Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Than Beauty | London 29 June

Hello everyone!
Today I'm doing a different post, I've decided to plan some lifestyle posts and here's the first one! I went to London yesterday and I always take pictures for my everyday picture taking but I decided to take some extra special ones for you beauties!
But, before we start, can I ask a huuuuugggeeeee favour and ask for you all to follow me on bloglovin' - remember to click the 'Little Miss Prada xo' link - the second one. It would mean a lot and would help, considering the Google follower application ends tomorrow which isn't a good help but if you enjoy my posts/blog etc then I would really appreciate it - thanks! 

Okay, so first, we went to Borough Market, which is in Borough, Southwark -  (right near the tube, too!)
I've only been to Borough market twice, this time and the last time I went to London, in April. There were different things there this time, than there was last time and I think I enjoyed it this time a lot more because there were so many fruits and vegetables! The pictures above look so summery and bright and fresh, don't they?! I just want to chop them all up and sit on a beach somewhere haha!

I really like Borough Market and if you're interested in food and cooking, I suggest you go! I don't think I'd buy things because London prices are a bit on the silly side but I love looking round and drooling at the fruits!

Next, we stopped off at Canary Wharf to get the DLR to Greenwich. While we stopped at Canary Wharf, I snapped a few pictures of the office blocks, which, by the way, do NOT look as good in the day as they do at night which is a major meh moment, but hey, London is beautiful 24/7!
Also, at Canary Wharf, we looked round the shopping center which I never knew existed - it's really big and they have a Space NK and Nails Inc and Bobbi Brown so take a visit! I had my first Krispy Kreme doughnut there - how nice?! I seriously neeeeeed more of them and I'm considering the 'dozen collection' LOL. I had the cookie topped one, by the way...

Then, we went to Greenwich! We got off at the Cutty Sark tube station, because we wanted to see the 'Cutty Sark' ship and I wanted to get a few pictures. It's as big as I thought and seemed to be a good tourist destination so maybe, if you're looking to fill your London trip, you could visit here! After my picture taking, we went under a tunnel - UNDER the thames - and ended up at 'Island Gardens'. Island Gardens is ever so pretty, with good views and I'd never been there before. I ate my doughnut in the Island Gardens park and enjoyed the views! ..I also painted my nails and took a picture of a few pooches, while I sat there, to..
After we went to Stratford - I picked up some things - I'll haul them!

So, here's an awkward picture of an OOTD and me scoffing a doughnut, woo!

Then, we popped off to Tower Bridge. We always visit Tower Bridge because it's always lovely in the summer and I can get a few pictures - this time, we went on a Boat! 
The boat trip was really good, £9 adults, £4.50 for children. I really enjoyed it and the boat guide named out all the bridges we passed and all the landmarks we passed on the way. We saw the London Eye, Cleopatra's needle, OXO tower, London Bridge and more! i think it was well worth the money and the first time I'd been on a boat. The boat was spacious, friendly and I think if you're a boat sick type of person, you'd still enjoy it because I couldn't really feel us 'bobbing up and down' and I'm the type of person to get travel sick! 
There was some sort of event happening where Tower Bridge was - I have no idea what it was but children were participating in archery and things like that! Typical summer!

Next, Embankment!
We walked over the Westminster bridge (I've done a tour, but what's the exact name?!) and then walked along the Embankment. I always do that, every London trip, so yesterday was no exeption! Every summer, June - September, there's a few rides and things going along on the Embankment and that's really nice when the sun's shining and I obviously got a few pictures! The London Dungeon ques were HUGE - I hope you weren't in the que waiting!
Along the way, I got a Flake Mcflurry which was needed - the weather was boiling!
On the Embankment there was a man picking people to do these pose/freezeframe type things. I was really impressed and they look real. 

Next, we walked up the Mall! For anyone that doesn't know, the mall is a loooong road/path leading to the Queens house, Buckingham Palace! We walked up the Mall to go to Green Park and have a few snacks. I had a seeded panini filled with Quorn bacon, lettuce and tomatoes! I also saw a limo leaving the mall - did I miss Queenie?!
We also saw the soldiers change over, I managed to take some pictures of that, also.
While I walked through Green Park, I felt the weather get so warmer and it was already warm but woah I managed to tan even easier while not noticing!

