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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Monday, 2 December 2013

November Empties

Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo | I'm a 50/50 lover of dry shampoo, I either love it on some days or hate it - I liked using this because the scent was lovely and it helped me through some bad hair days! I repurchased another can but not of the same scent.

Wilko Blackcurrant Shower Gel | I normally hate fruity scents but this was really nice to use. They're really inexpensive so I need to pick up a few more.

Nivea Double Effect Deoderant | This was really nice to use - Just a basic!

Mum And Me Bath Wash | I received this as a freebie in the post and wasn't sure how to use I used it to wash my makeup brushes! It made them lovely and smooth...

Face Wipes | I always use these to remove makeup - just another basic!

Tesco Nail Polish Remover | Same as above!

Sanctuary Foaming Soak | I love the scent of these, I have so many more little minis to use which is good!

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off | My favourite freebie from Montagne! I loved this one the most!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Haul | Zofia's Been Spending

Evening everyone, haul time!
As you know I recently got a job and etcetc so I've been able to treat myself a lot more on my visits to London - as you can see, I'm doing well haha! 
I have bought a lot of clothes lately too and my efforts of taking pictures of them = a disaster so I'll pop the pictures of them on another time with a clothes haul so keep your eyes peeled. Also, apologies for the mismatched product backgrounds, I took the first few pictures weeks ago and only realised I hadn't added them into a haul so that's why they're odd!

Original Source Lavendar Gel I love the smell of this, it's not overpowering but you can smell it softly on your skin after use. 
Anti Blackhead Scrub/Wilko I use this all the time as I know it suits my skin and it's very inexpensive. 
Anti Blackhead Cleanser Brilliant for taking my makeup off, and deep cleanses my skin.
Almond Hand And Nail Cream I got this for free at The Body Shop when I was working away in Bury St Eds. I love this and the smell is to die for. I've been using it a lot lately as my hands have got so dry with the cold and hardwork!
Palmers Cocoa Scrub/Lotion I got sent these for free as they're only sample sizes. I kinda like them - I find the scrub to be quite rough but the lotion's okay.
Body Shop Peach Butter The smell of this is GORGEOUS! Very summery though I must say! I need to get round to using my butters but when they're on offer I always make a purchase.
Body Shop Mango/Satsuma Mini Gels I picked two up for £1 instead of £4 with my Glamour Magazine Joy Card - bargain! 
Loreal Micellear Water Finally caved in and made a purchase - as I've mentioned before I'll be doing a proper review on this but let's just say....I'm confused why people raved about this so much!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Obviously I'm trying these out at the moment so I'll give you an in depth review soon. I've never tried anything revlon so I really wanted to try this after all the reviews.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation I used this today as I needed to look a bit better than I did at 7am as I have a really bad cold and I feel like complete poo! I love how bright this made my skin look. It's so orange in the bottle but becomes lighter as applied. I like this finish so I'll definitely do an in depth review soon.
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Really getting into the Revlon swing of things arn't I! I never try their products and everyone raves about them so I hope to get a collection. I'll be reviewing this in the next few days as I haven't actually tried it yet but I spotted this in Poundland which is a great bargain.
W7 Eyelust Mascara My everyday fave! Makes my lashes spacious but not clumpy.
Natural Collection Loose Powder What I use everyday - it lasts me the whole day without caking. 
Natural Collection Chocolate Eyeshadow I love this! I use this as a lid colour everyday and it looks so light and daytime friendly.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Not very good reviews coming from me on this! I'll do a proper review soon but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Shadow I had money off *as always* in the body shop so I thought I'd try some makeup out - I wouldn't pay £7 for this but £3.50 was a good bargain!
Revlon Colorstay I really wanted to try out a full coverage foundation - as I don't have to save the pennies on makeup too much I thought I'd splurge and spend a few more pounds on a foundation - I hope this lives up to expectations!
Topshop Lipsticks Innocent/Straight Ace You heard right! IM NOT A TOPSHOP VIRGIN ANYMORE! I've finally bought something from Topshop - you've also heard right there.. I have nothing from Topshop! After so many bloggers raving over their lippies I decided to try TWO for the price of ONE MAC one! I bought Innocent which is my typical go to shade *it's a bit like Rimmel 107 red bullet* and Straight Ace which is completely out of my comfort zone but I've tried it on and it suits me a lot so it was a good purchase.

