Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Nail Polish Collection..

 Hello girls! Welcome to my Nail Polish Collection!
I've finally decided to do one, seeing as I'm a big nail polish collector and I really love painting my nails, even though they're not the longest!
I had no idea how to take pictures for this blog post because I know the pictures look a bit bad but I had no other way to picture them - at least the pictures are clear anyway!

I'm not going to review them all but I'll mention ones I use the most/like the most and which ones I'm not so keen on etc. I hope this blog post goes okay and I hope you all enjoy!

OPI Nail Polishes | These retail at £11 and I love OPI. These are the only two I've tried but so far so good. I really want more so I'm going to try and get some. I like the green one more than the purple, but they're both good polishes all in all. These two are from collections - Nicki Minaj & James Bond, Skyfall.

Barry M | Everyone loves a bit of Barry in their life, don't they? I do! I love these polishes and I use them a lot of the time. I've started collecting more recently and there are still many more shades that I really want. My favourite shades from my collection have to be mint green and berry ice cream. A new favorite of mine has to be 'spring green' because I love emerald colours. 

Rimmel Polishes | I much prefer the I love lasting finish ones! I love the colour range and the finish of them. They're so nice!

Kiko | I've never heard of this brand before I purchased these but I LOVE them! i bought these last summer at Westfield and for £2.50 I love them! I hardly wear these anymore but I'll be wearing them more now as we have sunny weather. Definately repurchasable and I'd love to get other shades!

LA Colours | I absolutely LOVE these polishes and for 98p they're so worth it! I always get these from Beautybase in Westfield and I always pick up a few when I go just because they have the hugest colour selection and they always set well. I absolutely love these and I love the shade Fiji purple for summer.

Chit Chat Glitters | The gold one is my fave! I love it so much and for £1 you wouldn't think it! Great colours and you can wear them gradient or all over the nail! Love, love, love.

NYC Polishes | I love these, too! They're really nice and I love the colour selection of these too. I really like Hi-Line-Green, and Lights-Camera-Glitter. Oh-Soho-Sweet is a very milky colour which is good for school or work. 

They're my top picks from my collection and ones that I love the most. My other polishes include Sally Hansen, MUA, Goldigga, Ciate etc. MUA are good polishes and really inexpensive - I hardly collect these but I think I'd like to. I'm not keen on Ciate polishes and I don't think I'd ever get anymore. 

I also have these nail art polishes that I do many designs with. I hardly seem to use these anymore but they're handy!

I hope you like this post, I tried my best to include details but if you have any questions on these polishes leave them in the comments and I'll help you out!

Have you tried any of these,
What ones do you want to try?
Zofia x 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review | Herbal Essences Hair Mask

Herbal Essences Hair Mask | Seductively Straight | £1/ RRP - £3.99 Superdrug
Today, everyone, I have a review!
I feel like I never do reviews on here. I don't, actually..
I normally say what I feel and think about products but I never seem to go in depth and say a huge review about a product. With this item, I'm going to because I feel like it could help some people and because I feel like it's a good product to review and to introduce for my first blog review.

I purchased this back in February and used it all by the middle of March. I didn't use it for every hair wash, I simply used it once or twice every 2 weeks when I was doing something the next day - not when I'm having a lazy day. I simply used it for occasions because I wanted to see how long it took for it to make my hair greasy and how well it styled my hair. If I'm having a 'day in' I wont do anything fancy with my hair so I couldn't put it to the test!

I saw this in Poundland near their haircare items and makeup bits. I always pop in there to see any branded items they may have seeing as they're always £1 and I always spot really good items in there. This caught my eye being in a pot and being Herbal Essences so I decided to buy it and try it out. I normally hate with a passion this brand and you're never going to see me purchase it in the supermarkets and you'll never see a bottle of their shampoo on my bathroom shelf - just because they use the worst ingredients and soon as they changed their packaging and Herbal Essences suddenly changed, I hated using their products - remember the days where everyone would think HE were a rubbish brand and noone would use them? I do! I used to always use the brand when the packaging was the old one and I used to love the things that the shampoos did for my hair but nowadays, so many bad things are written about the brand because of ingredients and just the way they make peoples hair.. especially mine!

