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Monday, 3 March 2014


 Hello girls! Haultime.
Today's haul features quite a few things I bought a while back so you may have seen a few of these, sorry about that. It features some jewlerry, skincare and ofcourse, makeup. Enjoy!

I finally got my naked palette, I'm obsessed with the colours and I'm planning loads of looks, I love the shimmery shades the most. I picked up these Poppy King for No7 lipglosses, they're lovely and I'll be reviewing them soon - they were only £2 in the Boots sale!
I picked up
Rimmel's 25 hour foundation which I used to love a year and a bit ago but this time I'm not too sure if I like it as much - it's an alright foundation to blend with my everyday one though. I picked up Miss Manga mascara as I've seen the advert a lot and the brush looks nice - I still need to use this though so I'll keep you updated. 
I got the Sunkissed bronzer from Primark because for £1 you really cant go wrong - although, mine smashed so that's not very good. To add to my lipstick collection I picked up Cheryl's lipstick from Loreal's Collection Privee range. It's beautiful.

I'm getting into jewlerry so much more lately so I bought myself a Rose Gold watch from New Look - it's lovely. I picked up two necklaces from Primark as they'll go well with a few tops. 


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Current Skincare Products

Hello everyone!
I've been trying a few skincare products lately and thought I'd show my current ones and what I think of them. I don't have a big skincare routine so I only have a range of 3 to chat about.

Skinology Face Wash I use this to wash my face in the morning for a fresh canvas and in the evenings to remove makeup. I love it and I use it daily - it's perfect and really suits my skin. I love the light teatree scent too. 

Loreal Miscellar Water 50/50 reviews on this. I will be doing a big review as I said the other day but it's definitely a 50/50 product. I like how it removes my makeup but I think it's breaking me out a bit. I use this everyday as my all round cleanser but for the hype/price I see no different to my £1 cleanser from wilko...

Palmers Exfoliating scrub/Lotion I use the scrub once a week to remove oils etc and I find that it's an ok little size to use. It's quite heavy - I wouldn't say it was gentle and the smell isn't too fab but I like how the grains make me feel smooth but I have to use this carefully. I like the lotion to use at the end of a face wash to cool and soothe my skin.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Haul | Zofia's Been Spending

Evening everyone, haul time!
As you know I recently got a job and etcetc so I've been able to treat myself a lot more on my visits to London - as you can see, I'm doing well haha! 
I have bought a lot of clothes lately too and my efforts of taking pictures of them = a disaster so I'll pop the pictures of them on another time with a clothes haul so keep your eyes peeled. Also, apologies for the mismatched product backgrounds, I took the first few pictures weeks ago and only realised I hadn't added them into a haul so that's why they're odd!

Original Source Lavendar Gel I love the smell of this, it's not overpowering but you can smell it softly on your skin after use. 
Anti Blackhead Scrub/Wilko I use this all the time as I know it suits my skin and it's very inexpensive. 
Anti Blackhead Cleanser Brilliant for taking my makeup off, and deep cleanses my skin.
Almond Hand And Nail Cream I got this for free at The Body Shop when I was working away in Bury St Eds. I love this and the smell is to die for. I've been using it a lot lately as my hands have got so dry with the cold and hardwork!
Palmers Cocoa Scrub/Lotion I got sent these for free as they're only sample sizes. I kinda like them - I find the scrub to be quite rough but the lotion's okay.
Body Shop Peach Butter The smell of this is GORGEOUS! Very summery though I must say! I need to get round to using my butters but when they're on offer I always make a purchase.
Body Shop Mango/Satsuma Mini Gels I picked two up for £1 instead of £4 with my Glamour Magazine Joy Card - bargain! 
Loreal Micellear Water Finally caved in and made a purchase - as I've mentioned before I'll be doing a proper review on this but let's just say....I'm confused why people raved about this so much!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Obviously I'm trying these out at the moment so I'll give you an in depth review soon. I've never tried anything revlon so I really wanted to try this after all the reviews.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation I used this today as I needed to look a bit better than I did at 7am as I have a really bad cold and I feel like complete poo! I love how bright this made my skin look. It's so orange in the bottle but becomes lighter as applied. I like this finish so I'll definitely do an in depth review soon.
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Really getting into the Revlon swing of things arn't I! I never try their products and everyone raves about them so I hope to get a collection. I'll be reviewing this in the next few days as I haven't actually tried it yet but I spotted this in Poundland which is a great bargain.
W7 Eyelust Mascara My everyday fave! Makes my lashes spacious but not clumpy.
Natural Collection Loose Powder What I use everyday - it lasts me the whole day without caking. 
Natural Collection Chocolate Eyeshadow I love this! I use this as a lid colour everyday and it looks so light and daytime friendly.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Not very good reviews coming from me on this! I'll do a proper review soon but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Shadow I had money off *as always* in the body shop so I thought I'd try some makeup out - I wouldn't pay £7 for this but £3.50 was a good bargain!
Revlon Colorstay I really wanted to try out a full coverage foundation - as I don't have to save the pennies on makeup too much I thought I'd splurge and spend a few more pounds on a foundation - I hope this lives up to expectations!
Topshop Lipsticks Innocent/Straight Ace You heard right! IM NOT A TOPSHOP VIRGIN ANYMORE! I've finally bought something from Topshop - you've also heard right there.. I have nothing from Topshop! After so many bloggers raving over their lippies I decided to try TWO for the price of ONE MAC one! I bought Innocent which is my typical go to shade *it's a bit like Rimmel 107 red bullet* and Straight Ace which is completely out of my comfort zone but I've tried it on and it suits me a lot so it was a good purchase.

