Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone! xoxo

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Cat Inspired Look.

Hey lovelies!
So its Halloween week and all week ive been putting up blog posts and videos of makeup thats good for Halloween.
I've put some Halloween colors to use and created an extra simple look.
I think it looks quite okay, and I'll be using this on Wednesday to answer the door!

  • So I used a dark shimmery grey for the eyeshadow. This is just out of a gift set and doesnt cost a lot so I think thats best if you're not going to use it again. I just used a fluffy brush and packed on to the lid.
  • The good thing about Halloween makeup is that you dont have to worry if things dont look right. For Halloween, things just fit into place.
  • I used the eyeliners pictured above to create a small, thick cats eye. I'm not amazing at cats eye but this looks okay!
  • Then I didnt apply eyeliner into the inner corners, I just defined the outer corners. 
  • Then I didnt use false lashes but you could if you wanted to!
  • Then for the whiskars all you need is liquid eyeliner and apply it the same as I did! This look is so easy.
  • I applied some bronzer to my non existing cheekbones.
  • I then applied shade 13 MUA lipstick which is essential for this look! You could also apply hot pink or barbie pink.
So I hope you enjoyed this inspired look!
Happy Halloween..

My Week In Photo's

Hey Lovelies!
So its Sunday again and I havent done much this week, to be honest. I've still managed to cram some photo's in for this week's 'My Week In Photos' but I've been so bored! 
Although I've had nothing to do, I have noticed the cold weather and winter/autumn'ness haha! -if thats a word-.

  • On Monday I saw this beautiful sunset. Recently I've been noticing the sunsets a lot often, we actually get them now, we never used to? The sky always looks so pretty and I always manage to take a picture! -I must have about 25 in my laptop haha!-
  • On Tuesday I recreated this cat look for Youtube, its been posted today so remember to check it out! -the post will be posted tomorrow-. It was pretty easy and good fun to do!
  • On Wednesday I did my nails, I didnt do a post on these because I didnt use a new nail polish or whatever. I know, I know.. I havent done a 'Nails Of The Week' in ages! -I cant buy nail polish at the moment, Christmas is coming!-
  • On Thursday I went out to walk the dog during the day and I wore my new jacket. Its from New Look - £35 and is just amazing. Its so warm and you really get into the Winter spirit with a fur jacket! Its faux, ofcourse!
  • On Friday I went out into the Garden to observe the mess, in Winter the garden always looks a tip! I did notice these beautiful leaves though, isnt Autumn so pretty?!
  • On Saturday my Jewelerry set came! As you all should know I have an Etsy shop and I make my own jewelerry. 
  • On Sunday, Just now! I went back outside and the leaves have changed on the grass! I wont be doing much today so there wasnt anything to post!
Hope you've all had a good weekend and all enjoy your Sunday!
What have you been doing this week?
Lots of love..

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Lipsticks For Halloween.

Hey lovelies!
So its still Halloween week and this is the lips section!
I thought it would be good to add to the previous posts I've done this week and add lips to the little collection! 
So Its Halloween week and the next post is for 'Halloween Lips'!
Lips arnt overly important but they will add a lot of color to the face! Oranges, Reds, Blacks etc are all perfect for the lips.
If you arnt going as something scary, I have the PERFECT pink for a fairy or cat look!
  • The chit chat one is hard to explain. Its not really red but its a bit of a pink shade..
  • The orange lipgloss is from Primark. I dont normally wear this because the taste/smell is awful, its like washing up liquid. But its not overly bright and is good for '3D lips'. Its about £1!
  • Lipstick shade 13 is great from MUA. Its bold, bright and quite smooth, slightly matte. Great for a cat face!
  • 210 from Rimmel 'coral in gold' is great! Goes well with the orange lipgloss, and if built up it can be bright.
  • Red lipliner is essential!
  • Purple or berry colors are pretty
I hope you like these! 
Happy Halloween..

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Good Eyemakeup For Halloween.

