Monday, 30 July 2012

A Week Of Hair Repair - By Mum!

A week of hair repair – If you are a person that has had highlights and after two days of being to the hairdresser you feel that you hair is really dry and feels brittle, Mum recommends Andrew Bartons ‘Blondes have more fun’ hair repair sachet. This is available from ASDA for £1 or in other stores in a bigger amount. For those who just want to try it out first like Mum did, then we recommend the sachet first. Mum says 100% that she would buy this again even in a bigger amount for full price. Mum says in between the hair repair once a week sachet she recommends using VO5 Give me moisture conditioner with any shampoo you choose. Hair will feel restored. At the end of the week or for a special night out, Mum used 3 minute Aussi hair repair sachet £1 from boots with your own shampoo to fully restore hair. Mums hair is now back to full condition by just spending £3 on hair correction. This is a good way to restore hair after heat or dye or bleach.  Mum prefers Andrew Barton more than the Aussie one because it left her hair feeling salon style and a lot lighter!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

This weeks Boots Mag! As you know from my last post and my last YouTube video on this, you know I like this magazine! I like it because it has so many beauty things, tips, offers etc and its free! 
I like updating you with everything so I like to do posts on this, I hope you like them!
Its a summery makeup edition in my opinion, last time it was full of summer/tanning and Im not going on holiday, so I got jealous!!
I like this issue because its full of tips I actually use, like face cleansing tips and makeup tips specially for summer. I like this issue and yet to read though it so there isnt much to say, but, if you have an advantage card, get it!
Lots of Love xxx

I thought I would update you on the Makeup I wore for London. I applied a bit of everything I suppose! So I just thought I would show you.
So, thats the eye makeup i used from my 120 MAC Palette. My dress was greenish so I thought these were pretty. I applied my gel liner from Maybelline and my colossal mascara from Maybelline too. For my top lashes I applied Barry M Wink pen. 
I used my Rimmel 8hour lasting foundation and Natural Collection Loose Powder in Neutral.
As you can tell, all the rest is in the pictures!
Lots of Love xxx

I went to London at the weekend and I thought Id update you what I wore! So, on the left, 3rd down, Thats my dress and necklace (ignore my dad!).
I wore my denim jacket from Primark - £15. I love the button detail aswell, I think its pretty. These are the flip flops I wore too, I think they were £5 from Primark but dont take my word for it. The part where it goes over your foot, it has plastic flowers with gold middles, these are so pretty and dont look like only £5! 
My dress was from Step Up, im not sure what Towns/Cities have these shops, Peterborough does though. I dont really shop in there but I couldnt help but just leave this in the shop! Its floral with a black background and is a maxi dress. It has a belt type style thing round the middle, this really sets the dress off. 

Nails This Week

So I normally do my nails this week post/ YouTube video and these are my nails this week!
It was sunny in the week, unfortunately its not anymore and my dress was black/floral/green/red anyway, so i decided to have these nails. As you can see, these are the polishes I used to create them. You probably know about these anyway as I've reviewed them all and they're recently bought. The one in the bottom left was bought from westfield recently and I have only used it the once on this look. Its such a lovely polish and created the perfect summer sparkle in blue. I really like these nails, hopefully they keep the sun out!
Lots of Love xxx

Vitamin C Powder Review

Okay so.. I read online that using Vitamin C powder strips hairdye, especially red. So, I tried it because I have had my hair dyed red since this time last year and its kind of fading now into a light red/ginger/light brown color. I miss my natural hair and would really like to go back to it. So, I tried using this and im just going to say what I did, what it turned out like etc. 
I started off by putting the whole (yes the whole) pot of powder into a pot with the same amount of shampoo, so it was half and half. I used an old pot, like a plastic pot and got myself a spoon to mix the two products together. You can use any shampoo you want, maybe using a moisture shampoo that keeps hair smooth, this powder can dry it out. I then applied it to my hair like I would any shampoo, although it feels really grainy like a scrub! I got a carrier bag, like a Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury one etc and put it on my head and tied it to the back. Making sure ALL hair was covered.
I waited an hour to let it soak, and rinsed it out. I appled conditioner after and rinsed that out.
The outcome - Well.. nothing happened. It went a lighter color slightly, but nothing actually happened, there was no major difference and I applied two of these 50 gram pots on my hair. I wont be doing this again and I dont really recommend it..
Lots of Love xxx

