Saturday, 30 November 2013

NOTW | Pink Polka

I absolutely LOVE my nails this week! I really do!
This week I've gone for some nail art in the form of polka dots. I love pink and white together and this pink colour is lovely. It's an LA colours polish called 'Frill' and it's a bright pink - not Autumn suitable but nevermind!

The white polka dots really bring out the pink and make it 'pop'. I love this polish as it takes a while to chip and it's a good bargain for £1!


Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Favourites

Hello beauties! Another post for you tonight, lucky you!
Favourites time again - December is greeting us again on Sunday...can't believe it! This month I've been trying SO many new beauty goodies with you so I'll have to give them a mention soon but for now here are my November best loves!

Yankee Candle Cinnmon Stick So autumnal! I loved burning this one and I think I kept it burning for the whole day. It wasn't a strong or sickly smell it was subtle but you could smell it really well. I loved the woody scent of it - all I needed was a fire and some marshmallows! 

Kate Moss 105 Lippie I've finally got to love this and I've been using it more than my pink 107 lately which is a shock! I love the lasting power and the lovely fushia shade. Definitely a November favourite!

FIT Me Foundation Love the coverage, love the shade I use and I love the application. It gives me such a nice complexion and I love the way 210 makes me look a lot more healthier yet it doesn't make me look 'orange'. I love how this lasts most of the day too.

Body Shop Almond Hand Cream I love the scent of this, it's really sweet. I like how the lotion sets into my hands without staying sticky. Perfect for the chilly weather too!

Colgate Max White One Toothpaste I don't really feature things like this but I've enjoyed using this because my mouth/teeth feel a lot fresher to the ordinary Colgate. Lovely!


Current Skincare Products

Hello everyone!
I've been trying a few skincare products lately and thought I'd show my current ones and what I think of them. I don't have a big skincare routine so I only have a range of 3 to chat about.

Skinology Face Wash I use this to wash my face in the morning for a fresh canvas and in the evenings to remove makeup. I love it and I use it daily - it's perfect and really suits my skin. I love the light teatree scent too. 

Loreal Miscellar Water 50/50 reviews on this. I will be doing a big review as I said the other day but it's definitely a 50/50 product. I like how it removes my makeup but I think it's breaking me out a bit. I use this everyday as my all round cleanser but for the hype/price I see no different to my £1 cleanser from wilko...

Palmers Exfoliating scrub/Lotion I use the scrub once a week to remove oils etc and I find that it's an ok little size to use. It's quite heavy - I wouldn't say it was gentle and the smell isn't too fab but I like how the grains make me feel smooth but I have to use this carefully. I like the lotion to use at the end of a face wash to cool and soothe my skin.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

NOTW | Glamour Glitter

Hello again!
NOTW time yet again, don't the days pass us by so fast?!
This weeks polish is from NYC and Nails Inc. I LOVE these nails as they're really girly and shimmery - see, I do prefer light colours to dark ones!

I think these could be quite nice over the christmas period if you're not into reds/blacks. I really like NYC polishes, especially this one as it sets well and they always feature on my blog. I love the effect I used which is 'Glamour Glitter' from Nails Inc which is a polish from Glamour magazine, I'm not too sure if you can buy it in shops. 
I love this glitter as it's really sparse but applied smoothly in an even layer. 


Friday, 22 November 2013

Celebrity Style | Dress Like Lucy Meck

Untitled #605


Tonight I'm starting a new series of posts. I'm not too sure if these will become a proper series on Little Miss Prada xo or if I'm doing them when I feel like it - I'm not too sure about other Celebrity Style's so we'll have to see if anything else catches my eye for a future post.

If you're a regular reader of Little Miss Prada xo then you may know that I do 'How I'd Style' posts with outfit ideas. Normally, them ideas are based on what I've seen in magazines or television so I thought it's be a good idea to show you all how I might be able to recreate a celebrities outfit for a good price. I think I've started this at a good time of the year considering it'll soon be party season!

Tonight's Celeb Style is all down to Lucy Meck. If you're from the UK and you watch TOWIE you will all know Lucy! Lucy is *or was* Mario's ex fiancee and her style is very popular with TOWIE viewers. I always notice on Twitter how Lucy's fans ask about what she wore on the show or what she wore to an event and the dress that I'm basing the post on tonight is one that MANY people have been questioning! There are many dupes on Ebay and many pictures on Google Images and the Daily Mail of her wearing it and it's definitely a dress I've been loving. 

