Friday, 30 August 2013 | Website Review

Hello girls!
Today I'm giving you my thoughts and opinions on a site called 'Style Chi'. Style Chi were looking for a blogger to review their site, test things out and give their honest opinion. When I saw the ad about Style Chi I knew I wanted to be the blogger for them!

The site is great. It's unique. It's different. It's a new way to shop!

After using the site for a few days, I understand the concept fully now and it's something I'm always checking back on.

Style Chi say their website is a new way to shop. Style Chi includes social media interaction to purchase items. The more you interact, the lower the price gets.

Style Chi gave me 10,000 points after I was chosen to blog with them which entitles me to around £5 to shop. I liked an item which gave me more points and then I answered a few basic questions for more points. It's a brilliant way to obtain offers!

''The StyleChi price is a unique price to each customer that is dependent

on their relationship with StyleChi. As a person gets more active with the site

and other users, they collect Chi points. The more Chi points you have the
lower your StyleChi price is…. so get social and get purchasing!''

Style Chi have so many branded items on their site, brands such as Ax Paris, Vans, Steve Madden, Converse, River Island, Vila, Sally and Circle - and more!
I've found a lot of clothing brands through Style Chi that I haven't heard of before!

''We’re here to give you a
rewarding shopping experience that keeps you coming back as the offers just get
better and better. For all social and purchase activity you will immediately be
gifted Chi points that decrease your StyleChi price throughout the site. Not
only that but when you have intended purchases in your shopping bag, StyleChi
includes the points you would earn for those items in calculating the StyleChi
price! Basically every item you have bought and intend to buy in that purchase
decreases your StyleChi price!''

If you want to collect many Chi Points, you can do so by inviting friends, adding friends, everytime you log in you gain points, liking and purchasing is also rewarding. How generous are StyleChi!
On the site, there are different levels. You go from Level 1 - Level 5. Levels are based on your points so at the moment I'm level 3 - exciting! 

''Like any good friendship the more interaction with the site and the
better your relationship with StyleChi, the more we want to give back to you!

StyleChi has specific perks it offers to members depending on how many points
they have. As the relationship grows you will climb through various levels
where you could be offered tailored gifts and personalised service such as
free-shipping or VIP access to limited products. Currently there are 5 levels
within StyleChi, each one a little more stylish and desirable than the last, so
get collecting! Below are the levels, their name and the required points:

+ Level 1 – SC Newbie

– Site wide promotional offers
+ Level 2 – Stylist – Random double point days
Level 3 - free shipping
+ Level 4 – Fashionista – Access to the VIP lounge which contains limited offers on high demand items
+ Level 5 – Fashion Icon – Personal StyleChi shopper service & chance to win invitations to annual StyleChi events''

Style chi is such an exciting website and gives you so many shopping goals. There are so many things to do on the website - instead of browsing clothes and writing down a wishlist, you have more than that. I absolutely love the site. 

A few things from the site that I have my eye on include this beautiful Paprika Lace Love DressNYL Dreamy DressAx Paris Crochnea Neck Top and ofcourse this beautiful Friis Company Winky Wallet

I hope you enjoyed this review of Style Chi. I've loved explaining about the site to you all and I hope many of you join! If you all leave your email addresses below, I can invite you to join the site - if not, visit to have a browse!

Stay Stylish!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Huge Collective Haul

Hello gorgeous! 
A very exciting post today... It's a collective haul!
These things have been collected over a 3/4 week period, I'm so surprised at how much I've bought because normally, I never seem to buy the latest bits and bobs but lately, I've been buying things soon as they've hit the shops.

This post will be very talkative and picture heavy, so if you're in a reading mood, you're in luck.. get comfy and I'll ramble on!

clothing | After posting this, I've realised how many clothing items I need to purchase! I'm always browsing the isles of boots now a days so I need to pop in to H&M instead... 
For clothing bits and bobs I've picked up two Primark items. I always pop in there and they had a sale on ages ago so I picked up these two for £5 each. I love minty greens and so this thin peplum can go with leggings and a jacket in Autumn, even though the colour is very much Spring like, I love mint greens so I had to pick this up.
The tassle top isn't really me but tassles have been 'in' this year so I picked this peachy/beige colour top up with black tassles, this will go well with boots or something in the autumn and it's quite long/floaty so I'll probably look twice the size - but nevermind, I'll find a way to style it!