So...? Brit Review

Just a quick post, so much to show you! I was in Tesco on Friday and So...? sprays were on offer. I thought, I need to get one because Ive seen a few reviews on YouTube and on blogs I follow and just picked it up.. only £1!
I also need to pick up the perfume of this, now as I know I like it. 
Its such a fresh smell, like most of the So...? sprays are anyway. Its very summery and fits well with Olympics/Britain/Jubilee with the Union Jack sign and the title!
Its a mix of fruity/fresh, but its quite hard to tell what it consists of. 
The website says 'Classically the scent opens into delicate blooms of English Rose and Peony, followed by a warm heart of Amber, Cranberry and finishing with a burst of Vanilla and Iris.' And, you can really smell the vanilla/cranberry, like I say.. its fruity. 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

Before we start.. sorry for the no makeupness! I just really wanted to share my love for this, so I needed a picture of it on the skin. 
I got this as a free sample here - everyone gets one, you just have to sign up.. no registration required, just enter your details.
You get 3 reasonable size sachets and these contain the perfect size amount.. some for the next day too! Depends how many you need. They come in 'Light' but, this shade is perfect for most people.. its very yellow undertoned.
I applied it on and at first it seemed like in the sachet was too much but once you blend it in and properly work it into the skin, it goes on well. 
Its very liquidy at first and feels like it would make skin oily/greasy.. it lasted the whole day without me going oily (loose powder was added to the top to set it) and it was fairly light on the skin even though I had loose powder added. I probably will buy this from shops even though the product is quite small and its fairly pricey for what it is. 
I was impressed by this!
Lots of Love xxx

Ginger Snap Bath Foam Review

I used this the other day and thought I would just post it and give my thoughts on it. I like it, it foams up well and was about £2 from a shop called 'Savers' which I shop at quite a lot, I got this for Christmas. It doesnt smell very much because its 'Ginger Snap' but its good for a quick bath.    Lots of love! Zofia xxx

Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel Review

I used this the other day, because I got it as a free sample from Covent Garden Body Shop and I really loved the smell. 
I used it and was really happy with how it came out. It lathered really well on the skin although, I couldnt smell it on my skin when I got out the bath and it didnt really seem to make a difference. But, while I was in the bath, it was nice. I probably would buy this from the shops, if I had money spare!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Last post of today!
Today, This morning, for mum, I did her makeup for work.
Mum likes grey/brown eye makeup, so I thought I would go for a nice shimmery grey.
I used the first color, 6th color, 7,8, and 9th color in the palette. Shimmery grey, light grey, shimmery light grey and a black. I done this using my MAC Pro Palette which I adore. 
I applied the white color all over the lid, using a fluff brush ( in the picture ). I then used a blending brush to blend all the white in so it wasnt so thick and bold. I then got a light grey and applied the over the white. After, I used a dark shimmery grey in the outer corner of the eye, going outward to make a little flick. This makes the eyes appear bigger. After this I used the black and went over the top of the outer corner section to make it darker. I then used a blending brush to go over the dark grey, making it a smoother looking shade instead of a big blob. I then used Colossal Cats Eye mascara from Maybelline to create the defined eyelashes. 
Just a simple look!
Lots of Love xxx
Okay, so, this is a bit of a different post!
I thought id include hair products im using at the moment into my blog, because, its a beauty blog after all! 
I dont use many hair products like sprays, mousses etc, I just use Shampoo's a lot, obviously.
Im not a lover of conditioner, it makes my hair greasy and doesnt wash out properly, so I wont review the conditioner on this, just the shampoo.
So, the product im using at the moment is Garnier Fructis Color Last shampoo. My hair is colored, Red, so I decided to use this to keep my hair in good condition because coloring your hair can be a bit of a hassle. 
It smells a lot like watermelon, its lovely! Its a very medium based product, not too thick which i like because that thick serum in shampoos always leaves my hair sticky & thick. 
I apply it on adding just a medium round sized amount, it lathers well and I leave it on about a minute. Then, I use my shower head to wash it out, I can feel it leaving my hair and as I wash it out, I feel it leaving my hair smooth & shiny. It washes out really well and most shampoo's dont in my hair, so I like this!
The only problem is that, it makes my hair greasy in about 2 days..
All in all, I like it!
Lots of Love xxx
So, on my blog im going to start showing things of Mums too. I always do her hair/makeup/nails so I thought, 'why not add it onto here?' I will also post some reviews of Mums too. 
So, yesterday, I done my Mums nails into a French Manicure type style. Mum really likes these because they're really classic and simple and they obviously go with anything, Mum's always really undecided with clothes and what to put on in the morning so this was a good idea haha!
I do my manicures probably different to other people, I will do a YouTube video on this once I get sorted and show you how I do mine. But, until then, I will do a step by step post on here, just to help out if you like this look or are inexperienced. Remember, I am NOT a pro, just someone who loves beauty and can show you techniques of how I do things.

