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Friday, 2 May 2014

April 2014 | Throwback

April was an alright month - we've had some nice weather and I've visited a few new places. 
I went to Birmingham to see a friend, my first visit there was nice.. I should be going back soon to shop, the shops there are great - much better than Peterborough! The weather was lovely on that day too, it's a shame I have no pictures.

I went to Cambridge last week to work, I know Cambridge quite well and it's always a lovely place to visit. I obviously didn't shop because I had to work but the weather was nice on my lunchbreak and the senior sales in the Cambridge store was very welcoming so my day there was a good one. I felt like such a tourist on my way to work though, I must say!

Me and the parents went to Jimmy Spices buffet for the start of April, my first visit there was great! So many nice foods to choose from and the desserts were quite nice. It was a great family meal as we don't really do it much so it was a lovely Mothers Day thing.

Easter 2014 has been and gone, I got quite a few Easter eggs - that age in my life hasn't really matured yet so I still expect eggs for Easter! Even though I am healthy eating... 
All the pretty flowers are out for spring now so I took the advantage of getting a few photos.
Other events include bowling and nice spring walks... 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm Back | What Have I Been Up To?

Well, It's been a while.. I can't apologise enough for not being recent on my blog. Since the year started I've been hectic with all sorts of things and I haven't had the time and effort as I used to with my blog.  I've had such a busy time with everything and I've made so many memories already this year.  
It's now April and the last week or so I've been thinking about blogging and getting back on the wagon - which is what I plan to do.   I've always been really recent on my blog and I've always posted every other day which isn't something I've been doing lately. I realised that my blog posts were getting a bit un-enthusiatic and I wasn't putting much effort in because I didn't have the time to do so. 
 I started work in September and since then I had so many hours at work and I was given overtime and things like that. I don't have as many hours at work now and I have time in the week and weekend to blog. Starting from today I'm going to try and make a lot more effort with pictures and blog content. I miss blogging and I miss keeping up with you all - blogging was always my little place where I could just get away from other things in the real world!  
I plan to share with you everything about my last few months although it's been hectic! I found myself a partner and that meant travelling up to Essex every Friday/Saturday so ofcourse I had no time to blog when I was constantly travelling about. Unfortunately, things turned sour after nearly 4 months so maybe that wasn't meant to be.. I'll look at it as a positive for now!  I hope you've all had a brilliant start of Spring and I hope your 2014 is going well. I hope to carry on the year blogging and I promise, from today, I'll make a lot more effort - I might even change up my blog layout, who knows.....


Monday, 27 January 2014

January Roundup | 2014

New phone case // Frosty mornings on the way to work // two new bangles // A trip to London means a London eye picture // Zofia has a new bag // I finally picked up my Naked palette // Oxford Street is a must // Dog walking in the winter is fun yet freezing // Sunsets are preparing me for summer. 
Hello beautiful! Today I'm giving you all a January roundup. For me, January has been a slow, yet good month. This month I've been thinking about Summer and the rest of the year and how I really want to achieve a lot of things. Being young means it's harder to achieve what you want I think, I have the money..I have the job..but I'm still only very young so I've been getting things into perspective.

This month, I've been abandoning my blog quite a bit I think, I've not been putting a lot of effort in and I've noticed this a lot. February means a big blog shake up and a rearrange. I'm going to take a lot of effort into blog posts, too. 

In January I visited London and picked up my Naked palette, this has been something I've wanted to do for ages as it's been all round the bloggersphere for ages it was a must. 
All in all, January was a good month and I enjoyed myself. Things have got off to a good start.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year... Welcome To 2014!

