Monday, 29 April 2013

How I'd Style.. A Maxi Dress

Ok. So. It's basically the end of April.. where did the time go?
If by now, you haven't got into your maxi dresses or you don't know how you want to style yours - have no fear! I'm here with my basic tip on how to style one!

I have a maxi, it's floral. I was a year late on the trend because yet again, I couldn't find one that wouldn't make me trip up over my smallness OR one that didn't make me look frumpy...
I realised that the best one for me was a sheer, chiffon material with an underskirt so you can't see anything else!

I love this maxi dress from It's a comfy material and loose for summer, but keeping a small amount of detailing around the chest so it isn't too plain.I love the colour - I think it's beach perfect! I also think it'd be good if you're going away on holiday. I added the hat, because I think instead of accessories (which I always forget in the hot weather) it gives a more sunnier, summer feel and goes well with the dress too. The hat is from ASOS.

These sandals are a staple, I think. I think this because they're white and they'd go with everything - shorts, leggins, dresses, skirts.. and they're only £12 from New Look! 
I added the MAC lipstick in 'Vegas Volt' because it's a coral shade, and I love corals in summer.

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

NOTW | Sally Hansen

A very spring-like NOTW this week! Feat. Mum's hands..
This week, mum was the model aha! My mum is so 'hip' and 'down with the kids' she loves me doing her nails so I decided to feat these in my NOTW this week, just because I wanted to show you the colour but I'm wearing it on my toenails not my fingernails, and there's no way my feet are coming on this blog.. lol!

This is Sally Hansen's HD polish. I'm not sure where you can get this, I got it for Christmas so I have no idea how much or where from. It's called resolution and it's a really nice polish. I think it's quite sheer, it needs two coats. It's shimmery and really nice for spring.

It does chip quite easy but I don't really mind that, I'm forever topping up anyway! I'm not really a fan of Sally Hansen, but I like this! I also have a blue one - I like this one slightly more though!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks NOTW post! Lots of love, hope you all had a good Saturday xo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Favourites

Hello everyone, favourites time!
I feel like my blog is always 'faves/empties' related. I do try and fit in as many other posts as I can so I get equal posts on here. I don't want you to get bored!
I really like these items and I wear them all the time. I never really have a 'go to ' product but you'll get to know mine soon!

OPI Nail Lacquer | Did It On Them, Nicki Minaj | £11
Absolutely love this nail polish! I've been loving OPI so much recently and I say this all the time but I need more OPI's! This applied soso well and I got two compliments over on YouTube with people saying how lovely it is! I love how it's very spring like and I'll be using it a lot this summer!

Chit Chat Highlighter | Poundland | £1
I love this. I really wanted this soon as I saw it and I've never got round to getting any Benefit items before so this was the nearest thing to their highlight. I love how I can apply a small amount and it looks pretty in the summer or I can apply another layer and it doesn't look thick and overly shimmery. A definite repurchase and something I've loved using.

Mellor & Russell Instant Shine Spray | Poundland | £1
This makes my hair feel lighter than usual. It doesnt weigh my thick, 10 layer hair down and it doesnt make it greasy straight away, even though it has argan oil in. I love how inexpensive it is and I love how I can repurchase and have it as an everyday staple. It's just like a mist/lighter hairspray.. I like!

Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls | Savers | £1.99
I love these. They have the right amount of shimmer but they're not overly shimmery. My Chit Chat one is slightly too shimmery but I don't mind. I love these and use them everyday! Inexpensive too.

MUA shade 4 | Superdrug | £1
My go to lipstick! I love this! It's sheer but buildable! I love the shimmer and it's the perfect spring/summer shade. It's my go to because it goes with everything and I've used it so much! I realised that there are 13 MUA lipsticks..yet I only have two..what am I doing with my life? I could have 13 lipsticks for the price of 1 MAC!

Stila Lip Glaze in Jingle | Boots | £15 
I got these in the 'All Is Bright' set for Christmas. I've hardly used my Stila set yet but when I saw them I really liked them. I can't remember how many were in the set but £15 for the set is better than £15 for the one! I love them but they're incredibly sticky.. I don't actually mind! I like the colour range, too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, remember to comment below your faves! Lots of love x 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Empties


These are my empties for April. April has been an okay month.. we've seen sun and small showers.. I hope May will bring us beach weather and tans and ice creams! We can only hope, can't we girls!