Other Purchases
Batiste Dry Shampoo An occasional purchase on this.. they last me months as I don't use them all the time. I tried a different one this time but the scent isn't as good as the wild one!
Super Cosy Primark 300 denier tights Zofia's bestfriends with these at the moment! I actually love wearing these, especially for work! They have a fleecy lining and they go well with boots and skirts which is my style for winter so it means I can still be warm!  
Primark Nude Studded Purse I loved the look of this so I decided I needed a new purse. I've been using it as a clutch bag lately too.
LA Colors Nail Polishes As always, a London trip means an LA colors polish! I picked up a bubblegum pink shade and a pinky glitter shade.
Studio Matte And Messy Salt Spray I've used this a bit and it's quite good, I got it on offer which I'm happy about as I've never tried a salt spray.
Colgate Max White One As this was on offer I wanted to see what improvement it made to my teeth... I'll keep you posted!
Kate Spade Nails Inc Red Polish I haven't worn this yet but I'm always picking up a Glamour mag freebie! I love this red.
Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick/Black Cherry These were only £1.30 in the Yankee Westfield store. I really liked the scent of them as they're wintery and at the moment I have cinnamon burning - although I have a cold, everyone else says it smells lovely!


Monday, 28 October 2013

Ways To Treat Damaged Hair | Feat. John Frieda Full Repair

Hello there!
Tonight's post is on treating damaged hair. I hardly ever do haircare posts as my shampoos and conditioners really aren't extravagant! 
I'm not the queen of haircare if I'm honest but the John Frieda team recently sent me some of their Full Repair range which I've actually really wanted to try lately. 
I decided to do a post on treating damaged hair as this applies to myself.

There's so many ways to treat damaged hair - some work, some don't. 
Over the years my love of GHD's has expanded and my love for washing my hair has too. I suffer with oily hair and lately, for work, I've been washing it everyday which is really bad... 

I'm very lucky that the John Freida team sent me some of their Full Repair range, just so I could see if I could improve my hair in any way.
After using these I noticed that my hair seems slightly smoother and after straightening it looks more soft and sleek rather than show every split end off. 
I find that these haircare items wash out very well and leave no residue. The conditioner applies so well to my hair and the shampoo lathers nicely, but doesn't weigh my hair down. I also love the fact they're big bottles and will last me a lengthy time.

Onto the hair oil..
I really love this. After washing my hair, I'll apply a little bit onto the ends of my hair so it's smooth for when I straighten. I'm wary when it comes to hair oils because I don't want them to make my hair look any more greasy and I don't want them to make my hair feel sticky or noticeably oily - this ticks all the boxes! It's a great oil that's lightweight and is unnoticeable  I'll definitely repurchase this as an all the time hair oil because it ticks all the boxes. 

Quick Ways To Stop Damaging Your Hair -
-Stop washing your hair daily.
-Use shampoo's that contain no chemicals or less chemicals than your usual. I know Timotei do a good one which is all pure and natural.
-Use 'reconditioners' once or twice a week to retain the natural smoothness.
-Let your hair just dry instead of a blowdryer.
-Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb after washing. 
-Cut hair once a month to refresh split ends.
-It's hard, but, stay away from the irons!

I hope this post was a little fun to read and slightly different for my blog. I'll keep you all updated with the Full Repair range!

Have you tried this range yet, what did you think?
If you haven't tried why not enter the John Freida Competition?:-) / See The Full Repair Range

*PR SAMPLE. All thoughts are 100% honest and even though they were sent to review, all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Huge Collective Haul

Hello gorgeous! 
A very exciting post today... It's a collective haul!
These things have been collected over a 3/4 week period, I'm so surprised at how much I've bought because normally, I never seem to buy the latest bits and bobs but lately, I've been buying things soon as they've hit the shops.

