Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MUA Cover&Conceal | Review

First Impressions
My first impressions on this product were good. When MUA said they'd be releasing a concealer wand, I was impressed. Before this product I don't think MUA had a concealer added to their never ending line of products, so I knew I had to try it.
My first impressions visually on this product, were good. I like the packaging - it's really simple, yet it shows the shade you're buying easily. I like the basic tube packaging, too.
First impressions of the wand were good. This was my first concealer so I was looking for this type wand. It's like a lipgloss wand, I suppose - it's a basic applicator which is called a 'doefoot applicator'. 

What Do I Think Of The Cover and Conceal Collection?
When I had a look at the MUA stand I only saw around 3 shades. One being the lightest, one being the darkest and one being the lightest - one being Almond, which is the medium shade. 

What Do I Think Of The Product?
It's an alright concealer. I believe that this concealer doesn't cover major imperfections but I feel like if you needed something more, you have it. I don't feel like it would cover dark circles - I don't have dark circles but I don't feel like they would cover them very well if I did.
Would I Repurchase?
I don't think I would. It's not really an essential in my makeup bag but I feel like if you have tiny imperfections, it would be something that you personally would suit.
I feel like my foundation as a whole does more than this concealer. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments what you think of this concealer!

Zofia x 

Colours Of The Rainbow Tag | Collab

Hello everyone! I have the most exciting post on my blog today and I've been so excited to do it!
I normally do tags and for a while I wanted to do this certain one. On Saturday night, I decided to ask the #bbloggers on twitter if anyone wanted to join me in a collab and luckily, 6 other girls wanted to, so we came to the decision of colours and we planned everything out for this post today. 
This is my first collab and everything's gone really well! Along the way, I've met 6 other lovely girls and hopefully, some people that I can talk to during my blogging journey. I never really chat to other bloggers so this was a big step!

My colour is blue. I had no idea what to do for this colour as I don't really wear blue makeup and so I got a bit stuck, but soon as I went into my makeup drawers and had a look round, I came to five items really quick. I have a small range of different items.

Match Perfection Foundation | Rimmel
I use this foundation everyday. The only downside is, it's slightly light now as I'm tanned but I love the finish and it's not too heavy. 

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser
I have many samples of this product and need to get round to using them. This one is normal to dry skin whereas I'm oily, so I'll probably pass this onto the mother... I can't wait to try the range out!

Maybelline Colour Show | Cool Blue
I love this polish. It's the perfect blue. It's very summery and a beautiful ocean blue shade. I reviewed this a while back - it's a good polish and I want more.

Boots After Sun
I use this for many things. It cools me down on a hot day, it cools sunburn and I use it as a foundation base! It's excellent and non greasy. A handy summer must have!

NYC Mascara | Showtime
NYC are a really inexpensive brand and I really like this mascara. I've been using it everyday since I got it and it's perfect for bottom lashes without them smudging or looking OTT. This mascara is really cheap and hasn't gone dry or run out. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved creating it. It's been brilliant to actually talk to other bloggers that do the same things as I do. I think I've met 6 lovely girls that I'll hopefully continue to talk to and enjoy my blogging experience with. I'll definitely be doing more collabs after this and ofcourse, I'll let you all know how to take part if you wanted to!

Many, many thanks to the gorgeous girlies that took part and helped out with every bit of this collab! If you'd like to see their take on this collab, please click the links below *give them a cheeky follow too, I love their blogs!*

Ofcourse, I'm Blue!

Monday, 29 July 2013

More Than Beauty | A Day At The Fruit Farm

Hello beautifuls! 
Sorry today's post is so late - I've not been in the best of moods tonight and I had a 45 minute nosebleed so it wasn't the most ideal thing to have blogged with...

Today I have another More Than Beauty post and I think these have become my favourite posts to do! I love sharing my days outs with you all and I really hope you enjoy reading them. Today's post is a day at the fruit farm. I went with the parents on Saturday afternoon and it was a really good day. 
The fruit farm is just a little out of Peterborough, in the Hundingdon district and I really love having a bikeride up there. 

