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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dresses For Spring Weddings | | 2014

Untitled #640
Lace Dress | £70

Lace Long Sleeve Bodycon | £50
Ivory Organza Dress 
Lace long Sleeve Bodycon | £50
Short Sleeve Bodycon | £65
Fabric Mix Dress
Hello girls! Today I have a fashion post for you, it's a bit of a different one but I think it's something that could come in handy.
Spring is in sight and so are spring weddings, in work we're about to do a Spring wedding event with fragrances for brides, bridesmaids and grooms so I thought it would be a good idea to do dress ideas for wedding guests - it's always hard finding outfits to go to places in so I assume a wedding is 10x harder.

I was scouring the net and Next do some beautiful dresses - dresses for younger ladies and mature ladies also. The ones pictured above are definitely ones that I would go for, for personal style so I hope you all enjoy them too.

I think Spring weddings are all about peach and white tones, you never want to outstage the bride but I think you should keep it natural unless there's a certain dress code or a certain colour code that the happy couple would like you to wear. 

For Spring I absolutely love lace and peachy colours, the dresses above are lovely and bodycon is always a trend. These dresses are very feminine and girly. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Style Ideas

Untitled #638

Hello girls! Tonight's post is on Spring Style. It's been a beautiful day outside today and I always find that when the sun's out, the pastel colours must come out!

When the suns out we're all in a good mood to get dressed up and go somewhere so I've come up with a few style ideas that could help you with the *hopefully* upcoming sunshine.
These items can be adapted with other pieces of clothing to create other outfit ideas too.

Pink Crochet Waist Lace Skater Dress, £23, New Look  

I love skater dresses, they're so easy to style and you can dress them up or down. Add ballet flats or cork wedges for a summer feel. 

Light Blue Contrast Rounded Collar 1/2 Sleeve Swing Dress, £15, New Look

I love pastels for S/S and this year I've noticed them in shops more than other years. I love peter pan collars too and this dress is lovely. 

H&M Crêpe top, £15, H&M

These cami style tops are effortless. I've bought a few recently as they go great with little crochet style jackets or a tassle cardi and a shoulder bag, they're so easy to style and I love the look of this layered top. They're great to add with trousers and small heels for a classy, nighttime look too.

G21 Monochrome Blazer, £15, George

Blazers have definitely been my thing this spring and I love this classic design. This would go great with the cami pictured above with the trousers featured in the picture. This is one of the inexpensive blazers I've come across too - bargain!

G21 Sheer Panel Playsuit, £18, George

At the moment I'm really loving George clothing. It's never really been a store that I've looked in but lately I've been popping over to their website for a little look at some pieces and I have a few things that I'd love to purchase. Playsuits have definitely been the Summer thing over the past few years and this one from George is lovely. 

Printed Jersey Trousers, £8, George

At the moment, Blazers, trousers and smart flats have been my thing. I'm trying to get as many different trouser prints as I can and these are certainly different. I was shocked at the price tag because for £8 you really cant go wrong! They're a statement piece so remember to add a jacket and a cami that's quite simple. I think white would look great.

Shell Pink Daisy Jacquard High Waisted Shorts, £20, New Look

Soon as I saw these I thought they were gorgeous! I love the pastel colour and unfortunately the internet doesn't show them off to their full prettiness so I hope you can all see how lovely they are! I can imagine putting a little vest top with these and a crochetted cardi for a girly look.

Sparkle Teardrop Stone Earrings, £13, Topshop

I absolutely love these earrings. This design is really in this year and I've spotted a few pieces like this in New Look. I'm not really one to pay more than £5 for jewelery but these are very pretty.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ideas For Valentines | Dresses | Lady In Red

Untitled #634
1 - 3 Celeb Boutique
4 - 
5 -
6 - Topshop 
7 -
Hello girls! Happy Valentines.
Today I'm doing a post on Valentines outfits, I've kept to a red theme and as you can tell, all dresses are totally different. I have kept to a glam theme as these dresses are the type of dresses I like... We all have different dress sense and so not all of you will like these dresses. 