This dress is from 'Three Floor' a brand that I've never actually seen before but after visiting there website I noticed they do other bits and bobs like Jumpsuits and dressy pieces. The style of this dress has been put into other dresses to - IE: the blue lace design.
I decided to have a browse on the web for a cheaper one and I've found one on Ebay for around £30 - most likely VERY cheaper than the actual Lucy dress *link*. I found a few other pieces to go with it too, the shoes are from New Look and you know me, I love a New Look piece for their affordability and shoes are always something New Look deliver on - so these are a small heeled nude patent pump which are very similar to Lucy's. I've added some small diamante earrings and a nude clutch, also from New Look. I know that the clutch is very different from the one Lucy is pictured with but I couldn't find an exact one - I think this one goes very nice anyway.
For makeup, I think this eye quad and MAC lipstick are very similar to what Lucy has on.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Haul | Zofia's Been Spending

Evening everyone, haul time!
As you know I recently got a job and etcetc so I've been able to treat myself a lot more on my visits to London - as you can see, I'm doing well haha! 
I have bought a lot of clothes lately too and my efforts of taking pictures of them = a disaster so I'll pop the pictures of them on another time with a clothes haul so keep your eyes peeled. Also, apologies for the mismatched product backgrounds, I took the first few pictures weeks ago and only realised I hadn't added them into a haul so that's why they're odd!

Original Source Lavendar Gel I love the smell of this, it's not overpowering but you can smell it softly on your skin after use. 
Anti Blackhead Scrub/Wilko I use this all the time as I know it suits my skin and it's very inexpensive. 
Anti Blackhead Cleanser Brilliant for taking my makeup off, and deep cleanses my skin.
Almond Hand And Nail Cream I got this for free at The Body Shop when I was working away in Bury St Eds. I love this and the smell is to die for. I've been using it a lot lately as my hands have got so dry with the cold and hardwork!
Palmers Cocoa Scrub/Lotion I got sent these for free as they're only sample sizes. I kinda like them - I find the scrub to be quite rough but the lotion's okay.
Body Shop Peach Butter The smell of this is GORGEOUS! Very summery though I must say! I need to get round to using my butters but when they're on offer I always make a purchase.
Body Shop Mango/Satsuma Mini Gels I picked two up for £1 instead of £4 with my Glamour Magazine Joy Card - bargain! 
Loreal Micellear Water Finally caved in and made a purchase - as I've mentioned before I'll be doing a proper review on this but let's just say....I'm confused why people raved about this so much!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Obviously I'm trying these out at the moment so I'll give you an in depth review soon. I've never tried anything revlon so I really wanted to try this after all the reviews.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation I used this today as I needed to look a bit better than I did at 7am as I have a really bad cold and I feel like complete poo! I love how bright this made my skin look. It's so orange in the bottle but becomes lighter as applied. I like this finish so I'll definitely do an in depth review soon.
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Really getting into the Revlon swing of things arn't I! I never try their products and everyone raves about them so I hope to get a collection. I'll be reviewing this in the next few days as I haven't actually tried it yet but I spotted this in Poundland which is a great bargain.
W7 Eyelust Mascara My everyday fave! Makes my lashes spacious but not clumpy.
Natural Collection Loose Powder What I use everyday - it lasts me the whole day without caking. 
Natural Collection Chocolate Eyeshadow I love this! I use this as a lid colour everyday and it looks so light and daytime friendly.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Not very good reviews coming from me on this! I'll do a proper review soon but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Shadow I had money off *as always* in the body shop so I thought I'd try some makeup out - I wouldn't pay £7 for this but £3.50 was a good bargain!
Revlon Colorstay I really wanted to try out a full coverage foundation - as I don't have to save the pennies on makeup too much I thought I'd splurge and spend a few more pounds on a foundation - I hope this lives up to expectations!
Topshop Lipsticks Innocent/Straight Ace You heard right! IM NOT A TOPSHOP VIRGIN ANYMORE! I've finally bought something from Topshop - you've also heard right there.. I have nothing from Topshop! After so many bloggers raving over their lippies I decided to try TWO for the price of ONE MAC one! I bought Innocent which is my typical go to shade *it's a bit like Rimmel 107 red bullet* and Straight Ace which is completely out of my comfort zone but I've tried it on and it suits me a lot so it was a good purchase.