Hey lovelies..
So I thought I would post good eyemakeup brands and products for Halloween. You can use anything but I just thought I would post good ideas that voloumise and add big bold color.
You want lots of color on your eyes so here are some dazzle dusts/ eye dusts that are great for color;
  • Collection 2000's range of eye dusts. They're great for bright color but you do need to apply a lot for a matte, bold color. They're very sheer when they're applied, so you need to apply with a thick applicator, not a eye brush. Jaffa, Spellbound and Enigma are the shades and you get these from Savers. I think they're discontinued in Boots, Superdrug etc.
  • Primark dazzledusts (the small round pots) are amazing! They were £1 for all of them and I thought I would test them out.. I dont use them all the time but they add a huge 'pop of color' when you use them. 
  • MUA eye dusts. These are ok-ish but they dont apply as good as the Primark ones. They're shimmery eyeshadows in my opinion. I prefer the purple one to the green one.
  • The LA Color quad is good for a dark smoky look, its good if you want to look scary! You just have to build the color up.
  • Rimmel 'Stir It Up' is amazing! I love this and it was £1 in Savers. Its quite creamy, I love it.
Eyeliner is an essential if you're going as a cat! So MUA is great for flicks, wings and cat eye.
I love using the mascara's pictured above because the 'Cats Eye' one is great for winging eyelashes out. Primark lashes are also cheap and effective!

So I hope this was somewhat helpful! I'd love to see everyone's makeup looks for Halloween! Post below!

Happy Halloween..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Nails For Halloween!

Hey Lovelies!
So for Halloween, the scary and dark colors are the main part! Its great if your nails fit in too! I know that they're not the main part of your costume or your outfit or the day/night/party, but they add that extra touch!
Red, blue, green, purple, black, white.. they're all great colors for Halloween and simple to buy!
I think its a good idea if you buy some cheap nail polishes if they're not your everyday colors or you wont use them again.. MUA do a good range, and they're cheap! But if you're not going to use them again..MAC is a silly idea, so I just used my spare nail polishes.
Nail art pens are good for Halloween, they're an essential for nail art.. they're pretty cheap to buy from Argos in big sets. 
I'm not very arty but I came up with some good ideas!
  • Glittery nails are great for Halloween! Its dark at Halloween parties and treat or treat, so its nice to add some sparkle!
  • Spiders webs are obviously essential! Its the whole part of Halloween! You could do red&black for a Spiderman theme or black&white for the basic theme.
  • Tree's are a bit of a different design, and I didnt think I'd be able to do them as good as well as I did! Purple and black is a pretty design, you can switch up the color though!
  • Pumpkin's are a good design, they're pretty easy, you just have to be careful with the nail art pen!
  • Cats are also a good but different design, I risked messing them up haha!
So I hope you liked the pictures and designs! I'd love it if you attempted them, you can always send me a picture or something, I'd love to see them! 
Happy Halloween..

Halloween Week!

Hey Lovelies!
So as we know, Halloween is next Wednesday, and I thought that It would be a good idea that all this week I do blog posts and Youtube videos related to Halloween.
Starting from today 'Tuesday October 23' I will be doing Halloween posts today, Thursday, saturday and Sunday. Then I'll be doing Youtube Videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. and saturday! I'll then be doing a special vlog on my vlog channel (
So I just thought I'd tell you all! And I hope you enjoy these posts! The first post will be later on today!
Happy Halloween..

Sunday, 21 October 2012

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty!

Hey lovelies!
So I did this on Youtube a while ago and just thought I would post them onto here, as its a little different and maybe you didnt quite see or watch the video I uploaded!
  • Number 1; Greed.
    What is your most inexpensive and your most expensive beauty item?

    Most of my items are inexpensive so I'd have to say my MUA eyeliner and Natural Collection mascara. I use loads of inexpensive things!
    My most expensive has to be my MAC Nicki lipstick.
  • Number 2: Wrath
    What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
  • Rimmel lasting finish 25hour foundation.. 100%! Some days it looks pretty, blends well, keeps skin matte.. other days it has a fight with my loose powder!!
  • Number3: Gluteny
    Delicious beauty products?

    HAS to be my Orange/satsuma shower gel from Superdrug! summery!
  • Number 4: Sloth
    What do you neglect due to laziness?