Happy New Year lovelies! 
Isn't it crazy how a year changes everything? I thought I'd pop on here this evening and give you all a small update and bloggy bits. 
I can't believe we're in 2014, for me, 2013 was a great year. I went into 2013 without any expectations and now, today, I'm in a much better place for doing so. I think so many people give themselves a hard time with resolutions and things they want to achieve etc but for me, I had no plans for 2013 I just wanted to sort things out and make sure I had a better year than 2012...I can happily say I managed it. 
In 2012 I started up my blog and in 2013 I'd like to thing I've created a great place for my beauty bits. Obviously, it's still growing and I'm still bettering my blogging habits but everyday I feel like it improves a little bit more. 
In 2012 I was suffering with anxiety, I wasn't happy and my confidence was at a 0.. in 2013 I achieved so many things - I got myself a job.. I decided I didn't want to be the person I was anymore and I managed to get the best job I could ask for at the moment! In my first week, I went to Bury St Edmunds to work which meant a solo train ride.. something as small as this gave me a great boost of confidence and has definitely set me up for the year ahead. 

Now as 2013 is over I can happily say I've put the anxiety in the recycle bin and said goodbye.. just like everything, I do have to keep myself in good spirits and keep my head held high because it could come back at any time and I can easily get myself into the place I used to be but this coming year I know that I have good people around me and gradually, I'm making new friends every single day. 

My 2013 was great. I managed to make many memories which I'll remember for many years to come - this coming year I have many things to look forward to but no expectations - I'll be training as a MUA in February and I'll be starting driving in the next coming weeks. I hope many trips to places will come around and ofcourse, I'd love to meet some of you lovely lot - I want to get involved with my blog alot more too, I've been ever so quiet since September I must admit. I'd love to go to some blog events too so hopefully that will happen. Who knows...maybe a holiday may be on the agenda?

I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas, a brilliant NYE and New Years Day! I hope you all achieve the wonderful things you want to this year and take this from me... you need to treat everyday like it's your last rather than regret for weeks on end - we're not here forever so make memories while you can and remember to smile!

 Happy New Year And All The Best For The Coming Year!
x x x 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Favourites

Hello beauties! Another post for you tonight, lucky you!
Favourites time again - December is greeting us again on Sunday...can't believe it! This month I've been trying SO many new beauty goodies with you so I'll have to give them a mention soon but for now here are my November best loves!

Yankee Candle Cinnmon Stick So autumnal! I loved burning this one and I think I kept it burning for the whole day. It wasn't a strong or sickly smell it was subtle but you could smell it really well. I loved the woody scent of it - all I needed was a fire and some marshmallows! 

Kate Moss 105 Lippie I've finally got to love this and I've been using it more than my pink 107 lately which is a shock! I love the lasting power and the lovely fushia shade. Definitely a November favourite!

FIT Me Foundation Love the coverage, love the shade I use and I love the application. It gives me such a nice complexion and I love the way 210 makes me look a lot more healthier yet it doesn't make me look 'orange'. I love how this lasts most of the day too.

Body Shop Almond Hand Cream I love the scent of this, it's really sweet. I like how the lotion sets into my hands without staying sticky. Perfect for the chilly weather too!

Colgate Max White One Toothpaste I don't really feature things like this but I've enjoyed using this because my mouth/teeth feel a lot fresher to the ordinary Colgate. Lovely!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Haul | Zofia's Been Spending

Evening everyone, haul time!
As you know I recently got a job and etcetc so I've been able to treat myself a lot more on my visits to London - as you can see, I'm doing well haha! 
I have bought a lot of clothes lately too and my efforts of taking pictures of them = a disaster so I'll pop the pictures of them on another time with a clothes haul so keep your eyes peeled. Also, apologies for the mismatched product backgrounds, I took the first few pictures weeks ago and only realised I hadn't added them into a haul so that's why they're odd!