Celeb Boutique always have a great range of dresses, they are on the pricey side but you can wear them again and again considering they're great quality and they're a reputable company. I kept to a bodycon, red theme with these dresses although the second dress is a pretty, hot pink dress which looks like it's a nice fit. 

Ax Paris dresses are always my favourite and I always browse their site. I love this dress because it's long and the style is gorgeous. I like the detailing around the top. I think this would look nice on all ages.

Boohoo is a website I occasionally look at but I've never bought off! This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS and I'm considering buying it. I've seen loads of dresses of this style but this is the best one.. at £20 the design is perfect and would look great with some small heels. I like this dress the most.

Topshop This topshop dress is very young, I think this dress is aimed towards teens and would look great with some wedges and a shoulder bag. I think platform heels would look fab too.

Boohoo This dress is suited at bigger sizes, I like the style of it - it's aimed at any age I think, I even think an older lady would look nice in this with jeans and a jacket.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Look New Releases

Untitled #629



Hello girls! New year, new clothes has become my new motto..
Recently, I've been popping into New Look a lot after work and things to see what they have to offer.. I always like New Look clothes as they're always so affordable and they fit all girls of all ages/sizes. Soon as I get paid I pop on the website to eye up things I might purchase in store. As you can see I've clicked the 'NEW IN' tab recently and I've ended up with an 'End Of Winter Wishlist'....

I like the New In things in New Look at the moment, they seem to have some light, pastel colours but still keeping in the greys/whites and blacks. I'm loving trousers and blazers at the moment and New Look have some brilliant ones to offer. I can imagine styling the bottom pieces all together for different outfit ideas. I think the bodypiece and trousers would go quite well with the cardigan over the top if you were looking for an inside outfit... obviously body pieces are better for the summer but I could imagine styling this one if you were wearing it in a warmer place - totally not the UK right now!

What do you think of these new bits and pieces?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Collective Haul

Hello there gorgeous!
Haul time again and today I have a few bits and bobs for you. These things haven't been picked up recently but they've been bought a few weeks back. I will have a haul soon with all the recent things I've bought but me with wages means a catch up!

Asda Skin System Cleanser
I bought this a while back because it was inexpensive and I wanted to try a few more skincare things. After using it for a while I'm not overly keen. It's a milk base which doesn't suit oily skin and so I feel that when I use it, it doesn't really remove makeup and make my skin feel smooth, fresh, awake and clean. Thumbs down...

Wilko Alcohol Base Cleanser - Tea Tree
Thumbs up! I love this cleanser. I always get it and I always alternate between the green Tea tree range and the blue normal range. I really like this and when I use it I can tell it works because my skin stings - this is a good thing though, I'm not allergic ahaha!

Wilko Tea Tree Face Wash
Same as above. When I'm in the bath this is great to remove all my makeup from the day or if it's a makeup free day it freshens my face up and makes me feel smooth and clean.

Tea Tree Spot Stick
I won't go into too much detail with this because I want to review it separate but lets just say i wouldn't buy again....

Sinful Colours Irish Green
My first SC! I've always taken a look to their inexpensive boots stand but I've just never made a purchase. I passed Poundland weeks back and came across a huge row of these so I bought this very gorgeous shade!

Rimmel Shout Out Loud 
Beautiful colour - my reason for purchasing!

Rimmel Peppermint
Another gorgeous shade, probably more suited to Spring but I've been wearing it lately anyway.

Kate Lippies 13, 2, 5.
Beautiful pink/orange shades. I've been trying these all out lately so I'll let you know what I think separately. I love these shades.

Champagne Pink Fuzzy Jumper | Primark
Primark have a lot of these in store lately and I'm obviously going to get them all. I loved this colour and champagne pinks are lovely! This is a winter staple.

Brown Tassle Shorts
Very impulse buy.. these were £1 in Primark so I obviously had to get them. They've lovely and warm but I couldn't wear these now , people would call the local helpline... 

Pink Peplum
I have a mint green one so I had to get this - £2 in Primark and it's a lovely top to pop on in S/S.


Friday, 30 August 2013 | Website Review

Hello girls!
Today I'm giving you my thoughts and opinions on a site called 'Style Chi'. Style Chi were looking for a blogger to review their site, test things out and give their honest opinion. When I saw the ad about Style Chi I knew I wanted to be the blogger for them!

