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Saturday, 30 November 2013

NOTW | Pink Polka

I absolutely LOVE my nails this week! I really do!
This week I've gone for some nail art in the form of polka dots. I love pink and white together and this pink colour is lovely. It's an LA colours polish called 'Frill' and it's a bright pink - not Autumn suitable but nevermind!

The white polka dots really bring out the pink and make it 'pop'. I love this polish as it takes a while to chip and it's a good bargain for £1!


Sunday, 24 November 2013

NOTW | Glamour Glitter

Hello again!
NOTW time yet again, don't the days pass us by so fast?!
This weeks polish is from NYC and Nails Inc. I LOVE these nails as they're really girly and shimmery - see, I do prefer light colours to dark ones!

I think these could be quite nice over the christmas period if you're not into reds/blacks. I really like NYC polishes, especially this one as it sets well and they always feature on my blog. I love the effect I used which is 'Glamour Glitter' from Nails Inc which is a polish from Glamour magazine, I'm not too sure if you can buy it in shops. 
I love this glitter as it's really sparse but applied smoothly in an even layer. 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

NOTW | Gold That Glitters

Hello girls! What a cold night it is... -3 apparently, brr, get the onesie on!
Tonight's NOTW post is a very Christmassy one using gold glitter. 

For the base I used a shimmery brown polish and then for the thick, built up glitter I used my Chit Chat £1 gold glitter polish. I love this polish because it isn't sparse - I've been looking for a glitter like this for a long time and I've finally found the perfect one!


Thursday, 14 November 2013

NOTW | Winter Grey

Good evening girls!
Tonight's post is a NOTW and it's a wintery one again! This week I'm wearing a Sally Hansen polish which I actually picked up for £1. I didn't know what the shade would look like when I bought it but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

When I first applied this polish it went on very well. It didn't feel dry, it felt very shiny on the nails which I like in a nail polish. When I first saw this in the shop I thought it might be a slightly matte polish, but it's not!

This polish lasted me a good few days before chipping and before the delivery boxes and perfumes at work decided they didn't like it - so it's a great polish to purchase!
I'll be wearing this polish a lot over the winter as it's a perfect shade.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

NOTW | November Means Black

Hello there - Happy November!
Over October I've hardly posted and I know I've been saying this a lot but I do feel bad. Over the next week I'm going to schedule so many posts and get back to my every other day posting. My blog is my true love and you all mean a lot to me so I'm going to take more focus in my blog rather than abandon you all.

Today, I'm back with a NOTW post. I haven't done these since mid summer and I've decided to bring them back. These are posts that I really love doing and I was doing them so much that I thought I'd take a break through the summer and bring them back for winter. 
Over the summer my nails grew so long (as you can see) and I stopped biting them and the skin around them. Sounds awful but shamefully, I'm back on the biting bandwagon again... my nails are now short and I'm in pain because the skin around my nails isn't in the best condition! I'm definitely going to have to stop because I think my nails and fingers look great in this post and I was happy with how they were at this point. 

This weeks nail paint is from my bestloved LA colors. I love their brand, as you know, and I always feature them on my blog. I picked this colour up in the summer and I feel like now is totally the best time to apply it. I've never really worn black polishes before but I like this polish because it has a pretty shimmer to it, to make it look quite girly. I feel like this polish could look brilliant at a Christmas party with a nice dress or something.

I love the way this polish applies and removes. Most blacks take ages to remove and they leave a bit of staining whereas this black removes so well with 1 or 2 cotton balls. 
I like the way this applies, it feels smooth on the nails and doesn't chip easy too. 
I'll definitely be wearing this polish through the winter months.


NOTW | My First Sinful Colors Polish

 Hello everyone, hope you're doing okay!
I'm back with my NOTW posts today, I haven't done them since August time so I've definitely been missing doing them, they're one of my favourite posts to do. 

This week, I'm wearing my first Sinful color's polish. This is in 'Irish Green' and it's a beautiful shade. I wouldn't say it's suited towards the Winter, but it's a gorgeous green anyhow.