I love bikeriding there because you pass a lot of small, quirky houses and everywhere's a lot quieter than home..even though it's not that far away! There's a lovely little villiage there with a post office and a pub. Somewhere to make the day of!

 Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the actual village, or the fruit farm but I managed to take quite a few of the fruit and things like that. We picked strawberries and raspberries. I absolutely love these fruits, they're my favourites!
There were many of them and there were a lot of people there picking them. 

When we finished picking the fruit, there were a few owls and falcons on display. I absolutely loved them - arn't they gorgeous! They have such detail and I knew they'd make a fabulous photo. While we sat near the birds, we had a bite to eat!

On the way back, I saw some goats roaming round a field and you know me, I always have to take a million pictures of animals - I love them!
The pictures above are the fruits I picked. Don't the Rasps & Strawbs look delish?!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend,
Have a great week
Lots of love,
Zofia xo

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Saturday Scoffs | Soft, Chewy, American Cookies

Hello everyone and welcome to my new series! As you know, if you've followed me since the start, I used to do 'What I ate Wednesday posts' with savoury (dinner) or cupcake posts. After a few weeks of doing this, I realised that the posts weren't really that good and so I've decided to do another series but no dinner posts containing savoury items.. I've decided to keep with the cupcakes, cakes and baking items.
Baking is a big love of mine. It's what fills most of my weekends and I love trying new recipes. I've been planning on doing this since April time so it's been very much anticipated but because I've planned my blog post schedule out, I couldn't fit it in until today, which shows how fast this year's gone. 
I wasn't sure how to format these posts. Either take step by step pictures and the finished product or take a picture of the finished product and type out a step by step guide. I decided the second option would be a lot better!
I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I like doing them. Without further ado, here's some American cookies for you to enjoy!

What you'll need | Ingredients
140g Plain Flour
1 1/4 teapoons of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
55g butter
115g brown sugar
100g sugar
1 egg
3/4 vanilla extract
170g chocolate chips

How To Make | Method
First of all, get all your ingredients ready and your equipment - this way, you're organised! Also, if you don't have a fan assisted oven, preheat your oven at 180c. Then, line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, just so they don't stick..if not, they're a pain to get off the tray!
In a small mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Just do this with a fork to make sure all the powders are blended evenly. Set this aside and get yourself a larger mixing bowl. In this bowl, combine everything else apart from the chocolate chips. For this, I always use an electric whisk as it really blends everything together and leaves no unwanted lumps. I suggest putting the whisk on a medium level because you don't want the cookie mix to become runny. When you have quite a cookie dough consistency, pour in the choc chips. Mix the chips with the dough using a fork, spatula, wooden spoon but don't use the whisk...this will end up chopping the chocolate into finer pieces and it'll disappear. At this point, if you have a fan assisted oven, this is the time to turn it on to 180c. Using a tablespoon, spoon amounts onto the baking tray and leave the dough on the tray in 'mound' shapes. Do not flatten, once cooked, the cookies do this their selves. Remember to leave enough space between each incase they expand tooo much into eachother. Place them into the oven until golden and until a skewer comes out clean. This usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Then, when cooked, pop them on a wire rack to cool. These cookies store in an airtight container for around 1 week. Enjoy!  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

NOTW | Shimmer Gold

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to say, before I started rambling on about my talons - I'm sorry for being silent since Friday! I've not had camera batteries to do the certain posts that were scheduled but luckily, today's post was already photographed in preparation for the post! I'm back now though.

Today's nails are from 'Goldigga'. I'm not a huge fan of the brand, infact, I don't know much about them, but, at Christmas I received a small set of polishes from them and I've actually worn this twice. I'm not sure what i think of the shade - it's a gold shade but I don't think it matches my tan very well. I thought I'd jazz it up with some black nail art, which I always used to do but don't anymore.

All in all, I don't think I'll be rushing for this polish's lasted a week with a top coat so that's really good and it applies and dries nicely but I'm not overly keen on the shade. 

What do you think of gold polishes?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Collective Haul

Hiya everyone, today's post is a haul. Recently, I've been spending quite a bit of money on new makeup bits that I want. I've decided to freshen up my collection a bit!
This is a collective haul, although most of them were bought at one time in London, I've picked up a few bits along the way in other places, too.