Makeup Face Products | 
Wake Me Up Face Shimmer | Excited to try this, such a bargain for £1 instead of the ridiculous £5 price tag. 
Collection Foundation | I'll be using this as a concealer because it's very light but I'm a bit unhappy that I bought this from Poundland and it's half used... nevermind.
Wake Me Up Foundation | I've read all the reviews and I've finally bought it. I can't wait to use as it looks like a great foundation. It's also quite darker than my Match Perfection one which I like. I love looking tanned instead of a shade lighter..

Bath/Body | 
Baylis and Harding Soaps | I only like Body Shop soaps so I'm looking forward to trying these. I prefer the mandarin soap better than the pink one but they both look like great products so I can't wait to try.
Ted Baker Butterfly Range Scrub | This smells lovely and I needed a new scrub so I'm also looking forward to using this. I love the butterfly range.
Tesco Bath Collection | Shimmer Lotion, Body Polish and Bath crystals. I've never tried all three of these so something different in my collection. Most excited to try the crystals.
Sanctuary Items | I've picked up some mini's and a bigger size body lotion. I love the body lotions and the scents of Sanctuary items so I'm looking forward to trying the bigger size lotion. I've never tried a scrub from them so I can't wait to use this. I've used a wash in the past and I've used this one up already - I love them.
Champneys Minty Spritz | I've loved using this in the Summer! It's so fresh and minty and refreshes you if it's warmer weather. It's a bit of an impulse buy but I enjoyed using the Soap and Glory girligo so I decided to give this a go. I think it's going to be lovely in the colder months too.
The Body Shop Bits | After buying the Raspberry Body Butter I decided to opt for a lightly scented one. The Vitamin E one seemed different and has a really light scent. I picked up the strawberry wash and satsuma lotion too.
Baylis Minis | I love these Minis from B&H, I like the mandarin scent more than the pink coloured bottles but these are so handy in my little bath collection. They lather well too, so they last quite long considering they come in mini versions.

Haircare |
Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo&Conditioner | I know, I know.. I said I disliked Gliss items a short while ago but I really liked the look of the Asia Straight range so I thought why not.. they smell amazing too!

Eye Makeup |
Dainty Doll Shadows | I picked up the beige base which I've used already - it seems pretty good! I also picked up the dark brown shadow which is super pigmented and smooth on the eyes. 
Natural Collection Brown Duo | I've never tried a Natural Collection duo but I bought this and I love it. It's a makeup bag essential instead of carrying round multiple shadows. It's pigmented, considering it's only £2 and the shades are great for everyday. 
Rimmel Union Jack Eyeshadow Palette | I saw this in Poundland and it looks great! I love olivey/bronzey shades so I'm excited to use this.
Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Trios | I love these two trios, I love green/olive shadows as I've mentioned and I love eyeshadows like these that arn't based in a pan..if that makes sense? I also like using grey's occasionally so I love the pinky/grey trio. 
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow | I love browns, they're my go to shades. I picked this shadow up in Poundland and I've actually seen these in stores but didn't bother with them. I can't wait to use this and I'm hoping it's pigmented.
Lash Accelerator Mascara, Rimmel | This is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's become my go to mascara. I love the wand and how it makes my lashes look. Yay, Rimmel's done it again!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam | £5 introductory offer - can't go wrong. It's a new mascara and the wand is very different. I prefer the mascara mentioned above but this is fairly okay. I'll review this soon.
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara | Never seen this in shops so I was made up when I saw it in Poundland. It's a basic wand, but works wonders.