I really love Hyde Park. I've only recently started to go to Hyde Park and have been on a 'Boris Bike' 3 times now! Yesterday, we went on the Boris bikes and went round the serpentine around 4 times which took 1 hour. I love using the bikes and having a moan about the people that don't stay on the right path, LOL.
Hyde Park seems like a brill place to have a picnic and enjoy a day out. Unfortunately, I've only been on a bike round Hyde Park and not been able to take a seat on the park area, but next time, I will!

After Hyde Park we walked through Belgravia. I've never been through Belgravia before, considering there's nothing there, but I needed a drink and there was a convenience store so I popped in and picked up some Pink lemonade!
On the way through Belgravia, I saw the most beautiful houses and this gorgeous car! So posh, darlings!;-)
I also passed a Louboutin store which I nearly died of exitement from - I could have passed out on the street! Obviously, I don't own any 'Loubs' but, I'm a fan of all the styles and they're a girls ultimate dream, arn't they? I had to take a picture and wish for a winning Lotto ticket!

We then went to Covent Garden and I had some crisps and watched the world go by. I didn't manage to take any pictures but I suggest visiting Covent Garden, I love it!
After Covent Garden, I went to Oxford Street - No pictures but there will be a haul soon enough. I picked up mostly beauty bits and something from Stratford which was a top. 
After Oxford Street I went to Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Chinatown and places around there. It was around 8/9pm now and so there wasn't many places we needed to visit but I still plodded along with sore feet!

Until around 1am I walked about and took a few more pictures. I saw Hayley Cropper from Corrie which, obvs, wasa highlight;-).
I then caught the last train home and got back at 2am - Mcdonalds in hand, ofcourse! 
I had a brilliant day and London is a big love for me. I can't wait to go back and do it alllll over again. I hope you enjoyed my lifestyle post and don't forget to follow via bloglovin because, if not, you'll never get to catch up with my latest posts because you'll all be unfollowed without bloglovin:-(

Sorry this post is late, it's taken me 4 hours to create with love and attention and a bit of Big Brother UK interrupting! But apart from that,
Thanks for reading,
Hope you had a good weekend!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

How I'd Style - A Floral Top #1

Untitled #556
Hiya everyone, another 'how I'd Style' post today. I haven't done one in a few weeks, I don't think - so today, I am! 
This post was meant to be up a few days ago but nevermind, I'm catching up!

I really didn't know how to do this post because i was styling a floral top and I think that's pretty simple! But, I decided to opt for a different type of floral top - it's not really floral all over so I suppose, technically, it's not floral!
I really like this outfit though, it's very classic and very sophisticated! I decided to keep the outfit in a black and white theme because black&white looks perfect all year round. This outfit would be good for warm days and cooler days - multipurpose outfit! 
The top isn't 100% floral but I love the small, floral, lacy design. Younger girls may want to put this top with shorts or maybe with a skater skirt and older girls could pair the top up with these trousers or maybe with some jeans for a casual look!
I really like this top, it's very me!

I hope you all liked this outfit, do you have any style requests? I'll try any!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NOTW | LA Colors | Fiji Purple

Hello everyone, midweek - finally!
Wednesdays are usually boring so I'm glad I have a blogpost to write, I always love nail posts!

This week, I have on another LA Colors nail paint. I bloomin' love these polishes and luckily, I'm in London on Saturday so the first tube I'll be getting from Kings Cross, is Shepards Bush..
This is a colour that I hardly wear anymore. I hardly wear pink on my nails to be honest, I like bright blues, greens and yellows! But, this is an acception! 

This shade, to me, is a pinky/purple type shade - very good for summer and brighter than I thought! It's a basic pink and it's very pretty on long or short nails!
As always, this nail polish applied perfectly well and took a while to chip. LA color polishes are perfect and I  can't wait to buy some more!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Miss Prada & Thankyou's!