The site is great. It's unique. It's different. It's a new way to shop!

After using the site for a few days, I understand the concept fully now and it's something I'm always checking back on.

Style Chi say their website is a new way to shop. Style Chi includes social media interaction to purchase items. The more you interact, the lower the price gets.

Style Chi gave me 10,000 points after I was chosen to blog with them which entitles me to around £5 to shop. I liked an item which gave me more points and then I answered a few basic questions for more points. It's a brilliant way to obtain offers!

''The StyleChi price is a unique price to each customer that is dependent

on their relationship with StyleChi. As a person gets more active with the site

and other users, they collect Chi points. The more Chi points you have the
lower your StyleChi price is…. so get social and get purchasing!''

Style Chi have so many branded items on their site, brands such as Ax Paris, Vans, Steve Madden, Converse, River Island, Vila, Sally and Circle - and more!
I've found a lot of clothing brands through Style Chi that I haven't heard of before!

''We’re here to give you a
rewarding shopping experience that keeps you coming back as the offers just get
better and better. For all social and purchase activity you will immediately be
gifted Chi points that decrease your StyleChi price throughout the site. Not
only that but when you have intended purchases in your shopping bag, StyleChi
includes the points you would earn for those items in calculating the StyleChi
price! Basically every item you have bought and intend to buy in that purchase
decreases your StyleChi price!''

If you want to collect many Chi Points, you can do so by inviting friends, adding friends, everytime you log in you gain points, liking and purchasing is also rewarding. How generous are StyleChi!
On the site, there are different levels. You go from Level 1 - Level 5. Levels are based on your points so at the moment I'm level 3 - exciting! 

''Like any good friendship the more interaction with the site and the
better your relationship with StyleChi, the more we want to give back to you!

StyleChi has specific perks it offers to members depending on how many points
they have. As the relationship grows you will climb through various levels
where you could be offered tailored gifts and personalised service such as
free-shipping or VIP access to limited products. Currently there are 5 levels
within StyleChi, each one a little more stylish and desirable than the last, so
get collecting! Below are the levels, their name and the required points:

+ Level 1 – SC Newbie

– Site wide promotional offers
+ Level 2 – Stylist – Random double point days
Level 3 - free shipping
+ Level 4 – Fashionista – Access to the VIP lounge which contains limited offers on high demand items
+ Level 5 – Fashion Icon – Personal StyleChi shopper service & chance to win invitations to annual StyleChi events''

Style chi is such an exciting website and gives you so many shopping goals. There are so many things to do on the website - instead of browsing clothes and writing down a wishlist, you have more than that. I absolutely love the site. 

A few things from the site that I have my eye on include this beautiful Paprika Lace Love DressNYL Dreamy DressAx Paris Crochnea Neck Top and ofcourse this beautiful Friis Company Winky Wallet

I hope you enjoyed this review of Style Chi. I've loved explaining about the site to you all and I hope many of you join! If you all leave your email addresses below, I can invite you to join the site - if not, visit to have a browse!

Stay Stylish!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monthly Wishlist | April

Untitled #486

Hello everyone! Wishlist time!
I usually do these on the 5th of the month but I didn't schedule this in time and wondered why it didn't post! ha!

This month, I was quite unsure of what i wanted. I was quite unsure of what to add and I didnt really know what to put on my list. I had to internet look for quite a while to see what things I wanted to try. I've managed to come up with my usual six and they're a small range of things.

I think my favourite thing on the list has to be the NEXT bracelets, eyeshadows or nail polish. I decided to put a pastel yellow nail polish on my list because I've wanted one for ages and it's one of the pastel colours that I don't have! I love lilac and mint green as you know but I don't have a pastel yellow and I really want one and I want to try some Butter London polishes too, I always see them in TKmaxx.

I really like the Next bracelets because they're rose gold and they're really simple for spring/summer and I think they'll look nice with any outfits. I like the city embellishments too!

The MUA baked trio's look amazing! They're new and I didn't know these were out but I saw them on the website and I decided straight away that I loved them. They do 2 other sets and I might just collect them all!