The two wake me up shower gels were nice, I prefered the lemon one over the berry one, just because I found the citrus one more refreshing and more 'wake up!' based. I don't mind berry smells, but they're not my fave.. these are available in Tesco for around £1.15.

The next empty is Clean On Me from Soap&Glory. I've had this for a while and never really used it. It lathers nice and it smells beautiful. It lasts ages so it's well worth the money. The pump broke on mine, nevermind!

Hair Benefits from Tesco.. hm, I didn't like it. It kinda dried my hair out and it's already in a bad state so this didn't help. I thought it may have been an Elvive dupe because of the bottle, it wasn't!

The last empty is Chocomania soap. I loved this! The smell is amazing. I love the exfoliating grains and they're fine, not big so they didn't hurt the skin. It's really inexpensive for £2 aswell so I need to pick another up!

Hope you've had a good day, Zofia x 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

How I'd Style.. A Midi Dress!

How I'd style a midi! (for

Hello pretties!
I feel like I haven't done a How To Style post in absolute ages... I don't know why... I know it was a few weeks back though so this is needed! I want to keep things consistent and have a certain amount of 'series posts' but, I don't want everything to be recycled for you all to get bored and think 'yeah, I knew that post was coming'.. I do have a few different posts coming up and a few looks to do so don't worry! Remember, you can request posts too.. please do!
PS - Sorry this hasn't been posted at 7.30 UK time BUT I've had a good weekend enjoying the sun and catching a tan..which has actually started already..and I've been baking brownies and chocolate truffles too - so I apologise for the late post but I want to stop missing post days because I missed Fridays to start with, ha!

Moving on to the post *stop rambling..zofia..* 'm styling a midi! This is finally a post where I actually have the item in my wardrobe and can actually give my opinion. Every How To Style has been from first impressions and not how they actually look on me, personally.
I picked my midi up from Primark last...July..I think it was. It was around £10 and is zebra print. I liked it on the hanger but when I got it home I had NO idea how to style it. I'm 4'11 and I'm NOT the skinniest girl on the planet so it wasn't easy and I had no idea. I styled mine with a denim jacket and flip flops, that's how I'm going to style it this year, also with cork wedges!
Midi dresses were popular last year but not many people seemed to overhype them. A lot of people have been wearing them in a winter by adding a cardi or adding a jumper for the UK winters! Now as we've seen the slightest bit of sun *well done, cue the rain* I need to get my midi out and wear it more than once..with bare arms please!

To style this one, I chose a black midi. Styling one is hard enough, let alone styling the pattern too! I like this midi and to be honest, it's a pretty good price, especially because it's from Topshop. With plain things, as you've seen with past posts, they're so easy to style. They're also good to pull out of the wardrobe and add a few accessories and just go.  With midi's you have quite a small amount of leg out so I like the fact this midi covers your top half!

I'm not a fan of Barratts shoes BUT I scoured the internet looking for 'wedge boots' and I came across these. They're plain, they're simple, they're also easy to style in themself. I know on red hot days you dont want heavy boots on but I think if we have the odd rainy day or if you feel the cold in the afternoon, these would be okay. I never thought boots and dresses went well but seeing many Youtubers and Bloggers with the combo I really like it and you can style it to how you like to wear it. 

For accessories I LOVE gold chains! I featured the bracelet one in a recent post and this is a necklace version. Because you don't have much on your top half and you're covered up, I think this adds the right amount of color and even though it's gold, it's basic and it's not necessary if you don't want it to be!

I never really feature makeup in How To Style posts because we all have out own look and half the time I forget, ha! But, I did come across this lipstick from MAC that I think would go PERFECTLY! I was about to pick a wine red shade but 1. I've already picked one in a recent post 2. It's spring! 3. Wine red's are so autumn aren't they!
So I picked 'Pretty Please' by MAC. I love this and it's pretty for spring. It's a really nice pinky shade and I think it'd add some girly colour to the black and gold..

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! I really enjoyed styling it and I want a small collection of midis in different colours etc so I can do my own bit of styling! I'm really coming into fashion a lot more now after doing these posts and I think I've been enjoying clothes more than makeup recently! Remember to comment below any links of midis you like or have been buying recently, or any ways you style one! I'd love to know! My next post will be April Empties so keep a look out if you're interested. All links to outfits are just below!



Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Things I May Not Repurchase!

(first four swatches) Primark Palette | £1 | Primark
NO7 Face Primer | £11 | or Boots
Soap And Glory Scrub Your Nose In It | £7.99 | Boots
MUA Eye Primer | £1 | Superdrug Or /
MUA Pressed Powder | £1 | , Superdrug or

Hello pretties!

Today's post is based on products that I wouldn't repurchase. These products haven't been used much and if they have, I didn't like them. Some of them might feature on my Blog Sale section, so check it out if you have your eye on anything!

Primark Quad | £1 | Primark
I love the shades! I love how they're pastel coloured and I really wanted some eye shadow's like these. I've only swatched them twice and they don't seem to be very pigmented. I don't think they'd create a strong, pastel eye so I haven't bothered to use them. I might give them a go soon, if I don't like them I'll feature it on my blog sale!

No7 Face Primer | £11 | Boots /
Simple reason; I don't use primers. I don't really need them because I think loose powder mattifies my foundation so I haven't even used this! I have two and I've used the other ones once and it just doesn't agree with my skin. I'm oily skinned but this left a dry, white line on my cheeks so I didn't bother with it.

Soap And Glory, Scrub your Nose In It | £7.99 | Boots /
I really don't get on with it! I've never liked it since I had it and as much as I try and like it, It wont work! I might put this on the blog sale too, even though there's not the full amount of product, there's still enough. I think it's very thick and makes my skin even more oilier. Who likes this?

MUA Eye Primer | Superdrug /
Simple reason..I haven't used it! I used it once but didn't take notice of the results. I need to try this more but the reason why I wouldn't repurchase is because it's sitting in a draw!

MUA pressed Powder | £1 | Superdrug / 
I like loose powder now. I have one that's used up and have this one that's only been swatched. I don't like pressed powder because it absorbs the oily parts of my skin and  makes my foundation awful! *blog sale*

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you a little insight into what products I hardly use! I missed Mondays post - it's a Spring Makeup Look and will be uploaded tomorrow instead or Friday! 

Hope you've all been having a good week - lots of love x 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monthly Wishlist | April

Untitled #486

Hello everyone! Wishlist time!
I usually do these on the 5th of the month but I didn't schedule this in time and wondered why it didn't post! ha!

This month, I was quite unsure of what i wanted. I was quite unsure of what to add and I didnt really know what to put on my list. I had to internet look for quite a while to see what things I wanted to try. I've managed to come up with my usual six and they're a small range of things.

I think my favourite thing on the list has to be the NEXT bracelets, eyeshadows or nail polish. I decided to put a pastel yellow nail polish on my list because I've wanted one for ages and it's one of the pastel colours that I don't have! I love lilac and mint green as you know but I don't have a pastel yellow and I really want one and I want to try some Butter London polishes too, I always see them in TKmaxx.

I really like the Next bracelets because they're rose gold and they're really simple for spring/summer and I think they'll look nice with any outfits. I like the city embellishments too!

The MUA baked trio's look amazing! They're new and I didn't know these were out but I saw them on the website and I decided straight away that I loved them. They do 2 other sets and I might just collect them all!

MUA are also doing 'power pout' lip crayons. You all know about the Chit Chat crayons as I mention them all the time. These look similar and so does the shade range. I hope to collect them all!

Then other things I need are a new foundation so I want to try the Nearly Naked one by Rimmel and I need to get myself the blue elvive because lately my scalp has been SO flaky and I hate it! I like Elvive so I should like this.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | £8.99 | Superdrug /
Butter London Nail Polish in shade Jasper | £9.50 | 
Elvive Anti Dandruff | Superdrug /
Eye Trio in Emotions | £3 | / Superdrug 
Power Pout | £3 | / Superdrug
Next bracelets | £12 | / Next
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Speak to you all on Tuesday! xo

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello everyone, exciting NOTW today! I absolutely love how the suns meant to be appearing with HEAT this weekend.. so I decided to have a spring/summer colour to match!

I love this colour and the brand and I love how I applied this for London on Friday and near a week later, I only have a few chips! OPI do excellent polishes and they've worked well two times now so I'm made up!

I love this shade and I love how S/S it is. It's perfect for Spring and matched well with the grass in the top photo! It's such a smooth polish too and has no shimmer - which is an extra bonus.
I love the shade type it is because it's something quite different in my collection. It's quite lime/yellow green and suits my skin shade quite well too. I'm quite olive skinned so it seems to look perfect!

