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Friday, 17 January 2014

January Wishlist

Untitled #630
A new year, a new month, another wishlist..
I find January is always a month of product lusting. I very much appreciate my gifts but ofcourse, the things that I don't get I always like to purchase them during the new year period. 

Colossal Volum Express Smoky Mascara I always love Maybelline mascara's but I've never tried this one so I'll have to pick one up next time I'm in Boots!

Daisy Peplum I thought this would look super cute for spring - add some ankle boots maybe?

Naked 3 Palette I bought my Naked 2 palette last weekend so I'm on the Naked palette hype!

Color Sensational Pearl Lipstick I always love these shades for spring so I need to try this range.

Ax Paris Little Black Dress I've been eyeing this up for weeks - I've even seen it in store and it's gorgeous..


Friday, 6 December 2013

December Wishlist

Untitled #608


Candy Cane Shower Gel I really want to try this or find a cheaper alternative. I love the look of this and I wonder what the scent is like - candy cane at Christmas is perfect!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel I've actually managed to purchase this, this week so I need to use it over Christmas and pop it on a haul post! I love the scent and I lost my Snow Fairy virginity last christmas so this year was a must! I really need another 'Snow Fairy wand' too!

Mua Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers I've been very spendaholic this week and I've bought Funk in this haha! They're lovely on the lips so I'll pop them in a haul!

Scandaleyes Thick And Thin Liner I actually debated buying this but I was unsure of the two types of applicator. I might actually make a purchase but I'm unsure if I'll get on with it!

Suede Boots I saw these in Tesco, actually, and I fell in love! They're £27 but I love the detail..does anyone know where I could get a cheaper pair maybe?

The Body Shop Full Coverage Base Really need to try some full coverage face products.. even my Colorstay doesn't cover me up! I really like the look of this so I may pop in for a swatch.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Luxury Wishlist #1

Untitled #603


Hello there gorgeous girlies!
Today's post is a wishlist one - not a normal one at that! I usually do my wishlists each month with things that I'll most likely buy in Boots or Superdrug but I've decided to do a Luxury wishlist for things I'm lusting over and will most likely stay in store!
Us girls always see things that we say 'I'll save for!' but we never do because we find dupes or we never actually save anyway... so here's a few of the things I'd love to own. Remember to comment below a few things you're lusting over at the moment, luxury or not!

Michael Kors Rose Gold 'MK5827' Watch | Last year, these were incredibly popular, I think they're a good investment because they can become an everyday staple but for the price there's no many beautiful watches out there that aren't designer but are equally lovely. I'd really like one of these but I'm going to look into a much cheaper alternative!

Michael Kors Selma Large Tote | I always seem to pass oher girls these days with an MK bag and they're a really trendy thing to own. I really like the look of this one as it would go with everything. 

Mulberry Tan Bayswater | These are my ultimate 'lust over' bags. I'd love to own the real deal but I'm getting an Ebay dupe in the next few weeks.. yes, how glamorous!
I love the way these look and as I said above, these would definitely suit everything I wear. I think they're so overpriced at what they are though which is a shame but as I say, there are many dupes out there. 

Diorskin Airflash Foundation | A much cheaper althernative to all the other things I've listed! This is a probable buy as I really like it and have been wearing my sample size over the last few weeks. I really like the style of a spray foundation and I love the coverage. For £30 it's not actually too bad!

Yolanda Louboutin | Louboutins are the ideal girly shoe! Every celebrity and their dog has them so I totally lust over Loubs! I love nude shades so I think these are perfect. Ideal wedding shoe!

YSL Volupe Lipstick | I've seen these lipsticks on so many blogs lately and I'm considering buying one in London when I go for the light switch on! What do you all think?


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Monthly Wishlist | November

Untitled #602


Another month, another wishlist. 
As usual, I'm going to be a typical bblogger and question the speed of the time. I seriously cannot believe it's November and I've been working since mid September. Where's time going, next month I'm 17 and I still feel like I'm 13!

As I have a job I've been noting many things down that I want, but I'm getting these all for Christmas so I won't be spending that much until the end of December. This month I was unsure of things to put on my wishlist, but as usual, I've come up with 6 odds and sods that I want to tell you about.