  • First, decide on a lightish pink color you're going to use for the whole nail, if you dont have a proper one for French Manicures. 
  • Decide on a white nail polish.
  • Then, get a clear coat.
  • I just use a cheap one from the £1 store, works good enough!
  • Then, get an emery board and neaten the tips of the nail. This looks better if you do this because it smooths the edge of the nails, making the white tips professional. 
  • Then, apply the pink color all over the nail, just like you normally paint your nails. My routine is to start in the middle fanning the brush out, then the left, then the right, getting equal amounts on the finger. I try not to do it too thick, because I hate gloopy nail polish, so i apply a thinner layer, then do a second coat.
  • Do this repeatedly for all the fingers.
  • Then, wait to dry. 
  • When they dry, apply a second coat of the pink, if the first coat isnt thick enough, if it is, don't bother because you don't want it proper pink, you want it more pastel colored.
  • After these dry properly so they dont smude or ruin, apply the top coat.. this is the clear polish. Apply this equally and quick thick, this will make sure the pink doesnt chip and it is nice and shiny.. like a manicure!
  • Then, when thats dry, apply the white's.
  • You can do this with a stencil, so its really neat, BUT, this is where I do things differently. Its hard to explain how I do it without sounding unprofessional, but ill explain anyway.
  • So, i apply the white by slowly applying it to the tip of the nail.. i apply it like im painting the nail, but just on the tips. I have a really steady hand so it looks perfectly done. Its hard to explain, but I will do a youtube video.
  • Then, you're done. You can apply another clear coat if you wanted, but I suggest dont because it could smude the white into the pink.
Lots of love! xxx