I hope you like this NOTW and like the shade!

Have you been applying any spring/summer shades yet, or are you waiting for a heatwave? Zofia! x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nail Designs For Spring

Hi everyone, this post was meant to be be up at 7.30 like my other posts usually are ... but I was in the bath until 7.30 so it's slightly late!

It's just a quick one anyway, I just wanted to show you a few nail designs for spring, what patterns I thought would be good and a few designs using the colours I mentioned in a pervious post.

I'm loving gradient nails at the moment, using pastels and gold shimmer - I really like the nail look I created using 'gradient' effect. I think it looks best on longer nails, I tried it on mine but it didn't quite work 'cause they're short.

I decided to do a few floral designs seeing as Spring is floral and all the leaves and green are coming out. I decided to do a tree design and a flower in the center of the nail. I also done a dandilion because you normally see them in the spring too!

Polka dot, butterfly and chick designs are my fave because I think these came out the best!

I hope you liked this short and cheerful post, I hope you like the designs too!
If you create any spring designs or use any spring colours on your nails, please leave me a photo/link below! I'd love to see them and get some inspiration!

Monday, 8 April 2013

March Empties

Lovely Mint Story Bubble Bath
Maybelline BB Cream Sample
Palmolive Deoderant
Loreal Elvive Conditioner
Beautiful Brunette Shampoo
Wet Wipes
Cotton Wool Balls
Snow Fairy Wand
Lovely Mint Story | Tesco
I loved using this, I used it quite regular and it's easy to purchase by visiting your local Tesco! I love the Treaclemoon bubble baths and I want to try more! It was affordable too.

Maybelline BB Cream | Sample
This was alright but I'm not too keen on BB creams. I thought this was just the same as a foundation and I don't see the 'hype' around a BB cream. This felt the same on my skin just the same as a lightweight foundation did. Why pay £4/5 for a BB cream when you can pay £8 for a larger bottle of foundation?

Palmolive Deoderant | Tesco/Boots
I use this everyday to keep me fresh and fragrant! It's nice on the underarms and does the job!

Loreal Conditioner | Boots/Tesco
I love this and I want to purchase another. I love the fact it leaves my hair silky soft and it's not overpriced.

Beautiful Brunette Shampoo | Boots
This was ok-ish but didn't really suit my hair. I thought it would restore my natural brunette but it didn't. It didn't really do anything spectacular so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Wet Wipes | Tesco
I use these everyday to freshen up my skin and to remove makeup. They're suitable for babies and young children so they're soft.. this is why I love them on my skin. They do a good job and they're just an everyday essential. Affordable and good to use!

Cotton Wool | ASDA
I picked these up from Asda. Along with my wet wipes I like using these for cleanser because they're big balls and they do the whole face in 3/4 balls. They're really soft too!

Snow Fairy Wand | LUSH
I love this! First time I tried it and mmmm, the scent is SO nice! It's a Christmas edition for Lush but I found the wand at the bottom of my empties bag, so I needed to mention!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of this months empties? I feel like March went on forever?!

Friday, 5 April 2013

March Favourites!

Soap & Glory, Champneys, Chit Chat, MUA, Sunkissed

Hi everyone, sorry it's late in the day! Been so busy.
I have my March Faves for you tonight, I love showing you these and I hope you enjoy them!

This is one of my favourite, faves because I absolutely love the products mentioned. I've been using them EVERYDAY and they're essential!

Champneys Citrus Blush Hand Lotion
I recieved this for Christmas and I'm so not a 'handcare' person! I've become in love with handcare recently though, just because I love this! I love the smell - it's quite floral, fruity and spicy. I love it because it smells quite christmassy! It's something I'm always using so I needed to include it!