Hello, everyone!
I know this post is a week late, but I wanted to do a thankyou post anyway, so I might aswell do it!
I had my 1 year blogger/YT birthday last week, 18th June, and I can't be more thankful. I've obviously been on here one year now and I never thought I'd have 1 month, let alone 1 year! I just wanted to thank you all for being so kind with any comments you've left and for following my blog/subbing on youtube. It's not all about the subs/followers but it makes my day when I see the numbers go up - it means that all my effort pays off and it means that I'm doing something right! I can't thank you enough, though. Everyday when I blog or make videos, I feel like I'm doing something I truly love. I feel like, now, I actually have a hobby. Before, I started being homeschooled, it wasn't fabulous so I needed something to focus on and actually do something I wanted. I watched many videos and wanted to do my own little channel, I decided to take the plunge and make them - such a good decision! My days are filled with doing videos and blogging now and I feel proud to say 'in my spare time, i have a beauty blog' just because I get to talk about the things I truly love.

I really want to be a makeup artist and the past year 1/2 has been focusing on that. I really want to do makeup - it's something I'd love to do and something that follows on from blogging. 
Like I said, I can't thankyou enough for lovely comments, watching my videos and things like that. I'm near to 100 followers and I have just over 100 on Youtube.
In the coming months, I have many ideas on posts and videos I want to do. I hope you all stay with me and grow with me through my blogging journey! I hope you enjoy all upcoming posts and always remember to request the things you love. In the very, very near future I'm going to be incorporating lifestyle and food with my blog a lot more, because they're the things I also love.

Many thanks - it seriously means a lot. 
Here's to another year..
Zofia xxx

Things I'd Repurchase

Hello everyone, I'm back!
You probably haven't noticed, but, I've not actually been on the internet for 3 weeks. Some blog posts and YT videos were scheduled, luckily, but I still have some catching up to do! This post didn't manage to go up, so here goes!

XXL Volume Sensation Mascara | Maybelline 
I'd repurchase just because I love the wand and I love how it applies. This is the second time I've bought it and I reach for it most days. It's a pretty old mascara, but I love it. I love the wand because it's thick and very big but it doesn't clump my lashes. It's a good, quality mascara and I love it!

Rimmel Lipsticks
I feel like Rimmel lipsticks are many people's faves. They're only around £4 and they have the hugest range of colours. I never complain with Rimmel lipsticks and there's always a shade on my wishlist. I love them!

Barry M Nail Polishes
As you and I both know, Barry M nail polishes are on many people's shelves. I love them, I'm sure you love them..every beauty lover does! I'd always repurchase a nail polish if I have spare money and Barry M always gets thought of when I need a pick me up!

MAC lipsticks
I so need to purchase more. I always catch myself on the website and I always bang on about how I want to try more shades, so I need to! *Zofia's in London on Saturday, by the way...;-)*

OPI polishes
Same with MAC. I always notice shades I want but never bother to make a purchase. I really like them and have blogged about them before, so I will get more shades, for sure!

Colour Tattoo's | Maybelline
Bloomin' love these. I love them because they're multipurpose and I love the shade I have. I want to purchase the grey one!

Dream Satin Liquid Foundation | Maybelline
I remember a few years back when I actually bought this, I decided to get properly into foundation. I loved using this and I really need to get it again. This shade suited my skin perfectly and I always looked really glowy and healthy. It was very good for my oily skin and it blended beautifully.

Chit Chat Bronzer
It's multipurpose! I've used this as an eyeshadow many times before and I love it. It's a pretty bronzer and works for me.

120 Pro Palette | Not MAC!
I bought this off eBay ages ago and I love it. Obviously, the shade range is brill and i've been using it more often, recently. 

Natural Collection Loose Powder
Mentioned this before, I love it. I use it everyday and it keeps me perfectly matte! I HAVE to repurchase or I'd be stuffed!

Mango Soap | The Body Shop
I'm using this everyday at the minute and it's so lovely. It doesn't have a strong fragrance and I feel like if you have sensitive skin, these soaps are brilliant. I love them and they're the only soaps I'll use.

Match Perfection Foundation | Rimmel
Using this at the moment and I love it. I like the way it leaves my skin and I really want to repurchase!

Supersoft Detangle Spray
I love this and I love how easy it works! It doesn't leave my hair sticky like most sprays, either!

