Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Go To Summer Fragrance | Heat Rush

Well, it's been a while hasn't it.... I'm incredibly sorry for not blogging lately. I suppose I've had a lot on and I've actually run out of ideas with blog posts etc.. If anyone has any ideas or requests please comment and let me know because I have time to blog lately but I'm stuck for ideas!

Tonight's post is on fragrance - I've been collecting a few summer fragrances lately and this is one that I keep reaching for. 
I love Beyonce Heat Rush because it's sweet, fruity, girly and quite a young fragrance. I got this in a 30ml set with a body cream and shower gel - body products make the fragrances last longer. 

This is an eau de toilette and it's quite light - it doesn't last the whole day but it's lovely and great to spray on in hot weather or to freshen up. 

Beyonce Heat Rush shines, sparkles and excites the moment it touches the skin. Surrounded by a luminous fragrant aura, the woman who wears it feels instantly effervescent and alive. Sensual and bright, the scent lights up a room just as Beyonce captivates with her presence.

It hits the skin with top notes like Passion fruit, blood orange and brazillian cherry.
You then go on to smell Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and Orange Hibiscus. 
As the scent settles onto the skin you then smell notes such as Teakwood, Honey amber and Musk. 
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