Collection 2000 | Creme Puff | Fairy Cake 
I had no idea what brand to choose. I've been wanting one of these lipglosses for a while - W7 do one, Collection 2000 do one, NYX do one and Miners do one... I decided to start out with the Collection 2000 one considering it was on offer at the time and I really liked the shade range. I had no idea whether to buy the nude one or to buy this one - I decided to go with this one because the nude didn't seem like a nude.. it didn't have much colour. I might decide to get that in the future, though.

The Body Shop | Raspberry Body Butter | Big Tub
Since Christmas, I've become a bit addicted to the Body Shop. Before Christmas, it wasn't really a shop that I was that interested in, but I've found myself in the shop and on the website a bit too much...
I decided to buy this body butter because it's summer and it smells gorgeous. The only downside to this body butter is that I find it doesn't smell like a plan, raspberry body butter it seems to smell quite acidic? like it has a lot of alcohol (not the drinking type!) used in it? Anyway, I'm glad I picked this up.. this was only £3 with a 30% off voucher and the sale on butters for £5.

Natural Collection | Sand Castle Lipstick 
This was an impulse buy. I wanted to try more of this brand and they had offers on so I decided to pick this up.. I'm on the hunt for as many bronze or nude lipsticks as I can find I need to find the perfect one! so I decided to try this and it certainly hasn't failed. I've been grabbing it a lot to throw on and go and it's the perfect shade, I think. It's not a pink, nor a nude, nor a coral... it's one of them shades that I can't describe!

Natural Collection | Dusky Pink Blush
Another thing from Natural Collection. I really want to try more blushers as I don't have that many. I decided to try this along with the offer too and it's really pretty. I'm not into pastel pink blushers that much because I'm very olive skinned and I think they'd make me look a bit too strange so I always opt for rosy colours or for bronzey type blushers. I decided to go with this because it's a deeper pink and it's really pretty.

Maybelline | Colour Tattoo 24hr | Pink Gold
I knew I'd get it! I always say to myself before shopping 'Ill get this, I'll get that' but when it comes down to it, I always forget or I never think it's worth it..
But, with this, it's something I know I'll use and something that I already know works. I lovelovelove the 'On and Bronze' shade as you all know so when I saw the Jemima and Ted blogpost on this, I knew I wanted it. I never wear pinks but I thought that this wasn't a pink shade it was more of a shimmery, bronzey pink. It's a pretty shade anyway and I can do many, many things with it. 

Forever 21 | Stripey Top 
Something I didn't really need, but something that I'll use..
I picked this up at Stratford and I really like it. It was only £3.99 and it can be thrown on with leggings for a bikeride or be tucked into a skater skirt on a hot an uncomfy day. I really like the ocean blue stripes and it's something really thin and vest like. Bargain!

LA Colors | Nail Polishes | Black Pearl, Frill and Topcoat
I always mention these, don't I! You know I love them and they're a London essential. They have everyshade you can name and these colours stood out. At the moment I'm wearing frill - you've even seen it in a NOTW! It's a beautiful neon pink and has suited the UK weather perfectly. It'll have to come off tonight, it's meant to be cloudy all weekend!
Black pearl is a shimmery black. I have a big polish collection but no black shades! I decided to pick up a black even though it's summer because I thought it was a pretty black because of the shimmer. I can't wait to wear this, but I think I'll wait...
Then, I needed a top coat because it's something I never seem to have and if I do, they always go gloopy and I can never get to the bottom of the pot..haha! I've used this, this week and it actually works. My nail polish has lasted a week without chipping! Excellent!

LA Colors | Jumbo Eye Pencil | Black
I mentioned these in my last haul. I picked up the white and the shimmery brown one and they work well so I knew I'd have to pick up the black shade next time I'm in London because black is the colour eyeliner I wear most. I've used this and it works brilliantly. It doesn't smudge accidentally but if you wanted to have a smoky eye or blend this, it smudes really well. It works well for the looks you want to do and it's not chalky at all! I'm really surprised by these - they're pigmented too!