So anyway, when I finally got round to using it, I simply used a 'palm size' amount. So i took a reasonable scoop, not too much, just enough. After I shampooed I applied 3/4 hand product to the ends of my hair and then the 1/4 remaining hand product to the upper sections of my hair - NOT the roots - the crown! I then used my hands to mix the product in and at this point I discovered the smell of the mask - it wasn't delightful and the smell wasn't the BEST thing about the mask but it was alright.. kind of fruity, I suppose. 
After about 5 minutes of letting it sink in and letting it do it's wonders, I took my shower head and washed it out. At this point I felt my hair feeling a lot more cleaner and silky smooth. Once I had rinsed it for around 5 minutes it felt like it washed out perfectly. I never really know when a product has been washed out properly so I seem to do it for ages because I used to have a 'filmy feel' on my crown a while back that I couldn't get rid of and I think it was to do with buildup..

So when I washed it all out, I towel dried my hair as normal and the smell remained in my hair and left it smelling quite nice. I blowdried my hair and realised that the product washed out really well and didn't leave me with residue (HE normally does), so if you're a worrier of buildup, you'll be okay with this product, just dont' use 24/7 because it won't help.

When dry I feel like it helped my hair a slight amount but didn't work amazingly well and I wouldn't ever class this as an intensive mask because my overall thought on it was a bit like a thick conditioner.. it didn't really feel like a mask and it didn't really feel like it changed my hair at all - it made it a bit more silky looking but made my hair incredibly greasy 12/15 hours later... which didn't do me any wonders at all with my greasy hair and normally it gets greasy around 1 1/2 day later so this didn't help!
I'm not too sure if I'd buy this again, I feel like the cons outweigh the goods on this product and the use of ingredients really does put me off slightly..

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope that it helped some of you a little better if you were going to purchase this. It wasn't an extremely bad product and maybe some of you might have agreed with it and some of you may love it if you purchase but me personally - I don't think it liked my hair type!

I hope you've all had a good day,
Lots of love,
Zofia x 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

NOTW | Beautiful Blue!

MUA Mystical Glitter Nails in the shade 'Mermaid'.
Hello everyone..
NOTW time today and I have a beautiful colour on! I absolutely love it!
It's a nail polish from MUA which I don't have many of and I never seem to feature on my blog! 

This is the only Glitter one I have or have tried from MUA and the first time I've used it - I got this all the way back at Christmas time and have never used it.
I love the shade and it's the perfect time to wear it seeing as it's sunny and we're in the summer season. 

I've never tried a glitter polish that is perfect for all over the nail. The glitters I have are like the NYC one featured in this post.. they're sparse glitters and add effects to the nails instead of using them as a polish. I absolutely love the way this applied and how it covered my whole nail in 1 coat. I wore this for a week too, without any chips. 

I added some 'Lights-Camera-Glitter' polish from NYC to add a gradient glitter effect to the nails. I love using this and it went perfect with the base colour. 
10/10 for these nail polishes and I'd definitely repurchase more of the MUA mystical ones!

Have you tried any of these?
What did you think?
Zofia x 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Spring Makeup Look

Hiya everyone! 
I recently done this makeup look over on my Youtube channel and for those of you that haven't seen it - click here.
I really like the outcome of this look and I like how the colours go well together. I love pinks and greens in the spring and I really like how I've included my normal brown eye look into this but included a nice 'pop of colour' on the outer corners instead of a darker brown.

Face | For my face I used my everyday foundation which is the 'Match perfection' one from Rimmel. Like I've recently said, Rimmel foundations suit most people, me particularly and this one can be built up and loose powdered OR it can be left alone which works well if you like dewy skin. I used my typical loose powder for this look but instead of using it all over the face like I normally do, I applied it loosely and not pile it on! I gently applied it to the cheek area, so this time you can see a small glow whereas my everyday look doesn't have this, it will be more of a matte finish. 

Eyes | For my eyes I used the normal brown products that I use when I do a brown eye look. These are the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'on and bronze' and the first colour in the Sunkissed duo. I really like the light brown in the Sunkissed duo because I always apply it over the lid, crease and up to the brow. It's also not a matte colour but it isn't chalky at the same time - I really like it and surprised at how nice the colours are, considering it's not expensive. So I applied the brown colours as I normally would by using the Tattoo all over the lid, blending well and then applying the first colour of the Sunkissed duo all over my eye, ontop of the tattoo. I then used a 'Chit Chat' quad; these are from Poundland and I got them a while ago. They work incredibly well and I'm sure if you try these you'd be shocked at the pigment quality just as much as I was. I used the last green, the darker green, for this look and although this quad looks scary because it's a bit 'Pat Butcher' esque, once applied adnd blended they look ever so pretty. I applied the darker green in a V shape on my outer corner and blended well. I then used the mascara pictured for pretty, not heavy eyelashes and that's all I used! 