I hope you enjoyed this post, there may be more to come that I need to catch up on, but I'm not sure yet! Hope you had a brilliant weekend and I hope you've had a good day. Lots of love, Zofia x 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Nail Polishes 2013


I can't believe it's that time again. I remember setting up my blog last year and this post is one of the first ones I decided to do. I thought I'd do it again this year because my collection has changed and I've got a different colour selection! If you'd like to see last years, click the 'Nails' tab at the side!

My fave polishes from this collection are the two rimmel ones and the OPI one. I really like the glitters too and I've been adding them to every nail polish I've worn recently! I need to start wearing the blue shades more because I haven't worn the Kiko one much and I got that last summer!

The green Barry M is a recent purchase and I've already tried it and reviewed it. I really love it and it's such a pretty shade. I love the pink MUA one a lot too but I've only worn it twice!

I lovelovelove these shades and I hope you do too! 

Thanks for reading, 
Zofia! xox

Monday, 17 June 2013

Stila Lip Glaze Review

Black cherry, Sugar plum, jack frost, splendor, jolly, holly, joy, jingle.

Hello beautifuls, I'm here to brighten up your Monday evening! I hope you've all had a brilliant day!
| First Impressions | 

I've decided to do a review on a Stila set I received mooooonths ago. I got them for Christmas and to be quite honest, I've only used them the odd few times! Up until I decided to do this post I didn't bother using them and they've been put away in an appropriate drawer, unused. So, I decided to use them and when I managed to get a good idea about them and decide on an opinion, I thought I'd do this post to let you all know!
Before I saw these in a Boots catalogue last year, I was never interested in 'Stila' the only time the brand has caught my eye is when someone mentioned that they had a few odd bits in Poundland - which I never saw.. but until these beauties caught my eye, I never wanted any of their items and I didn't know of the brand!
So I saw the pretty colours and popped them on my Christmas list. I thought £15 was a bit steep but considering the amount of lipglosses in the set I thought it was a good bargain. I really liked the Christmassy theme aswell - have you noticed the shade names!? 
When I finally unwrapped them at Christmas I was pretty pleased. They came in a card textured box with a see through window on the front - this gave me easy access to see the shades and the lipglosses before purchasing if I needed to which was good! 

| What Do I Think Of The Actual Lipglosses? |

These lipglosses are ones that 'wind up'. You twist the bottom and product comes out the lipbrush at the top. I really like the fact they're like this because they're good for on the go. I never go without a lipbrush now a days so I like these lipglosses because they're 2 in 1! I like the shade range because they're pinks/purples with the odd sheer colour and the odd shimmer put in but the shades impressed me!
To be truthful, glaze is the word to sum these up. They're not powerful colours so if you're the type of person that wears Ruby Woo or Viva Glam Nicki every moment of the day, you might not like these just because you don't get much colour out of them and they're not so pigmented. They simply glaze your lips and add a sheer colour to them. I think the brightest one is Black cherry. 
I think the question with lipgloss always has to be 'are they sticky?' yes. Yes, these are! I seriously don't mind with these! I feel like they're thick so they don't glide on the lips and add a sticky texture, I feel like these are like a lipstain with a liquidy feel? It's so difficult to explain but I don't think these are 'annoying sticky' you just know that they're there!
The only problems I've had with these is that they take a while to appear. Meaning, I twist the part you're meant to, to get the product to the surface and it doesn't. I twist and twist and nothing appears and then you stop and a lot of product comes and that wasn't the aim! I do really like these though and I had SUCH a bargain because I paid £15 for these and 1 lipglaze is that price!
They do last a reasonable amount of time on the lips too, although they disappear with drink/food, which I think most glosses do anyway!

| Would I buy again? |

I really would love to. I don't think I'd buy one lipgloss for £15 but I'd buy more sets. I like how they do sets for around £12 so that's brilliant, I'd definately do that. I'd like a different shade range to try, too. They do spring and autumn sets which are very pretty! 

I'm really happy with these and I'm going to start using them a lot more. I hope you enjoyed this post - any questions, please ask and I'll try and help!

What's your favourite shade?
Lots of love! Zofia x 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

How I'd Style.. Denim Shorts #2

Untitled #550
Yet another How I'd Style post..
This is another denim shorts post but I thought I'd do #2 because there are many ways to style them and I had a few ideas on how I would - so I hope you don't mind a #2!

