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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Body Shop Raspberry New Release | Review

Hello girls! 
It's sunny season again which means - razors out, body butters out, legs out - which means an everyday routine of keeping the skin in tip top condition. In the summer (winter too!) I like to keep my skin moisturized with body butters. Over time, I've used a few brands from Poundland selections to drugstore varieties. I always seem to go back to one brand.. The Body Shop.

Recently, the lovely PR team for The Body Shop sent me one item from their new Raspberry range. I already have a Raspberry body butter from summertime last year, I absolutely love the scent and as always - I love the way it makes my skin feel. 
I love getting out of the bath and applying this to areas like knees, elbows and legs. I love using a soap and glory scrub before this too. 

I love the way Body Shop butters don't make my skin greasy and they're not too runny. They have a perfect thick consistency that blends into the skin well. 
Out of the collection I'd really like to try the Raspberry spray. I think it'd be nice for summer.

You can view the collection here.

Monday, 3 March 2014


 Hello girls! Haultime.
Today's haul features quite a few things I bought a while back so you may have seen a few of these, sorry about that. It features some jewlerry, skincare and ofcourse, makeup. Enjoy!

I finally got my naked palette, I'm obsessed with the colours and I'm planning loads of looks, I love the shimmery shades the most. I picked up these Poppy King for No7 lipglosses, they're lovely and I'll be reviewing them soon - they were only £2 in the Boots sale!
I picked up
Rimmel's 25 hour foundation which I used to love a year and a bit ago but this time I'm not too sure if I like it as much - it's an alright foundation to blend with my everyday one though. I picked up Miss Manga mascara as I've seen the advert a lot and the brush looks nice - I still need to use this though so I'll keep you updated. 
I got the Sunkissed bronzer from Primark because for £1 you really cant go wrong - although, mine smashed so that's not very good. To add to my lipstick collection I picked up Cheryl's lipstick from Loreal's Collection Privee range. It's beautiful.

I'm getting into jewlerry so much more lately so I bought myself a Rose Gold watch from New Look - it's lovely. I picked up two necklaces from Primark as they'll go well with a few tops. 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas/Birthday Haul

Haul time! You girls know how much I love haul on here so I've decided to do a Christmas 2013 one. I turned 17 on Boxing Day so I suppose these presents are combined with my birthday ones this year. I didn't get as many beauty bits because I did actually get an iPhone5s in gold and as ASUS tab aswell so I would rather my gadgets this year instead of beauty bits because I can pop out and buy the beauty bits now as I have a job.

My friend sent me some lovely Lush bits and bobs which I can't wait to use, my favourite boxes have to be the Snow Fairy ones and the Out Of This World one. I love the smell of Snow Fairy, yum! 
I got some makeup goodies such as Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara which I've used quite a bit, I love it. I also received another Revlon Colorstay Foundation as I use this all the time. 
I got some lovely beauty boxes such as the Maybelline and Loreal ones. I don't own any of the products inside so I can't wait to use them. I don't own any Loreal beauty bits so I'm looking forward to using the eye products inside. 
I got some other bits like Montagne Jeunesse, Impulse and sleeprollers. A christmas wouldn't be a christmas without shower gels so I received vanilla and ice cream, Cranberry and cinnamon twist
Other bits include body shop, linen candles and a Kate Moss Nail Polish I won at work.
I also received the Yule Monty set from Soap and Glory.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Collective Haul

Hello there gorgeous!
Haul time again and today I have a few bits and bobs for you. These things haven't been picked up recently but they've been bought a few weeks back. I will have a haul soon with all the recent things I've bought but me with wages means a catch up!

Asda Skin System Cleanser
I bought this a while back because it was inexpensive and I wanted to try a few more skincare things. After using it for a while I'm not overly keen. It's a milk base which doesn't suit oily skin and so I feel that when I use it, it doesn't really remove makeup and make my skin feel smooth, fresh, awake and clean. Thumbs down...