Lip Products | 
No7 High Shine Lipgloss, Smile | Such a different applicator but such a brilliant lipgloss. It's sticky, yes - but I love the shade too much to care about the formula. I've never thought about a No7 gloss before so I decided to purchase. I love this and I might even pick up more shades. 
Primark Lip Crayon | I've mentioned millions of times before how much I enjoy using the Poundland ones so I decided to get one from Primark. It's very smooth, pigmented and glossy - for £1.50 I'll definately pick any more shades up.
Rimmel Apocalips, Nova | Finally! I've said so many times how much I want one, now I need to get round to using! I bought this in July and I still haven't used, but there will be a review on the blog sometime extra soon. I love this shade a lot.
Miners Matte Factor, Cappuccino | I love this, it's such a plain shade but looks really pretty with a light eye. I bought this around the start of July and I need to get round to using it more. It's not that drying, either.
Baby Lips, Cherry Me | I got one! I've used mine once and got it at the start of August, it's great. I've read so many negatives on this but I love mine and want the whole collection. I love the taste and it leaves a subtle shade on my lips which I love. 
Primark Lipstick, Bright Pink | I bought this for £1. It's a gorgeous bright pink but I haven't used it yet to see if it appears on my lips that way. I think it may be a bit drying so I might have to put my baby lips underneath!

Other Face items | The gorgeous people at Montagne Jeunesse sent me these face freebies which I can't wait to try! I got a mud pac, a passion peel off and an olive face mask. I'm so excited to try and use their Mondays for Me app while I'm at it!
Collection Mosaic Glow | I also bought this mosaic bronzer the other week which is amazing! I've used it a few times already and I'm definitely going to review it. I love the shade and the shimmer and it's only around the £2 mark. Brill!

Nail Polishes |
OPI Black Shatter | Purchased from Poundland. I hate shatter polishes but for £1 I had to pick it up. They did loads of other shatter shades and I've seen a blog post this week on normal polishes from OPI in Poundland so I'll have to keep my eyes open.
Rimmel 60 seconds polish, Deliciously Dark | I'm definitely looking forward to Autumn so I picked this polish up. It's a beautiful aubergine shade. A bit black, bit with a purple tint. I'm not a lover of darks but this is a lovely shade.
Colour Show Polishes, Midnight Taupe/Green With Envy | An Autumn shade and a spring shade! I've recently applied Midnight Taupe and my mum's been rocking the minty shade this week! I love the whole colour selection of Colour show polishes and I'll always collect more but I don't like the gloopyness of them and the time they take to set. That's the only downside!

aaaaaaaaaaaand breathe... I've finally showed you everything I've purchased over the weeks! It's taken me a few hours to complete this post so it's satisfied my boring afternoon.. I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried any of these items?

Monday, 26 August 2013

NOTW | Triangular Design Nails

Hello everyone - another different NOTW post today!
I decided to do something different and do a 'two colour nail design' - I'm not really sure what this is called but I've seen a few people sporting this look lately and I think it looks great.

I decided to do one with darker colours and one with lighter colours, just so you know what both styles look like. I prefer the pink & white ones just because I like lighter colours - but the dark style nails would be perfect for winter.

step one - Choose which colours you're using - I used LA Colours 'Frill' for the lighter pink and Barry M 'Mushroom' for the dark brown. For the nail art I used nail art pens by 'Rio' and for the white I filled it in with 'Energy Source' by LA Colours.
When you've chosen your colours, paint the nail all over. 

step two - Get your nail art pen and draw a line that's appropriate enough - look at the picture of #2 and use it as a guide - it's hard to explain but if you start where you know it'll finish at the corner, that's perfect!

step three - Then fill it in! Either use the nail art pen or use some nail polish in the same colour. Then you're done! Remember to add the top coat to keep the nail colours shiny.

Are you giving these nails a go?
What colours would you choose?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday Scoffs | Easy Chocolate Butterfly Cakes

Hello gorgeous!
Today, I'm doing another 'Saturday Scoffs' post. I love doing these and I hope it gives you some recipe inspiration!
These cupcakes are really easy but really pretty too. 

What You'll Need | Ingredients 
110g (4oz) butter or margarine 
110g (4oz) caster sugar 
2 medium size eggs 
75g (3oz) self-raising flour - sieved 
25g (1oz) cocoa powder - sieved 

For The Icing |
75g (3oz) unsalted butter 
175g (6oz) icing sugar 
3 tbsp cocoa powder 
milk or warm water

How To Make | Method
1. Pre-heat oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4. Place the Baking Cases into a bun tin.
2. Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
3. Gradually beat in the eggs, if the mixture starts to curdle, add a little flour.
4. Fold in the remaining flour and the cocoa powder with a metal spoon.
5. Place spoonfuls of the mixture into the baking cases and bake for 15 - 20 minutes until well risen and firm to the touch. Remove from oven, leave to cool on a cooling rack.
6. Take a sharp knife and cut a circle out of the top of each cake at an angle about 1cm (½ inch) from the edge.
7. Cut each circle in half and set aside.
8. To make the butter icing, place the butter in a bowl and beat until soft. Gradually sift and beat in the icing sugar and then add enough milk / water to make the icing fluffy and spreadable.
9. Sift and beat the cocoa powder in to the icing and spread onto the cakes.
10. Place the two halves of cake on top to resemble butterfly wings.
11. Dust the top of each cake lightly with the sieved icing sugar.