MUA are also doing 'power pout' lip crayons. You all know about the Chit Chat crayons as I mention them all the time. These look similar and so does the shade range. I hope to collect them all!

Then other things I need are a new foundation so I want to try the Nearly Naked one by Rimmel and I need to get myself the blue elvive because lately my scalp has been SO flaky and I hate it! I like Elvive so I should like this.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | £8.99 | Superdrug /
Butter London Nail Polish in shade Jasper | £9.50 | 
Elvive Anti Dandruff | Superdrug /
Eye Trio in Emotions | £3 | / Superdrug 
Power Pout | £3 | / Superdrug
Next bracelets | £12 | / Next
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Speak to you all on Tuesday! xo

Friday, 22 March 2013

How I'd Style.. A Leather Skater Skirt!

how i'd style a leather skater skirt

Hello everyone, style time!
I've changed my name, by the way - and I updated my blog! I'm not going to ramble on about that too much though, I normally have a big discussion in my blog posts before I egt round to the actual post so yes, I have changed my banner and URL - I was resterbelle I'm not littlemisspradaxo just like twitter&youtube.

Moving on to the post! I'm styling a 'leather' skirt. Ofcourse it's not real leather, it's 'pleather'. I absolutely LOVE this's something I'd like to wear, unusually.. 
I don't normally go for outfits like this, but, I've been loving the casual look recently and I thought that it was a good way to style this skirt.

Leather skirts have been floating around the Blogging world a lot these past few months and EVERYONE has been buying one! I love them and I think they're great to style. They've also been great to wear in the winter, even thought they're not woolies!

Another trend is wedged trainers. I hate trainers. I'm not sporty and I don't own a pair because they're not me. I used to be very 'trainer and joggers' girl when I was younger, until 11 that's all I'd wear! But looking at a pair of trainers is not my thing now a days, so they don't take my interest. 
I do like these though! I think they're good to style and they're good to throw on. Even though this is a skirt and trainers and skirts arn't the best combo, I think wedges keep the girlyness in the outfit. 

I like the oxblood/burgundy and gold combo too. This is another big trend with the heavy jewlerry and oxblood colors. I love the cropped jumper and although it's warm, it's also cropped for the windy, spring days!

For the makeup, I teamed the outfit up with a wine color lipstick. This one looks pretty good from Kate Moss and I want to try some of the collection.. because yes, ofcourse, this is Zofia.. I haven't had the chance to get some of the collection yet, haha! #alwayslate.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know how you'd style a leather skirt! Have a brilliant weekend! Speak to you all on Sunday for my Haul post - 6pm UK time and 8pm UK time for the Bloggers chat on Twitter! ..if I remember.. 

Lots of love, Zx

Monday, 18 March 2013

How I'd Style.. A Bandeau!

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another style post - this time, it's a very summery one!
I know the outfit shows off a lot of skin and it's not really the skin season at the moment, but, just incase the sun comes out - or if you're doing some summer clothes shopping - then I came up with an outfit of How I'd Style A Bandeau!

Last summer, Bandeau's were popular for putting under tops to layer up or to protect your lady bits with a chiffon dress! But, if you're brave and your name isn't Zofia, then you can wear them alone with shorts, skirts, disco pants or jeans! The possibilities are endless because they're pretty cheap and they're very plain.. they're so easy to style.

I, myself, don't own a bandeau because I don't feel confident with one! But, if you have the figure to dream of -or if you feel fine wearing one- then they're perfect for summer and great for hot weather.

I put a plain, simple, black bandeau with leopard print hotpant shorts because I wanted to add a bit of pattern. I don't own these shorts but everrrryone had these last year! They are a bit out there but they're fun for summer and shorts are a summer essential!

I paired the clothes up with wedges. You have your legs out and I'm only 4'11 so I'd need some wedges to make my legs look longer. With shorts and a bandeau I'd look quite short because I have my legs and arms uncovered! I hope that makes sense.