Wilko Alcohol Base Cleanser - Tea Tree
Thumbs up! I love this cleanser. I always get it and I always alternate between the green Tea tree range and the blue normal range. I really like this and when I use it I can tell it works because my skin stings - this is a good thing though, I'm not allergic ahaha!

Wilko Tea Tree Face Wash
Same as above. When I'm in the bath this is great to remove all my makeup from the day or if it's a makeup free day it freshens my face up and makes me feel smooth and clean.

Tea Tree Spot Stick
I won't go into too much detail with this because I want to review it separate but lets just say i wouldn't buy again....

Sinful Colours Irish Green
My first SC! I've always taken a look to their inexpensive boots stand but I've just never made a purchase. I passed Poundland weeks back and came across a huge row of these so I bought this very gorgeous shade!

Rimmel Shout Out Loud 
Beautiful colour - my reason for purchasing!

Rimmel Peppermint
Another gorgeous shade, probably more suited to Spring but I've been wearing it lately anyway.

Kate Lippies 13, 2, 5.
Beautiful pink/orange shades. I've been trying these all out lately so I'll let you know what I think separately. I love these shades.

Champagne Pink Fuzzy Jumper | Primark
Primark have a lot of these in store lately and I'm obviously going to get them all. I loved this colour and champagne pinks are lovely! This is a winter staple.

Brown Tassle Shorts
Very impulse buy.. these were £1 in Primark so I obviously had to get them. They've lovely and warm but I couldn't wear these now , people would call the local helpline... 

Pink Peplum
I have a mint green one so I had to get this - £2 in Primark and it's a lovely top to pop on in S/S.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September Empties

Tonight's post is a well needed empties one!
I've not been doing empties for a while but they're starting to build up now so I have many products to chat about with you. 

Baylis and Harding bath foam - I really loved using this and I've actually been out of this for a while but it's been in the bottom of my empties bag. I really like the scent of this and I have a few mini's of this to use up.
Elemis Face Scrub - Mixed thoughts of this, it's an okay scrub but pointless for the price. I didn't notice anything different to my £1 one so I'm not repurchasing. The smell was lovely, though. 
Timotei Pure Shampoo I enjoyed using this and it worked well with my hair. I'd like to repurchase this but I'm trying other shampoo's at the moment.
Face wipes An everyday favourite to remove my makeup.
Derma V10 Cocoa Butter - Very strong scented, thick and moisturising and it's from Poundland! I'll repurchase because it's longlasting for a cheaper price tag.
Soap And Glory Heel Genius This is great, not sure if I'd purchase again but it lasted me a long time and it makes feet slightly smoother.
Just Bathe Bubble Bath I love the smell of this and it was a lovely gift set to receive. It's brilliant for bubbles because a little bit makes a lot!


Friday, 13 September 2013

August Empties

Empties time again...I seriously can't believe how fast August went. It seems like 5 minutes ago I was doing July empties...
As always, I have 5 items to show you and give a quick opinion on,

Impulse Shower Gel | I loved using this. A lot. It smells so lovely but I don't think it smells like the spray? Opinions? It lathers so nice on the skin, not too thick and doesn't leave residue. I love the bottle and how much you get for your money - a definite repurchase.

Sure Deodorant | I've left palmolive behind and moved to Sure... no idea why, it was on offer! Smells lovely and keeps me fresh all day, though.

Skin Therapy Cleanser | This was so nice to remove makeup residue. It didn't leave my skin feeling oily or greasy and it took away the oils that weren't needed. It lasted me a while, too and is really inexpensive to buy. I love the gel formula - repurchase for definite! 

Soap And Glory Girligo | I didn't like this for ages and I hardly used it - it's been sat on my desk for absolute ages. But, back in the Summer when it was hot I thought I'd try it to cool me down, seeing as it has a scent it might have worked - it did! It cooled me down and it smells like the traditional S&G products. It moisturizes and cools and sets into the skin so well. I've already repurchased!

Kiwi Shower Gel | I got this in a set ages ago and I've only just finished it. It smells a bit like pear drops rather than kiwi but it was okay to use to freshen up!