LA Colours | Palette 
I picked up the Tea Time palette quite a while back and so I decided to get another one. 5 eyeshadows for £1 is brill so I needed to get another! This palette is mostly browns which is handy for me and it also includes a white and a light pink. I never thought these palettes would be pigmented, smooth and blendable, but they are. 

Argan Oil | Home Bargains
We don't have a Home Bargains here so when I visited the beach I was made up! They have some good bargains going on in there and when I saw this oil for 99p I was made up! I can't wait to use it - I've wanted a full sized oil for a long time but never bothered to try one! 
Argan Mask | Home Bargains
Like I said in my Herbal Essences review, I wanted to try more masks to compare.. 99p for this one and I thought that was great. I can't wait to try this and see what it does for my hair. 
I hope you enjoyed this haul..
what things have you been buying recently?
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Whats In My Bag & Purse?

Hiya girls!
Today I'm doing a 'Whats In My Bag' post. I never really do these as I personally don't find them interesting but I know many of you do find them interesting and my bag was packed to the brim so while I was emptying it, I decided to do a post. 
My bag doesn't contain any interesting items but it cures the nosiness doesn't it, so off we go!

My Nikon Camera I don't use this for my blog or Youtube, I used it to blog with at the start but now I have an upgraded one. I might use this for vlogging, though. It's a really good, inexpensive camera so I'd recommend it to anyone.

Emirates Airline Boaring Pass | London When I was in London a few months back, my first trip of this year, me and Dad decided to go on the Cable Car. It was really good and if you're visiting London I think it's something you could do with cheaper funds! It has good views and is much cheaper than the London eye. It costs around £4 so it's a bit of fun for cheap!

iPod Touch I use this everyday. Mine's slightly cracked now, but doesn't everyone's get like that?! I only use mine for social networking, music and photos. I hardly use any apps! I'd love the iPhone and I might even do a 'Whats On My iPod' post!

A Typical Tissue Definitely not exciting, but I just use this to pat my makeup when I'm feeling a bit oily. So I always keep a tissue in my bag for makeup purposes. 

A Pen I always love noting things down. I know that the iPod has a notes section but I always remember to check paper for reminders, with the notes app I always forget! So a pen is always handy for on the move. Cures train journey boredom, too!

Train Tickets These are obviously London train tickets - Ahhh, I love London! 

Glasses Wiper I used to wear glasses, but not anymore. I always keep one of these spare to wipe my camera lens. It works and doesn't smear the glass! Especially if you're like me and you've misplaced the camera cap..oops. Sorry Dad!

In my purse I basically have nothing. I keep a few cards, like my Superdrug and Boots one and I keep some vouchers, like Boots vouchers for a few pennies off! I have no money which is ever so lame but I do have the bank of Dad which comes in handy sometimes!
My purse is 'Fiorelli' or something along those lines, from TKMaxx and I bought it 2 years ago so it may not be in there anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's not exactly one of my best one's but like I say, some people really enjoy these!

Do you always have clutter in your bag after a day out?!

Lots of love xo

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More Than Beauty | A Bikeride Through The Countryside!

Hello everyone!
Yesterdays post was meant to be a 'Face Of The Day' but I wasn't in to blog and I haven't worn any makeup in a week because of the hot weather. So in a few days time I'll pop up that post, but for now I've decided to do another 'More Than Beauty ' post!

Summer is all about getting out and about. I prefer to go out and about when the sun starts going down and the weather gets a bit cooler. I'm sitting out in the garden now actually, writing a few blog posts, and I'm absolutely boiling!

As the weather is beautiful, me and dad decided to go on a bikeride. I love going on bike rides and although I complain that there's nowhere to go in the city I live in, there's actually many places to bike to. We decided to go to a place called 'Castor' which is about 5/6 miles from where I live. We biked through a place called 'Ferry Meadows' which is a summer hotspot to sit and picnic in. We saw a few 'plane gliders' with people on them and there were a few people having picnic's and fishing too.

We left at about 6.30pm and got home at 9.40pm so I suppose from home to Castor took around an hour and a half, maybe?
I've never actually biked to Castor before, so it was new for me and I always love going to new places. Castor is a really pretty place with 2 small shops and plenty of pubs! There's no hustle and bustle like there is where I live so it was a bit different!