Sad to say but I love these shorts more than I liked the last pair of shorts.. they're really me and I LOVE the design! They're the cutest shorts ever and the floral crochet design is lovely!!
The colour of the denim is pretty too, it's a lovely turquoise colour. These come in a pink colour too but I wasn't overly keen on them, I really like the blue ones. 

At first, I decided these shorts would look good with a bandeau - they would - but I didn't want to include a bandeau in this post because I think I've included many of them in my recent fashion posts. So, I chose this top. I love this top a lot and it's also something I'd choose. I think the two go well because they're both floral and with these shorts I decided on a clean, fresh feel with a white theme because the shorts are floral and a pretty shade of blue. 

For the shoes, I didn't want to add another pair of wedges and be repetitive like other style posts - so I went really simple with some sandals! I haven't included Forever 21 in my style posts so I thought I'd have a look at their website which I never seem to do and I came across these - I think they're quite nice and have minimal detail so I think that's needed with the heavy florals! 

I added this cardi from Next which is the 'pointelle' one. I really like it and it's really basic so you can throw it on when you get a bit chilly in the evenings. I noticed that when I wear outfits like this to the beach (this is totally my beach get up!) I feel a bit chilly round about 6/7 o clock so a nice cardi like this always helps!

As always I have to add a lipstick! This outfit suits a bold colour I think and I always choose white outfits with a red lippie, just because they match and I needed to mention RiRi Woo at one point, so here it is;-)

I hope you like this outfit - It's totally me, I love it!

Zofia x 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

This Or That Beauty Tag

Hiya everyone, I've had this post on my blog planner for ages so I've decided to do it today! It's the 'This or That beauty tag' and I think it's a pretty old one but I like the questions and ofcourse, I tag you all to do it and remember to link your blog posts below if you've done this, I love reading everyone's tag answers!

blush or bronzer? - Definately bronzer. I love a good bronze and I'm trying to master contour, too!
lipgloss or lipstick? - Lipstick, to be honest. I have a mix of both but I think I always reach for a stick rather than a gloss!
eye liner or mascara? - This is a bit of a difficult one because I used to be an eyeliner junkie but I've come to the point of skipping that but now and always think my eyes are pretty with just a bit of mascara. So I'll pick mascara.
foundation or concealer? - Foundation. I only have one concealer and I hardly use it. I feel like if you need to cover up, add a bit more foundation?
neutral or color eye shadow - Neautral... I feel like browns and nudes suit everyone.
pressed or loose eyeshadows - Pressed. I always use pressed more than loose but I use loose occasionally. 
brushes or sponges? - Brushes! I binned my sponges a while ago. I didn't use them and they started to go weird... I hated using them! Hate Hate Hate!

OPI or china glaze? - OPI. Never tried China Glaze!
Long or short? I have short nails and in a way, I prefer them that way.
Acrylic or natural? Natural! Never had acrylic but I remember having false nails a few years back and I took them off 5 minutes later.. I actually cried because they made me cringe.. LOL
Brights or darks? Brights. I love brights and pastels so much!
Flower or no flower? Flower..?

perfume or body splash? I like both! I really do! Perfumes for occasions and body splashes  (i use sprays) for everyday use.  
lotion or body butter? Body Butter. Body lotions are too runny:-(
body wash or soap? Body wash!!! SOAP MAKES ME CRINGE! It's so ew.. When I get out the bath it seems to 'set' on my skin and flakes...tmi!
lush or other bath company? I like Bomb Cosmetics. But I like Lush too... 