This post will be very talkative and picture heavy, so if you're in a reading mood, you're in luck.. get comfy and I'll ramble on!

clothing | After posting this, I've realised how many clothing items I need to purchase! I'm always browsing the isles of boots now a days so I need to pop in to H&M instead... 
For clothing bits and bobs I've picked up two Primark items. I always pop in there and they had a sale on ages ago so I picked up these two for £5 each. I love minty greens and so this thin peplum can go with leggings and a jacket in Autumn, even though the colour is very much Spring like, I love mint greens so I had to pick this up.
The tassle top isn't really me but tassles have been 'in' this year so I picked this peachy/beige colour top up with black tassles, this will go well with boots or something in the autumn and it's quite long/floaty so I'll probably look twice the size - but nevermind, I'll find a way to style it!

Makeup Face Products | 
Wake Me Up Face Shimmer | Excited to try this, such a bargain for £1 instead of the ridiculous £5 price tag. 
Collection Foundation | I'll be using this as a concealer because it's very light but I'm a bit unhappy that I bought this from Poundland and it's half used... nevermind.
Wake Me Up Foundation | I've read all the reviews and I've finally bought it. I can't wait to use as it looks like a great foundation. It's also quite darker than my Match Perfection one which I like. I love looking tanned instead of a shade lighter..

Bath/Body | 
Baylis and Harding Soaps | I only like Body Shop soaps so I'm looking forward to trying these. I prefer the mandarin soap better than the pink one but they both look like great products so I can't wait to try.
Ted Baker Butterfly Range Scrub | This smells lovely and I needed a new scrub so I'm also looking forward to using this. I love the butterfly range.
Tesco Bath Collection | Shimmer Lotion, Body Polish and Bath crystals. I've never tried all three of these so something different in my collection. Most excited to try the crystals.
Sanctuary Items | I've picked up some mini's and a bigger size body lotion. I love the body lotions and the scents of Sanctuary items so I'm looking forward to trying the bigger size lotion. I've never tried a scrub from them so I can't wait to use this. I've used a wash in the past and I've used this one up already - I love them.
Champneys Minty Spritz | I've loved using this in the Summer! It's so fresh and minty and refreshes you if it's warmer weather. It's a bit of an impulse buy but I enjoyed using the Soap and Glory girligo so I decided to give this a go. I think it's going to be lovely in the colder months too.
The Body Shop Bits | After buying the Raspberry Body Butter I decided to opt for a lightly scented one. The Vitamin E one seemed different and has a really light scent. I picked up the strawberry wash and satsuma lotion too.
Baylis Minis | I love these Minis from B&H, I like the mandarin scent more than the pink coloured bottles but these are so handy in my little bath collection. They lather well too, so they last quite long considering they come in mini versions.

Haircare |
Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo&Conditioner | I know, I know.. I said I disliked Gliss items a short while ago but I really liked the look of the Asia Straight range so I thought why not.. they smell amazing too!

Eye Makeup |
Dainty Doll Shadows | I picked up the beige base which I've used already - it seems pretty good! I also picked up the dark brown shadow which is super pigmented and smooth on the eyes. 
Natural Collection Brown Duo | I've never tried a Natural Collection duo but I bought this and I love it. It's a makeup bag essential instead of carrying round multiple shadows. It's pigmented, considering it's only £2 and the shades are great for everyday. 
Rimmel Union Jack Eyeshadow Palette | I saw this in Poundland and it looks great! I love olivey/bronzey shades so I'm excited to use this.
Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Trios | I love these two trios, I love green/olive shadows as I've mentioned and I love eyeshadows like these that arn't based in a pan..if that makes sense? I also like using grey's occasionally so I love the pinky/grey trio. 
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow | I love browns, they're my go to shades. I picked this shadow up in Poundland and I've actually seen these in stores but didn't bother with them. I can't wait to use this and I'm hoping it's pigmented.
Lash Accelerator Mascara, Rimmel | This is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's become my go to mascara. I love the wand and how it makes my lashes look. Yay, Rimmel's done it again!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam | £5 introductory offer - can't go wrong. It's a new mascara and the wand is very different. I prefer the mascara mentioned above but this is fairly okay. I'll review this soon.
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara | Never seen this in shops so I was made up when I saw it in Poundland. It's a basic wand, but works wonders.