I love this polish and it's become a favourite straightaway  once I collect more of these polishes I'll definitely be giving them a thumbs up review.
This polish lasted me a week (I had to take it off, if I didn't take it off it would easily last me another 2/3 days!) and it didn't chip very much.
The colour is very sheer with one coat so you will need a few coats depending on how thick you want it.

I love this polish - have you ever used this shade?


Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Nail Tutorial | Autumn Oranges

Last post for today, another one that never managed to schedule the other day so I've decided to do it now.
We've headed into Autumn now and so each season needs some nail art! I decided to do autumn trees/leaves with an orange/red colour selection.

1. Get a cotton bud and gently wet it. Don't make it too damp but remember to dip all the cotton in so it's not dry. Gently squeeze the cotton bud so the remaining water runs out and the nail polish doesn't water down. 
2. Use nail polish in Orange and Red to dab mixed colours on. Apply like the picture above. 
3. Use the damp cotton bud to merge the polish colours into eachother. Dont rub, dab!
4. When it's done, it should look like this, you can add more orange or red depending on how you want the leaves to look.
5. Add a top coat so it feels smooth and looks clear.
6. Use a black nail art pen to do tree designs. Mine look like autumn palm trees but I'm sure you're all better designers than me!
7. Notice how I've gone L-R using oranges then deeper shades? Be creative!

Lots of love,

Monday, 9 September 2013

MUA Nail Constellations | Review | Gemini

Hello everyone!
I have a review for you today, which I've been promising for ages because I never seem to do reviews much and I'd like to as I love trying new products and mentioning my verdict on them.

The latest thing I've tried is something that I bought last Christmas, it's the Nail Constellations from MUA. Something that I knew I had to try straightaway.
My constellation is Gemini, I love the blue/purple colours and I knew what colour I would team it up with.

I think they're a pretty good price but I have actually seen these in Poundland for £1, so I've bought a few of them. I think they're worth it as there have been many expensive brands doing 'Caviar nails' so you definitely have a bargain on your hands *get the pun?*

Application was easy, I applied my nail polish in two coats, let it dry, then I applied a top coat and then while that was wet i got a dish and applied the design on the wet nail. It was easier than I thought, it stuck to the nail perfectly and all I had to do is gently press it down. It covered the nail pretty quick and there was only a bit of the constellation left in the dish. 

I applied a top coat over the top because I was expecting them all to come off by the time I went to sleep and woke up which was a silly idea because it turned the beautiful pigment of the constellation into a pastel white colour - especially because they last quite well on my nails without coming off so I didn't really need the topcoat. If I would have done anything better next time, I wouldn't add the topcoat and I'd dip the edge of my nail into the dish so the ends get covered. The only reason why I didn't do that  is because I thought they'd attach to things and come off.

I love the constellations and thing it's a great idea!

Have you tried these?

Monday, 26 August 2013

NOTW | Triangular Design Nails

Hello everyone - another different NOTW post today!
I decided to do something different and do a 'two colour nail design' - I'm not really sure what this is called but I've seen a few people sporting this look lately and I think it looks great.

I decided to do one with darker colours and one with lighter colours, just so you know what both styles look like. I prefer the pink & white ones just because I like lighter colours - but the dark style nails would be perfect for winter.

step one - Choose which colours you're using - I used LA Colours 'Frill' for the lighter pink and Barry M 'Mushroom' for the dark brown. For the nail art I used nail art pens by 'Rio' and for the white I filled it in with 'Energy Source' by LA Colours.
When you've chosen your colours, paint the nail all over. 

step two - Get your nail art pen and draw a line that's appropriate enough - look at the picture of #2 and use it as a guide - it's hard to explain but if you start where you know it'll finish at the corner, that's perfect!

step three - Then fill it in! Either use the nail art pen or use some nail polish in the same colour. Then you're done! Remember to add the top coat to keep the nail colours shiny.