jeans or sweat pants? Can leggings be my sweat pants?! I hate jeans..
long sleeve or short? Both! I sometimes wear short sleeve things with a long sleeve underneath.
dresses or skirts? Dresses. I have more than them - but I like skirts too!
stripes or plaid? Stripes.
flip flops or sandals? Sandals. They have more design.. but I do love my Primark flip flops, I take them everywhere in the summer!
scarves or hats? Scarves. Never wear hats, I look strange:-(
studs or dangly earrings? Totally both!!
necklaces or bracelets? Don't make me choose!! Both!
heels or flats? Flats. I absolutely love heels but I don't own any *cringe* just because I have nowhere to go that involves heels.. can't beat a pair of 'dolly shoes' ha!
cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots!
jacket or hoodie? Jackets for everyday, hoodies for bed! Haha
forever 21 or charlotte russe? Never heard of the second option - Forever 21 have some nice things so I choose them!
abercombie or Hollister? None...
saks 5th or nordstrom? *stares blankly*

curly or straight? Straight. I love it curly but I choose straight more often seeing as my hair is being such a looser and I hate styling it.
bun or ponytail? Bun!!! I've mastered the bun!! I also think I get away with a bun, whereas a ponytail looks scruffy on me and I hate my forehead. I love buns!
bobby pins or butterfly clips? Aw I like both... maybe bobby pins more though.
hair spray or gel? I don't use any. But I use spray for curls so I choose that!
long or short? Long!
light or dark? Dark.
side sweep bangs or full bangs? None for myself.
up or down? Down.

Rain or shine? SUNSHINE!
Summer or winter? 100% both..summer in winter and winter in summer, haha.
Fall or spring? I like both...
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

I hope you liked this random tag on a few subjects, remember to do it if you want and leave a link and don't forget to pass the tag on! I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love, 
Zofia xo

Sunday, 9 June 2013

NOTW | Maybelline Color Show | First Impressions

Hiya everyone!
I have a NOTW post today but with a slight twist. I normally say what I'm wearing and etc but tonights NOTW is a full first impression of the new nail polish range 'Color Show'.

These caught my eye ever since the advert aired in the UK and I really wanted them from the off! I decided to pick one up because hey, they're hardly pricey..
In Asda last week they had them at £2 which is great, 99p off! I had a look at the colour range online already, before my shop and I noted down many, many colours that I liked. I really like Go Go Green and I think that's a polish I'll definately be picking up. 
When I got to the Maybelline stand they didn't have many colours left but this one caught my eye so away I went - I didn't even notice any other colours on the shelf! 

I picked this up because I don't have a colour quite like this. It's a baby blue shade - quite pastel? I think it'll work in the spring/summer, with or without glitters and you can add things to it. I added some REALLY sparse glitter to mine with some polka dots! I think my nails this week look really cute and summery! 

My first impressions of the Color Show range are good. Like I said, the advert caught my eye straightaway and I knew I wanted to try these polishes. The colour range instantly attracted me to the brand because they have so many and they look like colours that 'pop'.. many colours are bright and I prefer brights to darks! 
The price also attracted me to these polishes because I saw the advert and because Maybelline is always around the £7 mark, I thought these polishes would be too, but I checked the price and was very surprised! £2.99 for a nail polish is fab! It's Barry M price and if you're like me - it's a good way to build up your nail polish collection!

Now for the application..
I like these polishes. I do like them and I had good results. I only needed one coat and the colour applied very opaque. By the time I completed my second hand I did notice the polish going quite...gloopy? But I think this is just me and I don't think this would happen to anyone else and I think I know what caused it - if you've experienced this, comment below! 

I absolutely love these polishes though and I'm 100% going to purchase more. Go go green is my next one. The only thing I would recommend with these polishes is to wait a while before you do a second coat, if you need one. I find that you could mess everythign up completely if you attempt to rush painting them - just because the polish is quite thick and takes a while to dry!

All in all, I love them.

I hope you've had a good weekend,
tell me what you think of these polishes, too!
Love you all!
Zofia xoxo

Friday, 7 June 2013

May Empties


Possibility Ginger Snap Cookies Shower Gel | £1 | Savers
Good Product / Bad Product
This is something I liked using. I used it as a bubble bath, shower gel, body wash..I really like it, it lathers, foams up well etc. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the smell because there is no smell! I really wish this product had a ginger biscuits scent because I really love the smell of ginger cookies and this didn't have the scent. I wouldn't say this is a bad product though, because it's inexpensive and they have a good range of 'flavours'. I'd repurchase because it's not heavy on the purse so I can use it everyday!

