took my camera along, I got some really lovely pictures of the autumn leaves and the berries on bushes, I love Autumn, but its a lot like Spring.. it goes SO fast!

♥ November 20 - 
I saw a squirrel! Such a cute little thing! It heard the dog and jumped through the tree haha, best picture I've taken I think!

♥ November 24 -
Me and Dad made homemade Chinese and had it for his birthday, it was so nice!

♥ November 29 - 
We went to Town last night to see the Christmas lights, we saw the tree! Peterborough isnt the best place, but I love the decorations this year, they've slightly changed!

♥ November 29 - 
Same theme, last nights lights, THE COCA COLA TRUCK! Haha, I cant believe I saw it! Its so cool, its exactly like the one from the telly! We all got some free coke too!

♥ November 29 - 
Towns lights.. so as November has gone and December 1 starts in 15 minutes, the tree goes up today! 

I need to get Christmassy soon, I dont know why I'm not this year but I suppose it will happen nearer the time! I also have my birthday the day after so I always have something extra to look forward to.
Happy December, I hope you all have a great month and celebrate the festivities in style.
I also hope you've had a brilliant November and celebrated Bonfire night in the best way!

                                         Did you all go to Oxford street lights?



Thursday, 29 November 2012

NOTW | Black & White Ombre!

Hey lovelies

So my last post was a nail post too, but since Saturday I've done my nails  again. I did something quite new, that was pretty popular this year; Ombre.
Last year 'Crackle' was a good trend for nails, I only bought 1 crackle polish because I wasnt into the trend sooo much, I liked it but it wasnt something I'd rush to the shops to buy. Then this year, glitter has been quite popular, and recently, really recently, the 'electric' or 'magnet' type polishes are popular.. and yes, they're on my Christmas list!

But the trend that I've really liked is Ombre! I was planning on getting my hair 'Ombre-d' but I didnt really want to dye it again, I really miss my natural hair, although its getting there.. anyway.. clothes, hair, nails etc have been following the Ombre hype and this is the first time I've actually tried doing it. I always thought it would be a bit difficult, but its not.. it just takes quite a while to make it look neat and not gloopy and doesnt chip quick.

To do this I chose 2 colors and a top coat to make it shine! I really like these two colors together (metallic navy and white). The dark color looks shimmery black, maybe a hint of blue, its hard to decide! I didnt use any 'branded' nail polishes, I just used one I got out of a gift set type thing last Christmas.

Ill do a step by step of how I created them, I hope I explain easy enough..

 Apply a clear coat first;  
I'm sure you all have one in your nail polish collection! This isnt essential, just helps the polish to glide along and not stain the nails if you're using wintery colors like I am! If not, skip this step, its purely up to you!

 Apply your first color; 
So this for me was the navy blue color, apply it as you normally would paint your nails and wait for them to dry.

 Get yourself a sponge applicator; 
These can be bought in packs of mini ones for £1, they dont cost a lot! If not, you can use a sponge that you would apply foundation or concealer with. 

 Using the applicator; 
Using the eyemakeup sponge use another color to do the ombre. In my design, I used white. First, paint the color onto the tip of the nail.. dont be neat, it doesnt matter! Then, using the sponge, dab the color in. If the color fades, add a bit more to the sponge and keep dabbing. Its quite hard to explain, but just do it until your happy and it looks a little bit like I did!

 How should it look?
Try and get it so the tip is quite bold and the parts going downwards toward the cuticle are quite faded..this is ombre!

 Using the clear coat;
When everything is dry, make sure its not going to smudge. Then, apply your clear coat, just to make sure everything will stay in place. 

I tried to make this as simple and easy as I could, I'm rubbish at explaining things so I hope this helped. I might make a video of it in the New Year or something, my video schedual is crammed at the moment, so any extra videos (unless urgent) will be in March, haha!

What colors are you going to try?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nails Inc Review | Glamour Glitter

Hey lovelies

Ahhh, Monday again! ..well, Tuesday now! I'm after midnight blogging haha! 
I mentioned a few days back, well, a week! That I purchased Glamour magazine. I purchased it purely for the freebie, but I did purchase it for the magazine too, just for you Cheryl! 
I think its a great magazine and the nail polish is brill too. So, I'm going to give you a review!

At first, I didnt quite think it was worth buying it and I didnt think it was worth the £11 mark in stores. Then I realised that the glitter polish 'Glamour glitter' was the Glamour magazine exclusive, so this one isnt available in shops wheras the other 3 colors (navy,red and nude) are.