I hope this recipe was easy for you, if you bake some butterfly cakes, tweet me pictures (@lilmisspradaxo) or comment below with links! 
Happy Baking!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

NOTW | Watermelon Nails Tutorial

Hello there gorgeous!
Slightly different NOTW this week - I have an actual tutorial! I've never done one of these before and I really enjoyed doing it.
As it's still kind of summer, I decided to do Watermelon Nails. I think they look really different although they work best on longer nails I think they could be adapted with shorter nails.

I used basic colours for this, red/green & a black nail art polish. A top coat also helps to make them shine. 

 step one | This is a handy tip for neatness! - get yourself some sticky labels, cut them into the size in the picture and place it in the appropriate place so you get a neat cut between the tip and the nail. Then, do a base coat, this keeps your nails in tiptop condition when using pigmented colours such as greens/reds.

step two | Paint the green tip (don't go over the white paper, go white paper to the end of the tip)  I used 'NYC High Line Green' which was a favourite in 2012 - I hardly use it anymore! Then paint the next section red, be careful you don't go near the green..stick to the paper line. For the red colour, I used Rimmel 'Passion' which is an old nail polish, but a good one!

step three | When these nail colours have dried, add a top coat. I used my LA colours one but you can obviously use anyone that works best. Let this dry and add your black polka dots for the seeds. I used a black nail art pen, this works perfectly because it has a small 'nib' for detailing - don't use anything too thick and don't go to the top of the red colour. Remember, seeds of a watermelon are sparse at the base.

step four | When the black is dry, add another top coat. Make sure everything is dry so it doesn't smudge - you don't want the black to merge into the red.
When everything's dry, peel away the white label. You should be left with a really neat line separating the colours - if not, don't worry, use a cotton swab with some polish remover and gently go over the white line.

Will you be doing this tutorial?
Fan of nail art?
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Something I'm loving at the moment | Guest post from Pash4Fashionx

I have been wanting to do this post for a while but I haven't gotten to it so I am glad that Zofia said I could do it on her blog. The product that I am currently loving is one that comes in many different colors but it is for face and I use it to balance out my foundation and just give my face a little bit of color contrast. In case you haven't guessed already, my product is blush. Not just any blush, it's "Avon's mark. Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint'' in 'Sunny Mine Soleil'"

*Disclaimer: Sorry for the packaging in the picture. It's a little old and messy.
The Claim:
     This blush is obviously a creamy blush. It is meant to give you color instantly. All you do rub the blush on your cheeks and blend and you've got your pop of color.


This blush is in a small 2 in. tube. To get the product out you have to twist the bottom, so it's like an automatic eyeliner package. I happen to like the packaging a lot because I can control the amount of product that come out and it is securely packed into the tube so if it fell, it wouldn't break apart like a potted or powdered blush.

Pigmentation/ Swatches

This blush is very pigmented. It doesn't show as much in the picture but it is really pigmented. It is a deep red color and though it seems like it wouldn't be good on lighter skin, it would look fabulous on light skin and dark if you blend it out well. I know this is the most cliche thing I could say, but a little goes a very long way. You have to be careful not to use too much or else it will look very unnatural. 

The blush on the left is in the shade Nude Chair by the same collection. As you can see, I have used a lot of the 'Sunny Mine Soleil'. I use it pretty much everyday. I will probably need a new tube very soon.

  • Very Pigmented.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Travel sized and can go everywhere with you.
  • Can last you up to a year, if not more.
  • Comes in 5 shades to match every skin tone.
  • Looks more natural as the day goes on.
  • Goes on smoothly.
  • 'Sunny Mine Soleil' has been discontinued.
  • Is pricey- $9.00 at
  • Is very dewy and may need to be lightly set with a powder.
  • Fades by the end of the day.
  • The product takes up about a third of the packaging. I wish there was a little more product.