Are you giving these nails a go?
What colours would you choose?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

NOTW | Watermelon Nails Tutorial

Hello there gorgeous!
Slightly different NOTW this week - I have an actual tutorial! I've never done one of these before and I really enjoyed doing it.
As it's still kind of summer, I decided to do Watermelon Nails. I think they look really different although they work best on longer nails I think they could be adapted with shorter nails.

I used basic colours for this, red/green & a black nail art polish. A top coat also helps to make them shine. 

 step one | This is a handy tip for neatness! - get yourself some sticky labels, cut them into the size in the picture and place it in the appropriate place so you get a neat cut between the tip and the nail. Then, do a base coat, this keeps your nails in tiptop condition when using pigmented colours such as greens/reds.

step two | Paint the green tip (don't go over the white paper, go white paper to the end of the tip)  I used 'NYC High Line Green' which was a favourite in 2012 - I hardly use it anymore! Then paint the next section red, be careful you don't go near the green..stick to the paper line. For the red colour, I used Rimmel 'Passion' which is an old nail polish, but a good one!

step three | When these nail colours have dried, add a top coat. I used my LA colours one but you can obviously use anyone that works best. Let this dry and add your black polka dots for the seeds. I used a black nail art pen, this works perfectly because it has a small 'nib' for detailing - don't use anything too thick and don't go to the top of the red colour. Remember, seeds of a watermelon are sparse at the base.

step four | When the black is dry, add another top coat. Make sure everything is dry so it doesn't smudge - you don't want the black to merge into the red.
When everything's dry, peel away the white label. You should be left with a really neat line separating the colours - if not, don't worry, use a cotton swab with some polish remover and gently go over the white line.

Will you be doing this tutorial?
Fan of nail art?
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

NOTW | Plain and Simple

Hello everyone! NOTW time again..
This week I was unsure what to go for. Recently, I've had every colour so i was lost for ideas! I decided on plain pink and whites, I love how these colours make my nails look and I haven't had them in a while.

I used NYC 'Oh Soho Sweet' which is a regular polish on my blog, I've mentioned it a few times and for the tips I used LA Colors 'Energy Source'. My top coat came in handy for these nails because it's made them super shiny and it brings the pale colours out a lot more.

For these nails I always liked Ciate 'My Fair Lady' which I'm actually selling on my blog sale. 
Nothing to really post about these nails, but I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading, 
Have a good evening and a good Friday,
Talk on Saturday!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

NOTW | Shimmer Gold

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to say, before I started rambling on about my talons - I'm sorry for being silent since Friday! I've not had camera batteries to do the certain posts that were scheduled but luckily, today's post was already photographed in preparation for the post! I'm back now though.

Today's nails are from 'Goldigga'. I'm not a huge fan of the brand, infact, I don't know much about them, but, at Christmas I received a small set of polishes from them and I've actually worn this twice. I'm not sure what i think of the shade - it's a gold shade but I don't think it matches my tan very well. I thought I'd jazz it up with some black nail art, which I always used to do but don't anymore.

All in all, I don't think I'll be rushing for this polish's lasted a week with a top coat so that's really good and it applies and dries nicely but I'm not overly keen on the shade. 

What do you think of gold polishes?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

NOTW | Ohhh, Neon..

Hiya everyone, LA colours time!
I seem to always feature these in my NOTW posts - I love LA colours. Inexpensive, Good colour range and they apply perfectly!

Today, I'm featuring LA colours 'Frill' polish. It's the first time I'm trying this and it's an exclusive to my blog because it's in a haul in later July!
I really like it. Sadly, it's not shown up as strong on the pictures to what it looks like on my nails. It's a bright, neon pink and it's GORGEOUS with my tan! Sadly, the camera makes it very muted so I took about 100 pictures trying to get the colour to show.. ah:-(

I added some 'Sassy Sparkle' glitter to my nails for a gradient effect and these two polishes go perfectly. They look like prom style nails, ha ha!
I really like these nails for this time of year and as I said, my tan matches perfectly. 