Lips | Lastly, for the lips, I applied the MUA Kissproof lipstain. I've not featured these on my blog so far but I got this one for Christmas and I've hardly used it. I decided to use it for this look and I really, really like them. I dont't have many lipstains but they're something I really like to use. I applied this one all over my lips and the colour was perfect & just what I wanted for this look. I then applied some gloss (defeats the object of a stain!) onto my lips to make them a bit more shimmery and that's the look done!

Like I said, I was so happy at how this turned out and the colours are gorgeous! I know we're well into May now but this would work for Summer too, so don't be afraid to use greens! Once you blend and apply them well I think they're the nicest colours to use and I think they have a bad reputation! 
I hope you all enjoyed this look and I'd love to see your Spring Looks! Leave pictures/links below if you'd like!

Happy May!
Zofia x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Face Of The Day

Hello everyone! This is my first Face Of The Day!
I usually do 'Get Ready With Me' videos on Youtube, but I can never fill that gap in for my blog, seeing as this isn't a video site! So I've recently decided to do FOTD's for my blog and I really love preparing them. 

Today's face used quite a few products and I need to apologise for not doing a 'full face' photo - I focused on the eyes and lips instead, ha! 
For my eyes I decided to do a different look instead of my basic brown colours, I love using orange on my eyes, most people don't but I feel like it works with my eye colour, I usually use brows anyway so orange is no different!

Face | For my face I love using the two foundations pictured. They're both Rimmel and I LOVE Rimmel foundations. They seem to get high marks from most people and they work for most people too. I also think they have a good shade range and they have a good range of finishes like matte, dewy etc. I used these two together to get a good finish and to get a good shade colour. They're both the same shade, really, but I liked to mix these to see the outcome that luckily went ok! I stippled the foundation on, as I normally do. I then used the Sunkissed bronzer which is only £1.99 - I absolutely love this and it's inexpensive and lasts a long, long time. It's not overly shimmery too, so you might want to try it out. I then finished everything face wise with my Natural Collection loose powder which I love, love, love!

Eyes | For my brows, I use hardly anything. I never do anything with them but something I've used recently is the W7 Brow Bar. 4 powdered shades that are inexpensive and easy to use. I used an angled brush and applied the left, bottom shade which suits me fine. ON my lid, I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo which is really nice and I love the shade. I then used my 120 Pro Palette (which isn't MAC!) which is from Ebay and I applied the light brown shade all over my lid, over the Tattoo and up to my brow. Sadly, I use the palette all the time and it's going to feature on my blog a lot, but they don't have shade names so I'll name what MAC alternative there is, seeing as this palette resembles all the MAC shades. I then used the bright orange/coral colour in my outer corner and crease. I used a normal brush for this but then used a blending brush to 'blend out' the orange.. making it less bright and less harsh. These two eyeshadows are the same as 'Soba' and 'Orange'. I then used a basic, unbranded eyeliner to do my top lashes. I used this inside the top lash if you know what I mean, to do a simple line. I then used Maybelline gel liner on my bottom lashes for a small, simple line to elongate my eye shape a bit. For mascara, I used Collection 2000's XXL mascara which came out years ago, but I love it!

Lips | For my lips I used a Barry M glossy tube which I got out of 'Fabulous' magazine ages ago and in the shops it's GT4. I love this colour because it's quite brown, quite red but has no actual shade if you know what I mean? It's very different but I love it. I then mixed this with a bit of Rimmel's Coral In Gold lipstick which I love for the summer as it's not a matte orange it's very shimmery and glossy and moisturising. After, I applied some of Primark lipgloss which has an awful taste but I really like the shade. It's an orange gloss which looks scary, but it's pretty.

That's my makeup for today and I hope you like it! I'm going to do more of these 100% - they're really fun to do and hopefully I'll remember to carry on doing them and then I'll have a little collection of makeup looks through the days. 