I really like the small-ish particles. Please note that I added NYC 'lights-camera-glitter- with this, for the blue/pink larger particles, but the golden color smaller particles are used with the Nails Inc polish.
I used 2 coats of the Nails Inc polish because it adds a heavier layer of glitter, but if you wanted sparse glitter, this would be perfect!
In the bottle it looks very bright and gold but really, its not like that at all. Its simplistic over any nail polish shade, personally, I think black looks best! But then, this is YOUR choice.

I've tried a few glitter polishes before, all being simple drug store brands like LA Color and Barry M. These have been great for the odd Pound or two, but I have realised why this one is different.. because it leaves my nails smooth! Normally when I use glitter polishes, they feel quite rough on the nails, even though they are sparse particles AND use a clear coat underneathe! The Barry M one does this a lot! 

I'm now happy with my selection of what freebie I should have chose, I was a bit disheartened that I didnt get the red or navy one, but I suppose this one is a one off with the magazine! 
Its also great for the Christmas party season!

I hope this review wasnt extremely loooong, but I just wanted to give an ok review as I hardly do them anymore!

Lots of love,
hope you all had a good weekend,

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bath Collection | Whats In My Bath/Body Box?

Hey lovelies

I've been wanting to do a post like this for ages, and this has been waiting to be done in ages too! (If that made sense!). I posted my Youtube video up yesterday showing you my Bath/Body collection and I hope you all enjoyed! I always do matching blog posts to my Youtube videos so here is a few pictures of what I have in my collection. 
Please note that the pictures were taken outside because the daylight is a bit non existent at the moment so this was an opportunity to get a few quick snaps, sorry if the photos are a bit bad but its the best I could do! I also froze my fingers off trying to do this so I hope its okay!

I wont go massively into detail about them giving full reviews but I will tell you what I like/dislike, if I would buy again and a rate out of 10. Ill also tell you a little bit about what i think but if you do want a review then please feel free to tweet or ask me questions on ask fm and ill happily reply and tell you when I'll be doing a review.

 Soap and Glory collection; 
I really enjoy using soap and glory. I love the scent and I really like the way they stick to 'what it says on the tin'. Most of the things I've purchased are great and the prices are at a good level where you can buy some with 'pocket money' or if you've saved up to buy. I do actually have a video and blog post soon with my Soap and Glory best and worst, so I'll go into detail then, but as you can see by the photos, these are the Soap and Glory items I own so far, this will probably soon change as I need to get a bigger collection!
I like these, I would buy more S&G products again, rate out of 10 would have to be 10/10 or 9/10 on some products.

 Tesco 'Wake Up' Range
I own all of these, apart from 2 scents. I will pick up the other 2 scents when im next in store. I do like the scent of these shower gel's but I dont use them all the time. I've used each scent about twice and they're great for mornings or just as a 'go-to' quick fix product, but I wouldnt say they're a luxury item or something really enjoyable to use. I really do like them and the scents are really citrus, they're £1.10 and the 'Original source' ones are only £1 the last time I looked, so maybe I wouldnt buy them again and I would try Original source items.
I like them, I would try some more shower gels then come back to these another time, 8/10.

 Possibility range
I got these last Christmas as a stocking filler type present. I always wanted the 'Philosophy' range but they're just soooo expensive! They're like £26 for the exact same thing! Mum saw these in Savers and I got them at Christmas. I really like the Raspberry Pavlova one, its really scented and I still need to try the recipe out! The ginger snap cookie one really isnt scented so for £1 I would just get the red one and forget the brown color one.
I think theyre okayish, I would buy the red one again and I give it 7.5/10

 Jergens Extra Moisture and Cellulite cream
I got these as a freebie offline. When I recieved them I was really made up just because they were full sized and I always saw them in Supermarkets and things, I actually wanted to see what they were like. I got them and I was sooooo dissapointed! They didnt do anything! I dont have any cellulite.. I dont think.. but the Extra Moisture one was completely useless! I dont quite know what the prices are so you might have to check that out online, but I think theyre £2.50/£3 +. I wouldnt waste my money!
I didnt like them, I wouldnt buy again, I give it 4/10.