Other Purchases
Batiste Dry Shampoo An occasional purchase on this.. they last me months as I don't use them all the time. I tried a different one this time but the scent isn't as good as the wild one!
Super Cosy Primark 300 denier tights Zofia's bestfriends with these at the moment! I actually love wearing these, especially for work! They have a fleecy lining and they go well with boots and skirts which is my style for winter so it means I can still be warm!  
Primark Nude Studded Purse I loved the look of this so I decided I needed a new purse. I've been using it as a clutch bag lately too.
LA Colors Nail Polishes As always, a London trip means an LA colors polish! I picked up a bubblegum pink shade and a pinky glitter shade.
Studio Matte And Messy Salt Spray I've used this a bit and it's quite good, I got it on offer which I'm happy about as I've never tried a salt spray.
Colgate Max White One As this was on offer I wanted to see what improvement it made to my teeth... I'll keep you posted!
Kate Spade Nails Inc Red Polish I haven't worn this yet but I'm always picking up a Glamour mag freebie! I love this red.
Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick/Black Cherry These were only £1.30 in the Yankee Westfield store. I really liked the scent of them as they're wintery and at the moment I have cinnamon burning - although I have a cold, everyone else says it smells lovely!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

October Empties

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation | I used this up ages ago but it was at the bottom of my empties bag! I'd love to reuse this again and repurchase a bottle as the coverage was good and it was one of the first foundations I actually enjoyed. I just wish it was less pricey for the ml it is. 

Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation | As above, I enjoyed using this foundation and it lasted a long time. I liked the coverage and it's a good bargain buy. The shade range is also quite good.

COLOR Mascara | This isn't quite empty yet but I've had it a while so it needs throwing away. I didn't really like this mascara but it wasn't really a drugstore buy, it just came in a New Look set that I received months ago.

Maybelline Cats Eyes Mascara | The wand isn't pictured as I've cleaned and kept the wand for future macara's. I loved using this mascara as it fanned lashes out and kept them separated. I need to repurchase!

Benefit Porefessional Sample | I've LOVED using this! I've never tried anything like this before so I was happy to try a free sample that I received in Boots. I definitely want to try a dupe or a full size of this as it went really well with my foundation.

Montagne Jeunesse Mud/Olive Masks | A big thankyou to Montagne Jeunesse for sending me these to try. I loved using them and I've put so many on my stocking filler list! They suited my skin perfectly - thanks!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Review | Skinology Tea Tree Spot Stick

 Hello there lovely!
Today I'm blogging because I didn't yesterday. I've decided to do a bit of a review but it won't be an extra in depth review because I don't really have that much to say I simply have a quick things to clear up about this product.

Over the last two months, I've been using this. It's from the Skinology range at Wilko. Now, if you've been reading Little Miss Prada for a while and scan through past blog posts, you'll realise that I'm a user of Skinology and their face wash/cleanser. As I looked on the Skinology shelf I noticed that they do a 'spot stick' which I've noticed on ELF website before. I decided to pick it up and try!

