Friday, 29 June 2012

If you watch my YouTube videos, you will know that last Wednesday/Thursday, I went shopping. I didnt get LOADS, I just got a few little sale things, and things I liked.
I thought I'd share them all with you, seeing as I did on my YouTube.
I lost one of the things when I took this - a Nude color vest top - I have now found it, so I will post a picture tomorrow. 
So, in picture 1, you can see all the products I bought, the NYC Nail Polish & Eyebrow Pencil you already know so I wont review them again, its just boring.
Picture 2 being the price tags, thought this would look good on the picture so I added them in, nothing special.
Picture 3 being, the Bangle I got. I love this! Its quite different to the Bangles or Bracelets I already have, so I picked this up from New Look on a sale shelf. I thought it would be more than £0.50p on the sale, but it wasnt, 50p for sure! I love the design, the fact its Duck Egg Blue/ Pastel Blue, with a gold, brassy type color patterned on. Its not a small, detailed pattern, just a swirly shape all round. Inside is a brassy gold shade, no pattern here. It fits well and goes well with the skirt. 
Picture 4, as I just mentioned, the skirt. I actually love this, in the picture it doesnt look very good, but, skirts are really in trend at the minute. This is a  chiffon type material, if you know what chiffon is, its like them very loose shirts that are in trend at the minute. Its very thin and loose for hot weather, it has an elastic waist so it fits me perfectly. Its a polka dot pattern as you can see. It caught my eye in New Look and was £14.99. It goes well with the vest I got and a nude blazer that I have. Ill be wearing this for London! 
Picture 5, you should know if you read/watched my review of them, if not -
Picture 6, I love these! So, so different to what I usually wear or buy. These are actually so light its unbelievable! I thought they would be very heavy, but they're not. They have a beaded type design to them and are a gold & black & white color. I think they'd go with a maxi dress of the same shade and would look nice for summer too. Not much to say on these, I havent tried them on! £0.50p.
Picture 7, I LOVE these so much! So different to what I usually buy too. They're a gold color (I see a theme?!) with a little diamante in the center. I think they're floral design, I dont actually know. They're really heavy but look so pretty in and would go well with the skirt. Perfect for summer aswell, which is good if the sun decides to say hello! Amazing for £0.50p!
Hope you all enjoyed this mini haul, im sure i'll have a lot more goodies to haul on Monday, after London, too!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
Okay so about.. 2 weeks ago I did this look.
I wasnt going out or anything, just sampling some makeup I have that I didnt even know I had! ..sorting out!
I want to just tell you, if you like this, how I created them. 
'Red Lipliner Lips'.
I saw this on a YouTube video before.. about two years ago. I was looking through my makeup and spotted a red lipliner I havent used in AGES and it created this look well.
So, instead of going on, Ill explain how it was created. I might even do a YouTube video on this too.. maybe.