Color Sensational Vivid Lipsticks | Maybelline I saw these on Maybelline's website and I haven't actually seen them before so I really want to give them a go. They have a range of pinks and oranges which I love so I'll definitely pop them on my written wishlist and then tell you all what I think of them! I love brights so these are made for me.

The Eraser Concealer | Maybelline I haven't tried the foundation version of this but I'd like to try a few different concealers including this one. I'm very 50/50 on it because the rubber top looks a bit unhygienic but it's worth a try!

Topshop Nail Polish | Natural I want to try any Topshop makeup as I never have - I'm off to London on the 12th so I'm definitely picking some things up. Their nail polishes look good and the bottles are cute - this shade looks pretty so I'll hopefully pick it up in store.

Loverdose Tattoo Perfume | Diesel I bloody love this! I wear it everyday in work as I work at The Perfume Shop so we can use the sprays. I love the sweet scent of it which is made up of vanilla beans that makes the sweetness. This reminds me of Cher Lloyd's perfume or Fantasy by Britney. 

Black Red Polish | Barry M I love the look of this christmassy red. It's a lovely autumn shade and even though I'm not into darks, I do like the look of this shade!

Biker Jacket | River Island I need a jacket asap but this year there's not many good ones in shops. I really like the look of this one and depending on what it looks like in person, I might just get it!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

September Wishlist

Untitled #590
As all the bloggers say 'woah, didn't this month roll round fast!' we all say it and I truly think August went fast. I feel like August went fast because it's the transition between Summer to Autumn. I feel like Autumn didn't really go into Autumn as fast as last year which was handy - I love Autumn though!

I love this months wishlist and I've finally started shopping each week, getting bits and bobs that I love. No more waiting till the end of the month to pick something up that I want!
I feel like most of the things from this months wishlist will be purchased - I love them all.

Benefit Lipstick | I really want to start trying Benefit things. This one's on sale on their website and it looks really nice. Not too sure what shade I want yet, but the reviews look great.

Bourjois Bronzer | I seriously need this. I swatch it everytime in Boots and it looks great when I test it. I'd love to use this and it's not even that pricey, a definite purchase!

Rihanna Nude Perfume | Following my Perfume Shop interview, I've been scouring the net for perfumes galore. I really want to try this one by Rihanna as I've considered the reviews... I might have to test it first, ha!

Loreal True Match | I've been trying a few foundations out lately, so I'd love to try this one.

New Look Gilet | I love the look of this for the colder/rainier days, I've been looking at coats quite a bit and deciding which ones I'd love to wear.

Cheryl Loreal Lipstick | For some reason, I've only just considered buying this. It's a very old lippie, but I love Cheryl and Loreal so I need to get this in my makeup bag asap!

What items are you lusting over in September?
Any Autumn things on the lookout?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Monthly Wishlist | August

Untitled #566


It's that time again! I love today's wishlist and I'll probably end up browsing the isle's of Boots, swatching the shades very shortly...
Today's wishlist contains many lip products which is typically me. Recently, I've been buying quite a lot of lip products, you can never have too many. 

Maybelline Baby Lips | I really want to try these. On the #bbloggers chat, they've been 80% of everyone's conversation and obviously, they've had good AND bad reviews. I personally think they're a good price, being only £3 and they're a bit of a novelty product so I'm definitely picking one up. 

Apocalips | I know I've mentioned these on a wishlist before, but I've finally got round to buying one and shortly, in a haul, you'll see the shade I bought...I swatched them all and the shade I picked up is a beautiful shade but I really was torn between this one and the one I I'll be picking this one up for sure as nudes are an all year shade.

Fit Me Foundation | I need a new foundation and this is the one I want to try. I have the full size sample still but as Boots have an offer, this is something I'll be getting. I know what shade I am, 220/210 and so £7.99 will be straight out of my purse during this coming week!

Nyx Matte Lip Cream | I absolutely love these. I love matte lippies and I really want to try the NYX ones. I'm trying to look for a pinky, coral shade so I'm keeping a look out. These look really good and I'd like to try something else of NYX so I hope these are as good as the ones I've tried!