Other Purchases
Batiste Dry Shampoo An occasional purchase on this.. they last me months as I don't use them all the time. I tried a different one this time but the scent isn't as good as the wild one!
Super Cosy Primark 300 denier tights Zofia's bestfriends with these at the moment! I actually love wearing these, especially for work! They have a fleecy lining and they go well with boots and skirts which is my style for winter so it means I can still be warm!  
Primark Nude Studded Purse I loved the look of this so I decided I needed a new purse. I've been using it as a clutch bag lately too.
LA Colors Nail Polishes As always, a London trip means an LA colors polish! I picked up a bubblegum pink shade and a pinky glitter shade.
Studio Matte And Messy Salt Spray I've used this a bit and it's quite good, I got it on offer which I'm happy about as I've never tried a salt spray.
Colgate Max White One As this was on offer I wanted to see what improvement it made to my teeth... I'll keep you posted!
Kate Spade Nails Inc Red Polish I haven't worn this yet but I'm always picking up a Glamour mag freebie! I love this red.
Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick/Black Cherry These were only £1.30 in the Yankee Westfield store. I really liked the scent of them as they're wintery and at the moment I have cinnamon burning - although I have a cold, everyone else says it smells lovely!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

NOTW | Gold That Glitters

Hello girls! What a cold night it is... -3 apparently, brr, get the onesie on!
Tonight's NOTW post is a very Christmassy one using gold glitter. 

For the base I used a shimmery brown polish and then for the thick, built up glitter I used my Chit Chat £1 gold glitter polish. I love this polish because it isn't sparse - I've been looking for a glitter like this for a long time and I've finally found the perfect one!


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Face Of The Day | Work

Hello there beautiful! Today's post is a little different - it's a FOTD. I never really do FOTD because half the time my 'selfies' end up a bit meh and to be quite honest, I wear the same makeup and have a signature look all the time so I don't really want things to be repetitive but, over time, I will start to do a lot more of these on the blog.

This FOTD is from a few days ago as I was just ready for work. For my base I used my No7 primer - at first I really didn't like this product but I'm really getting into using it at the moment. For Foundation, I used Maybelline's fit me - I LOVE it and it's become and everyday favourite! For my bronzer I used my 2true one and for loose powder I obviously used my over-mentioned Natural Collection one.
For eyes I used my W7 Brow Bar which has a plain beige shade, light brown, dark brown and a black - I use this everyday as it has all the shades I need. I used the beige shade as an eye base, the dark brown in my crease and the black shadow for some feint liner which I build up to be a strong line. To wake my eyes up a bit I used my white shadow in my Natural Collection eyeshadow duo in the inner corners. Mascara was from Rimmel - Lash Accelerator endless. My favourite!


(tomorrow, Sunday 17th, I will be adding another photo of the products I used. I couldn't tonight as this is a last minute post and I now have no daylight lighting. I hope you all understand!)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

NOTW | Winter Grey

Good evening girls!
Tonight's post is a NOTW and it's a wintery one again! This week I'm wearing a Sally Hansen polish which I actually picked up for £1. I didn't know what the shade would look like when I bought it but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

When I first applied this polish it went on very well. It didn't feel dry, it felt very shiny on the nails which I like in a nail polish. When I first saw this in the shop I thought it might be a slightly matte polish, but it's not!

This polish lasted me a good few days before chipping and before the delivery boxes and perfumes at work decided they didn't like it - so it's a great polish to purchase!
I'll be wearing this polish a lot over the winter as it's a perfect shade.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How I'd Style A Fur Coat

Untitled #604


As you read this, I'm standing, in the cold, watching Jessie J, James Arthur and Conor Maynard in Oxford Street, London... so this How To Style post is very needed! 
This last week I've been doing things in the evening which means I've needed a coat and I've actually felt the temperature drop. For all of you that are late getting a jacket, I've styled this beautiful fur coat from River Island to inspire you all!

Last year, I had a fur jacket which I've sadly fallen out of love with this year. It was shorter than this but I found it so hard to style as it made me look very bigger than I am and everything made it look even bigger so it's a no go this year I'm afraid! I like this one from River Island because you could wear any clothes/outfits you wanted - it looks so cosy that it'd keep you warm whatever the weather!

Because it's a gorgeous plain white, I thought a black colour theme would go well. I really liked the look of this top from River Island - it's sheer and has slight gold detailing which I liked. I matched it with these leather trousers, also from RI - I thought they'd go well seeing as leather and sheer have been the trend for most part of the year. For a bag I've featured this MK bag that was in a post a few days ago - I like it because it's also plain but goes well with the sophisticated black look.
In the shoe department I've featured these inexpensive New Look chain pumps that add a bit more gold detailing but not over the top detailing. I think this outfit would look great for shopping, maybe?!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

October Empties

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation | I used this up ages ago but it was at the bottom of my empties bag! I'd love to reuse this again and repurchase a bottle as the coverage was good and it was one of the first foundations I actually enjoyed. I just wish it was less pricey for the ml it is. 

Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation | As above, I enjoyed using this foundation and it lasted a long time. I liked the coverage and it's a good bargain buy. The shade range is also quite good.

COLOR Mascara | This isn't quite empty yet but I've had it a while so it needs throwing away. I didn't really like this mascara but it wasn't really a drugstore buy, it just came in a New Look set that I received months ago.

Maybelline Cats Eyes Mascara | The wand isn't pictured as I've cleaned and kept the wand for future macara's. I loved using this mascara as it fanned lashes out and kept them separated. I need to repurchase!

Benefit Porefessional Sample | I've LOVED using this! I've never tried anything like this before so I was happy to try a free sample that I received in Boots. I definitely want to try a dupe or a full size of this as it went really well with my foundation.

Montagne Jeunesse Mud/Olive Masks | A big thankyou to Montagne Jeunesse for sending me these to try. I loved using them and I've put so many on my stocking filler list! They suited my skin perfectly - thanks!


Friday, 8 November 2013

Luxury Wishlist #1

Untitled #603


Hello there gorgeous girlies!
Today's post is a wishlist one - not a normal one at that! I usually do my wishlists each month with things that I'll most likely buy in Boots or Superdrug but I've decided to do a Luxury wishlist for things I'm lusting over and will most likely stay in store!
Us girls always see things that we say 'I'll save for!' but we never do because we find dupes or we never actually save anyway... so here's a few of the things I'd love to own. Remember to comment below a few things you're lusting over at the moment, luxury or not!

Michael Kors Rose Gold 'MK5827' Watch | Last year, these were incredibly popular, I think they're a good investment because they can become an everyday staple but for the price there's no many beautiful watches out there that aren't designer but are equally lovely. I'd really like one of these but I'm going to look into a much cheaper alternative!

Michael Kors Selma Large Tote | I always seem to pass oher girls these days with an MK bag and they're a really trendy thing to own. I really like the look of this one as it would go with everything. 

Mulberry Tan Bayswater | These are my ultimate 'lust over' bags. I'd love to own the real deal but I'm getting an Ebay dupe in the next few weeks.. yes, how glamorous!
I love the way these look and as I said above, these would definitely suit everything I wear. I think they're so overpriced at what they are though which is a shame but as I say, there are many dupes out there. 

Diorskin Airflash Foundation | A much cheaper althernative to all the other things I've listed! This is a probable buy as I really like it and have been wearing my sample size over the last few weeks. I really like the style of a spray foundation and I love the coverage. For £30 it's not actually too bad!

Yolanda Louboutin | Louboutins are the ideal girly shoe! Every celebrity and their dog has them so I totally lust over Loubs! I love nude shades so I think these are perfect. Ideal wedding shoe!

YSL Volupe Lipstick | I've seen these lipsticks on so many blogs lately and I'm considering buying one in London when I go for the light switch on! What do you all think?


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Monthly Wishlist | November

Untitled #602


Another month, another wishlist. 
As usual, I'm going to be a typical bblogger and question the speed of the time. I seriously cannot believe it's November and I've been working since mid September. Where's time going, next month I'm 17 and I still feel like I'm 13!

As I have a job I've been noting many things down that I want, but I'm getting these all for Christmas so I won't be spending that much until the end of December. This month I was unsure of things to put on my wishlist, but as usual, I've come up with 6 odds and sods that I want to tell you about.

Color Sensational Vivid Lipsticks | Maybelline I saw these on Maybelline's website and I haven't actually seen them before so I really want to give them a go. They have a range of pinks and oranges which I love so I'll definitely pop them on my written wishlist and then tell you all what I think of them! I love brights so these are made for me.

The Eraser Concealer | Maybelline I haven't tried the foundation version of this but I'd like to try a few different concealers including this one. I'm very 50/50 on it because the rubber top looks a bit unhygienic but it's worth a try!

Topshop Nail Polish | Natural I want to try any Topshop makeup as I never have - I'm off to London on the 12th so I'm definitely picking some things up. Their nail polishes look good and the bottles are cute - this shade looks pretty so I'll hopefully pick it up in store.