The shorts are pretty multipurpose too because they're paneled. Meaning they should slightly slim you because they pattern is only on a certain section on the front. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! My next How To Style.. is going to be How I'd Style a leather skirt! 
Just thought I'd remind you all or mention it just incase, I'm now on BLOGLOVIN' because of the whole GFC polava, so if you would like, please follow me on Bloglovin...

Lots of love, x

Monday, 11 March 2013

How I'd Style.. Disco Pants

how id style disco pants, (blog)


Hello everyone!
As always, this post was meant to be up yesterday but I'm a wally and forgot! 
It's another How I'd Style... post and I hope you enjoy!

I've edited the outfit picture a bit different to my previous style post, I hope you like it! 

This will only be a quick one, but I thought I'd show how I'd style a pair of disco pants, if I had any, and what I would put with them. I don't believe I have good legs for these, even if black is slimming! So I don't think I'll be getting some anytime soon, but, they're great things to style! 

I saw this top on and I really like the style. It's quite floaty and not tight so I suppose it's good to have a top like this if you have tight leggings..
I like the design and think it's pretty simple. I like these leggings from as they're plain disco pants. 

The shoes are also my favorite from Next - I love the nude color and I love the heel style. I think the nude color breaks up the black a little.

Hope you enjoyed this post .. please request any outfits you want me to put together and I will!

Lots of love x 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March Wishlist | 2013

march wishlist (for my blog)

Wednesday again, finally..
I was meant to do this wishlist yesterday because I do it every 5th of the month, but I posted my Sigma code instead so I'm sorry about that.

These wishlists seem to come round SO fast and before I know it, I'm collaging away and looking for things I want..not need!
I like todays post because I think this is my best wishlist so far, sounds crazy but it looks good.. haha! *dizzy moment*

I have quite a few more products than I usually do, just because I got carried away and couldn't wait till next month to show you. All of these things are actually reasonably priced and when I get round to doing some shopping, I hope to get them.. and although I've said that in every post so far - I know I should get one thing off this wishlist, purely because I don't sh about the apocalips to the mother!

Textured Dress | | £19.95
I fell in love as soon as I saw this! I saw this for the same price in New Look in around November time and it's perfect! I love the whole black and white trend at the moment and this is beautiful! Skater/shift dresses are me and I love them. This is absolutely perfect because the flower detail has a textured, felt type feel to it.. love, love, love this! So much!

Rimmel Apocalips | Boots 
Not sure how much these are.. not bothered! I really want to try some of these and I knew quite some time ago these would be released and now everyone's on the bandwagon! I love the look of them and I love the reviews. I really wanted to build up a nude lip collection as I don't have any and the nude shade in this looks perfect! I really want to try some of the pink shades too! 

Sleek Blusher; Sahara| Superdrug | £4.49
For the price of Sleek, I'm surprised I haven't tried any products. I've never tried any Sleek based items and I'd love to. I plan to!
I'd love to try Nars' Laguna bronzer. Everyone raves and raves and raves about it but I just don't have the bank balance! The packaging of this looks slightly Nars dupe as does the shade.. I may be wrong but going on first impressions I really want to try it. The price is brill too, and everyone loves Sleek so I'm a bit behind!

Sleek Eyeliner; Dazzling Black | Superdrug | £5.99
I love eyeliners. Nearly everyday I wear one. I love how they make my eyes look. I've always been an eyeliner girl and I used to wear it excessively.. most days now, I'm practicing a new look with no eyeliner. Although I wear it everyday, I'm still looking for a perfect eyeliner that defines, doesn't smudge and lasts a long that also creates a neat, thin line. I heard someone on Youtube mention this a few days ago and it looks great and the price is pretty good if I don't get along with it. Another Sleek product that I need to try! 

Mesh Playsuit | | £29
I don't want this particular one.. I want a dupe! I love the idea of playsuits and after many years of wanting one, I haven't even got one! I love how pretty they are and the idea of pairing them with sandles and stuff and I feel like these over jumpsuits are much better, because of my height. I love the mesh design and mesh designs are becoming more of a trend for spring now - I've seen them on loads of dresses! This is really pretty. 