When we arrived at Castor we saw a beautiful house which is pictured above. It was such a big house and when I saw it, I was instantly jealous! 

In Castor, we saw plenty of animals in the fields. Near the big house, I saw some cows grazing on the grass and as we biked back through Castor, there were some adorable lambs in a small field, also grazing on the grass! I'm so glad I managed to get a few pictures!

Then, when we biked through Castor, the way we came, we ended up back in Ferry Meadows. We went the normal way home, the way that we usually walk the dog. On the way back there were horses in the field so I managed to take some snaps of them, too!
When we were biking through Ferry Meadows to get home, it was 9pm. The sun was going down and it was like a huge orange ball. The suns massive! I managed to get pictures of each time it went down so that was handy - the pictures look beautiful!

I had a really good evening and when this post goes up, I'm actually on a bikeride along the River! I hope you enjoyed this post, I love sharing my days out with you all!

I hope you're all enjoying the hot weather and ice creams!
Speak to you all soon,
Zofia xo

Saturday, 13 July 2013

NOTW | Ohhh, Neon..

Hiya everyone, LA colours time!
I seem to always feature these in my NOTW posts - I love LA colours. Inexpensive, Good colour range and they apply perfectly!

Today, I'm featuring LA colours 'Frill' polish. It's the first time I'm trying this and it's an exclusive to my blog because it's in a haul in later July!
I really like it. Sadly, it's not shown up as strong on the pictures to what it looks like on my nails. It's a bright, neon pink and it's GORGEOUS with my tan! Sadly, the camera makes it very muted so I took about 100 pictures trying to get the colour to show.. ah:-(

I added some 'Sassy Sparkle' glitter to my nails for a gradient effect and these two polishes go perfectly. They look like prom style nails, ha ha!
I really like these nails for this time of year and as I said, my tan matches perfectly. 

I hope you like them!

Have you tried LA colours?
I'm obsessed!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How I'd Style Sandals

Untitled #560

Hi girls. I hope you're all enjoying the sun if you're from the UK!
To fit in with the hot weather, I've decided to do another 'Style some sandals' post. I know I did one a few days ago but I came across this beautiful dress and I know what sandals I'd style it with!

The dress is absolutely gorgeous. It's a Celeb Boutique dress - I love looking at Celeb Boutique's website every now and then, obviously I've never made a purchase because I'm not that luxurious but, a good peek at the website every now and then doesn't hurt!

I couldn't find a single dress picture but I the model in the picture is full of prettyness anyway, so it doesn't matter!
I love the embellishments on the dress and sandals. I think they go well together and soon as I saw them both, I knew they'd work well together. Maxi style dresses need sandals so I think these go well perfectly.

For jewlerry I had no idea. I didn't want a necklace because the dress embellishment is enough so I decided to go with plain, hooped earrings from Rover Island. For makeup, this golden, baked style, eyeshadow from Fashionista @ Superdrug looks fab!

All in all, I think this a pretty simple outfit for the summer months  weeks!
I hope you all like it, remember to leave your comments below! 

Lots of love xo

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More Than Beauty | A Day At The Beach!

Hello beautiful's!
On Saturday, I went to the beach. The sun was shining and me and dad decided to go along on the train. We bought the tickets on Friday afternoon and while I fainted in the heat at the train station *I seriously did*, I managed to survive 'till Saturday!

We arrived at around 10 am - we would have arrived earlier but the 7:27 train was cancelled, so I wasn't too happy about that, but everything turned out okay in the end, we didn't lose any time out of the day. We went to Skegness, I like Skeggy, there's much more than Yarmouth!
On the train, I had snacks and listened to a few songs on my iPod. I always love train journeys, even if I do go by the same places everytime!

When we got there, I looked in a few shops and picked a few things up. I'll be hauling them soon, so keep an eye out! 
Then we went on the beach and played with the beach ball and a few beach games. We did that for most of the day so I don't really have much to post!

During the day we had slush puppies, chips, ice creams and plenty of rubbish foods! We went on the 2p machines - unfortunately, I didn't win anything but it was fun anyway. We went in the sea which was remarkably warm and we watched the donkeys go up and down.