Lip Products | 
No7 High Shine Lipgloss, Smile | Such a different applicator but such a brilliant lipgloss. It's sticky, yes - but I love the shade too much to care about the formula. I've never thought about a No7 gloss before so I decided to purchase. I love this and I might even pick up more shades. 
Primark Lip Crayon | I've mentioned millions of times before how much I enjoy using the Poundland ones so I decided to get one from Primark. It's very smooth, pigmented and glossy - for £1.50 I'll definately pick any more shades up.
Rimmel Apocalips, Nova | Finally! I've said so many times how much I want one, now I need to get round to using! I bought this in July and I still haven't used, but there will be a review on the blog sometime extra soon. I love this shade a lot.
Miners Matte Factor, Cappuccino | I love this, it's such a plain shade but looks really pretty with a light eye. I bought this around the start of July and I need to get round to using it more. It's not that drying, either.
Baby Lips, Cherry Me | I got one! I've used mine once and got it at the start of August, it's great. I've read so many negatives on this but I love mine and want the whole collection. I love the taste and it leaves a subtle shade on my lips which I love. 
Primark Lipstick, Bright Pink | I bought this for £1. It's a gorgeous bright pink but I haven't used it yet to see if it appears on my lips that way. I think it may be a bit drying so I might have to put my baby lips underneath!

Other Face items | The gorgeous people at Montagne Jeunesse sent me these face freebies which I can't wait to try! I got a mud pac, a passion peel off and an olive face mask. I'm so excited to try and use their Mondays for Me app while I'm at it!
Collection Mosaic Glow | I also bought this mosaic bronzer the other week which is amazing! I've used it a few times already and I'm definitely going to review it. I love the shade and the shimmer and it's only around the £2 mark. Brill!

Nail Polishes |
OPI Black Shatter | Purchased from Poundland. I hate shatter polishes but for £1 I had to pick it up. They did loads of other shatter shades and I've seen a blog post this week on normal polishes from OPI in Poundland so I'll have to keep my eyes open.
Rimmel 60 seconds polish, Deliciously Dark | I'm definitely looking forward to Autumn so I picked this polish up. It's a beautiful aubergine shade. A bit black, bit with a purple tint. I'm not a lover of darks but this is a lovely shade.
Colour Show Polishes, Midnight Taupe/Green With Envy | An Autumn shade and a spring shade! I've recently applied Midnight Taupe and my mum's been rocking the minty shade this week! I love the whole colour selection of Colour show polishes and I'll always collect more but I don't like the gloopyness of them and the time they take to set. That's the only downside!

aaaaaaaaaaaand breathe... I've finally showed you everything I've purchased over the weeks! It's taken me a few hours to complete this post so it's satisfied my boring afternoon.. I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried any of these items?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Empties

Hello everyone. I feel like I haven't done an empties post in ages...
I don't have many good products this month but I have a few that I can give an opinion about so I hope you enjoy.

Tesco Cleanser
When I saw this, I realised how inexpensive it was. I'm not really a skincare lover so I don't spend pounds a week on things to cleanse with. I decided to get this 'cause it's pretty cheap and it actually worked. I really liked using it. It's good if you have sensitive skin and was good before makeup application so I liked it! Definately repurchase.

Sanctury Bath Float
Loved using this! I really did.
I love the scent and I love the small bubbles it made in the bath. Nothing really to say about this product, but I liked it.