Now that you guys know what product I'm currently loving I want to know what products you are currently loving. Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

How I'd Style | A Pair Of Acid Wash Jeans

Untitled #567
Hiya girls! I'm back with my 'How To Style' type posts today, I've really missed doing them but I think I completed all of my Summer outfits and I hope I gave you some Summer inspiration and helped you piece some items together, I helped myself out at points, although sometimes, things on the internet look a lot better than real life..ha!

As we're heading into Autumn, I find that jeans can be your bestfriend. I find that Autumn in the UK means brown leaves, windy conditions and a spot of rain...although we can have sun so don't pack away your teeny bikini's and low cut shorts just yet...

I find that jeans can be your bestfriend because you can still feel loose and cool if the sun does come out, if you add a loose top, just like I have in this outfit.
I really love this outfit and I need to collect a few items so I can create it myself. I find that acid wash and white go lovely, even though this outfit is probably more spring than autumn, I find that it fits well for Autumn because it's very casual and classy.

I lovelovelove jeans, loose tops and ankle boots. Ankle boots are such a spring/autumn essential and I think these ones from Office go so well with the colour code. They're very simple with a bit of gold detailing and tassles.
As I mentioned, it can be quite windy/showery so you might want to keep a bit covered up, add this beautiful embellished blazer from Next is the perfect item! 

For accesories/makeup I think a nude lip and bronzed cheeks would go so well. Winged liner would look good to match the black colours and so for eyeliner, I chose Loreal Super Liner as it's a thin eyeliner that can be used easily to apply a winged liner.
These Next chandelier earrings are so pretty and something I need. I've never seen these in store, so I'll have to pop in.... They're so lovely and I think they go perfectly with the whole outfit. 

All in all, I love this outfit and think it's very stylish and casual for Autumn. I think it'd suit all ages and can be adapted to how you want it. 

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit just as much as I do,
Talk soon,

Friday, 16 August 2013

Perfume & Body Spray Collection

Ahhhh happy Friday lovelies!
This post was uploaded at 7.30 as usual but silly me didn't add text ha! *covers face*.

Today's post is my perfume collection, as you all may know I've had an interview this week for the Perfume Shop and I find out if I've got the job early next week - I'll obviously rant and rave on twitter so I'll obviously keep you posted!
I scheduled this post ages ago and what a turn up for the books this is haha!

I'm not going to go through every single one but I'll go into little detail on which ones I love and which ones I use more often than others.

Katie Price Precious Love | Katie Price is my idol so ofcourse I have this perfume. It's also a really girly one so I love it. I can actually imagine Katie wearing a scent like this - it's a lovely, lovely scent.

Cher Lloyd Perfume | I got this one for Christmas, I love it. It's really sweet and really me. I love the vanilla scents and it has white chocolate in it! I have two of these and I'm actually selling one over on my blog sale *unused*.

Britney Radiance | Britneys perfumes are always nice but this is the only one I have! I love the bottle. 

Dahlia Noir | I picked this sample up at The perfume shop with my Cher purchase. It's a really strong smelling perfume, very 'adult' so I don't use this much.

Playboy Fragrances | These are really nice, I know they're not everyone's taste but I like the scent. I prefer the black one over the red one.

I have other fragrances which aren't photographed but they're unbranded. I also have 'Gucci Envy Me' perfume but as always, I forgot to photo it! D:
My Youtube video is HERE if you wanted to see the unphoto'd one.

For sprays, I have a few! They're handy for freshening up.
My favourite's include the bottom spray picture, whereas the red sprays arn't my favourite. I think from the top photo, I only like Playboy Rock - the rest I hardly use.

I also have a few samples, Britney (black) radiance, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Gucci Premiere, Next just pink, Radiance Britney Spears, Eau De Lacoste. 
I think for samples, I love them all. I hardly use them because I love saving them! They're all really nice though.

What perfumes do you like?
Do you have a go to fragrance?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Favourite Drugstore Products #2

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I remember doing this post quite a while ago, obviously with different items and I really enjoyed scouring my makeup drawers for things I love using. 

All of these things are actually under £5 so if you're looking for an inexpensive item to purchase I recommend all these products.