 Skinology face scrub and Face wash
Useless. Dont like the scrub and the face wash makes me sooo oily! Really dislike. These were £1 each from Wilko and I would NOT buy again. The scrub is overly gentle and if you have really bad blackheads this wouldnt do anything to help your skin out. Id rather save my £1 than waste it on products that dont do what they say. 
Didnt like, Wouldnt buy again.. 4/10

 Baylis and Harding
I have these in the Mandarin scent and the Rasperry leaf scent. I really enjoyed using these, Im near to the end of the pink one and I've finished the yellow one, so you'll see an empties! exclusive!
These smell so lovely and foam up really nice aswell. They have different scents that arnt overpowering but they leave the scent on your skin after the bath/shower anyway.

Loved using these, its a shame they're nearly/are empty! Would buy again, if I find it! 10/10

So I hoped you enjoyed my mini reviews and my collection! I dont do any 'Collection' type posts or videos so it was fun to do this, although it took me centuries to get everything out and back in the box, lol! If you would like to see the 'Bath Box' I use and what i keep everything in, please visit here - ( Click me! ) -this picture I linked is NOT mine, I'm just using it as an example-.
The box cost me £60 a few years back, it came with some S&G items which made me want to start a collection! 

What bath things do you own? Any Faves? Dislikes?
..Leave them below!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Glamour Magazine | Freebie | Nails Inc

Hey lovelies

As you ALL must know, Nails Inc were doing a freebie in Glamour Magazine UK this month! (November issue) and is it me or have ALL the Youtubers and Bloggers been going crazy over this freebie?! I think its a good freebie, purely because Nails Inc doesnt quite 'tickle my fancy' and to get a free one before Christmas is great, just to decide if I would actually buy this for myself for a whole price of £11.
I dont think I would pay £11 for Nails Inc, I have two other nail polishes from them, they were also free with Fabulous magazine a while back. 
They had an option of Red, Black, Glitter and a nude color. The other colors were nice but I thought this one stood out the most. 
I wasnt actually going to get the Glamour magazine with the nail polish because I dont really collect magazines (although I have now told myself I'm going to collect Glamour mag) but after visiting ASDA very early on Saturday morning to get some christmas goodies, I thought why not, and picked it up.
I havent actually read the magazine yet, or tried out the nail polish, so I will be having a read tomorrow or the next day and sometime this week I will be trying out the nail polish with a NOTW post.
The glitter looks really pretty BUT on other people's blogs it looks very sparse glitter. This is why I wouldnt pay £11 because its sparse glitter whereas the £3 Barry M glitter and the £2 NYC glitter arnt sparse, they're very big particles. 
I'll have to try this to properly review it, but all I know is that is gold glitter and they're sparse, I'll paint them soon and keep you updated with a proper review!
Ill post the review sometime this week because this magazine wont last forever because its monthly.

Have you all bought this? What one did you buy?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cheryl Cole Inspired Look - Under The Sun

 Hey Lovelies!
So I tried to recreate this look, its not perfect but I think some aspects are quite ok!

 Please visit my Youtube (links on my blog) for how I did it!

Lots of love..

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tag | Why Do You Wear Makeup

-photo is courtesy of although I personally edited the photo, I will take it down if it belongs to you-

Hey lovelies
I like doing these tag videos/blog posts because they're quick and simple but they let you guys get to know me a bit more with some questions. I do a lot of them, a few too many maybe but I enjoy doing them and I hope you do too! 
So as normal, Ill answer the questions to the tag, just like I did in my video to the tag which got a few dislikes :-( but you can view here ;

♥ When Did You Begin Loving Makeup;
I began loving makeup in Primary school. I never used to be girly, I always used to wear scruffy clothes with no interest in makeup! I used to love Barbies and dressing up and dolls etc, but I had no interest in Makeup. I used to love all the pretty colors in eyeshadow sets and stuff but I never used to apply them! In primary school I had 3 bestfriends who loved makeup and they always used to get their sister to apply their makeup and stuff, I didnt! Then in Year6 I always wore mascara, maybe because I wanted to be cool, haha. Then in year 7 I used to wear more. I didnt know how to apply it properly haha, it used to be so smudged! Im glad I didnt wear it when I was younger though.

♥ How do you feel without makeup;
Just..normal? I dont feel any different! At home i feel normal with or without, I dont mind wearing none although I dont like going out without any because I like to feel my best and look presentable.

♥ What do you like about makeup;
I like how you can make friends, chat about it, blog, youtube! So many options, its a great hobby. It can get you a really good job too, I'd love to be a makeup artist.

 Three holy grail items;
Eyeliner/mascara. I only have 2!