I hope you enjoyed reading this months empties, nothing too exciting this month!

Speak to you all on Sunday!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Huge Collective Haul

Hello gorgeous! 
A very exciting post today... It's a collective haul!
These things have been collected over a 3/4 week period, I'm so surprised at how much I've bought because normally, I never seem to buy the latest bits and bobs but lately, I've been buying things soon as they've hit the shops.

This post will be very talkative and picture heavy, so if you're in a reading mood, you're in luck.. get comfy and I'll ramble on!

clothing | After posting this, I've realised how many clothing items I need to purchase! I'm always browsing the isles of boots now a days so I need to pop in to H&M instead... 
For clothing bits and bobs I've picked up two Primark items. I always pop in there and they had a sale on ages ago so I picked up these two for £5 each. I love minty greens and so this thin peplum can go with leggings and a jacket in Autumn, even though the colour is very much Spring like, I love mint greens so I had to pick this up.
The tassle top isn't really me but tassles have been 'in' this year so I picked this peachy/beige colour top up with black tassles, this will go well with boots or something in the autumn and it's quite long/floaty so I'll probably look twice the size - but nevermind, I'll find a way to style it!

Makeup Face Products | 
Wake Me Up Face Shimmer | Excited to try this, such a bargain for £1 instead of the ridiculous £5 price tag. 
Collection Foundation | I'll be using this as a concealer because it's very light but I'm a bit unhappy that I bought this from Poundland and it's half used... nevermind.
Wake Me Up Foundation | I've read all the reviews and I've finally bought it. I can't wait to use as it looks like a great foundation. It's also quite darker than my Match Perfection one which I like. I love looking tanned instead of a shade lighter..

Bath/Body | 
Baylis and Harding Soaps | I only like Body Shop soaps so I'm looking forward to trying these. I prefer the mandarin soap better than the pink one but they both look like great products so I can't wait to try.
Ted Baker Butterfly Range Scrub | This smells lovely and I needed a new scrub so I'm also looking forward to using this. I love the butterfly range.
Tesco Bath Collection | Shimmer Lotion, Body Polish and Bath crystals. I've never tried all three of these so something different in my collection. Most excited to try the crystals.
Sanctuary Items | I've picked up some mini's and a bigger size body lotion. I love the body lotions and the scents of Sanctuary items so I'm looking forward to trying the bigger size lotion. I've never tried a scrub from them so I can't wait to use this. I've used a wash in the past and I've used this one up already - I love them.
Champneys Minty Spritz | I've loved using this in the Summer! It's so fresh and minty and refreshes you if it's warmer weather. It's a bit of an impulse buy but I enjoyed using the Soap and Glory girligo so I decided to give this a go. I think it's going to be lovely in the colder months too.
The Body Shop Bits | After buying the Raspberry Body Butter I decided to opt for a lightly scented one. The Vitamin E one seemed different and has a really light scent. I picked up the strawberry wash and satsuma lotion too.
Baylis Minis | I love these Minis from B&H, I like the mandarin scent more than the pink coloured bottles but these are so handy in my little bath collection. They lather well too, so they last quite long considering they come in mini versions.

Haircare |
Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo&Conditioner | I know, I know.. I said I disliked Gliss items a short while ago but I really liked the look of the Asia Straight range so I thought why not.. they smell amazing too!

