Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ideas For Valentines | Dresses | Lady In Red

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1 - 3 Celeb Boutique
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6 - Topshop 
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Hello girls! Happy Valentines.
Today I'm doing a post on Valentines outfits, I've kept to a red theme and as you can tell, all dresses are totally different. I have kept to a glam theme as these dresses are the type of dresses I like... We all have different dress sense and so not all of you will like these dresses. 

Celeb Boutique always have a great range of dresses, they are on the pricey side but you can wear them again and again considering they're great quality and they're a reputable company. I kept to a bodycon, red theme with these dresses although the second dress is a pretty, hot pink dress which looks like it's a nice fit. 

Ax Paris dresses are always my favourite and I always browse their site. I love this dress because it's long and the style is gorgeous. I like the detailing around the top. I think this would look nice on all ages.

Boohoo is a website I occasionally look at but I've never bought off! This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS and I'm considering buying it. I've seen loads of dresses of this style but this is the best one.. at £20 the design is perfect and would look great with some small heels. I like this dress the most.

Topshop This topshop dress is very young, I think this dress is aimed towards teens and would look great with some wedges and a shoulder bag. I think platform heels would look fab too.

Boohoo This dress is suited at bigger sizes, I like the style of it - it's aimed at any age I think, I even think an older lady would look nice in this with jeans and a jacket.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheryl Cole's Lipstick | Loreal Privee Range

Admit it girls, Cheryl Cole is one of the most beautiful celebrities out there. I like her music, some people may not.
When I saw this little beauty in my local Boots I knew I had to have it, I've never tried Loreal's makeup but now I actually have a bit of a collection of it. 

I've been wearing this lippie for work for the last few weeks. I love how smooth and soft it is to apply, I would definitely say it's MAC quality so if you like MAC lipsticks then definitely try this one - it also has a vanilla type scent to it too. 

When I first applied this it did take some time to apply smoothly to the lips although I think most lipsticks start like this. I wouldn't say this is a long lasting lipstick but I did apply mine with a lipbalm underneath so it was glossy instead of a satin finish. Normally with these type lipsticks they cling quite a bit and settle into fine lines but with this one it applied perfectly. It's seriously the 'perfect nude' and would look great with all skintones. 

I love the bullet, I think it looks more expensive than a MAC lipstick and I love the black and gold finish. A perfect, everyday lipstick. Well done Loreal, you have a new fan!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

What Scents Am I Lusting For? | Scent Wishlist #2

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Rihanna - Rogue // Black XS // Michael Kors - Sporty Citrus // Ralph Lauren - Big Pony 2 // Joop - Miss Wild // Gucci Guilty Black
Hiya girls! Today's post is going to be another fragrance wishlist. It's been a month and a bit since I done my last wishlist and over that time, I've smelled another 100 at work that I want and need, haha! These scents are completely different to my last wishlist, if you wanted to see what scents were featured on the last one, please feel free to have a browse on the sidebar just to your right. 

Rihanna - Rogue // This is a new scent from Rihanna and it's one of the newest of 2014. It's different to Nude, which was the last scent from Rihanna, but it's along the same lines of what goes into it - it's very sweet yet fruity. The bottle is completely different, the last bottles of Rihanna perfume came in long shape bottles - this is a square one... it's very bulky if you're going for a larger ml. 
Starts at 30ml - £22.50

Black XS // I never thought I'd like this but when I tested this for a customer it's exactly along the lines of what I like. Definitely a nighttime scent unless you like feeling brave - it's a very berry sweet, not a vanilla sweet. It's a very sensual fragrance. 
Starts at 30ml - £27.50

Michael Kors - Sporty Citrus // This was new later last year, I like all three of the Sporty, Sexy, Citrus range but the citrus one is my favourite out of them all. I love the bottle, very simple yet keeping with his gold theme - this would DEFINITELY be an everyday scent as it's super light and very spring like. 
Starts at 30ml for £37.50 

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony 2 // I liked this as soon as I smelled it, I like all the Big Pony fragrances but being a sweet lover this was more me. It's a very fruity scent, whereas other Big Ponies are citrus or floral. 
50ml - £36.99

Joop - Miss Wild // This is definitely along the same lines as Black XS - A very fruity, sweet, nighttime scent. The bottle and theme is also very different. 
30ml - £24.99

Gucci Guilty Black // I LOVE this! It's a very oriental, spicy, sweet scent - different to the other ones above. I always spray this soon as I get into work and out of Guilty and Guilty Black I definitely prefer this one. 
30ml - £39.50

*all price are correct at the time of posting. All information like prices are taken from
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