These are this weeks nails! I painted them 3 days ago (wednesday) and these are the colors^ and how I designed them.
Nothing special, just summery and kind of rainbow I suppose. 
Orange - Barry M Coral, £2.99 Boots.
Pink - Barry M Shocking Pink £2.99 Boots.
Yellow - Rimmel 280 Sunshine £2.49 Boots/Superdrug.
Blue - 341 Kiko; Makeup Milano £2.50 from KIKO in Westfield.
Green - NYC High Line Green - £1.75 Superdrug.
I just thought these all matched and looked nice together, so for quick nails I just applied these!
Lots of Love xxx
Hello again! Posting a lot this evening, I need to get everything done!
So, I used this on Tuesday before I went for a little walk with Mum, I didnt buy this, Dad got given it from a friend at work a few weeks ago, so, I thought id try it as I've wanted to try some Sanctury products for a while!
This is the Sanctury Foaming Bath Soak. It smells gorgeous and I thought it was pretty good. 
Its a smallish bottle, probably wont last long. I've used it once and its halfway down already so, maybe 3 uses. 250ml for £5 from Boots it costs, which, I dont think this is very good but I suppose for a 'good brand' its worth it.
If you wanted to try it, 75ml for £2 in some stores which is quite good, instead of wasting a big bottle if you didn't like it.
Now, moving on to what I actually thought of it, I didnt really like it or recommend it. It smells lovely but doesnt really foam up in the bath or whatever, so you might just use it as a Body Wash etc, because it doesnt really 'foam' unless you use the whole bottle..
I dont think this is worth it, but maybe your opinions may differ.
I wouldnt really buy this from the shop, but it was a bargain anyway!
Lots of Love, xxx
So the other day I finally used my 120 Pro Palette which im in LOVE with and have had it a while but haven't really used it for anything.
I really liked the way I did my eyes, so I thought I would show you all. 
I used a shimmery brown to cover the lid, crease and up to the brow and slightly outwards. I then got a blending brush and blended this in so it didnt look so harsh. I then applied a matte light brown to the inner corner of my eye, to the middle of my lid, applying this with a fluff brush, which slightly blends it, but doesnt get rid of the pigmentation. After this, I applied the bright coral color, using a blending brush, because I didnt want it strong, I wanted a light coral, but strong at the same time if this makes sence. 
I then used my Barry M wink eyeliner pen for definition and used a pencil eyeliner on my bottom waterline for an outline, I then slghtly smuded it so it faded. I used Natural Collection black mascara and away we go.. Just a simple look!
Lots of Love xxx
Just a little 'what I bought' here.
I was having a little walk through Town with Mum on Tuesday and we popped into Peacocks, I adore this shop because its affordable and I have my eye on some nice wedges too in there! Haha!
So, they had a little Jewlerry sale on, which, they normally have.. Zofia loves these!
I bought these for £1.75 each, I think this is an amazing price seeing as they were £3.50 to start with. 
They're a matching set, but didnt come together. 
As you can see, pastel/duck egg blue, leopard and metallic gold are the colors included, I think thse go well together and look pretty, I think these will go with quite a lot and are really casual. 
So, I just thought Id share! 
Lots of Love, xxx
Sorry I am SO behind! Been busy, new camera etc and there hasnt been much to post about, but, there is now, so so so much to show you!
Ill even post some Camera pics up soon.
So, these were last weeks nails, no YouTube video this week, sorry.
In used my LA color nail polish from Beauty Base in Westfields and its actually really good for the price it was. It doesnt chip but without a clear coat on the top, it can feel chalky and so you do need a clear coat. 
White nail paints are always difficult in my opinion, so you will need a second coat so they dont chip.
I added black, zebra like lines to the nails for effect and detail, these look good with a steady hand, and look nice for occasions etc, if you have Nail Art pens. 
I hope you like this look! More posts to come, been busy!
Lots of Love, xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

So, I haven't posted in a while, been really busy but my first post to show you is my lips from last week. I took these with Instagram and really liked them so I thought id share!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Right, last of the haul!
These are the things I got. Didnt get a lot, spent £32.
I didnt want a lot, ill be going to London again soon anyway.. second home! 
First, Ill talk about the top. This is a simple brown top with photography/polaroid/film type pictures on the front. I really like this because I can tuck it in with my brown polka dot shorts this was £3.. 
Next is the blue shirt on the left. I love this! Its a color block shirt and I already have the nude/mint green one. Its dark blue collared and the top part is light blue. Then the bottom half is stripy this was £4.50. 
The next one is socks! These are really soft and come in different patterns.. £2.50.
The next item is a pair of black/white floral shorts. These are a thin cotton and they're lovely and light. These are £10 and are really pretty.
The next thing is a navy blue, lacy style top. I love the collar part and the whole top is just loely altogether. This was £6.. amazing!
The last thing is amazing, a zebra print maxi dress. I love this and ive tried it on, it looks so good and is perfect length. It comes with a hot pink belt which really separates the pattern. This was £10.. amazing really!
Hope you enjoyed my haul.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
Last on the makeup that I bought and the first thing from Primark to show you.
False lashes! I dont use these often but I thought I would get myself a pair, as, these were £1 and I really liked them. They looked very natural!
They're actually very gluey when you first take them off the plastic, didnt expect this, I expected them to be very.. rubbish? But no, they're good!
I havent put them both on, I tried one of quickly and they actually look really pretty. Ill post a picture when I apply them.. probably Saturday.
They also had a thicker pair, very black, but they're for next time!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
So, the next thing/s I bought were, nail polishes!
I can NEVER go shopping without getting some haha, im lethal!
I got, LA colors color craze in Treasure Island and Energy Source. I needed a white nail polish and I couldnt resist this sparkly blue color.
They go well together so I might do a white bottom color and add this blue on the top, im not quite sure. 
These are 99p from Beauty Base. At the back of the store is where they're located and there is a whole big rack of them! Every color!
For the price, they're amazing! 
I admit, I didnt expect them to be good, but they are!
These will be applied soon! Stay Tuned!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
Now, moving on to what I bought from London. 
First, Ill post the makeup bits&bobs.
The first thing is this. The LA Color Baked Eyeshadow quad. This was £2.99 from Beauty Base  in Westfields. As you can hopefully tell my the swatches, this is amazing! Its so pigmented and I think it will go on really well, I havent applied it yet.
From top L-R and on my hand, R-L.