Eye Makeup |
Dainty Doll Shadows | I picked up the beige base which I've used already - it seems pretty good! I also picked up the dark brown shadow which is super pigmented and smooth on the eyes. 
Natural Collection Brown Duo | I've never tried a Natural Collection duo but I bought this and I love it. It's a makeup bag essential instead of carrying round multiple shadows. It's pigmented, considering it's only £2 and the shades are great for everyday. 
Rimmel Union Jack Eyeshadow Palette | I saw this in Poundland and it looks great! I love olivey/bronzey shades so I'm excited to use this.
Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Trios | I love these two trios, I love green/olive shadows as I've mentioned and I love eyeshadows like these that arn't based in a pan..if that makes sense? I also like using grey's occasionally so I love the pinky/grey trio. 
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow | I love browns, they're my go to shades. I picked this shadow up in Poundland and I've actually seen these in stores but didn't bother with them. I can't wait to use this and I'm hoping it's pigmented.
Lash Accelerator Mascara, Rimmel | This is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's become my go to mascara. I love the wand and how it makes my lashes look. Yay, Rimmel's done it again!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam | £5 introductory offer - can't go wrong. It's a new mascara and the wand is very different. I prefer the mascara mentioned above but this is fairly okay. I'll review this soon.
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara | Never seen this in shops so I was made up when I saw it in Poundland. It's a basic wand, but works wonders.

Lip Products | 
No7 High Shine Lipgloss, Smile | Such a different applicator but such a brilliant lipgloss. It's sticky, yes - but I love the shade too much to care about the formula. I've never thought about a No7 gloss before so I decided to purchase. I love this and I might even pick up more shades. 
Primark Lip Crayon | I've mentioned millions of times before how much I enjoy using the Poundland ones so I decided to get one from Primark. It's very smooth, pigmented and glossy - for £1.50 I'll definately pick any more shades up.
Rimmel Apocalips, Nova | Finally! I've said so many times how much I want one, now I need to get round to using! I bought this in July and I still haven't used, but there will be a review on the blog sometime extra soon. I love this shade a lot.
Miners Matte Factor, Cappuccino | I love this, it's such a plain shade but looks really pretty with a light eye. I bought this around the start of July and I need to get round to using it more. It's not that drying, either.
Baby Lips, Cherry Me | I got one! I've used mine once and got it at the start of August, it's great. I've read so many negatives on this but I love mine and want the whole collection. I love the taste and it leaves a subtle shade on my lips which I love. 
Primark Lipstick, Bright Pink | I bought this for £1. It's a gorgeous bright pink but I haven't used it yet to see if it appears on my lips that way. I think it may be a bit drying so I might have to put my baby lips underneath!

Other Face items | The gorgeous people at Montagne Jeunesse sent me these face freebies which I can't wait to try! I got a mud pac, a passion peel off and an olive face mask. I'm so excited to try and use their Mondays for Me app while I'm at it!
Collection Mosaic Glow | I also bought this mosaic bronzer the other week which is amazing! I've used it a few times already and I'm definitely going to review it. I love the shade and the shimmer and it's only around the £2 mark. Brill!

Nail Polishes |
OPI Black Shatter | Purchased from Poundland. I hate shatter polishes but for £1 I had to pick it up. They did loads of other shatter shades and I've seen a blog post this week on normal polishes from OPI in Poundland so I'll have to keep my eyes open.
Rimmel 60 seconds polish, Deliciously Dark | I'm definitely looking forward to Autumn so I picked this polish up. It's a beautiful aubergine shade. A bit black, bit with a purple tint. I'm not a lover of darks but this is a lovely shade.
Colour Show Polishes, Midnight Taupe/Green With Envy | An Autumn shade and a spring shade! I've recently applied Midnight Taupe and my mum's been rocking the minty shade this week! I love the whole colour selection of Colour show polishes and I'll always collect more but I don't like the gloopyness of them and the time they take to set. That's the only downside!

aaaaaaaaaaaand breathe... I've finally showed you everything I've purchased over the weeks! It's taken me a few hours to complete this post so it's satisfied my boring afternoon.. I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried any of these items?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

July Empties

Hello girls!
What a slow week it's been. I can't believe it's August already - where's the months gone to? I remember posting up my Christmas haul on Youtube and talking about Christmas inspired nails not so long ago... 

Talking of 'where's the months gone' I have some empties for you today, most have been used up during the very hot month of July and so I'm going to share them with you. They're not the most exciting items ever but they're things that I've actually enjoyed using and things I'll definitely repurchase. Without further ado...