I've basically ended the bottle now so I feel like I can actually tell you about my thoughts, how it works and how I got on with it. 

What's the spot stick like?
As you can see, it's a glass, small ML'd rollerball bottle. You can see the liquid inside which I thought was good because sometimes, you can get things like this without the product showing whereas this bottle is good. 
The spot stick actually comes in a small cardboard box but I stored this without. 

It's really simple to use but I did have the initial thought of how to to actually use this effectively so it actually worked. I've tried many different ways of using this.
At first I rolled the rollerball gently on the area of spots - after time, I realised this may not be a good idea as the rollerball could get contaminated to create more spots - I think this is why I didn't find it as effective...
After time I decided to roll it on a cotton ball and dab the cotton ball into the spot. 

Overall Thought
In my opinion, a waste of time. You might aswell look after your skin and cleanse. I didn't see any results in this and if there were any results it's probably because they went a little less red but I wouldn't say this contributed to removing a spot or cleaning a spot.
I don't think this rollerball is a good idea, maybe remove the rollerball and stock it like that so you can empty some onto a cotton ball and use like that. 
I don't think this works very well and I won't be repurchasing. It seemed like a good product to try and for £1 you really can't go wrong. I'm glad I used it all - nothing was wasted.

What do you think of anti spot sticks?
Good results or no results?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Collective Haul

Hello there gorgeous!
Haul time again and today I have a few bits and bobs for you. These things haven't been picked up recently but they've been bought a few weeks back. I will have a haul soon with all the recent things I've bought but me with wages means a catch up!

Asda Skin System Cleanser
I bought this a while back because it was inexpensive and I wanted to try a few more skincare things. After using it for a while I'm not overly keen. It's a milk base which doesn't suit oily skin and so I feel that when I use it, it doesn't really remove makeup and make my skin feel smooth, fresh, awake and clean. Thumbs down...

Wilko Alcohol Base Cleanser - Tea Tree
Thumbs up! I love this cleanser. I always get it and I always alternate between the green Tea tree range and the blue normal range. I really like this and when I use it I can tell it works because my skin stings - this is a good thing though, I'm not allergic ahaha!

Wilko Tea Tree Face Wash
Same as above. When I'm in the bath this is great to remove all my makeup from the day or if it's a makeup free day it freshens my face up and makes me feel smooth and clean.

Tea Tree Spot Stick
I won't go into too much detail with this because I want to review it separate but lets just say i wouldn't buy again....

Sinful Colours Irish Green
My first SC! I've always taken a look to their inexpensive boots stand but I've just never made a purchase. I passed Poundland weeks back and came across a huge row of these so I bought this very gorgeous shade!

Rimmel Shout Out Loud 
Beautiful colour - my reason for purchasing!

Rimmel Peppermint
Another gorgeous shade, probably more suited to Spring but I've been wearing it lately anyway.

Kate Lippies 13, 2, 5.
Beautiful pink/orange shades. I've been trying these all out lately so I'll let you know what I think separately. I love these shades.

Champagne Pink Fuzzy Jumper | Primark
Primark have a lot of these in store lately and I'm obviously going to get them all. I loved this colour and champagne pinks are lovely! This is a winter staple.

Brown Tassle Shorts
Very impulse buy.. these were £1 in Primark so I obviously had to get them. They've lovely and warm but I couldn't wear these now , people would call the local helpline... 

Pink Peplum
I have a mint green one so I had to get this - £2 in Primark and it's a lovely top to pop on in S/S.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Empties

Hello everyone. I feel like I haven't done an empties post in ages...
I don't have many good products this month but I have a few that I can give an opinion about so I hope you enjoy.

Tesco Cleanser
When I saw this, I realised how inexpensive it was. I'm not really a skincare lover so I don't spend pounds a week on things to cleanse with. I decided to get this 'cause it's pretty cheap and it actually worked. I really liked using it. It's good if you have sensitive skin and was good before makeup application so I liked it! Definately repurchase.

Sanctury Bath Float
Loved using this! I really did.
I love the scent and I love the small bubbles it made in the bath. Nothing really to say about this product, but I liked it.

Wash and Go shampoo.
This used to work wonders on my hair. After this bottle, I've started to dislike it.
I feel like it's made my hair create build up and it lathers too much for my liking. I really liked it in the past so that's why I repurchase but now, it doesn't agree with my hair.