What did you think of this look?
Have you tried any orange shades this summer?

Monday, 20 May 2013

13 Personal Questions

-photo courtesy of If it belongs to you, I can remove-

Hello everyone. 
It's a non beauty post today and I thought I would do a tag! I posted the video to this today so I thought I'd let my blog followers have a read, too!

It's the 13 personal questions tag and although they're not the nitty gritty nor personal, I thought it'd be a good tag to do - so I hope you enjoy!

1. What Do I Order From Starbucks? 
Nothing, I'm afraid! I don't drink coffee so I never bother with Starbucks.

2. What's one thing in my closet, that I can't live without?
A chiffon shirt. Inexpensive from Primark, range of designs to match up to skirts, leggings and jackets and they suit me well, I think. I love them!

3. One thing people don't know about me is;
I can't tie shoe laces or use a knife well. I'm so embarrassed by this but I just can't.. ahh, awkward!

4. One thing I want to do, before I die is;
Move to London/Live in London and have many holidays, be a makeup artist and own a makeup shop - more than one but I want to do many things!

5. One food I can't live without?
Noodles.. gr, so hard to give up!

6. One quote I live by?
Loads. the best one is 'don't regret something you once wanted' because I feel like we can all relate.

7. Like and dislike about the Blogging/YT community?
I like how we all love the same thing so we can all chat and most of the time there isn't much bitching or favouritism, well I haven't experienced that yet anyway! I hate the fact people pick out the bad things and never focus on the good and I hate the fact there's no pleasing people. So far, I haven't had a bad experience. 

8. No 1 song on my iPod/iTunes?
Armin Van Buuren's tune at the moment I'd have to say! It's been on non stop...

9. My style?
No style. I don't follow trends, I just pick out what I like and wear it. I'm not 'fashionable' at all - I just wear clothes haha!

10. My fave number?

11. Hobbies?
Makeup, Blogging, Face charting, Youtubing, Baking, Cooking.

12. pet Peeves?
I hate a lot of things to be honest, I can't quite think of one right now though.

13. Guilty Pleasure?

I hope you all enjoyed this post & I hope you're all glad that I'm back;-) Hope you've all had a good day, Zofia x 

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

How I'd Style | A Lace Dress

Hello there everyone! I'm back for the third day in a row, catching up on posts. Now as I'm back to blogging and getting back to the swing of things, I thought I'd do my typical 'How I'd Style' post. At the moment, I'm kinda stuck on what to style so I took myself over to the Next website as they always have things that i enjoy styling and I came across a post on their notice board about 'Lace' items.
I personally love lacey clothes. I have a few collared tops from Primark that are lacey and I think they're perfect for summer considering they're light and you have room to breathe - then, if it's quite chilly you can always add a blazer, cardi, bandeau, jacket, coat etc.. ANYTHING you like to 'build up' the outfit a bit more.

So, I came across this lace dress which is BEAUTIFUL. It's a bit on the pricey side being £55 but I think it's a dress you could style differently each time and a dress that you'd get maximum wear out of. I was also stuck between two styles of shoe to put with this so I went with the wedges. 

I absolutely love this dress because it's lacey and it's a shift dress so I think it suits all types of body shape, because it's not fitted. The model in the picture, on the website suits it very well and that's why I think it's a dress that I'd like because you don't need to show off your figure too much!

I added these wedge shoes because they're great for summer and they had mimimal design. I didn't want this outfit to be too out there because it's an outfit that you can 'sling on' and go out for a bite to eat or the beach. I like these wedges because they keep in style with the colour, being a peachy pastel.
Lastly, I added this lipstick because it's a bit more of a powerful colour and I always like to keep outfits plain and add colour for the makeup. I've been loving the Rimmel lipsticks recently too, so I thought I'd add one!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit, I really like it. Leave your thoughts below or comment any items that you'd like me to style! Lots of love and I hope you've had a good Saturday. Enjoy Eurovision..;-)!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

NOTW | Animated Red

Hello everyone - quick NOTW!
This week I decided to go for Red&Gold.. seems ever so christmassy but I thought it looked summery because the red isn't deep and 'blood red' it's a summery red - it's light.

The nail polish is Animated, by LA Colours. I always pick these up from Westfield and you all know I love them! I added some gold, gradient glitter which shimmers in the sun! I love these two together and at the moment, I've been loving gradient glitter nails so I thought I'd do some!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I'm glad I'm back to blogging again!