Wash and Go shampoo.
This used to work wonders on my hair. After this bottle, I've started to dislike it.
I feel like it's made my hair create build up and it lathers too much for my liking. I really liked it in the past so that's why I repurchase but now, it doesn't agree with my hair.

Breakfast Scrub Exfoliater
I like this, now. I never used to and I always used to complain about it - but now I've warmed to it. I love the smell, I always have - now I love how the grains make my skin silky smooth.

Max Factor Foundation Sample
I need the full size! I loved using what I could of this and the shade was right for me. I love how smooth the foundation is and how alike to 'Satin finish (maybelline)' it is. I really liked how easy to blend it was. I'll try and get full size!

Do you have any of these products? 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review | Herbal Essences Hair Mask

Herbal Essences Hair Mask | Seductively Straight | £1/ RRP - £3.99 Superdrug
Today, everyone, I have a review!
I feel like I never do reviews on here. I don't, actually..
I normally say what I feel and think about products but I never seem to go in depth and say a huge review about a product. With this item, I'm going to because I feel like it could help some people and because I feel like it's a good product to review and to introduce for my first blog review.

I purchased this back in February and used it all by the middle of March. I didn't use it for every hair wash, I simply used it once or twice every 2 weeks when I was doing something the next day - not when I'm having a lazy day. I simply used it for occasions because I wanted to see how long it took for it to make my hair greasy and how well it styled my hair. If I'm having a 'day in' I wont do anything fancy with my hair so I couldn't put it to the test!

I saw this in Poundland near their haircare items and makeup bits. I always pop in there to see any branded items they may have seeing as they're always £1 and I always spot really good items in there. This caught my eye being in a pot and being Herbal Essences so I decided to buy it and try it out. I normally hate with a passion this brand and you're never going to see me purchase it in the supermarkets and you'll never see a bottle of their shampoo on my bathroom shelf - just because they use the worst ingredients and soon as they changed their packaging and Herbal Essences suddenly changed, I hated using their products - remember the days where everyone would think HE were a rubbish brand and noone would use them? I do! I used to always use the brand when the packaging was the old one and I used to love the things that the shampoos did for my hair but nowadays, so many bad things are written about the brand because of ingredients and just the way they make peoples hair.. especially mine!

So anyway, when I finally got round to using it, I simply used a 'palm size' amount. So i took a reasonable scoop, not too much, just enough. After I shampooed I applied 3/4 hand product to the ends of my hair and then the 1/4 remaining hand product to the upper sections of my hair - NOT the roots - the crown! I then used my hands to mix the product in and at this point I discovered the smell of the mask - it wasn't delightful and the smell wasn't the BEST thing about the mask but it was alright.. kind of fruity, I suppose. 
After about 5 minutes of letting it sink in and letting it do it's wonders, I took my shower head and washed it out. At this point I felt my hair feeling a lot more cleaner and silky smooth. Once I had rinsed it for around 5 minutes it felt like it washed out perfectly. I never really know when a product has been washed out properly so I seem to do it for ages because I used to have a 'filmy feel' on my crown a while back that I couldn't get rid of and I think it was to do with buildup..

So when I washed it all out, I towel dried my hair as normal and the smell remained in my hair and left it smelling quite nice. I blowdried my hair and realised that the product washed out really well and didn't leave me with residue (HE normally does), so if you're a worrier of buildup, you'll be okay with this product, just dont' use 24/7 because it won't help.

When dry I feel like it helped my hair a slight amount but didn't work amazingly well and I wouldn't ever class this as an intensive mask because my overall thought on it was a bit like a thick conditioner.. it didn't really feel like a mask and it didn't really feel like it changed my hair at all - it made it a bit more silky looking but made my hair incredibly greasy 12/15 hours later... which didn't do me any wonders at all with my greasy hair and normally it gets greasy around 1 1/2 day later so this didn't help!
I'm not too sure if I'd buy this again, I feel like the cons outweigh the goods on this product and the use of ingredients really does put me off slightly..