Loverdose Tattoo Perfume | Diesel I bloody love this! I wear it everyday in work as I work at The Perfume Shop so we can use the sprays. I love the sweet scent of it which is made up of vanilla beans that makes the sweetness. This reminds me of Cher Lloyd's perfume or Fantasy by Britney. 

Black Red Polish | Barry M I love the look of this christmassy red. It's a lovely autumn shade and even though I'm not into darks, I do like the look of this shade!

Biker Jacket | River Island I need a jacket asap but this year there's not many good ones in shops. I really like the look of this one and depending on what it looks like in person, I might just get it!


Monday, 4 November 2013

October Favourites


Hello there beautiful!
Today I'm doing my favourites for October. This seems to be my first favourites in ages.. but it's not because I'm *luckily* being consistent with these posts...why does it seem that way!?

As I've been at work I've been sticking to some of the same products so I don't mess up my routine and I know what works for each day BUT I have actually been trying and testing new things and finding new loves, so here goes!

Primark £1 Lipstick | I can only rave about this shade as I only have one. I'm not going into too much detail because I've already done a review which you can find if you wanted to have a read. I love this lipstick because it lasts all day and I mean, all day... it's smooth to apply and it's the perfect barbie pink. People always ask 'oo, what pink are you wearing?!' and it stays put, doesn't bleed and doesn't go too try when it settles during the day.

Kate Moss 107 | The pink 107, not the red one! I love this and I always mention it, I wear this and the Primark lippie together for work and they're a dream team! This doesn't last all day by itself but with the darker pink they're perfect together. I love the shade of this and I love how I always have it with me. Perfect.

Natural Collection Chocolate Eyeshadow | I always use this for work too. I use it with a nice line of black shadow for definition and a darker brown in my crease with this as a base. It's a lovely light shade and works well for everyday. Great for £2!

Body Shop Watermelon Lipbalm | I absolutely LOVE the scent of this. I love how I use it as a base for my punchy pink lipsticks and I love how it hydrates my lips as a base and on its own. The Body Shop always seem to do well - I love you!

W7 Eyelust Mascara | When I first bought this and saw the wand I thought it'd be really clumpy and not lengthening - if that makes sense but after using it for a while *and everyday for work!* I've come to realise that it's a brilliant mascara with everything I'm looking for in a mascara. It's clump free, lengthening and it defines my lashes perfectly. 


Saturday, 2 November 2013

NOTW | November Means Black

Hello there - Happy November!
Over October I've hardly posted and I know I've been saying this a lot but I do feel bad. Over the next week I'm going to schedule so many posts and get back to my every other day posting. My blog is my true love and you all mean a lot to me so I'm going to take more focus in my blog rather than abandon you all.

Today, I'm back with a NOTW post. I haven't done these since mid summer and I've decided to bring them back. These are posts that I really love doing and I was doing them so much that I thought I'd take a break through the summer and bring them back for winter. 
Over the summer my nails grew so long (as you can see) and I stopped biting them and the skin around them. Sounds awful but shamefully, I'm back on the biting bandwagon again... my nails are now short and I'm in pain because the skin around my nails isn't in the best condition! I'm definitely going to have to stop because I think my nails and fingers look great in this post and I was happy with how they were at this point. 

This weeks nail paint is from my bestloved LA colors. I love their brand, as you know, and I always feature them on my blog. I picked this colour up in the summer and I feel like now is totally the best time to apply it. I've never really worn black polishes before but I like this polish because it has a pretty shimmer to it, to make it look quite girly. I feel like this polish could look brilliant at a Christmas party with a nice dress or something.

I love the way this polish applies and removes. Most blacks take ages to remove and they leave a bit of staining whereas this black removes so well with 1 or 2 cotton balls. 
I like the way this applies, it feels smooth on the nails and doesn't chip easy too. 
I'll definitely be wearing this polish through the winter months.


NOTW | My First Sinful Colors Polish

 Hello everyone, hope you're doing okay!
I'm back with my NOTW posts today, I haven't done them since August time so I've definitely been missing doing them, they're one of my favourite posts to do. 

This week, I'm wearing my first Sinful color's polish. This is in 'Irish Green' and it's a beautiful shade. I wouldn't say it's suited towards the Winter, but it's a gorgeous green anyhow.

I love this polish and it's become a favourite straightaway  once I collect more of these polishes I'll definitely be giving them a thumbs up review.
This polish lasted me a week (I had to take it off, if I didn't take it off it would easily last me another 2/3 days!) and it didn't chip very much.
The colour is very sheer with one coat so you will need a few coats depending on how thick you want it.

I love this polish - have you ever used this shade?

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