Honey, Marc Jacobs | The amount of posts on this week gracing my reading list have been unbelievable. I didn't even know Marc Jacobs was bringing out a new perfume so when I heard about this I was straight onto Google, reciting my Christmas list.... too early, maybe? Never!
I really want to try this and I somehow want the collection of Marc perfumes. I've never actually had one but the bottles are great and so quirky and different and the scents are to die for. I'll hopefully get this!

Color Show Nail Polish | Color show have sooooo many shades of nail polish and they always seem to make it onto my monthly wishlists. I really need a peachy nail polish, strangely, I don't actually own one and this one looks like the shade I'm looking for!

I hope you enjoyed this months wishlist, I'll be making my way down to Boots tomorrow to pick up a few goodies...
Thursdays post is going to be NOTW - I hope you enjoy them!

What's on your wishlist for August?
Lots of love,
Zofia xo

Sunday, 7 July 2013

July Wishlist

Untitled #559



Hello, sorry it's not up on the 5th! I completely forgot and I scheduled this post but meh, it didn't post..
Nevermind, you have a sunday read!;-)

Dainty Doll Blush - I really want this blush because I'm collecting blushers at the moment to boost my collection and I really love this shade. I think it's an all year shade and looks really pretty!

New look trousers - At the moment, I'm looking for some trousers. As it's summer I'm wearing my skater skirt or black leggings and I'd like to change things up a bit with some trousers! I really like these and the design is pretty simple.

Superdrug Salt Spray - I'd love to try a salt spray! I have no salt sprays and they look like a really good product to use. This one's really inexpensive so I'll pick it up!

Warm 120 Palette - I have the colour one but I'd love the nude/warm shade one. I'd use all these shades as they're the shades I use on a day to day basis. It's really inexpensive for the amount of colours you get, too.

NYC polish - I've mentioned NYC polishes quite a few times now and I want to get a few more. I need a coral shade so I'll pick this up! (If I don't fall for the Sinful Colours hype anytime soon!)

Hope you all enjoyed reading tonight's post,
What products do you need/want this month?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Wishlist

Untitled #549

H&M TROUSERS - BLUE - £7.99 (was £15)

Hi there pretties!
It's finally 'hump day' so pay day and Friday will soon be here! Ha!
So, talking of Pay day I'm sharing with you my June Wishlist today. June .. June .. JUNE, ALREADY?! Where has this year gone, I can't even believe it - this time last year I was thinking of starting a blog and here I am, rambling away!

I'm really happy with my wishlist this month and I really hope to get the products from it. I have a good amount and a good variety of things so I'm going to tell you about them!

H&M Trousers | £7.99 | Blue
I really love these - lots and lots, haha. I featured these in a recent how to style post and I just come across them on the internet while I was trying to find trousers to go with the top I was styling. I haven't been on the lookout for any of these type trousers but I really love the pattern and the way they look and I can imagine styling them on myself so I really want them. The price tag isn't too bad either girls!

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Go Go Green
Recently, I've been in love with green shades like this. I love my Barry M one and I love my OPI one which is so so so similar. I absolutely love these and ever since the advert popped on the TV I've been wanting them. I love the bottle, matter of fact and I actually thought these wouldn't be so cheap. I thought they would be around £7/8... I can't believe they're Barry M price aha, it's baffled me for some reason! They have a great colour selection and I can't wait to try! This is a guaranteed purchase.

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Polka Dots
I also have my eye on a second colour! I love the polka effect for nails and most of them (Illamasqua for example) are way expensive so I'm definately going to try this one.

Maybelline Mascara | £5.99 | Mega Plush
I've been seeing this on Tumblr for around 2 years. I knew instantly it was in America and not the UK because of the bottle shape - Maybelline UK has a pointed top while US has a flat top. I loved the look of the packaging instantly and years back - I wished we had it in the UK. Now, we finally do and it has a cheap intro price at £5.99 so I'll definately be trying. Yes, there are mixed reviews but i really want to try for myself!

Kate Moss Lipstick | £5.49 | Rimmel
I finally got round to trying one of these lipsticks the other week and it's the red packaging, shade 101. I love it and I NEED more! I came across this shade on the internet this morning so I need to get my booty down to Boots! Beautiful shade and it's a shade I don't have yet. A pretty peach shade - lovely!