  • A light grey color with a white marble effect. I like this because its light & shimmery and would look nice for daytime. You can also create a two toned look with this because of the 2-in-1 color.
  • Next one is a sorbet/candy pink. I really like this because its a light, girly, shimmery pink. It looked very light like it wouldnt go on, but, its actually very pigmented. Good for daytime!
  • The third one along is a lighter grey. It looks like a blue/grey but, its just really light. 
  • The last one is my favourite grey of the quad. Its quite dark, but, shimmery and has a really nice effect to it. 
These look like they would blend well and could be used all in one. I really like the cheapness, but quality. Beauty base is amazing anyway!
I went to London last weekend, and, this is the makeup I wore.
For my face, I added Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 100 Ivory. This is £6.99. I used my Natural Collection Loose Powder £1.98 to set the foundation and to make it matte, I have oily skin. I then added bronzer, Chit Chat, £1. This is a mosaic, I love this! Its handy for your makeup  bag too.
For my eyes, I applied Primark Dazzle Dust. This was 4 dazzle dusts for £1. These are AMAZING! They're so pigmented and are so shimmery, I love! I appied this as a base, this is the lighter color of the set. I then added MUA Brown Dazzle Dust, I dont know the shade but it will be obvious when you purchase it.. £1. I applied this in my crease and outer eye, so its light-dark. I then got my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - £7 to line my eyes, I love this.. its an everyday favorite. It doesnt last all day on my bottom waterline, but lasts all day on my eyelid which i need most anyway.
For my mascara I used Models Own mascara in Black, which, I got free with Fabulous. After, I used Maybelline Colossal Cats Eye £5.99. I love the wand of this because it fans my eyelashes out perfectly.
For my lips I then used MUA shade 5 lipstick £1. This is more like a lipbalm or something because its unpigmented and very glossy and shimmery. Its good for on the go, but, because its not pigmented, I added Barry M glossy tubes in Light Pink color which I got free in BUZZ, over the top.. perfect look!
If you would like a tutorial, you know where to message.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
This is the outfit I wore for London at the weekend. I also teamed it with a nude color vest top, but thats in the wash and this post REALLY needed doing! 
I wore a nude/fleshy color loose blazer/jacket and a polka dot chiffon skirt. The only problem with this outfit was the wind! Oh dear!
I I added a lot of bracelets/bangles because this looked really pretty. I added the red,silver&gold one that I got for my 15th birthday last December and my £5 primark watch bracelet. I added my New Look bracelet which I got for Christmas too. Then, my blue/gold bangle from New Look, which I have already told you about. 
My skirt - £14.99 New Look.
My Blazer/Jacket - £15 Primark.
Shoes - £8 - Primark.
These are my Nails for this week. I did them last Friday for London. I decided on polka dots because they matched my outfit and decided on the pastel colors because they also matched my outfit. I love Barry M and the brown & mint green colors are my favorites. 
These colors matched really well and as you know, I love Barry M's because they dont chip quick and they're not gloopy. I really liked these!
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