Gliss Shampoo 
I did actually really like this a long while back and thought I'd repurchase again...sadly, my hair didn't like it this time and so I won't be repurchasing. It smells lovely and works on many people's hair types but I think my hair may be used to my latest shampoo..

Soap And Glory | Off Your Face, Face Wipes
These face wipes are excellent. I really love the way they remove makeup and I love how smooth and non abrasive they are. Definately thumbs up from me!

Soft and Gentle Deo
Haha, everyday essential but I like it!

Boots Therapy Shower Gel
I love this and keep forgetting to repurchase! The scent was different and it was something that I really loved using. It lasted quite a long time too.

Tesco Wake Up Shower Gel | Lime
This is so refreshing and summer loving! I love lime shower gels but I don't think I'll be repurchasing this just yet.

Honey Shower Gel
Not really into sweet, vanilla smelling things but I loved this! I used this up in the winter actually and found it empty in my in the colder months I'm definitely repurchasing. It's lovely!

I hope you enjoyed my little collection of items. I hope you had a brilliant weekend also,
Be back on Tuesday for my August wishlist,

Lots of love,

Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites


Hi everyone,
Today I have a pretty original post for you all - favourites. I'm not really a favourites fan but I know many people like them and I do them every month anyway.
This month, I've not really been loving any different things - I've bought a lot but haven't got round to using them yet.
Just wanted to point out the misty mark on the eye pencil - it's bugging me and it's something to do with my camera lens....I have no idea how to remove it but it's driving me insane!

This month I've got round to using most bath things that I got for Christmas. I'm always a hoarder when it comes to bath items, they look and smell so pretty so I save them and use them at last minute.... this month I finally got round to using a 'Cotton Blossom' set that I received. I love the cotton smell and it smells a lot like Yankee Candle. I really love this body lotion and that says something because I'm not really keen on body lotions. 

As a nail polish lover, the next thing I've been loving is my £1 top coat from LA colors. I love it and it really sets my nail polish to last the whole week. It dries really fast and doesn't leave my polish smudgy... I love it!

LA colors have many items to choose from. Another thing I've been loving of theirs this month is the Jumbo Eye to be precise! I love this and it works perfectly. 

I'm not really a 2True fan but I've loved using their Colour Drench lipgloss in the shade 1. I love it for summer considering I can never be bothered with makeup - it's great for a wash of colour and a bit of moisture.

This month I don't have many faves or many products to mention, but I hope you enjoyed this post!

What have you been loving this month?
Have any of these items ever graced your makeup bags!?
Zofia x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Empties

Hello everyone. I feel like I haven't done an empties post in ages...
I don't have many good products this month but I have a few that I can give an opinion about so I hope you enjoy.

Tesco Cleanser
When I saw this, I realised how inexpensive it was. I'm not really a skincare lover so I don't spend pounds a week on things to cleanse with. I decided to get this 'cause it's pretty cheap and it actually worked. I really liked using it. It's good if you have sensitive skin and was good before makeup application so I liked it! Definately repurchase.

Sanctury Bath Float
Loved using this! I really did.
I love the scent and I love the small bubbles it made in the bath. Nothing really to say about this product, but I liked it.

Wash and Go shampoo.
This used to work wonders on my hair. After this bottle, I've started to dislike it.
I feel like it's made my hair create build up and it lathers too much for my liking. I really liked it in the past so that's why I repurchase but now, it doesn't agree with my hair.

Breakfast Scrub Exfoliater
I like this, now. I never used to and I always used to complain about it - but now I've warmed to it. I love the smell, I always have - now I love how the grains make my skin silky smooth.

Max Factor Foundation Sample
I need the full size! I loved using what I could of this and the shade was right for me. I love how smooth the foundation is and how alike to 'Satin finish (maybelline)' it is. I really liked how easy to blend it was. I'll try and get full size!

Do you have any of these products? 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Things I'd Repurchase

Hello everyone, I'm back!
You probably haven't noticed, but, I've not actually been on the internet for 3 weeks. Some blog posts and YT videos were scheduled, luckily, but I still have some catching up to do! This post didn't manage to go up, so here goes!