I hope you like them!

Have you tried LA colours?
I'm obsessed!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

June Faves


Hello again, girls!
June faves time, I've tried quite a lot of new products this month so I'll share my most used/most loved with you!

Kate Moss Lipstick | Rimmel | 101
I love this shade. It's really me. It's a girly, pretty pink and applies beautifully. I really like the fact it's meant to be a matte shade but it's not quite matte, it applies smoothly and stays on long but without the dryness. I've said quite a lot before that I want to purchase some of the other shades, so I'm going to definitely do it!

LA Colours Eyeliner | Seashells 
I love this! I apply this in my waterline, all over my lid as a base and I apply it in my innter corners. I really love the smoothness of this and how it doesn't pull on my eyes. I really like the fact it's a multipurpose product and I even repurchased more - I love them!

NYC Eyeshadow | Bazaar
I've loved using this in my crease and my outer corners. I even use it as an eyeliner for a smoky, non harsh look and it looks really pretty. It's just a basic dark brown and has no fall out which is an added bonus. It was only £1 with the nail polish, so I can't go wrong!

Miss Sporty Mascara | Fabulous Lash
I've enjoyed using this. I love the wand. I like how it's not clumpy and the only con is that it's not waterproof - but that doesn't matter! It's a really basic mascara and for it's price, it hasn't gone dry yet!

NYC Polish | Late Night Latte
This is a more bronzey shade of 'Oh Soho Sweet'. It's a nude but not a milky nude. It chipped quite a bit but I do like the shade and NYC polishes, So I can't complain!

What have been your loves in June?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NOTW | LA Colors | Fiji Purple

Hello everyone, midweek - finally!
Wednesdays are usually boring so I'm glad I have a blogpost to write, I always love nail posts!

This week, I have on another LA Colors nail paint. I bloomin' love these polishes and luckily, I'm in London on Saturday so the first tube I'll be getting from Kings Cross, is Shepards Bush..
This is a colour that I hardly wear anymore. I hardly wear pink on my nails to be honest, I like bright blues, greens and yellows! But, this is an acception! 

This shade, to me, is a pinky/purple type shade - very good for summer and brighter than I thought! It's a basic pink and it's very pretty on long or short nails!
As always, this nail polish applied perfectly well and took a while to chip. LA color polishes are perfect and I  can't wait to buy some more!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Nail Polishes 2013


I can't believe it's that time again. I remember setting up my blog last year and this post is one of the first ones I decided to do. I thought I'd do it again this year because my collection has changed and I've got a different colour selection! If you'd like to see last years, click the 'Nails' tab at the side!

My fave polishes from this collection are the two rimmel ones and the OPI one. I really like the glitters too and I've been adding them to every nail polish I've worn recently! I need to start wearing the blue shades more because I haven't worn the Kiko one much and I got that last summer!

The green Barry M is a recent purchase and I've already tried it and reviewed it. I really love it and it's such a pretty shade. I love the pink MUA one a lot too but I've only worn it twice!

I lovelovelove these shades and I hope you do too! 

Thanks for reading, 
Zofia! xox

Sunday, 9 June 2013

NOTW | Maybelline Color Show | First Impressions

Hiya everyone!
I have a NOTW post today but with a slight twist. I normally say what I'm wearing and etc but tonights NOTW is a full first impression of the new nail polish range 'Color Show'.

These caught my eye ever since the advert aired in the UK and I really wanted them from the off! I decided to pick one up because hey, they're hardly pricey..
In Asda last week they had them at £2 which is great, 99p off! I had a look at the colour range online already, before my shop and I noted down many, many colours that I liked. I really like Go Go Green and I think that's a polish I'll definately be picking up. 
When I got to the Maybelline stand they didn't have many colours left but this one caught my eye so away I went - I didn't even notice any other colours on the shelf! 

I picked this up because I don't have a colour quite like this. It's a baby blue shade - quite pastel? I think it'll work in the spring/summer, with or without glitters and you can add things to it. I added some REALLY sparse glitter to mine with some polka dots! I think my nails this week look really cute and summery! 