I had a really good day and I'm happy the sun shined and it was really hot. Plans for this weekend have been made and I think I'll be visiting Skeggy again!

If you're from the UK, how have you been enjoying the hot weather?
Hope you've all been enjoying yourselves!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

June Faves


Hello again, girls!
June faves time, I've tried quite a lot of new products this month so I'll share my most used/most loved with you!

Kate Moss Lipstick | Rimmel | 101
I love this shade. It's really me. It's a girly, pretty pink and applies beautifully. I really like the fact it's meant to be a matte shade but it's not quite matte, it applies smoothly and stays on long but without the dryness. I've said quite a lot before that I want to purchase some of the other shades, so I'm going to definitely do it!

LA Colours Eyeliner | Seashells 
I love this! I apply this in my waterline, all over my lid as a base and I apply it in my innter corners. I really love the smoothness of this and how it doesn't pull on my eyes. I really like the fact it's a multipurpose product and I even repurchased more - I love them!

NYC Eyeshadow | Bazaar
I've loved using this in my crease and my outer corners. I even use it as an eyeliner for a smoky, non harsh look and it looks really pretty. It's just a basic dark brown and has no fall out which is an added bonus. It was only £1 with the nail polish, so I can't go wrong!

Miss Sporty Mascara | Fabulous Lash
I've enjoyed using this. I love the wand. I like how it's not clumpy and the only con is that it's not waterproof - but that doesn't matter! It's a really basic mascara and for it's price, it hasn't gone dry yet!

NYC Polish | Late Night Latte
This is a more bronzey shade of 'Oh Soho Sweet'. It's a nude but not a milky nude. It chipped quite a bit but I do like the shade and NYC polishes, So I can't complain!

What have been your loves in June?

July Wishlist

Untitled #559



Hello, sorry it's not up on the 5th! I completely forgot and I scheduled this post but meh, it didn't post..
Nevermind, you have a sunday read!;-)

Dainty Doll Blush - I really want this blush because I'm collecting blushers at the moment to boost my collection and I really love this shade. I think it's an all year shade and looks really pretty!

New look trousers - At the moment, I'm looking for some trousers. As it's summer I'm wearing my skater skirt or black leggings and I'd like to change things up a bit with some trousers! I really like these and the design is pretty simple.

Superdrug Salt Spray - I'd love to try a salt spray! I have no salt sprays and they look like a really good product to use. This one's really inexpensive so I'll pick it up!

Warm 120 Palette - I have the colour one but I'd love the nude/warm shade one. I'd use all these shades as they're the shades I use on a day to day basis. It's really inexpensive for the amount of colours you get, too.

NYC polish - I've mentioned NYC polishes quite a few times now and I want to get a few more. I need a coral shade so I'll pick this up! (If I don't fall for the Sinful Colours hype anytime soon!)

Hope you all enjoyed reading tonight's post,
What products do you need/want this month?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Empties

Hello everyone. I feel like I haven't done an empties post in ages...
I don't have many good products this month but I have a few that I can give an opinion about so I hope you enjoy.

Tesco Cleanser
When I saw this, I realised how inexpensive it was. I'm not really a skincare lover so I don't spend pounds a week on things to cleanse with. I decided to get this 'cause it's pretty cheap and it actually worked. I really liked using it. It's good if you have sensitive skin and was good before makeup application so I liked it! Definately repurchase.

Sanctury Bath Float
Loved using this! I really did.
I love the scent and I love the small bubbles it made in the bath. Nothing really to say about this product, but I liked it.

Wash and Go shampoo.
This used to work wonders on my hair. After this bottle, I've started to dislike it.
I feel like it's made my hair create build up and it lathers too much for my liking. I really liked it in the past so that's why I repurchase but now, it doesn't agree with my hair.

Breakfast Scrub Exfoliater
I like this, now. I never used to and I always used to complain about it - but now I've warmed to it. I love the smell, I always have - now I love how the grains make my skin silky smooth.