Original Source Lavendar Gel I love the smell of this, it's not overpowering but you can smell it softly on your skin after use. 
Anti Blackhead Scrub/Wilko I use this all the time as I know it suits my skin and it's very inexpensive. 
Anti Blackhead Cleanser Brilliant for taking my makeup off, and deep cleanses my skin.
Almond Hand And Nail Cream I got this for free at The Body Shop when I was working away in Bury St Eds. I love this and the smell is to die for. I've been using it a lot lately as my hands have got so dry with the cold and hardwork!
Palmers Cocoa Scrub/Lotion I got sent these for free as they're only sample sizes. I kinda like them - I find the scrub to be quite rough but the lotion's okay.
Body Shop Peach Butter The smell of this is GORGEOUS! Very summery though I must say! I need to get round to using my butters but when they're on offer I always make a purchase.
Body Shop Mango/Satsuma Mini Gels I picked two up for £1 instead of £4 with my Glamour Magazine Joy Card - bargain! 
Loreal Micellear Water Finally caved in and made a purchase - as I've mentioned before I'll be doing a proper review on this but let's just say....I'm confused why people raved about this so much!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Obviously I'm trying these out at the moment so I'll give you an in depth review soon. I've never tried anything revlon so I really wanted to try this after all the reviews.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation I used this today as I needed to look a bit better than I did at 7am as I have a really bad cold and I feel like complete poo! I love how bright this made my skin look. It's so orange in the bottle but becomes lighter as applied. I like this finish so I'll definitely do an in depth review soon.
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Really getting into the Revlon swing of things arn't I! I never try their products and everyone raves about them so I hope to get a collection. I'll be reviewing this in the next few days as I haven't actually tried it yet but I spotted this in Poundland which is a great bargain.
W7 Eyelust Mascara My everyday fave! Makes my lashes spacious but not clumpy.
Natural Collection Loose Powder What I use everyday - it lasts me the whole day without caking. 
Natural Collection Chocolate Eyeshadow I love this! I use this as a lid colour everyday and it looks so light and daytime friendly.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Not very good reviews coming from me on this! I'll do a proper review soon but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Shadow I had money off *as always* in the body shop so I thought I'd try some makeup out - I wouldn't pay £7 for this but £3.50 was a good bargain!
Revlon Colorstay I really wanted to try out a full coverage foundation - as I don't have to save the pennies on makeup too much I thought I'd splurge and spend a few more pounds on a foundation - I hope this lives up to expectations!
Topshop Lipsticks Innocent/Straight Ace You heard right! IM NOT A TOPSHOP VIRGIN ANYMORE! I've finally bought something from Topshop - you've also heard right there.. I have nothing from Topshop! After so many bloggers raving over their lippies I decided to try TWO for the price of ONE MAC one! I bought Innocent which is my typical go to shade *it's a bit like Rimmel 107 red bullet* and Straight Ace which is completely out of my comfort zone but I've tried it on and it suits me a lot so it was a good purchase.

Other Purchases
Batiste Dry Shampoo An occasional purchase on this.. they last me months as I don't use them all the time. I tried a different one this time but the scent isn't as good as the wild one!
Super Cosy Primark 300 denier tights Zofia's bestfriends with these at the moment! I actually love wearing these, especially for work! They have a fleecy lining and they go well with boots and skirts which is my style for winter so it means I can still be warm!  
Primark Nude Studded Purse I loved the look of this so I decided I needed a new purse. I've been using it as a clutch bag lately too.
LA Colors Nail Polishes As always, a London trip means an LA colors polish! I picked up a bubblegum pink shade and a pinky glitter shade.
Studio Matte And Messy Salt Spray I've used this a bit and it's quite good, I got it on offer which I'm happy about as I've never tried a salt spray.
Colgate Max White One As this was on offer I wanted to see what improvement it made to my teeth... I'll keep you posted!
Kate Spade Nails Inc Red Polish I haven't worn this yet but I'm always picking up a Glamour mag freebie! I love this red.
Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick/Black Cherry These were only £1.30 in the Yankee Westfield store. I really liked the scent of them as they're wintery and at the moment I have cinnamon burning - although I have a cold, everyone else says it smells lovely!


Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Than Beauty | London 29 June

Hello everyone!
Today I'm doing a different post, I've decided to plan some lifestyle posts and here's the first one! I went to London yesterday and I always take pictures for my everyday picture taking but I decided to take some extra special ones for you beauties!
But, before we start, can I ask a huuuuugggeeeee favour and ask for you all to follow me on bloglovin' - remember to click the 'Little Miss Prada xo' link - the second one. It would mean a lot and would help, considering the Google follower application ends tomorrow which isn't a good help but if you enjoy my posts/blog etc then I would really appreciate it - thanks! 

Okay, so first, we went to Borough Market, which is in Borough, Southwark -  (right near the tube, too!)
I've only been to Borough market twice, this time and the last time I went to London, in April. There were different things there this time, than there was last time and I think I enjoyed it this time a lot more because there were so many fruits and vegetables! The pictures above look so summery and bright and fresh, don't they?! I just want to chop them all up and sit on a beach somewhere haha!

I really like Borough Market and if you're interested in food and cooking, I suggest you go! I don't think I'd buy things because London prices are a bit on the silly side but I love looking round and drooling at the fruits!

Next, we stopped off at Canary Wharf to get the DLR to Greenwich. While we stopped at Canary Wharf, I snapped a few pictures of the office blocks, which, by the way, do NOT look as good in the day as they do at night which is a major meh moment, but hey, London is beautiful 24/7!
Also, at Canary Wharf, we looked round the shopping center which I never knew existed - it's really big and they have a Space NK and Nails Inc and Bobbi Brown so take a visit! I had my first Krispy Kreme doughnut there - how nice?! I seriously neeeeeed more of them and I'm considering the 'dozen collection' LOL. I had the cookie topped one, by the way...

Then, we went to Greenwich! We got off at the Cutty Sark tube station, because we wanted to see the 'Cutty Sark' ship and I wanted to get a few pictures. It's as big as I thought and seemed to be a good tourist destination so maybe, if you're looking to fill your London trip, you could visit here! After my picture taking, we went under a tunnel - UNDER the thames - and ended up at 'Island Gardens'. Island Gardens is ever so pretty, with good views and I'd never been there before. I ate my doughnut in the Island Gardens park and enjoyed the views! ..I also painted my nails and took a picture of a few pooches, while I sat there, to..
After we went to Stratford - I picked up some things - I'll haul them!

So, here's an awkward picture of an OOTD and me scoffing a doughnut, woo!

Then, we popped off to Tower Bridge. We always visit Tower Bridge because it's always lovely in the summer and I can get a few pictures - this time, we went on a Boat! 
The boat trip was really good, £9 adults, £4.50 for children. I really enjoyed it and the boat guide named out all the bridges we passed and all the landmarks we passed on the way. We saw the London Eye, Cleopatra's needle, OXO tower, London Bridge and more! i think it was well worth the money and the first time I'd been on a boat. The boat was spacious, friendly and I think if you're a boat sick type of person, you'd still enjoy it because I couldn't really feel us 'bobbing up and down' and I'm the type of person to get travel sick! 
There was some sort of event happening where Tower Bridge was - I have no idea what it was but children were participating in archery and things like that! Typical summer!

Next, Embankment!
We walked over the Westminster bridge (I've done a tour, but what's the exact name?!) and then walked along the Embankment. I always do that, every London trip, so yesterday was no exeption! Every summer, June - September, there's a few rides and things going along on the Embankment and that's really nice when the sun's shining and I obviously got a few pictures! The London Dungeon ques were HUGE - I hope you weren't in the que waiting!
Along the way, I got a Flake Mcflurry which was needed - the weather was boiling!
On the Embankment there was a man picking people to do these pose/freezeframe type things. I was really impressed and they look real. 