My first impressions of the Color Show range are good. Like I said, the advert caught my eye straightaway and I knew I wanted to try these polishes. The colour range instantly attracted me to the brand because they have so many and they look like colours that 'pop'.. many colours are bright and I prefer brights to darks! 
The price also attracted me to these polishes because I saw the advert and because Maybelline is always around the £7 mark, I thought these polishes would be too, but I checked the price and was very surprised! £2.99 for a nail polish is fab! It's Barry M price and if you're like me - it's a good way to build up your nail polish collection!

Now for the application..
I like these polishes. I do like them and I had good results. I only needed one coat and the colour applied very opaque. By the time I completed my second hand I did notice the polish going quite...gloopy? But I think this is just me and I don't think this would happen to anyone else and I think I know what caused it - if you've experienced this, comment below! 

I absolutely love these polishes though and I'm 100% going to purchase more. Go go green is my next one. The only thing I would recommend with these polishes is to wait a while before you do a second coat, if you need one. I find that you could mess everythign up completely if you attempt to rush painting them - just because the polish is quite thick and takes a while to dry!

All in all, I love them.

I hope you've had a good weekend,
tell me what you think of these polishes, too!
Love you all!
Zofia xoxo

Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Nail Polish Collection..

 Hello girls! Welcome to my Nail Polish Collection!
I've finally decided to do one, seeing as I'm a big nail polish collector and I really love painting my nails, even though they're not the longest!
I had no idea how to take pictures for this blog post because I know the pictures look a bit bad but I had no other way to picture them - at least the pictures are clear anyway!

I'm not going to review them all but I'll mention ones I use the most/like the most and which ones I'm not so keen on etc. I hope this blog post goes okay and I hope you all enjoy!

OPI Nail Polishes | These retail at £11 and I love OPI. These are the only two I've tried but so far so good. I really want more so I'm going to try and get some. I like the green one more than the purple, but they're both good polishes all in all. These two are from collections - Nicki Minaj & James Bond, Skyfall.

Barry M | Everyone loves a bit of Barry in their life, don't they? I do! I love these polishes and I use them a lot of the time. I've started collecting more recently and there are still many more shades that I really want. My favourite shades from my collection have to be mint green and berry ice cream. A new favorite of mine has to be 'spring green' because I love emerald colours. 

Rimmel Polishes | I much prefer the I love lasting finish ones! I love the colour range and the finish of them. They're so nice!

Kiko | I've never heard of this brand before I purchased these but I LOVE them! i bought these last summer at Westfield and for £2.50 I love them! I hardly wear these anymore but I'll be wearing them more now as we have sunny weather. Definately repurchasable and I'd love to get other shades!

LA Colours | I absolutely LOVE these polishes and for 98p they're so worth it! I always get these from Beautybase in Westfield and I always pick up a few when I go just because they have the hugest colour selection and they always set well. I absolutely love these and I love the shade Fiji purple for summer.

Chit Chat Glitters | The gold one is my fave! I love it so much and for £1 you wouldn't think it! Great colours and you can wear them gradient or all over the nail! Love, love, love.

NYC Polishes | I love these, too! They're really nice and I love the colour selection of these too. I really like Hi-Line-Green, and Lights-Camera-Glitter. Oh-Soho-Sweet is a very milky colour which is good for school or work. 

They're my top picks from my collection and ones that I love the most. My other polishes include Sally Hansen, MUA, Goldigga, Ciate etc. MUA are good polishes and really inexpensive - I hardly collect these but I think I'd like to. I'm not keen on Ciate polishes and I don't think I'd ever get anymore. 

I also have these nail art polishes that I do many designs with. I hardly seem to use these anymore but they're handy!

I hope you like this post, I tried my best to include details but if you have any questions on these polishes leave them in the comments and I'll help you out!

Have you tried any of these,
What ones do you want to try?
Zofia x 

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