XXL Volume Sensation Mascara | Maybelline 
I'd repurchase just because I love the wand and I love how it applies. This is the second time I've bought it and I reach for it most days. It's a pretty old mascara, but I love it. I love the wand because it's thick and very big but it doesn't clump my lashes. It's a good, quality mascara and I love it!

Rimmel Lipsticks
I feel like Rimmel lipsticks are many people's faves. They're only around £4 and they have the hugest range of colours. I never complain with Rimmel lipsticks and there's always a shade on my wishlist. I love them!

Barry M Nail Polishes
As you and I both know, Barry M nail polishes are on many people's shelves. I love them, I'm sure you love them..every beauty lover does! I'd always repurchase a nail polish if I have spare money and Barry M always gets thought of when I need a pick me up!

MAC lipsticks
I so need to purchase more. I always catch myself on the website and I always bang on about how I want to try more shades, so I need to! *Zofia's in London on Saturday, by the way...;-)*

OPI polishes
Same with MAC. I always notice shades I want but never bother to make a purchase. I really like them and have blogged about them before, so I will get more shades, for sure!

Colour Tattoo's | Maybelline
Bloomin' love these. I love them because they're multipurpose and I love the shade I have. I want to purchase the grey one!

Dream Satin Liquid Foundation | Maybelline
I remember a few years back when I actually bought this, I decided to get properly into foundation. I loved using this and I really need to get it again. This shade suited my skin perfectly and I always looked really glowy and healthy. It was very good for my oily skin and it blended beautifully.

Chit Chat Bronzer
It's multipurpose! I've used this as an eyeshadow many times before and I love it. It's a pretty bronzer and works for me.

120 Pro Palette | Not MAC!
I bought this off eBay ages ago and I love it. Obviously, the shade range is brill and i've been using it more often, recently. 

Natural Collection Loose Powder
Mentioned this before, I love it. I use it everyday and it keeps me perfectly matte! I HAVE to repurchase or I'd be stuffed!

Mango Soap | The Body Shop
I'm using this everyday at the minute and it's so lovely. It doesn't have a strong fragrance and I feel like if you have sensitive skin, these soaps are brilliant. I love them and they're the only soaps I'll use.

Match Perfection Foundation | Rimmel
Using this at the moment and I love it. I like the way it leaves my skin and I really want to repurchase!

Supersoft Detangle Spray
I love this and I love how easy it works! It doesn't leave my hair sticky like most sprays, either!

I hope you enjoyed this post, there may be more to come that I need to catch up on, but I'm not sure yet! Hope you had a brilliant weekend and I hope you've had a good day. Lots of love, Zofia x 

Friday, 7 June 2013

May Empties


Possibility Ginger Snap Cookies Shower Gel | £1 | Savers
Good Product / Bad Product
This is something I liked using. I used it as a bubble bath, shower gel, body wash..I really like it, it lathers, foams up well etc. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the smell because there is no smell! I really wish this product had a ginger biscuits scent because I really love the smell of ginger cookies and this didn't have the scent. I wouldn't say this is a bad product though, because it's inexpensive and they have a good range of 'flavours'. I'd repurchase because it's not heavy on the purse so I can use it everyday!

Elemis Face Wash | £9.99 | Superdrug
Good Product / Bad Product / Unsure!
Totally unsure. This broke me out sometimes and other times it made my skin feel fresh and glowy. I'm glad this is all gone - I will not be repurchasing! It's a bit overpriced for me anyway, I prefer more drugstore skincare. I liked the smell and how it applied, though.

S&G Righteous Butter | £10.50 | Boots
Good Product / Bad Product
Love it! Feels amazing on the skin, smells beautiful and is actually perfectly priced considering the amount you have. It lasted me 2 years and that, to me, is perfect value. Soap and Glory products are brilliant! Definate repurchase girls!