Next, we walked up the Mall! For anyone that doesn't know, the mall is a loooong road/path leading to the Queens house, Buckingham Palace! We walked up the Mall to go to Green Park and have a few snacks. I had a seeded panini filled with Quorn bacon, lettuce and tomatoes! I also saw a limo leaving the mall - did I miss Queenie?!
We also saw the soldiers change over, I managed to take some pictures of that, also.
While I walked through Green Park, I felt the weather get so warmer and it was already warm but woah I managed to tan even easier while not noticing!

I really love Hyde Park. I've only recently started to go to Hyde Park and have been on a 'Boris Bike' 3 times now! Yesterday, we went on the Boris bikes and went round the serpentine around 4 times which took 1 hour. I love using the bikes and having a moan about the people that don't stay on the right path, LOL.
Hyde Park seems like a brill place to have a picnic and enjoy a day out. Unfortunately, I've only been on a bike round Hyde Park and not been able to take a seat on the park area, but next time, I will!

After Hyde Park we walked through Belgravia. I've never been through Belgravia before, considering there's nothing there, but I needed a drink and there was a convenience store so I popped in and picked up some Pink lemonade!
On the way through Belgravia, I saw the most beautiful houses and this gorgeous car! So posh, darlings!;-)
I also passed a Louboutin store which I nearly died of exitement from - I could have passed out on the street! Obviously, I don't own any 'Loubs' but, I'm a fan of all the styles and they're a girls ultimate dream, arn't they? I had to take a picture and wish for a winning Lotto ticket!

We then went to Covent Garden and I had some crisps and watched the world go by. I didn't manage to take any pictures but I suggest visiting Covent Garden, I love it!
After Covent Garden, I went to Oxford Street - No pictures but there will be a haul soon enough. I picked up mostly beauty bits and something from Stratford which was a top. 
After Oxford Street I went to Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Chinatown and places around there. It was around 8/9pm now and so there wasn't many places we needed to visit but I still plodded along with sore feet!

Until around 1am I walked about and took a few more pictures. I saw Hayley Cropper from Corrie which, obvs, wasa highlight;-).
I then caught the last train home and got back at 2am - Mcdonalds in hand, ofcourse! 
I had a brilliant day and London is a big love for me. I can't wait to go back and do it alllll over again. I hope you enjoyed my lifestyle post and don't forget to follow via bloglovin because, if not, you'll never get to catch up with my latest posts because you'll all be unfollowed without bloglovin:-(

Sorry this post is late, it's taken me 4 hours to create with love and attention and a bit of Big Brother UK interrupting! But apart from that,
Thanks for reading,
Hope you had a good weekend!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Beauty Blogger Tag

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Straight. I like it being straight, I never have the patience to straighten it half the time so I'm glad I don't have curly hair or It'd be such an effort!

2. What is your natural hair color?
My hair is naturally brunette. But I died it red a few times so it has a slight tint of red.

3. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
I dyed it myself. I wouldn't die my hair again.

4. How often do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair everyday. I used to wash it every other day but now it just gets really greasy quickly. Plus I don't really like dry shampoo.

5. Do you wear the same hair style everyday, or do you change it?
Most of the time I have it straight or some days I wash it and keep it wet in the house. I occasionally have it part curly/straight.

6. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I paint my own nails.

7. How often do you change your nail polish?
Once a week! 

8. Do you polish your toes just in the summer, or in the winter too?
I'm really lazy when it comes to painting my toe nails. I mainly just paint them in the summer but if I know my toes might be on show in the winter I'll paint them. Or if I'm bored sometimes I'll paint them.

9. How long does it take you to put your make up on?
Round about... 30 mins/ 45 mins. Or a on a quick day, 15 minutes.

10. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
Face! I'm used to doing it that way and can't do my eyes then face..

11. Do you 'collect' make up or just buy what you need?
 I do have a slight collection and buy a lot when I don't need it and I tend to rarely use it, which is really quite bad. But I have got better recently and now only buy what I need really.

12. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Never. Only won them once and that was for 5 minutes when I was trying them out. I always worry that they'll fall off. I personally think I look better without.