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope that it helped some of you a little better if you were going to purchase this. It wasn't an extremely bad product and maybe some of you might have agreed with it and some of you may love it if you purchase but me personally - I don't think it liked my hair type!

I hope you've all had a good day,
Lots of love,
Zofia x 

Monday, 8 April 2013

March Empties

Lovely Mint Story Bubble Bath
Maybelline BB Cream Sample
Palmolive Deoderant
Loreal Elvive Conditioner
Beautiful Brunette Shampoo
Wet Wipes
Cotton Wool Balls
Snow Fairy Wand
Lovely Mint Story | Tesco
I loved using this, I used it quite regular and it's easy to purchase by visiting your local Tesco! I love the Treaclemoon bubble baths and I want to try more! It was affordable too.

Maybelline BB Cream | Sample
This was alright but I'm not too keen on BB creams. I thought this was just the same as a foundation and I don't see the 'hype' around a BB cream. This felt the same on my skin just the same as a lightweight foundation did. Why pay £4/5 for a BB cream when you can pay £8 for a larger bottle of foundation?

Palmolive Deoderant | Tesco/Boots
I use this everyday to keep me fresh and fragrant! It's nice on the underarms and does the job!

Loreal Conditioner | Boots/Tesco
I love this and I want to purchase another. I love the fact it leaves my hair silky soft and it's not overpriced.

Beautiful Brunette Shampoo | Boots
This was ok-ish but didn't really suit my hair. I thought it would restore my natural brunette but it didn't. It didn't really do anything spectacular so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Wet Wipes | Tesco
I use these everyday to freshen up my skin and to remove makeup. They're suitable for babies and young children so they're soft.. this is why I love them on my skin. They do a good job and they're just an everyday essential. Affordable and good to use!

Cotton Wool | ASDA
I picked these up from Asda. Along with my wet wipes I like using these for cleanser because they're big balls and they do the whole face in 3/4 balls. They're really soft too!

Snow Fairy Wand | LUSH
I love this! First time I tried it and mmmm, the scent is SO nice! It's a Christmas edition for Lush but I found the wand at the bottom of my empties bag, so I needed to mention!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of this months empties? I feel like March went on forever?!

Friday, 8 March 2013

February Empties

Another month over, another bunch of products that have been sitting in a bag ready to be lobbed out.. but Zofia finally remembered to photograph some and pop on here!

I have a good amount of empties this month, a small range of everyday bits that I use and need. Not that interesting but here we go!

Nivea Q10 Body Oil | Sample Size 
This was just a sample but I liked the idea. I didn't see what the point of it was, but this is probably because it wasn't a repetitive programme.. it was just a one use product. I think if you used it once a week and your skin knew you were using it, I think you'd see effects of what it was meant to do. I haven't heard any reviews on this etc but it seemed pretty cool.

Gliss Conditioner For Colored Hair 
I like the Gliss shampoo's/Conditioner's. I normally get the pinky colored bottle but they didn't have that and I thought that this smelled nice anyway, so I didn't mind too much! This was an alright product, it did weigh my hair down slightly and the product was quite thick. Like I said over on my Youtube channel, I'd repurchase if I didn't have anything else.. but it's not a go to product and it's not something I'd be looking forward to use.

Palmolive Soft And Gentle
This is just my basic, everyday deodorant! 

COLOR Macara
This is a New Look mascara from a gift set. I enjoyed using this, it was very runny and had a very thick applicator. I hardly used it but it was used every so often. It's gone dry now so I'll probably keep the wand as always and use it in brow gel!

Baby Wipes
I use these to remove makeup when I don't use my Elemis wipes. These are my everyday wipes and I think they're brilliant! They're cheap in Tesco and normally 3 for 2. They're really soft and take off mascara etc really well.

Baylis & Harding Wild Rose Body Wash
As you know, I love B&H! I love their products because they're really nice on the skin. They last a long time and are a really quality buy. I loved using this and it was a really thick gel that could be used sparingly. I never like 'rose' scents but this one was really subtle!