Taylor Swift, Enchanted Wonderstruck | £19.99
Not much to say about this but I always have a little list of perfumes I want and remember them during Christmas/Birthday time just so I manage to get one! On my list right now is this one because I tried the sample and mm, I LOVE the scent of this! I'm not a hardcore Taylor fan but this perfume is lovely - I'll probably wait until Christmas though, haha..

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll chat to you all in 2 days time when my next post will be my empties!

Have you tried any of these? 
What did you think?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Wishlist

May Wishlist

Hi everyone, just thought I'd quickly mention before the actual post that my blog somehow went weird and I lost all my normal blog template. This isn't permanent and will be back to normal asap! Moving onto the post...

OPI - Nothin Mousie Bout It - £11
I really like the look of it and as you know, I love OPI at the moment. I've had my eye on this for a while. It's from the Minnie Mouse collection that came out sometime last year. It has glitter and hearts in and I absolutely love the idea of this! It's also really cute for summer!

Max Factor Foundation - £12 - Boots
Apparently this is really good and stays on for a while. I've had the sample and I realllyyyy liked it! I really want the full bottle.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance - £27 - Boots
Finally! It's in the UK! I've been wanting to try this for ages! I love the description of this because it's a sweet fragrance, which I love. The bottle is so unique too! I hope to get this.

Topshop Skater Skirt - £16 - Topshop
Ahhhh, summer. It's finally warm now and I've wanted one for ages. I seriously need one in my wardrobe. I'm so far behind, aren't I!

Johnsons Nomore Tangles
I finally have a spray that sorts my knotty barnet out now, but I need a shampoo I think. My hair is so thick and I think this would help.

I hope you enjoyed this post..see you on Friday! xo

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monthly Wishlist | April

Untitled #486

Hello everyone! Wishlist time!
I usually do these on the 5th of the month but I didn't schedule this in time and wondered why it didn't post! ha!

This month, I was quite unsure of what i wanted. I was quite unsure of what to add and I didnt really know what to put on my list. I had to internet look for quite a while to see what things I wanted to try. I've managed to come up with my usual six and they're a small range of things.

I think my favourite thing on the list has to be the NEXT bracelets, eyeshadows or nail polish. I decided to put a pastel yellow nail polish on my list because I've wanted one for ages and it's one of the pastel colours that I don't have! I love lilac and mint green as you know but I don't have a pastel yellow and I really want one and I want to try some Butter London polishes too, I always see them in TKmaxx.

I really like the Next bracelets because they're rose gold and they're really simple for spring/summer and I think they'll look nice with any outfits. I like the city embellishments too!

The MUA baked trio's look amazing! They're new and I didn't know these were out but I saw them on the website and I decided straight away that I loved them. They do 2 other sets and I might just collect them all!

MUA are also doing 'power pout' lip crayons. You all know about the Chit Chat crayons as I mention them all the time. These look similar and so does the shade range. I hope to collect them all!

Then other things I need are a new foundation so I want to try the Nearly Naked one by Rimmel and I need to get myself the blue elvive because lately my scalp has been SO flaky and I hate it! I like Elvive so I should like this.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | £8.99 | Superdrug /
Butter London Nail Polish in shade Jasper | £9.50 | 
Elvive Anti Dandruff | Superdrug /
Eye Trio in Emotions | £3 | / Superdrug 
Power Pout | £3 | / Superdrug
Next bracelets | £12 | / Next
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Speak to you all on Tuesday! xo

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March Wishlist | 2013

march wishlist (for my blog)

Wednesday again, finally..
I was meant to do this wishlist yesterday because I do it every 5th of the month, but I posted my Sigma code instead so I'm sorry about that.

These wishlists seem to come round SO fast and before I know it, I'm collaging away and looking for things I want..not need!
I like todays post because I think this is my best wishlist so far, sounds crazy but it looks good.. haha! *dizzy moment*

I have quite a few more products than I usually do, just because I got carried away and couldn't wait till next month to show you. All of these things are actually reasonably priced and when I get round to doing some shopping, I hope to get them.. and although I've said that in every post so far - I know I should get one thing off this wishlist, purely because I don't sh about the apocalips to the mother!

Textured Dress | | £19.95
I fell in love as soon as I saw this! I saw this for the same price in New Look in around November time and it's perfect! I love the whole black and white trend at the moment and this is beautiful! Skater/shift dresses are me and I love them. This is absolutely perfect because the flower detail has a textured, felt type feel to it.. love, love, love this! So much!