13. Do you do a full face of make up everyday?
Yeah, normally. 

14. Do you wear make up when you're home alone or with family?
I wear makeup everyday. Some days I'll have a lazy day. So yeah, I live with my family..

15. Will you leave the house without make up on? 
I don't. Because of the dark nights I've walked the dog at around 5pm with wet, messy hair and no makeup but I do feel uncomfortable and I feel better with makeup.

16. How many high-end products do you have?
I'm not obsessed with high-end make up products, I'm not bothered as long as the product works well, it's fine. I own a few MAC bits..that's it.

17. How often do you wash your make up brushes?
Okay, I am not going to lie, I am extremely lazy when it comes to washing make up brushes. I rarely wash them..every 3 weeks?

18. Do you plan your outfit the night before or when you get dressed?
If I'm going to London, night or a few nights before. But if I'm doing my normal routine, I just get up and pick something random.

19. How often do you change your handbag?
I don't need/use a bag! I sometimes use my small, everyday, nude, chained bag. 

20. What time do you get up and go to sleep?
I sleep at silly times like 4/5/6 am most days and wake around 12/1/2.. hate it! Some times I sleep at 12/1 then wake at around 8 which I prefer.

21. How often do you work out?

22.Left handed or right handed?
Right handed.

23. How tall are you?

24. Do you speak a foreign language?
I can but not fluently. French.

25. How often are you on blogger?
Everyday! I blog everyday and schedule posts. Then, I'm never behind! I'm also on here all the time to read the people I follow.

26. Do you read the comments on your blog?
Yes, I love it when people comment. I like to hear peoples opinions, etc. Ofcourse I read them! I always reply!

27. Do you keep a list of products to try, from other peoples blogs?
Yeah. If I see something I like or a reminder, I note it down on my Notes app on my iPod. I never even make a purchase haha!

28. What is your favorite colour?
Oooo..hard one.. Brights not darks! I can't pick a color ha ha.

29. What made you start blogging?
I used to watch Thea Kate's youtube videos when I was about 12. I absolutely loved her and it's a shame she doesn't do it anymore. Recently, around January 2012 I started watching the more recent Youtube videos and BAM, here I am!

30. How do you get ideas for blog posts?
Blogs, magazines, shops, tv, etc. Pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Other people's blogs mainly make me think of an idea. I think it's easy though..

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all do this post too! 

Lots of love..

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Graze Box!

Today I wasn't meant to post! But I couldn't resist and the quicker, the better!
A few days ago I picked up Glamour magazine and inside gave a code to get a free Graze box. As it was free, I decided to try. By the way, this isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share!
Today, I got my free Graze box which was the nibble box edition and I really like it. It's a novelty thing that I might try once a month and I love the variety. You choose the foods you like and you choose what you want in it. I tried Bounty Hunter, Cranberry Flapjacks, Salted Pistachios and karai chutney bites. I wanted to try these all, especially Bountry hunter because it's chocolate, cranberries and coconut.. not together! I love this idea, yet to try it. I love the look of the flapjacks, in my box I got three small flapjacks that look lovely. I also love the Karai bites with a chutney dip too.
The reason for this post is so YOU get one free. I got given a code that you can use to get your box free. Even if you don't want to pay for a subscription, get your first one then cancel the weekly/monthly subscription. Choose your day for delievery, enter bank details then choose the foods you like and dislike - they then package it up and send it on the day you choose. -  Go to this link and get yours free! It's simple as that - no catch. Just make sure to cancel your subscription if you don't want to pay next week, if not you will see £3.75 out of your account!
I hope you enjoy your Graze box and remember to comment below what you chose in your box and what you recieved!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Any New Years Resolutions, Zofia?