Breakfast Scrub Exfoliater
I like this, now. I never used to and I always used to complain about it - but now I've warmed to it. I love the smell, I always have - now I love how the grains make my skin silky smooth.

Max Factor Foundation Sample
I need the full size! I loved using what I could of this and the shade was right for me. I love how smooth the foundation is and how alike to 'Satin finish (maybelline)' it is. I really liked how easy to blend it was. I'll try and get full size!

Do you have any of these products? 

Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favorites | 2013

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Partly because there's not much going on at the moment and because most things I need to say have been on Youtube and cannot be made into posts - purely because they're makeup looks! I promise to blog more, but sometimes it's hard if there isn't anything.

As you all know *obvs* February says hello tomorrow and what a boring month it's been. I always find January to be a dull month, just because Christmas has gone and just because there isn't anything going on. Although this month for me, there was! I finally got myself a non paying job.. just for the experience and meeting people.

Anyway, less of the rambling and more of the favorites! Most of these are Christmas items and just small random bits. I haven't used much of my Christmas items, just because I like to save things - ha! 

Sam Faires | TOWIE And Me | WHSmith | £8.96
I really enjoyed reading this. As a big fan of TOWIE and all the TOWIE cast, I wanted this as soon as it came out and I finally got it for Christmas. Many people have said it's not good and many bad reviews have come up on the internet but I find it a good read and enjoyed reading it. Most parts were about her beauty regime and pre TOWIE. She then went on to talk about some previous TOWIE cast, like Amy Childs. 

Tea Tree And Mint Shower Gel | Superdrug | 86p
I absolutely love love love the smell of tea tree. Tea tree and mint goes well and I really love how fresh it is. I got this as a stocking filler and it's great for everyday use. 

W7 Lashtastic Mascara | Savers
I didnt buy this, so I don't know the price. The packaging is a lot chunkier than Maybelline type mascaras, but looks a lot like them. I love the wand. As you can see in the photo its very chunky and coats everylash. It has a lot of bristles and it creates a non clump lash.

Pauls Nails | Pauls Boutique/BANK | Gold
This was my first nail polish of the year. I love the color and I love how it applies. I done a NOTW on this, if you want to check it out!

Body Shop | Born Lippy Lipbalm
I love this, I also reviewed this so check it out if you like!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I promise to blog a bit more. What have you been loving this month?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Favorite 2012 Products

Welcome to my best 2012 products! I didn't really know what to pick but I managed to come up with a few! These are just based on things I've mentioned the most in 2012 and things I reach for everyday. These are actually all bargain type things and nothing is overly expensive. They're all things I would repurchase again and things that I think are quality, good value items.

These items are things I definately use everyday. All of these items have lasted me a long while and most are no where near empty!

Max Factor Facefinity Foundation
This is only a sample and although the shade is quite a bit lighter than me, I enjoy using it. I always use a bit of bronzer anyway so the foundation doesn't change anything. I really like the coverage and you don't need a lot. I like how the sample has lasted me 4 uses and I still have the chance to use it one more time! It's quite a thick foundation but I really like how it applies. I definately have enjoyed using this for the last months of 2012 and I will purchase the full size.

MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam
This was my first MAC lipstick. I really wanted a bright pink lipstick and at the time, this was perfect .. it still is! I obviously don't use this every single day because I like using it for when I actually go out. For £14 I can see this lasting a long time so it's definitely worth it. I've really enjoyed using this in 2012 and in 2013 I really hope to expand my MAC collection.

Natural Collection Natural Loose Powder
I use this everyday. I use this to really top off my foundation to give me a non cakey look. It's lasted me a long time and I still have quite a bit left! The best part is - £2! For a long time, I needed something that stopped me being so shiny and greasy and oily. It drove me insane! This is the perfect everyday product.

MUA Lipstick
This color is RED! It's really smooth and moisturizing but very bold at the same time! I love how I can create a lipline with this too.

Maybelline Color 24 Hour Tattoo Eyeshadow
I love this as a base, or even as a simple day look on its own. Its really creamy but pats onto the eye perfect. I can create the perfect day or night smoky eye with this and I really want to collect all the shades!

Chit Chat Bronzer
Yes, this is a Poundland goodie.. I know a LOT of Bloggers who rave about Chit Chat bargains! I absolutely love their stuff and I'm not afraid to admit it! I think this gives a perfect glow without being overly noticeable. Its not shimmery and it gives the right amount. I have two of these and I use them everyday!