MAC Viva Glam 2 | MAC | £14
Why do so many people hate this?
I know the shade looks SCARY but I really want this so I can blend it with some pinks and some lipglosses.. I have many ideas for this and I absolutely LOVE the shade! I love Viva Glam 1 and I really want this one. Next time im in London I have actually been promised this so I think I'm going to get it. I love the shade and the more the merrier for charity!

OPI Do You Lilac It? | OPI | £11
I love OPI nail polishes now. I've become obsessed. I love their color range and this  one is b-e-a-utiful! I love lilacs and this one is just the prettiest! I love lilacs for spring and I think I need to unlove my Barry M one now - it's becoming a repetitive one on here! I'm definately going to be getting this, the shade goes well with the lipstick, too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget to leave your wishlist links in the comments and I'll check them out! My next post is February Empties so if you're not already, follow me for a follow back so you can keep up with my every 2 day posts! 

Lots of love, Zofia x 

Friday, 22 February 2013

How I'd Style | Pink Neon Blazer..

Topshop Blazer | Black Chiffon Shirt | Disco Pants | MAC Viva Glam | NEXT Studded Ballerinas

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! *payday, woo!*
I hope you have all had a good week.
I can only but *again* apologize for not posting this up on the day I posted my previous post on. I've been having a ridiculous sleeping pattern meaning I've been gettig up at 4 - which isn't good and shouldn't be used as an excuse! But, I just forgot to post this up and so I decided to do it today because on the day it was meant to be posted - Polyvore was a wally and deleted it!

I like doing these posts, I really enjoyed doing my previous one and I thought I'd do a small little series on my blog once a week or something called 'How I'd Style..' I love putting outfits together and I'm a big polyvore lover so it's a really good idea I think! 

I never go clothes shopping, I have a small collection of clothes but I promised myself that this year, I'd get a bigger clothes collection, instead of keeping the same style of look. 

In this post, I've styled a neon blazer. Neon is really in at the moment and sometimes, it can look a little 'out there' so I think some people shy away from neon. I've styled this blazer so it's something that's the main focus of the outfit.. if that makes sense! 

I think black and pink go really well. In this outfit I've made the bright pink look quite formal, yet casual. This outfit would be good on a Friday night for drinks or for a meeting. I kept all the other pieces black and simple because the blazer is the quick 'pop of color' *cringeeee*.

I hope you liked this outfit, like I always say, I love makeup more than I do fashion BUT I want to include different posts on my blog - not just the usual!

products mentioned -
Hemanti Black Chiffon Shirt | | £14
TOPSHOP Ponche Noute Blazer | Topshop | £52
Black Disco Pants | | £25
Black Stud Ballerinas | | £28
MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam | MAC | £14

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How I'd Style.. Pattern Leggings!

Embellished Lace Peplum | Cameo Rose Leggings | Miso Wedges | MUA polish
Hello everyone!
Sorry that this post is late and I haven't blogged since Friday. I'm meant to blog every 2 days and I kinda broke the rule already! I'll post yesterdays post after this one though - you won't miss out!

I never really do Style or Fashion posts on here, I should's not just a makeup blog!
The other day, I decided on a few style/outfit/fashion posts to do and posts that I'd know a little bit about. I'm not the best at fashion - it's not something I'm really overly interested in..but, it's something I enjoy.

This post is a short post (i hope, unless I ramble!) on how I'd style pattern leggings. Pattern leggings can be really difficult to wear and style. I've never had a pair just because they'd be stuck in the wardrobe lonely.. I'd never manage to style them or work them well.

There's always a motto for patterned jeans, trousers, shorts etc.. don't wear them if they're not for your figure. I have quite big hips so I never feel like I'd work them and wear them well because of this. I think they suit slim legs.. but if YOU feel confident in them go for it!

I've never felt like I know what top to put them with, but after mooching about online and looking at numerous websites, I've come up with what I think - a good top!
Peplums have been really in style for around a year now and I'm a proud owner of a few! I love them and think if you put them with a good pair of trousers, jeans or leggings, they look great! I really want to style a peplum with a pair of shorts this summer so bring on the heat!

I love this peplum, I love the embellishments and I don't think they overpower the trousers. The trousers are very 'out there' so they were hard to style! I think the top is pretty plain even though it's lacy. 