Chit Chat Juicy Stick
I love this for sheer coverage. I love how it's quite balmy, yet buildable to be strong and pigmented. I love it and I love the fact it's inexpensive. I love the juicy sticks and I have them all!
MUA Blush
I'm not a blush girl! I've never been interested but I want a collection now.. just because I love this one! I've been using it since Christmas, nearly everyday and it's a simple shade. It suits my skin tone and it isn't bright or too dark. It's a lovely shade and goes with everything.
Righteous Butter
I love this and I've never bothered with it before! I've had it ages and I love the scent but I've just never bothered with using it. I love it's thickness but it does take a short while to dry... Definately repurchasable though!
Sunkissed Eyeshadow Duo
I LOVE these shades! DEFINATELY me! I love nudes and browns and if I could, the Naked palette would be mine! I love nudes and they suit everyone so they're my go to look for sure. I love how simplistic the shades are and I love the packaging. I use this all the time!
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you tried any?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

50 Things I Love

-photo belongs to I can remove if it belongs to you.-

1. My dog!
2. When days go..just right!
3. When plans arn't interrupted.
4. When something you've been worrying about goes right.
5. Healthy eating.
6. Having plans/busy days
7. The first hot day of the year!
8. Freshly washed hair.
9. When your makeup goes perfect.
10. Blogging!
11. The smell of petrol
12. Fooooooooooood!
13. TOWIE / Reality TV.
14. Having a collection of something.
15. Lists! addictive...
16. Being organised.
17. Pictures & memories.
18. LONDON!<3 font="">
19. Nights in.
20. Chatting to someone and NEVER getting bored.
21. Meeting someone and knowing you'll be friends for a long time.
22. The oreo advert.
23. Shetland Pony advert.
24. Knowing you've made someone happy.
25. The color orange.
26. Noodles.
27. The sims 2!
28. Blue & pink bubblegum bottle sweets..
29. Fridays.
30. When everything is color coordinated.
31. When you have everything in common with someone.
32. When eyeliner looks perfect.
33. Katie Price..
34. Tulisa.
35. Travelling.
36. When someone says they were thinking of you.
37. Mum & Dad.
38. Being honest!
39. When people give you a chance.
40. Rainy days when there's nothing to do.
41. Sweets!
42. Popping Candy
43. winter.
44. Interior design
45. Wedding dresses!!
46. Photography.
47. Painting my nails.
48. Horoscopes.
49. Prom dresses!!!
50. Certain smells that remind you of a place.

50 Things I Hate

I've been so silent recently. I missed last times post and I missed yesterdays post. You'll have two posts today and then back to normal tomorrow. My laptop had a virus so I wasn't able to post - apologies for that!

Todays two posts are going to be tags. I've done these on Youtube and I thought I would let fellow bloggers get to know me more too! If you've seen the YT video then yes, these 'hates' ARE exactly the same as YouTube, but I know many of you don't follow me on here AND YouTube.. so I thought I'd keep it consistent on two networks.

1. Nail polish that smudges!
2. People that can't take a joke.
3. Never feeling good enough.
4. Never being the right temperature!
5. When people think they're better than you..all the time..
6. When you buy something, get to the end of the shop and then remember you needed something else..
7. Wanting your whole wishlist and never having the money!
8. Being letdown!
9. Wasting money.
10. When people change all the time.
11. People who use you.
12. When people talk to you when they have noone else.
13. Having cold hands..then walking into a hot room..arghhhh!
14. When people hold grudges.
15. Holey socks!
16. People that say one thing and do another.
17. People that arn't honest.
18. When people have a go for nothing.
19. Going over my 1,200 a day calorie budget!
20. Food shopping on an empty stomache.
21. Going via a plan..and someone messes it up!
22. People that Interfere.
23. Metal on metal..eeeek the sound!
24. Meat.. bleuuugh.
25. Getting nail polish on my skin.
26. People that take sides.
27. The smell of meat.
28. Films..zzzzzz.
29. People that are 100% serious.
30. People that have nothing nice to say.
31. Milk..
32. Tattoos.
33. Smoking.
34. Cream!
35. When you have plans - then the weather ruins it.
36. Nights that are boring and waiting for bedtime.
37. When people interfear with the cooking... stop....
38. When people are subscribed/following you - yet they comment/dislike the video constantly..whats the point..
39. When you tell yourself you'll do something and you don't bother.
40. Greasy hair.
41. Ignorance.
42. People that are forever being sarcastic.
43. When you can't be bothered to do things.
44. School..
45. American shows.
46. When things change..
47. When people say 'im ugly. im fat.' and they're clearly not..
48. Liars.
49. Jealousy.
50. When someone says 'why didn't you do that?' and they didn't ask you to do it anyway..

Haha, I really hope you enjoyed this post! It was a moody one - but I love a rant! I wonder if we have anything in common?!