Boots Essentials After Sun
Random! I use this as a makeup primer. I picked this up in Green Park, London when I was burnt on my back in the summer *memories*. Its so cooling and I had a lot leftover so I thought to use it as a moisturizer under makeup. It gives the perfect satin finish base and I use this all the time under foundation/loose powder. £1.

Maybelline Colossal Cats Eye Mascara
Everyday mascara. I love love love the wand and it's not clumpy. My lashes get separated with the equal amount of product. It's lasted me since Christmas 2011 which is great. I love Maybelline mascaras, I think they're the best in the shops. 

Maybelline Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner
This eyeliner was purchased in February, 2012. This was the first gel eyeliner I tried. I got really drawn in when the advert came on and I knew I had to try it! At first, I thought £7 was a bit ridiculous but looking back it was a decent purchase. It's lasted me ages and defines the eyes perfectly. I also use this everyday too!

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick
Chubby stick dupe! For £1 instead of £16 I think this is a brilliant bargain. The color is so so so deep *look in my Blog profile picture* and really makes my lips bold. I love how it applies, smooth and creamy. This is the first one I bought and for Christmas I got the whole 6 collection! I seriously love them and they give me the amazing amount of color with a moisturizing bonus!

MUA Black Liquid Eyeliner
This is my everyday eyeliner. I seriously love the fine tip and how it creates a perfect cat eye. Because of the wand, it's perfect to get to the lashline and doesnt smudge.

MUA Lipstick
This color is RED! It's really smooth and moisturizing but very bold at the same time! I love how I can create a lipline with this too.

Nail PolishesThese shades are ones that I think were worth purchasing and ones that I haven't nessacarily worn 24/7 but ones that I love in my collection.

NYC High-Line Green
I can't explain how much I love this! It applies well and takes ages to chip. I've only worn it a few times but it will be a NOTW soon!

NYC Oh-Soho-Sweet
After ages of looking for the perfect nude shade, I finally found it! It's very light and basically unseen but it's great for school or for college if you need a nail polish but one that's not neon ha ha!

NYC Lights Camera Glitter
I love NYC. I really want to collect more nail polishes and I really hope to! This is the perfect glitter that I was looking for, for ages too because of the big particles. It doesn't go gloopy either so it stays smooth for days!

LA Color Fuji Purple
I love this and as you all know, I love LA colors nail polish. Every trip to London I pick up a few and this one was one of the nicest! I love all the LA color, colors but this one is such a classic hot pink. I don't really like hot pinks but this one is an acception!

I'm unsure of this shade but I bought it from Westfields. I was looking for a navy blue for ages and this is such a thick, matte, navy blue. It doesn't chip for ages and I want to check out more of the KIKO shades. 


Lovely Mint Story - Treaclemoon
I always see the Treaclemoon products in Tesco and I'm really into these types of bubble bath/ shower gels. They're a lot like I Love.. products and I think they're great on the purse. I love this mint one as it's really fresh and always reminds me of Winter! It's lasted me a long time, probably because I have so much to use up!

Primark Spring Blossom Candle
This candle got me really into candles! I love this smell, its very overpowering when you smell it but when lit, it's subtle. I love jar candles and at a small price, this is great for an everyday candle because you can light it everyday without repurchasing at a high price. I only paid £1 so I will repurchase!

I hope you enjoyed this post and sorry if I've been a little repetitive..
What are your 2012 favorites?
Comment them or leave your blog post link below!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elemis FreshSkin Lipbalm

This refreshing peppermint Elemis FreshSkin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm is enriched with passionflower oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to soften and condition the lips.

Ever since I won the Elemis giveaway, I have wanted to review things for you and tell you what I think. I haven't got round to trying most of the skincare items, but I have got round to trying the 'FreshSkin Quenching Lipbalm'. I've never really been a huge fan of skincare as you all know and I haven't really been a fan of lip balm's until I tried the Born Lippy; Body Shop lip balm. I really wanted to review this because I really have enjoyed using this everyday as part of my routine; morning & night.