Max Factor Foundation Sample
I need the full size! I loved using what I could of this and the shade was right for me. I love how smooth the foundation is and how alike to 'Satin finish (maybelline)' it is. I really liked how easy to blend it was. I'll try and get full size!

Do you have any of these products? 

Summer Makeup Look | Tropical Eyes

Hello girls!
Finally. The UK is expecting a heatwave this weekend! So, I've decided to do a summer makeup look and it's just in time!
I really like this look. I really love the eye colours and the lipstick I used is one of my favourites. This lipstick is so vibrant and summer themed and it's only from Poundland! It lasts all day with food and drink so it's great for summer; it's also very balmy too, it dries nearer the end of the day but is very moistursing when applied.

For summer, well all year for me, I really like a bronzed look. I apply more than usual and I always have a tan so I enjoy using this 2True one - it's not cakey although it looks very muddy looking. For this look, I used quite a bit of highlight. I love using a highlight and although I don't have very prominent cheekbones, I feel like this adds a bit of depth to my face and gives me a pretty, shimmery glow when the sun shines. 

As you can see I used Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange on my eyes. I really like these colours and I feel like my eyes look like a 'tropical' themed summer look - they're pretty!
I used my 120 pro palette, from Ebay, because there's a wide range of colours and they're pigmented.
For my eyes I knew that black would bring out the colours more - so I used some black eyeshadow on my lid and went over it with some Maybelline Gel Liner. I feel like this makes the colour 'pop' more. I feel like eyeliner always brings my eyes out more, anyway.

I really wanted 'dainty' looking lashes. I don't wear false ones so I have to be careful with my mascara options - my right eyelashes always look perfect and then my left lashes always go thick and clumpy and there's no return! So for my mascara I went with NYC's Showtime mascara as the wand is very basic and leaves my lashes in perfect condition!

What do you think of this look?
Are you daring enough to wear multicoloured eyes?!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How I'd Style | Basic Flip Flops

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Hiya everyone - I hope you've all had a good day. 
I've been looking at the weather forecast for the weekend and I think it's time for flipflop, summer dress and bikini weather! 
So, I've decided to style some flip flops for today's how to style post. I know it's pretty random but flipflops are popular and they're easy to pop on and go. Flipflops do go with many things but I really wanted to style this pair.

I found this dress on the New Look website and I was looking for a nude dress to go with the tan shade of the flipflops. I really like this dress and it's a bit on the pricey side but I think it'll look beautiful in the sun and will be a good summer staple! I think the dress would go with many things too and I really think these flip flops would go great because the tan adds some colour to the nude!

When I matched the flipflops to the dress, I had an image of a shoulder bag in my head - I think these type dresses suit shoulder bags in the summer and sometimes, in the summer, we don't really need to carry that much stuff, do we? So I think a shoulder bag is perfect. I think shoulder bags and dresses are cute haha!

For makeup, I really wanted to keep the 'nude/natural' look. I automatically knew that I would choose Rimmel Apocalips for this look, it's really natural and glossy. For blush, I chose Nars because they have a wide range of blush shades and I think this one would look perfect!

I really hope you enjoyed this look, I enjoyed styling it - talk to you soon, Zofia xo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Face Of The Day | Natural Eyes and Highlight!

Hi everyone,
I haven't done a FOTD in a short while so I decided to do one today!

Today, I'm wearing bronze/natural shades which are my favourites. I love wearing browns and I believe that they suit everyone's eye shade, skin shade etc. I find them easy to apply when you're in a rush, too!
Today I've decided to go for a shimmery pale lid colour using Primark eye shimmer and Sunkissed eyeshadow. I then decided to apply NYC 'Bazaar' eyeshadow in my crease. No eyeliner today, which I'm loving at the moment - so I've darkened my eyes with some mascara!

As always, I've used my typical bronzer, foundation and loose powder - I used Match perfection foundation, Natural Collection Loose Powder and Sunkissed Bronzer. I applied some blush which is this MUA one pictured above - I only used a light dusting so it hasn't really shown up. Today, I used highlighter which I really enjoy using. It's this Chit Chat one from Poundland and it works well.
On my lips, I used 'Bronze Goddess' by Rimmel which I seriously love at the moment!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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