-photo taken from, i personally edited but if it belongs to you I can remove-

Ah... time to be honest! I've been really looking forward to doing this post. I really want to change a few things this year. I don't want to change myself, I never would be able to. I just want to change a few mistakes from this year and make 2013 a better version of 2012.  I really think a new year is a fresh start and a good way to use the start of the year as a blank canvas. I'm going to do more of a chatty post today and explain a few things that I'm going to change! (or hope to).

To be Happy.Bit of a silly one! I just always catch myself in the worst moods and I never seem to be happy. I'm trying to not let things bring me down and to just smile a lot more. A lot of things get me down but you know what? You only live once and I'm going to try my best to not get worried or upset and not to listen to what people say.. difficult, but I'll try..

Get out more.
As you can tell by Blogmas.. I'm very boring. I hardly go out or do anything, I'm always stuck in bored and so I'm going to try my best and go out and get some fresh air. Even if it's a 10 minute walk, I'll do it. 

Cut down snacking.
This is my hardest one. I want to have 3 meals a day with a healthy snack, smaller portions and less carbs. VERY DIFFICULT, but I did this last year and it lasted 4 months.. I felt happier. Lets see if I can do it again!

There just the three that I want to change and improve. I want 2013 to be good as we all have to live everyday like it's our last.

Do you have any new years resolutions?

Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

-photo taken from Although I personally edited, if it belongs to you I will take it down-

So here we are.. New Years Eve.. I can't actually believe 2012 is here already! This year has been really eventful, especially for the UK! It doesn't really sink in to the fact we were all meant to die, we had the London Olympics, we had the Jubilee - the time has just gone SO fast! We've all been waiting for 2012 for all the main events and I think it's the reason why it's just gone whizzing by. Christmas didn't last long and tomorrow will be the start of 2013, time to do it all over again!

2012 has been a year full of good and bad. We all have personal highlights and things we'd rather forget but all in all, I think its been a pretty good year. The weather wasn't brilliant for the UK, but hey! It never really is what we expect is it! I never really got to go to the beach this year which was a shame, so i'm counting on 2013 to bring me a little bit of a bronzed glow and sea&sand! I did get to go to London once a month this year, starting from June so I'm really happy with that, I love London and one day wish to move there! Each day we went to London this year we did something different, I got to visit Stratford Westfield which I wanted to do for ages, I got to visit Shepard's Bush Westfield which was good. I also got to see the Olympic clock which was cool after seeing it on the TV a few times! - I will be doing a post on my 2012 highlights tomorrow, so keep an eyeout if you want to see what I got up to in 2012!

2012 has really given me a little bit of confidence.. I didn't have the best time in 2011 and it's not been brilliant in 2012, but I did start doing something that I'm really proud of and that I will be doing for a long time. I started a blog! I know that I'm just starting out and I AM learning new things. I started a Youtube channel which I personally think has got off to a good start! I dont have millions of followers but what I do have - I'm happy with! It's given me a little hobby and something I can say to my mum 'Look what i did'. To some people you might not understand what I mean - I hope you do! In 2013 I will carry on with blogging, I have many things lined up and many idea's to share with you all!

I hope you've had a great year and I hope you enjoyed Christmas! Thankyou all for following me since I started blogging and thankyou all for subscribing on Youtube.. there's only a few of you but seriously - it means the world to know that I'm blogging for a reason!   

Thankyou .. and happy new year!

Lots of love,

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Any New Year Resolutions, Zofia?

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It's that time of year again where everyone says they'll change and they won't. I know that sounds slightly harsh but it's true! People always tweet or Facebook 'new year, new me' ..never works! I must admit I'm a little bit of a sucker for saying I'll do something and I don't; although I have never said that I'll change myself or my personality in the next year. 

I thought it would be a good idea if I do a blog post telling you all things I want to improve in 2013 and things that could improve the year. They're not big things at all, just things that have occurred this year that I haven't really liked.

Not to rely on others -
This isn't the case of getting everyone to do things for me, it's the case of learning to do things that I want to do without getting people to come with me or to get a yes or no off people before I do things. Sounds crazy but it's a little hard to explain!