Lots of love x 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get Unready With Me!

Apologies, I haven't posted for a few days. I was meant to post on Sunday but I've been enjoying the sun yet again and I haven't had time to post. I'll catch up on my posts anyway and I'll post them up another time!
Also, apologies for not getting my 'old blog' back. My blog has somehow gone into a plain template..I have NO idea how to get it back:-(

Onto the post, I'm showing you how I get unready! I'm doing a quick post to show what products I use to get my makeup off in the evenings. I hope you enjoy!

First, I use Elemis Freshskin Face Wash. I was so unsure whether I liked this or not because it kinda broke me out - then it worked - then it broke me out.. I've nearly finished it now so I'm not too bothered, some days it works, some days it doesn't. I like the smell though, it's fresh! I use this first to take my makeup off, then I use products after to get rid of the last remaining bits. I like this because it foams up slightly and lathers into the skin. I also like it on bare skin, it makes me feel so fresh and clean. 
After using the Elemis Freshskin Face Wash, I then pat down my skin (to dry) and then I use the Tesco Everyday Eye Makeup Remover - this isn't the BEST for removing, but it does the job and it removes mascara so I don't mind too much. 
When that's done, I use wet wipes to wipe my face and gently cleanse my eyes. I like the ones in the picture above, just because they work - they're not branded nor expensive but they work for me and they're not scented, I like that. If they work for babies, they work for me!
After that, I like to use Wilko Skin Therapy face cleanser on a cotton wool ball all over my face until the cotton wool looks clear. I love using this because it gets all foundation out of my pores and off my face and it removes all makeup gently!

Finally, I use some aftersun and some Elemis Night Moisturiser to settle my face. I love sleeping with this on, when I wake up I'm babysoft and feel like I have the perfect base for makeup again. I love using aftersun all year round because it settles my skin, even if we haven't had hot weather. It's a bit like using SPF in winter, it just protects the skin. It's runny and it's not a thick, moisturiser type liquid but it does settle quickly. I hate a greasy, slow drying face!

I hope you enjoyed this post, my Youtube video should be up about it in a few days time! Hope you've been enjoying the warm weather if you're in the UK. I can't see it lasting, ha!

Lots of love x 

Friday, 3 May 2013

NOTW | Spring Green

 I have the heat. I have the sun. I have the nail polish to match.

This week I have a Barry M polish on. I love Barry's polishes, bless his heart..;-) so I decided to buy another! Ever since I started being a Barry M lover, I always had my eye on this certain polish. I liked the look of it because it's a basic green and a certain green that I like. 

It's called Spring Green - I wouldn't say it was Spring Green because Spring colours are lighter than this and I call this a 'Monopoly Oxford Street' green. Meaning, emerald..
I love the application of this, it's really good and it's like the other Barry M's. 

Thumbs up for this one - £2.99 well spent!

Have a brilliant weekend and I'll speak to you all on Sunday for a Prom Makeup look! (I'll try my best!)

Lots of love, Zofia x 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Wishlist

May Wishlist

Hi everyone, just thought I'd quickly mention before the actual post that my blog somehow went weird and I lost all my normal blog template. This isn't permanent and will be back to normal asap! Moving onto the post...

OPI - Nothin Mousie Bout It - £11
I really like the look of it and as you know, I love OPI at the moment. I've had my eye on this for a while. It's from the Minnie Mouse collection that came out sometime last year. It has glitter and hearts in and I absolutely love the idea of this! It's also really cute for summer!

Max Factor Foundation - £12 - Boots
Apparently this is really good and stays on for a while. I've had the sample and I realllyyyy liked it! I really want the full bottle.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance - £27 - Boots
Finally! It's in the UK! I've been wanting to try this for ages! I love the description of this because it's a sweet fragrance, which I love. The bottle is so unique too! I hope to get this.

Topshop Skater Skirt - £16 - Topshop
Ahhhh, summer. It's finally warm now and I've wanted one for ages. I seriously need one in my wardrobe. I'm so far behind, aren't I!

Johnsons Nomore Tangles
I finally have a spray that sorts my knotty barnet out now, but I need a shampoo I think. My hair is so thick and I think this would help.

I hope you enjoyed this post..see you on Friday! xo

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