I hope you enjoyed this tag and leave your comments below telling me your answers, I'd love to know!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tag | Would You Rather

-photo is courtesy of although I personally edited the photo I will take it down if it belongs to you-

Hey lovelies

So I have a new thing going on, on my blog! I'm trying to change things up so they look a bit better. I've already had a play about with the tabs and stuff, I just hope I can get my blog sorted soon enough, but because I'm not good at all of this, its a bit difficult! Google is always there though, ay;)

I've decided to do a post on my tag from Youtube yesterday. Its the 'would you rather tag' and I just thought this would be good as a lighthearted post, and a bit of a quick one! I hope you all enjoyed bonfire night and Halloween, I havent really mentioned any of that in recent posts, oops! 

So I'll get on with the Q & A's of the tag, I do have a tendency to ramble hahahaha!

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipglosses and lipsticks or all of your eyeshadows and palettes?
Eyeshadows and palettes! I love them but, Main reason is, is because I could live without eyeshadows because to me personally, I do not find them essental. Whereas mascara and eyeliner is a daily essential! 

♥ Would you rather chop all your hair or never cut it again?

Never cut it again! Because you can always get rid of the split ends with product hopefully.. but I havent cut my hair since February and it seems to be okay. But, cutting all my hair.. I'd never do that again!

♥ Coral or Pink cheek?

I dont really wear blushers, I need to try and buy some more. Maybe pink. I dont think coral will look okay.

♥ If you had £1000 - clothes or makeup?

£500 on clothes, £500 on makeup;)? I dont know! Maybe makeup.

♥Lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick.

Pencil eyeliner as lipliner and fill it in? ..Eyeliner as a lipstick!

♥Shop at MAC or sephora for the rest of your life?

MAC, we dont have Sephora.

♥ Use one eyeshadow color or one lipcolor forever?

One lipcolor.

♥Wear summer clothes in winter or winter clothes on summer?

Summer clothes in winter. i dont get cold.

♥Dark nails or bright nails all year round?

Bright! I dont paint them according to seasons anyway.

♥Give up fave lip or eye product?

Give up fave lip product!

♥Only wear hair in ponytail or messy bun?

Messy bun! I dont think I suit ponytails.

♥Never paint nails again or use lipgloss?

I like painting my nails, I hardly use lipgloss! I like lipsticks.

♥Shave eyebrows or sharpie them in?

Sharpie them in. Id look mad without eyebrows?! 

♥Live without nail polish or makeup?

Nail polish. It doesnt change your appearance, its just something I like to do. Couldnt give up makeup!

So I hope you all enjoyed this small tag, I hope to find out what you guys answer to this so you can always comment below with your answers if you like, I'd love to know! Have a great day! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

3D Lips

Hey Lovelies!

So recently on my Youtube I tried to create glossy, red lips.
I think they look ok-ish but I could have done better! 
You only need two lipsticks.. I used MUA shade 13 and Coral In Gold by Rimmel.
I applied a light red lipliner all round my lipline first, then applied the red lipstick to my outer lip. I then applied the same to the top outer lip. In the center I applied the coral In gold. Its simple but you could achieve this look better by using more matte lipsticks. Its really simple, go on my Youtube channel to find out  more and watch a tutorial.
Lots of love,

Friday, 2 November 2012

Autumn Inspired Look!

 Hey Lovelies!
So on my Youtube yesterday I created this look. Im sorry the camera was a bit wonky here & there but that was my first tutorial and I really wanted to do one, so the next thing I'll practise is my camera skills..
I thought it would be good to upload the pictures onto here etc, so you can have a really detailed look or whatever.
So Ill list the products I used and how I easily did the look! Hope you all enjoyed it, I was so nervous haha.

  • I thought all the colors used were great for autumn, I love shimmery browns and matte black eyeliner and im getting the hang of the 'winged look' now too!
  • Grey or white looks great in the inner corner of your eye as it makes them look slightly wider.
  • I used two eyeliners, MUA for the thinner line which is on the inner corner and then the Beauty Base one which has a slightly thicker wand for creating a double line, which leads outward for the wing.
  • I used the cats eyes mascara as it makes the lashes un-clumpy and has the perfect wand.
  • For the base, I used Maybelline Tattoo in On-And-Bronzed. This is great solo or great to build up.
  • For the grey color, you can use anything but I used the 'Zero Gravity' quad by Beauty Base - LA color.
  • For the outer part of my eye, I used the Rimmel Eyeshadows from savers. I used 103 Rock Star.
So yeah.. I hope that this look was a good enough one for my first tutorial. Im quite confident now, I've planned my next one, I just hope its not too bad! Haha!
Lots of love..

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