Speak soon! xo

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Product Comparisons #1

 Hi everyone, today I'm comparing a few products for you all. I've already done this post but Blogger was being a wally and deleted EVERYTHING I had round 2 it is! These products arn't the same brand or whatever but they should all do the same thing. I'll explain which ones I like/dislike and which ones I would repurchase and why. I hope this helps with future purchases etc - there will be #2 coming soon too! I hope you enjoy!

Flake Away VS Breakfast Scrub
Breakfast Scrub wins. I like it because it's for all over body, not just legs and it has a lovely smell. It uses natural ingredients and I've finally got to use it up and got to like it. It makes me silky smooth and mm! 
I do like flake away but haven't actually used it much.

Skinology Tea Tree Face Scrub VS Scrub Your Nose In It
The wilko one is £1 and the S&G is around £7.. I prefer Wilko. I prefer Wilko because it's smooth and 'gel' like and the grains are tiny. I love the smell because it's fresh and not overpowering. The S&G one is very clay like and thick and it's like a mask. It also made me break out and didn't help my oily skin. The grains are very thick and it's like toothpaste slightly because of the smell and thickness. I wouldn't repurchase.

Natural Collection Mascara VS Maybelline Colossal Cats Eye
None win because I like them both. They both do different things and you can use them at the same time. I like the packaging on both.. I like the plain tube of Natural Collection and I like the leopard effect of the Maybelline tube. They're both drugstore but range from £1 to £7/8. I like the curved brush of Maybelline and I like the basic brush of natural collection. The Maybelline one curls lashes and separates while the Natural Collection one is brilliant for bottom and inner corner lashes. 

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick
Damson VS Autumn Leaf
Damson wins. 
They're both very different even though they're the same brand/item. Damson is very pigmented and you don't need to use a lot, it's a S/S color and it's very smooth and balmy. Autumn Leaf is very balmy and non pigmented and doesn't stain the lips. I like them both and they're both really cheap at the cost of £1 but I'm more of a powerful pinks girl.. so Damson wins!

Beautybase Eyeliner VS Models Own VS MUA
These are all so different. They're different because of the applicator. Mua is a thin, small applicator while Beautybase is long and creates a perfect wing *if you have a steady hand* so they both win.. I don't like the Models Own one because the applicator is very thick and creates a thick line.. which I don't like for my eye shape. I like the MUA and Beautybase ones because they don't smudge and they're good at neat application.. both £1.

MUA pressed powder VS Natural Collection loose powder
 Loose and pressed powders are totally different. Pressed powder, in my opinion, is best for dry skin or skin that needs amazing coverage. I find pressed powder to be overly cakey and quite hard to maintain on the face all day. Loose powder has become my new bestfriend because it's easy to blend, you don't go overboard, there are no mistakes made, you can keep covered all day and easily top up, you can get them inexpensively. The one I use is £1.99 from Natural Collection.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid VS Rimmel 25 Hour
 I like them both. I used the Maybelline one before the Rimmel one and it's a really good coverage. The shade was dark and amazing for summer but now I use the Rimmel one everyday. The Rimmel one is buildable and slightly, slightly medium coverage but I always build it up anyway. They both lasted me ages and I'd repurchase both again.. noone wins!

 I hope this post helped in some way or another and keep a look out for #2! 
All personal links are left below!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

NOTW | Classic Red

Nails of the week time!
I didn't do last times NOTW because I haven't really painted my nails in a short while. I don't like having breaks, I like painting them all the time so sometimes they look pretty scruffy!

I can only but apologise that these look scruffy. They look scruffy because my cuticles are in a state and I never stop chomping away..nevermind! It's the color that matters - ha!

This weeks nails arn't branded but I do love them. I love classic red colors and it's the time of year where pastels are needed..but the weather doesn't suit them! It's still not the season! So I went for a classic red because it's the perfect in between! 

I got this color from an unbranded makeup set. It applied well and I love the shade. I used a top coat, too.

Because it's unbranded, I thought I'd give you a list of nail polishes similar to this!

NARS | Dovima (link)
Essie | Jelly Apple (link)
Julip | Salma (link)
TOPSHOP | Laqured (link)
Deborah Lippman | Stop and Stare (link)
Dior | Red Royalty (link)
Nails Inc | St James (link)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Lots of love xo

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