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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Face Of The Day | Work

Hello there beautiful! Today's post is a little different - it's a FOTD. I never really do FOTD because half the time my 'selfies' end up a bit meh and to be quite honest, I wear the same makeup and have a signature look all the time so I don't really want things to be repetitive but, over time, I will start to do a lot more of these on the blog.

This FOTD is from a few days ago as I was just ready for work. For my base I used my No7 primer - at first I really didn't like this product but I'm really getting into using it at the moment. For Foundation, I used Maybelline's fit me - I LOVE it and it's become and everyday favourite! For my bronzer I used my 2true one and for loose powder I obviously used my over-mentioned Natural Collection one.
For eyes I used my W7 Brow Bar which has a plain beige shade, light brown, dark brown and a black - I use this everyday as it has all the shades I need. I used the beige shade as an eye base, the dark brown in my crease and the black shadow for some feint liner which I build up to be a strong line. To wake my eyes up a bit I used my white shadow in my Natural Collection eyeshadow duo in the inner corners. Mascara was from Rimmel - Lash Accelerator endless. My favourite!


(tomorrow, Sunday 17th, I will be adding another photo of the products I used. I couldn't tonight as this is a last minute post and I now have no daylight lighting. I hope you all understand!)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Face Of The Day | Natural Eyes and Highlight!

Hi everyone,
I haven't done a FOTD in a short while so I decided to do one today!

Today, I'm wearing bronze/natural shades which are my favourites. I love wearing browns and I believe that they suit everyone's eye shade, skin shade etc. I find them easy to apply when you're in a rush, too!
Today I've decided to go for a shimmery pale lid colour using Primark eye shimmer and Sunkissed eyeshadow. I then decided to apply NYC 'Bazaar' eyeshadow in my crease. No eyeliner today, which I'm loving at the moment - so I've darkened my eyes with some mascara!

As always, I've used my typical bronzer, foundation and loose powder - I used Match perfection foundation, Natural Collection Loose Powder and Sunkissed Bronzer. I applied some blush which is this MUA one pictured above - I only used a light dusting so it hasn't really shown up. Today, I used highlighter which I really enjoy using. It's this Chit Chat one from Poundland and it works well.
On my lips, I used 'Bronze Goddess' by Rimmel which I seriously love at the moment!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Face Of The Day

Hello everyone! This is my first Face Of The Day!
I usually do 'Get Ready With Me' videos on Youtube, but I can never fill that gap in for my blog, seeing as this isn't a video site! So I've recently decided to do FOTD's for my blog and I really love preparing them. 

Today's face used quite a few products and I need to apologise for not doing a 'full face' photo - I focused on the eyes and lips instead, ha! 
For my eyes I decided to do a different look instead of my basic brown colours, I love using orange on my eyes, most people don't but I feel like it works with my eye colour, I usually use brows anyway so orange is no different!

Face | For my face I love using the two foundations pictured. They're both Rimmel and I LOVE Rimmel foundations. They seem to get high marks from most people and they work for most people too. I also think they have a good shade range and they have a good range of finishes like matte, dewy etc. I used these two together to get a good finish and to get a good shade colour. They're both the same shade, really, but I liked to mix these to see the outcome that luckily went ok! I stippled the foundation on, as I normally do. I then used the Sunkissed bronzer which is only £1.99 - I absolutely love this and it's inexpensive and lasts a long, long time. It's not overly shimmery too, so you might want to try it out. I then finished everything face wise with my Natural Collection loose powder which I love, love, love!

Eyes | For my brows, I use hardly anything. I never do anything with them but something I've used recently is the W7 Brow Bar. 4 powdered shades that are inexpensive and easy to use. I used an angled brush and applied the left, bottom shade which suits me fine. ON my lid, I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo which is really nice and I love the shade. I then used my 120 Pro Palette (which isn't MAC!) which is from Ebay and I applied the light brown shade all over my lid, over the Tattoo and up to my brow. Sadly, I use the palette all the time and it's going to feature on my blog a lot, but they don't have shade names so I'll name what MAC alternative there is, seeing as this palette resembles all the MAC shades. I then used the bright orange/coral colour in my outer corner and crease. I used a normal brush for this but then used a blending brush to 'blend out' the orange.. making it less bright and less harsh. These two eyeshadows are the same as 'Soba' and 'Orange'. I then used a basic, unbranded eyeliner to do my top lashes. I used this inside the top lash if you know what I mean, to do a simple line. I then used Maybelline gel liner on my bottom lashes for a small, simple line to elongate my eye shape a bit. For mascara, I used Collection 2000's XXL mascara which came out years ago, but I love it!

Lips | For my lips I used a Barry M glossy tube which I got out of 'Fabulous' magazine ages ago and in the shops it's GT4. I love this colour because it's quite brown, quite red but has no actual shade if you know what I mean? It's very different but I love it. I then mixed this with a bit of Rimmel's Coral In Gold lipstick which I love for the summer as it's not a matte orange it's very shimmery and glossy and moisturising. After, I applied some of Primark lipgloss which has an awful taste but I really like the shade. It's an orange gloss which looks scary, but it's pretty.

That's my makeup for today and I hope you like it! I'm going to do more of these 100% - they're really fun to do and hopefully I'll remember to carry on doing them and then I'll have a little collection of makeup looks through the days. 

What did you think of this look?
Have you tried any orange shades this summer?

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