Tesco Everyday Shampoo
I never use this on my hair, I use it on the dogs!
I always use this to wash the dog, but the main reason I buy it is so I can clean my makeup brushes! I love using this to clean them, it doesn't leave them clogged up and it's easy to wash out. I love how it doesn't leave them with a scent either.

Supersoft Apple Shampoo
This seemed like a really cheap shampoo. Like it wouldnt do much good for my hair. This was a last minute buy in Savers as I couldn't find any decent looking shampoo's and I wanted to try something new. Infact, it was quite good. It left me with a tiny bit of volume which I NEVER have in my hair, it's flat as a pancake! It left it feeling clean and was easy to rinse out..once I blowdried my hair, it was silky! I'd repurchase.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'll see you all in 2 days time for my How To Style post!

Love you all, Zofia x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

February Favorites

Herbal Essences Mask | S&G Breakfast Scrub | Unique Boutique Body Butter | Hair Benefits Shampoo/Conditioner | OPI Tomorrow Never Dies | Rimmel Coral In Gold

Another month over, more products tried & tested!
I didn't really know what to choose for my February faves this month, not sure why but I haven't tried many Christmas goodies out yet and so I've been sticking to what I know and using things up.

I've been using things that I maybe wasn't keen on in the past few months, and using products that are 'essentials'. There are one/two products here that I've just decided to use up and give a good go of.. then theres a few products in there that are definately repurchasable! I'm going to go through them and tell you all my favorites of February!

Tulisa | Honest | WHSmith
I love Tulisa! Many people have their opinion on her and many of them are really made up of the newspapers and websites and magazines that arn't worth paying for because they're lies. Obviously everyone can have their say because we all have an opinion on everyone. My opinion on her is nothing but niceness because I DO see her as a role model and idol whether or not shes had a 'sextape' and she's from a bad area. Doesn't bother me, because on top of that she's achieved many things and quite a lot of people like her! I love her and for Christmas I received her book.. that I asked for;)
I enjoyed reading this and it was a definite favorite. I suggest you all go and have a read if you have a bad opinion on her..your mind will certainly change!

OPI | Tomorrow Never Dies | £11
This was the first OPI nail polish that I've tried so I HAD to put it in my faves! You'll see a NOTW post on these soon so I'm not going to go in detail but I enjoyed using it and want to collect more of the collection *TKmaxx calls me* and I want to collect more OPI's!

Hair Benefits | Tesco | £1.87
Love this! It's become my everyday shampoo and conditioner and I love how silky my hair becomes. I've never been bothered by Tesco hair products because I've never really been overly attracted to the 'cheaper' brand.. I use elvive etc. I like this though and it seems to look like an elvive dupe. Repurchasable!

Herbal Essences | Hair Mask | £1
I was having a quick look in Poundland and came across this, I've been using it once a week and although its not a 'mask' and it's more of a conditioner, I like it. It was only a pound and it's something I'll always add to my basket. I want to try more hair masks to compare but this will always be a go to item now. I love the smell and it's lightweight on my hair. I will be doing a better review, so hold on in there!

Breakfast Scrub | Soap&Glory | £9.50
Had it ages, never bothered with it. I've never been a scrub/exfoliating type girl but because it needs using *it's probably screaming to escape the tub* I decided to use it and I love it! I use this at most 3 times a week and finish it with any body butter. I love it and it leaves me with such a silky smooth outcome! I love the smell too and before Christmas I said I hated it.. nomore!

Coral In Gold | Rimmel | £4.49
I've had this in my makeup collection for years. Never really used it because strangely, I thought it was a matte orange.. what was I thinking! Back in the day, that was the look I wanted to achieve though..
It's a very sheer lipstick and very balmy. I always team this up with a little bit of red lipstick to 'vamp it up' but it's seriously fine on it's own with a smoky or brown eye. I've finally found a lipstick I love and one I can use everyday. All this week I've been wearing it and I love it! Old lipstick - yes.. good lipstick - yes!