2True All Over Bronzing Powder | £1.99 | Superdrug
I use bronzer all the time. I use it even if it's not summer and I always use bronzer over a blusher. I've been loving this one recently - at first, I was sceptical. I thought this bronzer would be muddy and a bit too 'brown'. Infact, I need to build it up slightly to get a visible contour or a really bronzed cheek. I hate when I load my brush up too much and I look like a clown so this works perfectly for achieving a pretty glow instead of an orange face! I really love this and it's so inexpensive.

Chit Chat Highlighter | £1 |Poundland 
I never used a highlighter before this. I never really thought I'd be able to work it but I love using a highlighter and always love applying if my face looks a bit dull or if the suns out so I shimmer slightly. I really love the way this blends - you do need to work fast because if not it sets and can't blend well but if you work fast, you'll get the look you want. This is a pinky toned highlighter which is very pretty!

Fabulous Lash Mascara | £1.99 | Boots
I'm not very keen on the Miss Sporty brand, even though it's inexpensive. After trying this I really do want to try more of their things! I love using this it's amazing for bottom and top lashes and doesn't clump. I've raved about this too many times before so you know how much I love this!

LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil | £1 | Beauty Base
This is a new addition to my collection but I've used it regularly. I love the way it blends and I love the way it applies. It doesn't smudge very easy through the day, but it's smudgable for the look you want. 

Natural Collection Lipsticks | £1.99 | Boots
Natural Collection have been a small love of my for a long time. I started out with their nail polishes and then went on to lipglosses and loose powders but recently, I've delved into their lipsticks. This is the only lipstick I've tried of theirs so maybe I'm cheating but after trying this one I'd love to try more and I really enjoy using this one. It's a nudey/brown shade that is perfect for everyday and although they don't last 12 hours they give a pretty wash of colour.. I really love these.

Have you tried any of these products? 
What drugstore things do you love?

*just wanted to thank everyone for my good luck messages RE; my job interview on Tuesday. It went really well I think and I get told tomorrow (Thursday) if I've got the job or not. Thanks again! Zofia xo*

Monday, 12 August 2013

More Than Beauty | Be Positive | Chatty Post

 Good evening beautifuls!
It's the start of the week, so we should all be thinking positive and have a positive outlook on the week.
Today, I'm doing a completely different post which is a bit out of my depth. I've never done a post like this before so it's a bit different but I like different.. I like interacting with my followers and letting you all know how I'm feeling and what's happening in my life at the moment.

Today's post is all about positivity. The past few days I've been on such a high and in such a good mood because I've been invited to a job interview at the Perfume Shop, which I'm so made up about and happy about. If I manage to get it, this will be my first paid job... something I really need right now.

But, there's always something that gets in the way of a positive situation. On every positive you always count the negative and that's something I've been doing during Sunday night and during today. 
I'm such a pessimist and although I always like to see the best in situations and people, I do have a habit of saying 'but what if this happens'. I think that's the side of me I don't like. I'm very happy about my job interview and I'm so proud of myself but I keep viewing the bad sides 'what if I mess up','what if they don't like me','what if I end up disliking the job'... I just wish there were no negatives in the things we do.

I'm not sure where this post is really going but I just wanted to stress about how positive we should all be in life. We should all try and get the negatives out of our lives and focus on every good thing that happens. Take all the positives - in a few years time you'll laugh at all the things you worried about and isn't it better to say 'I'm glad I done that instead of worrying and letting the negatives take over' I know that's what I'll say!

Sometimes, people don't like other people to be happy. They don't like to give into temptation and say 'well done' and I find that people can make a positive a negative sometimes. I find that, occasionally, we should all take time out to focus on us and forget what other people have to say on a positive situation and if they want to turn a positive into a negative then I find that we should just ignore them until they wise up to reality.. noone should make you feel like you can enjoy something that you're proud or happy of.

I hope you enjoyed this post - it wasn't really structured today, just a bit of a chat I suppose.
My interview is tomorrow and although I'm really excited I'm also very nervous. Thanks to the lovely girls on twitter that have said Good Luck, you wouldn't believe how happy that makes me!

Thanks for reading lovelies, I'll leave you with a quote!

all quotes are from I can remove if they belong to you.

Lots of love,

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