    ..False lashes! I love my Primark ones, only wore them once.. need to wear them!
  • Number 5: Lust
    Best things in the opposite sex

    I dont find things attractive.. if I like you I like you.. although I love eyes!
  • Number 6: Greed
    Items as a gift?

    Naked Palette!!!
  • Number 7: Pride
    Beauty product with most self confidence?

Hope you enjoyed this..
Lots of love..

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Just A Hint Of Etsy!

Hey lovelies!
I've got so good at this whole blog posting now, I seem to post very often.. which I hope is a good thing, as there sometimes isnt stuff to blog and then I leave you for about 1/2 weeks, haha! 
So for todays post I just thought I would tell you about the stuff that my Etsy sells.. if you havent already checked it out, if you want to.. please do! 
Lots of love..

Thursday, 18 October 2012

September Empties/Faves

 Hiya lovelies!
So this post is quite delayed because my camera was playing up and stuff, thats why my Youtube video hasnt gone up yet. I always seem to be delayed on Youtube with my monthly faves and then I never seem to post my faves/empties on to here.. so its late BUT, I remembered this time!
So in September I didnt really have many faves, and if I did, I've already said them before or they're my empties! So I've combined them together.. I'll start with Empties first;
  • My Elvive 'Smooth Silk' intense shampoo. This is so good, this ran out in like early September, I haven't yet repurchased but I think I might have to, my hairs ruined! This is about £3/£4 in Tesco or Boots.
  • Next empty! This is my everyday deodorant. I dont use any other deodorant, I just pick this one up from Tesco in my weekly shop! It smells lovely, its fresh and not heavy and lasts a long time! ..and its only £1, ha!
  • This is my old cleansing lotion. I didnt have any at the time so I just picked it up from Wilkinsons for £1, but I got bored of it, so I have now bought a new one which I'll post up. Its okay and does cleanse the skin, but its not a cream type lotion, its alcohol.. dont think its very good for the skin?
  • Next is the VO5 'give me moisture' conditioner. This is amazing if you have split ends! AMAZING for the ends of your hair to give moisture! Love love love this, and its good if you straighten your hair, as it doesnt leave residue and leaves it shiny, not greasy looking.
  • Alberto Balsam.. this is the shampoo that smells like coconut.. the smell is lovely, the shampoo isnt.. I washed my makeup brushes with this halfway through the bottle, it just didnt suit my hair.
  • The next one is the crystal elvive conditioner.. love this! Really want to purchase again, and the smell is lovely!
  • I always use these wet wipes, they last about 2/3 weeks and they take my makeup on and off, leave my skin smooth and they make my skin feel fresh, these are just the Tesco ones that you get from the baby isle!
  • The next one is colorseal gloss, this is good for extensions and freshly died hair, I've used the red and brown one, I love them.. great for £1! I'm just wondering if they do a bigger one!
So I hope you liked my empties and hope I added a variety! I'm going to do my small amount of September faves now:-).
  • I've been loving the volume sensation mascara this month! I found this in Poundland a while back *cheeky*. I had this when I was about 10/11 and I love it! I love the wand, its big, it adds volume and its great for bottom and top lashes. 
  • I Love the color tattoo from Maybelline's 'studio' range. I think that its great to build up with eyeshadow or wearing it on its own. I'd love to try the other colors, this is the only one I have at the moment, but its such a basic brown where you can do simple or dramatic looks with it.
  • Then, last one, I've been loving the Poundland chubby stick dupe. This is brill for an all day look on the lips, adding a tiny bit of shimmer and a juicy feel. Also, cheeky tip!.. if you get a spare eyebrush, you can actually use it in the same way you use the eye tattoo.. it DOES crease so you will need to use the eyetattoo as a base or use a primer as a base.. or you could use it for a thick eyeliner look.. ive tried, it works! Make sure you use a brush though, because mixing eyes with lips may be a bit unhygenic.
So I hope you enjoyed this big post, I'm glad I remembered to post this as I never normally do! I can now put my things in the bin! 
Lots of love..

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