Elemis Face Wash | £9.99 | Superdrug
Good Product / Bad Product / Unsure!
Totally unsure. This broke me out sometimes and other times it made my skin feel fresh and glowy. I'm glad this is all gone - I will not be repurchasing! It's a bit overpriced for me anyway, I prefer more drugstore skincare. I liked the smell and how it applied, though.

S&G Righteous Butter | £10.50 | Boots
Good Product / Bad Product
Love it! Feels amazing on the skin, smells beautiful and is actually perfectly priced considering the amount you have. It lasted me 2 years and that, to me, is perfect value. Soap and Glory products are brilliant! Definate repurchase girls!

Elemis Face Wipes | £4.95 | Superdrug
Good product / Bad product 
I like these. I like how they removed my makeup and I like how clean they made my skin after I removed makeup. They get into your pores and take away mascara well but I don't think I'll repurchase because I don't buy 'face wipes' I just get plain and simple baby wipes! If you're looking for new face wipes though, I recommend.

Possibility Raspberry Shower Gel | £1 | Savers
Good product / Bad product
I love this! I absolutely love the smell and it works exactly the same as the Ginger snap one but has an actual scent which is strong and is so fruity and mm! I love love love this. I'm going to pick up some this weekend, I think!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I definitely recommend you to check out Possibility products because they're only £1 and I've seen them in Poundland, Poundworld and I picked my ones up in Savers. They do a Strawberry scent, a Lemon Cheesecake scent and a Pink Champagne scent. I have the lemon and the Champagne ones, too!

Tried any of these products?
I'd love to know!
Zofia x 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Wishlist

Untitled #549

H&M TROUSERS - BLUE - £7.99 (was £15)

Hi there pretties!
It's finally 'hump day' so pay day and Friday will soon be here! Ha!
So, talking of Pay day I'm sharing with you my June Wishlist today. June .. June .. JUNE, ALREADY?! Where has this year gone, I can't even believe it - this time last year I was thinking of starting a blog and here I am, rambling away!

I'm really happy with my wishlist this month and I really hope to get the products from it. I have a good amount and a good variety of things so I'm going to tell you about them!

H&M Trousers | £7.99 | Blue
I really love these - lots and lots, haha. I featured these in a recent how to style post and I just come across them on the internet while I was trying to find trousers to go with the top I was styling. I haven't been on the lookout for any of these type trousers but I really love the pattern and the way they look and I can imagine styling them on myself so I really want them. The price tag isn't too bad either girls!

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Go Go Green
Recently, I've been in love with green shades like this. I love my Barry M one and I love my OPI one which is so so so similar. I absolutely love these and ever since the advert popped on the TV I've been wanting them. I love the bottle, matter of fact and I actually thought these wouldn't be so cheap. I thought they would be around £7/8... I can't believe they're Barry M price aha, it's baffled me for some reason! They have a great colour selection and I can't wait to try! This is a guaranteed purchase.

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Polka Dots
I also have my eye on a second colour! I love the polka effect for nails and most of them (Illamasqua for example) are way expensive so I'm definately going to try this one.

Maybelline Mascara | £5.99 | Mega Plush
I've been seeing this on Tumblr for around 2 years. I knew instantly it was in America and not the UK because of the bottle shape - Maybelline UK has a pointed top while US has a flat top. I loved the look of the packaging instantly and years back - I wished we had it in the UK. Now, we finally do and it has a cheap intro price at £5.99 so I'll definately be trying. Yes, there are mixed reviews but i really want to try for myself!

Kate Moss Lipstick | £5.49 | Rimmel
I finally got round to trying one of these lipsticks the other week and it's the red packaging, shade 101. I love it and I NEED more! I came across this shade on the internet this morning so I need to get my booty down to Boots! Beautiful shade and it's a shade I don't have yet. A pretty peach shade - lovely!

Taylor Swift, Enchanted Wonderstruck | £19.99
Not much to say about this but I always have a little list of perfumes I want and remember them during Christmas/Birthday time just so I manage to get one! On my list right now is this one because I tried the sample and mm, I LOVE the scent of this! I'm not a hardcore Taylor fan but this perfume is lovely - I'll probably wait until Christmas though, haha..

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll chat to you all in 2 days time when my next post will be my empties!

Have you tried any of these? 
What did you think?

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