Elemis Face Wipes | £4.95 | Superdrug
Good product / Bad product 
I like these. I like how they removed my makeup and I like how clean they made my skin after I removed makeup. They get into your pores and take away mascara well but I don't think I'll repurchase because I don't buy 'face wipes' I just get plain and simple baby wipes! If you're looking for new face wipes though, I recommend.

Possibility Raspberry Shower Gel | £1 | Savers
Good product / Bad product
I love this! I absolutely love the smell and it works exactly the same as the Ginger snap one but has an actual scent which is strong and is so fruity and mm! I love love love this. I'm going to pick up some this weekend, I think!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I definitely recommend you to check out Possibility products because they're only £1 and I've seen them in Poundland, Poundworld and I picked my ones up in Savers. They do a Strawberry scent, a Lemon Cheesecake scent and a Pink Champagne scent. I have the lemon and the Champagne ones, too!

Tried any of these products?
I'd love to know!
Zofia x 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get Unready With Me!

Apologies, I haven't posted for a few days. I was meant to post on Sunday but I've been enjoying the sun yet again and I haven't had time to post. I'll catch up on my posts anyway and I'll post them up another time!
Also, apologies for not getting my 'old blog' back. My blog has somehow gone into a plain template..I have NO idea how to get it back:-(

Onto the post, I'm showing you how I get unready! I'm doing a quick post to show what products I use to get my makeup off in the evenings. I hope you enjoy!

First, I use Elemis Freshskin Face Wash. I was so unsure whether I liked this or not because it kinda broke me out - then it worked - then it broke me out.. I've nearly finished it now so I'm not too bothered, some days it works, some days it doesn't. I like the smell though, it's fresh! I use this first to take my makeup off, then I use products after to get rid of the last remaining bits. I like this because it foams up slightly and lathers into the skin. I also like it on bare skin, it makes me feel so fresh and clean. 
After using the Elemis Freshskin Face Wash, I then pat down my skin (to dry) and then I use the Tesco Everyday Eye Makeup Remover - this isn't the BEST for removing, but it does the job and it removes mascara so I don't mind too much. 
When that's done, I use wet wipes to wipe my face and gently cleanse my eyes. I like the ones in the picture above, just because they work - they're not branded nor expensive but they work for me and they're not scented, I like that. If they work for babies, they work for me!
After that, I like to use Wilko Skin Therapy face cleanser on a cotton wool ball all over my face until the cotton wool looks clear. I love using this because it gets all foundation out of my pores and off my face and it removes all makeup gently!

Finally, I use some aftersun and some Elemis Night Moisturiser to settle my face. I love sleeping with this on, when I wake up I'm babysoft and feel like I have the perfect base for makeup again. I love using aftersun all year round because it settles my skin, even if we haven't had hot weather. It's a bit like using SPF in winter, it just protects the skin. It's runny and it's not a thick, moisturiser type liquid but it does settle quickly. I hate a greasy, slow drying face!

I hope you enjoyed this post, my Youtube video should be up about it in a few days time! Hope you've been enjoying the warm weather if you're in the UK. I can't see it lasting, ha!

Lots of love x 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Empties


These are my empties for April. April has been an okay month.. we've seen sun and small showers.. I hope May will bring us beach weather and tans and ice creams! We can only hope, can't we girls!

The two wake me up shower gels were nice, I prefered the lemon one over the berry one, just because I found the citrus one more refreshing and more 'wake up!' based. I don't mind berry smells, but they're not my fave.. these are available in Tesco for around £1.15.

The next empty is Clean On Me from Soap&Glory. I've had this for a while and never really used it. It lathers nice and it smells beautiful. It lasts ages so it's well worth the money. The pump broke on mine, nevermind!

Hair Benefits from Tesco.. hm, I didn't like it. It kinda dried my hair out and it's already in a bad state so this didn't help. I thought it may have been an Elvive dupe because of the bottle, it wasn't!

The last empty is Chocomania soap. I loved this! The smell is amazing. I love the exfoliating grains and they're fine, not big so they didn't hurt the skin. It's really inexpensive for £2 aswell so I need to pick another up!

Hope you've had a good day, Zofia x 

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