The lipbalm contains Vitamin E, Passionflower Oil, Peppermint & Sweet Almond Oil. When using the lipbalm I can really smell peppermint and it smells slightly like Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It scrub, if you've all smelled that, you'll know what I mean! When I apply the lipbalm, I can really feel it working, it tingles slightly but not as bad as Soap & Glory's plumping lip balm.

I really like how it's not sticky or overly glossy, it just creates a transparent coating. I really enjoy using this under or over a matte lipstick, just because it keeps my lips supple and smooth without leaving cracks or sightly lines through the lipstick. I normally apply this just before bedtime and just before I apply my makeup.

This is for teens-20 in the FreshSkin range and maybe it might not be as effective for over 30's as a treatment.. although it could be good for a makeup style application, for a lipgloss. On the Feel Unique website they gave a good beauty tip which I thought would be good to include "
Harsh winds, frosty mornings and strong sunlight all contribute to dry or chapped lips. Keep lips well moisturised at all times to minimise damage and drink plenty of water. Fine lines and wrinkles appear around the lips later in life, and smoking can exaggerate these lines." 

I won this in a giveaway for free but you can buy it at for £6.40 or on the Elemis website for £8. I don't quite understand why price ranges differ on both websites but I thought I would include both prices! I don't think for 10ml I would personally pay £8 but because I won it I think its amazing to use without the price tag!

Have you tried it?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Glamour Joy Card | What Did I Buy With Mine?

The Body Shop | Chocomania Soap & Clementine Lipbalm | £2 

As any true Glamour reader would know, there's another freebie in this months magazine! I only started reading Glamour magazine last month with the Nails Inc freebie, but I really enjoyed reading the magazine too so I thought I would get this months edition too AND there was another freebie enclosed! I never really collect magazines but I'm glad I started collecting this one, for the freebies and for the magazine. I'm not sure if Glamour give away something every month, I don't think they do. 

When I saw this in this months edition, I was really excited to try it out. I never really shop at The Body Shop, or enter the store. I've always thought that it's quite pricey, but now as I've been in and had a look - its really not! 

In the middle of the store is a few baskets with body butters, shower gels, soaps etc.. I was drawn to this as its a little cheaper and something I could have spent my card with. On my card was £3.. I think every card has £3 on it - I can't see them giving £100 away! Unless 1 or 2 cards have £100 on, I don't think many will. 

So what did I buy? As you can see, I bought a soap & a lipbalm! I absolutely LOVE this lipbalm! The taste/smell is lovely.. so fresh&fruity. I really love the smell of clementine, I bought a shower gel earlier this year with the smell of Clementine in..mmm. Most lipbalms  have a plain taste - makes me avoid having a lipbalm collection because most are like 'Vaseline' which is tasteless, whereas the Body Shop ones come in all different scents like Strawberry, Guava etc.. I really like this, it's so smooth on the lips and I actually used it the other day to go out; I used it like a lipgloss and it was noticeable and just the right amount of lip product! The orange color is not noticeable but you could see a tint. It's quite shimmery but it's perfect for a coating of 'gloss'. I like to apply this overnight and in the morning its soaked in and leaves my lips nice and smooth for the perfect application of lipstick.. I really love it and I'm going to collect them all!
Moving on to the soap - this is just a Chocoholics dream! I'm not overly addicted to the scent of Chocolate or eating chocolate so I was unsure on buying this. They had other soaps there like Clementine, Lemon etc but I decided to get Chocolate because I thought it was quite unusual and different, something I could add to my bath box without having another one. I haven't used this yet, but its very overpowering and extremely Chocolate scented. I can't wait to use it and I think the smell will 'tone down' just a bit when its lathered into the skin. For the price I'm also going to collect these, I think they're so worth the price!

The Body Shop have proved me wrong! I need to shop there a lot more and I think their products are great quality and really worth buying -  I'm happy with my purchases! 

What do you like to buy from the Body shop?
Did you get a joy card?

Monday, 10 December 2012

My Skincare Routine

Hey Lovelies

My new video is up now; you can watch it HERE if you would like. Just a quick video that I filmed a while ago, that I thought you would enjoy. My Blogmas post for today will be uploaded around 8:00 so check back then if you would like to read that! 
I didnt know whether to do a post on my Skincare Routine, but I will another day if you all want, if not, I wont do one. Sorry that today's beauty post was a bit boring, but I just thought you could all pop along on to YouTube and watch the video instead! I still need to post up a schedual of upcoming posts for you, so you all know what to look out for. 