Rimmel Apocalips | Boots 
Not sure how much these are.. not bothered! I really want to try some of these and I knew quite some time ago these would be released and now everyone's on the bandwagon! I love the look of them and I love the reviews. I really wanted to build up a nude lip collection as I don't have any and the nude shade in this looks perfect! I really want to try some of the pink shades too! 

Sleek Blusher; Sahara| Superdrug | £4.49
For the price of Sleek, I'm surprised I haven't tried any products. I've never tried any Sleek based items and I'd love to. I plan to!
I'd love to try Nars' Laguna bronzer. Everyone raves and raves and raves about it but I just don't have the bank balance! The packaging of this looks slightly Nars dupe as does the shade.. I may be wrong but going on first impressions I really want to try it. The price is brill too, and everyone loves Sleek so I'm a bit behind!

Sleek Eyeliner; Dazzling Black | Superdrug | £5.99
I love eyeliners. Nearly everyday I wear one. I love how they make my eyes look. I've always been an eyeliner girl and I used to wear it excessively.. most days now, I'm practicing a new look with no eyeliner. Although I wear it everyday, I'm still looking for a perfect eyeliner that defines, doesn't smudge and lasts a long that also creates a neat, thin line. I heard someone on Youtube mention this a few days ago and it looks great and the price is pretty good if I don't get along with it. Another Sleek product that I need to try! 

Mesh Playsuit | | £29
I don't want this particular one.. I want a dupe! I love the idea of playsuits and after many years of wanting one, I haven't even got one! I love how pretty they are and the idea of pairing them with sandles and stuff and I feel like these over jumpsuits are much better, because of my height. I love the mesh design and mesh designs are becoming more of a trend for spring now - I've seen them on loads of dresses! This is really pretty. 

MAC Viva Glam 2 | MAC | £14
Why do so many people hate this?
I know the shade looks SCARY but I really want this so I can blend it with some pinks and some lipglosses.. I have many ideas for this and I absolutely LOVE the shade! I love Viva Glam 1 and I really want this one. Next time im in London I have actually been promised this so I think I'm going to get it. I love the shade and the more the merrier for charity!

OPI Do You Lilac It? | OPI | £11
I love OPI nail polishes now. I've become obsessed. I love their color range and this  one is b-e-a-utiful! I love lilacs and this one is just the prettiest! I love lilacs for spring and I think I need to unlove my Barry M one now - it's becoming a repetitive one on here! I'm definately going to be getting this, the shade goes well with the lipstick, too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget to leave your wishlist links in the comments and I'll check them out! My next post is February Empties so if you're not already, follow me for a follow back so you can keep up with my every 2 day posts! 

Lots of love, Zofia x 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

February Wishlist | 2013

February Wishlist
NEXT Sandals | Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippaint | ELF HD Blush | Rimmel Cocktail Color | Dior Airflash Foundation | MUA Cover&Conceal

A whole month ago I started the Monthly Wishlists and woah, it's gone slow..
February is going quite slow too and although I didn't manage to get anything off last months wishlist, I hope to get a few things off this months. 
(I'll still purchase things off January's wishlist though, ha!)

NEXT Jeweled Sandals | | £23.
Summer (hopefully) is on it's way, although we had snow two weeks ago and there are still clouds in the sky. This year I plan to build up a shoe collection and have already started to buy summer sandals. I saw a pair in the New Look sale that were exactly like these for about £5, but I didn't like the fact they were pink. I'm a lover of nude shoes/sandals and these really caught my fancy! I love the jeweled parts and think they suit the nude color. They look like they'd go with everything and anything and would be good for everyday wear. 

Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippaint | Barry M/Boots | £4.49
How late am I on this.. I've been wanting this for years and have been trying to get it for ages, everytime I'm in Boots I do a swatch and see what shade it turns out like! I think it's a great idea and I WILL get this in February!

ELF HD Blush | | £3.75
I've been wanting to do a big shop on for ages and I'm always checking out their website for new products and bargain items. I really liked the look of the shade and the packaging for this and for nearly £4.. it's worth a try. They only do pink shades and really, that's what I'm looking for. I'm not really a 'Blush Collector' and it's not something I have the most of, but, a cream blush is what I want to start using and this looks like a good product.
'Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use.'