Shoes are quite hard to style with pattern trousers because they're meant to be paired up with the trousers to match. I think plain black wedges suited the diamonds on the trousers and they were really simple to pair up.

As a makeup lover, I thought the nude MUA love hearts nail polish was the best nail polish to use, as nude goes with anything!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoyed the clothes used. In my next post, I'm styling a certain type jacket/blazer so keep a look out! All items used will be listed below; 

Lace Embellished Top | £22 | or In Store
Miso Black Wedges | £40 | Republic
Cameo Rose Diamond Print Trousers | £20 | Newlook
MUA Love Hearts Polish | £2 | 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

February Wishlist | 2013

February Wishlist
NEXT Sandals | Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippaint | ELF HD Blush | Rimmel Cocktail Color | Dior Airflash Foundation | MUA Cover&Conceal

A whole month ago I started the Monthly Wishlists and woah, it's gone slow..
February is going quite slow too and although I didn't manage to get anything off last months wishlist, I hope to get a few things off this months. 
(I'll still purchase things off January's wishlist though, ha!)

NEXT Jeweled Sandals | | £23.
Summer (hopefully) is on it's way, although we had snow two weeks ago and there are still clouds in the sky. This year I plan to build up a shoe collection and have already started to buy summer sandals. I saw a pair in the New Look sale that were exactly like these for about £5, but I didn't like the fact they were pink. I'm a lover of nude shoes/sandals and these really caught my fancy! I love the jeweled parts and think they suit the nude color. They look like they'd go with everything and anything and would be good for everyday wear. 

Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippaint | Barry M/Boots | £4.49
How late am I on this.. I've been wanting this for years and have been trying to get it for ages, everytime I'm in Boots I do a swatch and see what shade it turns out like! I think it's a great idea and I WILL get this in February!

ELF HD Blush | | £3.75
I've been wanting to do a big shop on for ages and I'm always checking out their website for new products and bargain items. I really liked the look of the shade and the packaging for this and for nearly £4.. it's worth a try. They only do pink shades and really, that's what I'm looking for. I'm not really a 'Blush Collector' and it's not something I have the most of, but, a cream blush is what I want to start using and this looks like a good product.
'Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use.'

Rimmel Cocktail Color | Rimmel/Boots | £3.99
These are a novelty item. In swatches, these are basically shimmery nail polishes available in red, orange and purple. I liked the shades and Rimmel nail polishes always turn out good and stay on the nails well. I'm keen on the red shade because I need more reds, and I like the shimmery effects. These are quite new and have only gone into Boots stores recently. 

Doir Airflash | Dior | £30
Ah. I love this.
The other day I had to pop into Boots to pick up a Dior BB creme sample - I got more than I bargained for! I managed to pick up a sample of this and the BB creme.. thankyou to the lady at the Dior counter in Boots for that! 
I never really like going to beauty counters, especially for samples because they're a little standoff-ish when you ask for samples and you're not actually making a purchase, but this lady, at first, seemed like that and me&mum didn't know what to say haha, after we mentioned the sample she seemed really lovely and sat mum in the chair to get swatched. She mentioned that the BB creme wasn't high coverage and that she would still give us the sample but she wanted to try the Dior airflash on her and see how it turned out. It's a spray on foundation (to put it in the easy terms) and then you blend with a brush. At first i thought it was a bit OTT but once blended the coverage was brilliant and I really liked it. I probably won't manage to buy this (especially because of the price tag) but it's really a great foundation. 

MUA Cover&Conceal Concealer | or Superdrug | £1.50
Recently, I've been wanting to try a few concealers, especially drugstore ones, and when MUA posted this on their Facebook page, I wanted to try it. I'm still yet to buy the Collection 2000 one and still to buy the Natural Collection one, but I want to try this aswell because it's slightly cheaper and MUA never disappoint!

I hope you all enjoyed this slightly long wishlist post and I hope I didn't bore you all! I feel like this was needed because I haven't blogged in a while and like I keep saying, I promise to do more posts but I just don't know what you lot want to see so comment below and I'll try! 

What do you have your eye on this February?

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