Unique Boutique | Body Butter 
I picked this up in Tesco quite a while ago. I stopped using it because of the scent. I'm not very keen on 'wild rose' scents and this one smells a lot like it. I've warmed to the smell now and it's NOT going to put me off because I love the thickness of the butter and it leaves me silky smooth! I also love the packaging because it's a glass tub and very chic! I love the thick, rich, luxury whitness of the product and it's a shame it's not repurchasable! It was also a bargain item that I got in discontinued stock..whey!

I hope you've all had a brilliant Feb and roll on Spring! One step closer now for all you summer babies!
Had any stand out products this February?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

September Empties/Faves

 Hiya lovelies!
So this post is quite delayed because my camera was playing up and stuff, thats why my Youtube video hasnt gone up yet. I always seem to be delayed on Youtube with my monthly faves and then I never seem to post my faves/empties on to here.. so its late BUT, I remembered this time!
So in September I didnt really have many faves, and if I did, I've already said them before or they're my empties! So I've combined them together.. I'll start with Empties first;
  • My Elvive 'Smooth Silk' intense shampoo. This is so good, this ran out in like early September, I haven't yet repurchased but I think I might have to, my hairs ruined! This is about £3/£4 in Tesco or Boots.
  • Next empty! This is my everyday deodorant. I dont use any other deodorant, I just pick this one up from Tesco in my weekly shop! It smells lovely, its fresh and not heavy and lasts a long time! ..and its only £1, ha!
  • This is my old cleansing lotion. I didnt have any at the time so I just picked it up from Wilkinsons for £1, but I got bored of it, so I have now bought a new one which I'll post up. Its okay and does cleanse the skin, but its not a cream type lotion, its alcohol.. dont think its very good for the skin?
  • Next is the VO5 'give me moisture' conditioner. This is amazing if you have split ends! AMAZING for the ends of your hair to give moisture! Love love love this, and its good if you straighten your hair, as it doesnt leave residue and leaves it shiny, not greasy looking.
  • Alberto Balsam.. this is the shampoo that smells like coconut.. the smell is lovely, the shampoo isnt.. I washed my makeup brushes with this halfway through the bottle, it just didnt suit my hair.
  • The next one is the crystal elvive conditioner.. love this! Really want to purchase again, and the smell is lovely!
  • I always use these wet wipes, they last about 2/3 weeks and they take my makeup on and off, leave my skin smooth and they make my skin feel fresh, these are just the Tesco ones that you get from the baby isle!
  • The next one is colorseal gloss, this is good for extensions and freshly died hair, I've used the red and brown one, I love them.. great for £1! I'm just wondering if they do a bigger one!
So I hope you liked my empties and hope I added a variety! I'm going to do my small amount of September faves now:-).
  • I've been loving the volume sensation mascara this month! I found this in Poundland a while back *cheeky*. I had this when I was about 10/11 and I love it! I love the wand, its big, it adds volume and its great for bottom and top lashes. 
  • I Love the color tattoo from Maybelline's 'studio' range. I think that its great to build up with eyeshadow or wearing it on its own. I'd love to try the other colors, this is the only one I have at the moment, but its such a basic brown where you can do simple or dramatic looks with it.
  • Then, last one, I've been loving the Poundland chubby stick dupe. This is brill for an all day look on the lips, adding a tiny bit of shimmer and a juicy feel. Also, cheeky tip!.. if you get a spare eyebrush, you can actually use it in the same way you use the eye tattoo.. it DOES crease so you will need to use the eyetattoo as a base or use a primer as a base.. or you could use it for a thick eyeliner look.. ive tried, it works! Make sure you use a brush though, because mixing eyes with lips may be a bit unhygenic.
So I hope you enjoyed this big post, I'm glad I remembered to post this as I never normally do! I can now put my things in the bin! 
Lots of love..

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