Lots of love,


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bath Collection | Whats In My Bath/Body Box?

Hey lovelies

I've been wanting to do a post like this for ages, and this has been waiting to be done in ages too! (If that made sense!). I posted my Youtube video up yesterday showing you my Bath/Body collection and I hope you all enjoyed! I always do matching blog posts to my Youtube videos so here is a few pictures of what I have in my collection. 
Please note that the pictures were taken outside because the daylight is a bit non existent at the moment so this was an opportunity to get a few quick snaps, sorry if the photos are a bit bad but its the best I could do! I also froze my fingers off trying to do this so I hope its okay!

I wont go massively into detail about them giving full reviews but I will tell you what I like/dislike, if I would buy again and a rate out of 10. Ill also tell you a little bit about what i think but if you do want a review then please feel free to tweet or ask me questions on ask fm and ill happily reply and tell you when I'll be doing a review.

 Soap and Glory collection; 
I really enjoy using soap and glory. I love the scent and I really like the way they stick to 'what it says on the tin'. Most of the things I've purchased are great and the prices are at a good level where you can buy some with 'pocket money' or if you've saved up to buy. I do actually have a video and blog post soon with my Soap and Glory best and worst, so I'll go into detail then, but as you can see by the photos, these are the Soap and Glory items I own so far, this will probably soon change as I need to get a bigger collection!
I like these, I would buy more S&G products again, rate out of 10 would have to be 10/10 or 9/10 on some products.

 Tesco 'Wake Up' Range
I own all of these, apart from 2 scents. I will pick up the other 2 scents when im next in store. I do like the scent of these shower gel's but I dont use them all the time. I've used each scent about twice and they're great for mornings or just as a 'go-to' quick fix product, but I wouldnt say they're a luxury item or something really enjoyable to use. I really do like them and the scents are really citrus, they're £1.10 and the 'Original source' ones are only £1 the last time I looked, so maybe I wouldnt buy them again and I would try Original source items.
I like them, I would try some more shower gels then come back to these another time, 8/10.

 Possibility range
I got these last Christmas as a stocking filler type present. I always wanted the 'Philosophy' range but they're just soooo expensive! They're like £26 for the exact same thing! Mum saw these in Savers and I got them at Christmas. I really like the Raspberry Pavlova one, its really scented and I still need to try the recipe out! The ginger snap cookie one really isnt scented so for £1 I would just get the red one and forget the brown color one.
I think theyre okayish, I would buy the red one again and I give it 7.5/10

 Jergens Extra Moisture and Cellulite cream
I got these as a freebie offline. When I recieved them I was really made up just because they were full sized and I always saw them in Supermarkets and things, I actually wanted to see what they were like. I got them and I was sooooo dissapointed! They didnt do anything! I dont have any cellulite.. I dont think.. but the Extra Moisture one was completely useless! I dont quite know what the prices are so you might have to check that out online, but I think theyre £2.50/£3 +. I wouldnt waste my money!
I didnt like them, I wouldnt buy again, I give it 4/10.

 Skinology face scrub and Face wash
Useless. Dont like the scrub and the face wash makes me sooo oily! Really dislike. These were £1 each from Wilko and I would NOT buy again. The scrub is overly gentle and if you have really bad blackheads this wouldnt do anything to help your skin out. Id rather save my £1 than waste it on products that dont do what they say. 
Didnt like, Wouldnt buy again.. 4/10

 Baylis and Harding
I have these in the Mandarin scent and the Rasperry leaf scent. I really enjoyed using these, Im near to the end of the pink one and I've finished the yellow one, so you'll see an empties! exclusive!
These smell so lovely and foam up really nice aswell. They have different scents that arnt overpowering but they leave the scent on your skin after the bath/shower anyway.

Loved using these, its a shame they're nearly/are empty! Would buy again, if I find it! 10/10

So I hoped you enjoyed my mini reviews and my collection! I dont do any 'Collection' type posts or videos so it was fun to do this, although it took me centuries to get everything out and back in the box, lol! If you would like to see the 'Bath Box' I use and what i keep everything in, please visit here - ( Click me! ) -this picture I linked is NOT mine, I'm just using it as an example-.
The box cost me £60 a few years back, it came with some S&G items which made me want to start a collection! 

What bath things do you own? Any Faves? Dislikes?
..Leave them below!

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