Not to be too trustworthy - I trust people really easily and I think it's my downfall. I always think everything will end up perfectly but really if I trust people, I only get letdown at the end of it.. I need to learn not to trust people so much like I did before. Back in 2011 I think my trust issues really started and then in 2012 I started to rely and trust my parents a little too much but I think at times they're very much letdowns! *not to be too harsh*

Do things that make me happy -
This one is a lot like the above two, I always expect to do things with Mum&Dad and always rely on them to go somewhere and do something - then I get letdown. So maybe in the new year I might start to get myself up and out and just go for a walk or just go to town and have a browse.. just get some freshair.. do what makes me happy even if it might not be the best option or the best choice.. we learn from our mistakes!

Grow my nails - 
This is a silly one! We all know Zofia will never have long talons.. could always try! 

Get out a bit more - 
As you all noticed via my Blogmas.. I'm always in. Everyday you should live like your last and I think I'm not really doing that.. I'm not expecting a tour of Europe or anything extravagrant.. I just want to do more things and get more fresh air instead of staying in 24/7. I cant wait for Summer!

To get a bigger MAC/ Yankee Candle/ OPI / Makeup Collection
..Bit of a selfish one! I just thought this could be a small resolution that I would collect more makeup.. Pretty good idea.. and easy! Atleast i'll pass one resolution!;-)

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Maybe it gave you some ideas on what you need or want to improve on and gave you an insight of what I'll be doing in 2013. It's the 8th of January already and I think it's going so fast!

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Friday, 30 November 2012

November Round Up!

Hey lovelies

So its December 1st tomorrow! This year has gone so fast and its been okay, not that exciting but I've been to London alot so I suppose thats what makes me happiest.
Anyway, its not even Dec 1 yet and I'm rambling about the year, thats for New Years Eve haha!
I've seen people do this post alot tonight so its my turn, haha.

I've done quite a bit this month, November&December is jam packed so thats what I enjoy, I hate being stuck at home bored. 

♥ November 4th - 
This seems like SO long ago.. On November 4th we had a bonfire night type thing in the garden, we had marshmallows and chocolate and me&dad did some BBQ'ing! Unfortunately we ran out of coal so we had to cook in doors! 

November 5th - 
Best day of November! We went to London to see Oxford Street 2012 lights switch on and I saw Leona, Robbie Williams and Lawson! All amazing and such a great day, I started to get Christmassy but I've lost it a bit now haha. 

♥ November 5th
The christmas lights on Debenhams! London looks so pretty in the winter!

 November 20 -
The autumn leaves! Me&Dad took the dog for a walk and I took my camera along, I got some really lovely pictures of the autumn leaves and the berries on bushes, I love Autumn, but its a lot like Spring.. it goes SO fast!

♥ November 20 - 
I saw a squirrel! Such a cute little thing! It heard the dog and jumped through the tree haha, best picture I've taken I think!

♥ November 24 -
Me and Dad made homemade Chinese and had it for his birthday, it was so nice!

♥ November 29 - 
We went to Town last night to see the Christmas lights, we saw the tree! Peterborough isnt the best place, but I love the decorations this year, they've slightly changed!

♥ November 29 - 
Same theme, last nights lights, THE COCA COLA TRUCK! Haha, I cant believe I saw it! Its so cool, its exactly like the one from the telly! We all got some free coke too!

♥ November 29 - 
Towns lights.. so as November has gone and December 1 starts in 15 minutes, the tree goes up today! 

I need to get Christmassy soon, I dont know why I'm not this year but I suppose it will happen nearer the time! I also have my birthday the day after so I always have something extra to look forward to.
Happy December, I hope you all have a great month and celebrate the festivities in style.
I also hope you've had a brilliant November and celebrated Bonfire night in the best way!

                                         Did you all go to Oxford street lights?



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