Rimmel Cocktail Color | Rimmel/Boots | £3.99
These are a novelty item. In swatches, these are basically shimmery nail polishes available in red, orange and purple. I liked the shades and Rimmel nail polishes always turn out good and stay on the nails well. I'm keen on the red shade because I need more reds, and I like the shimmery effects. These are quite new and have only gone into Boots stores recently. 

Doir Airflash | Dior | £30
Ah. I love this.
The other day I had to pop into Boots to pick up a Dior BB creme sample - I got more than I bargained for! I managed to pick up a sample of this and the BB creme.. thankyou to the lady at the Dior counter in Boots for that! 
I never really like going to beauty counters, especially for samples because they're a little standoff-ish when you ask for samples and you're not actually making a purchase, but this lady, at first, seemed like that and me&mum didn't know what to say haha, after we mentioned the sample she seemed really lovely and sat mum in the chair to get swatched. She mentioned that the BB creme wasn't high coverage and that she would still give us the sample but she wanted to try the Dior airflash on her and see how it turned out. It's a spray on foundation (to put it in the easy terms) and then you blend with a brush. At first i thought it was a bit OTT but once blended the coverage was brilliant and I really liked it. I probably won't manage to buy this (especially because of the price tag) but it's really a great foundation. 

MUA Cover&Conceal Concealer | or Superdrug | £1.50
Recently, I've been wanting to try a few concealers, especially drugstore ones, and when MUA posted this on their Facebook page, I wanted to try it. I'm still yet to buy the Collection 2000 one and still to buy the Natural Collection one, but I want to try this aswell because it's slightly cheaper and MUA never disappoint!

I hope you all enjoyed this slightly long wishlist post and I hope I didn't bore you all! I feel like this was needed because I haven't blogged in a while and like I keep saying, I promise to do more posts but I just don't know what you lot want to see so comment below and I'll try! 

What do you have your eye on this February?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

January Wishlist

January Wishlist

Yankee Candle | MUA Palette | MUA Brow Pencil | New Look Oatmeal Sandal | MUA Pro Base | Bobbi Brown Manual

Hello everyone! January is now upon us and everything we got for Christmas has been tested out and put away. Although, if you're a makeup lover like me, you'll still be making purchases straight after Christmas! It's typical, Christmas is over and all the new products start to come out and we just want them! Luckily, my January Wishlist contains things all under £20!

I'm going to start doing these on the 5th of the month because I think it's a great idea and a good way to show you things I'm interested in and things that I'm wanting right now! I hope you like this idea and I really hope you enjoy my first post!

Yankee Candle - Beach Flowers | or Clintons | £1.80
I got a few for Christmas and I'm obsessed! I love the fact you don't even need to take the wrapper off or light them and they make the room smell fresh! I really want a big collection of these and I really want to try the summer scents now. I have a few Christmassy ones but I'm unsure whether to light them! I really think they're worth the money too.

MUA Artiste Collection Palette | or Superdrug | £6
This is the prettiest palette! I love speckled/merged colors and I think this palette is great. I'm starting to collect more palettes now so I might not buy this one so soon but I will buy it one day! I love the shades and think they're perfect for summer. I think it's at a great price too.

MUA Brow Pencil - Brunette | or Superdrug | £1
I tried the lighter color of this and it didn't suit me. I'm collecting a few more brow things as I think they're the things I need to improve. I think the price with the brush is brilliant. 

New look Oatmeal Sandal | NewLook | £16 (Was £20)
I love these, I love sandals in the Summer and Spring. i think they go with pretty mucb everything like leggings, jeggings, jeans, skirts.. especially because they're nude! They're really simple but pretty at the same time.

MUA Pro Base | or Superdrug | £5
I really want to try this. I think ELF have one that I was going to purchase. I think that it's something different to add to a collection or to complete your collection. I don't know how much the ELF one is but I think this is a great price.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual | WHSmith / Waterstone | £15
Sorry if the price is wrong! I have a few makeup manuals and I did actaully have this on my Christmas list. I didn't manage to get it so hopefully I can get this one. 

Does anything take your fancy in January?

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