  • I got my red lipliner (Just a plain red, nothing dark, nothing pale), and pouted my lips so the Cupids Bow was even more visible. I have very 'pouty' lips anyway, as you can see, Im not even pouting here, this is just the natural shape of my lips. I made the cupids bow more visible and lined my lips with the lipliner. 
  • Try and do the line quite thick, this is what I did. 
  • Then, you'll start to see a red outline with your normal lip. 
  • After this, get a lipstick in the same sort of shade as your lipliner. This COULD be a little lighter than your lipstick, nothing darker though because you do need them to match.
  • After you have found a color nice enough, fill your lips in with this shade.
  • Coat your lips a lot, so do a lot of applying.
  • You might want to find a lipstick that is light and not really matte, MAC/Rimmel ones will be good for this.
  • The reason for this is, you're adding a lot of gloss on the top too..
  • Once you have filled your lips in, they will look like the first picture.
  • To get it like the second picture, which is what im trying to show, is to find a lipgloss a little darker than your lipstick that you just applied. 
  • Apply the gloss and there we go..
  • You SHOULD have a result like this! Just remember, all lip shapes are different so if you have very small lips, you wont have this exact pout look, but they will be a glossy red!
  • Its so simple, hope you all enjoyed this!
(I will be doing a YouTube video on this, on Monday, so I will tell you what products I used then)
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
Okay, so, I havent posted today because I thought id have a bit of a break and stuff, and, I havent posted on YouTube either.. things to come tomorrow. 
I tried this out on Tuesday and I really liked it. 
I got it two Christmases ago, but only used it twice. The smell is gorgeous! Wild Rose & Raspberry Leaf. 
Its a different scent, never heard of Raspberry Leaf before, but, its noticeable in the smell. It foamed up so well and lasted around 20 minutes. I dont like my bath bubbly so I didnt add a lot. This was the perfect amount being run under cold water.
Its like the other Baylis&Harding Bath Foam I reviewed, this one is a little thicker though. 
I could smell it on my skin when I got out of the bath, which is good.
Thought id tell you all about this, I dont know how much this is, but, I know it was from ASDA. 
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I saw these get posted on the MUA Facebook Page earlier this afternoon and fell in love straight away! They're in stores from July 3rd and will be £3 each. I already know which ones ill be purchasing.. them all! 
I like the darker colors a lot more, but, Tribe will be good for a vibrant look and is a different edition to the gel eyeliner range.
I have a few Gel Eyeliners and I love them! Underground will be a more used Eyeliner, for me, because I like the original black look more than using a colored eyeliner.
Fairgorund & On Move will be good Eyeliners for smoky eyes and for a light daytime look or added more for a strong nighttime look.
I like the packaging too, simple and basic and looks a little like a liquid eyeliner.
I dont know where the brush is stored, because I dont have this product yet, but, I think its stored  where the top part comes off to see the eyeliner.
I think for £3 you do get a lot of product so.. yeah I cant wait to try this product!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
My toe nails this week! I LOVE this color. Its summery & light, I've already reviewed it, but needed to do a post on my nails/toenails this week to keep you all updated. Its very thick and doesnt get on my skin which i love. 
I didnt need a second coat, and the brush is a perfect size. This cost about £2.49 in some shop called Savers, I think this is just a UK store though.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

My favourite Summer Nail Polishes. 
(On my arm from L-R).

  • Nails Inc London. Atomic by Fabulous magazine. I didnt buy this but its around £11 to buy. I think you can get this in Boots. 41 South Molton Street is the supplier so its a good London brand. visit for more shades. I like this because its very thick and has a basic summer shade. Its a bright orange shade, and takes about 5 days to chip. Looks good on short or long nails as me & mum have tried it, she has long, I have short. The only thing I dont like, is its very gloopy and sometimes gets on your skin around your cuticle and top of the nail, some nail polishes dont do this. I like the fact its £11 but its a big bottle, so its good value. 
  • Nail Paint by Barry M. This costs £2.99 which is amazing value! And, as you probably dont know, Barry M is my favourite Nail Polish brand. This is 272 - Shocking Pink. I like this because its very simple and can go with any outfit. Looks amazing on Toe Nails too! I have quite a few 'Hot Pink' colors, but this ones a lighter shade, as you can tell from the picture. Most ones I have are more red toned than pink. This isnt gloopy and takes quite a while to chip. It also applied to my nails perfectly and doesnt go on the skin. Amazing for summer!
  • NYC (New York Color) Expert Last Nail Color. 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter. This isnt really a Nail Color, its more of a Nail Art I suppose. I apply this on top of nails and it looks perfect for summer, its glittery and glitzy and sparkles when the sun (finally) comes out in England! I like this because, unlike the other glitter polish I have, it has big sequin style particles in it, which adds more design, rather than little pieces of glitter. This goes on well too and really protects the nail polish, stopping it chip, as it has a clear nail polish base in it. I really like this, and, it was only £1.97!
  • Next Nail Polish is Barry M Silver Glitter 149. As I said ^ this doesnt have big particles in it, its just a simple glittery polish. Its really hard to take off as its so thick, but looks really pretty on and protects the Nail Polish. You need about, 2-3 coats depending on how glittery you want it. All round, perfect for summer!
  • This one, you may not have heard of. Its called Kiko Makeup Milano. Ive seen a few pictures on Tumblr of this product, but, I didnt hear of it before i went to Westfields. You can visit there website here -;jsessionid=AUY2qeMlXTiVUg+EKgLIPQ__.jboss7  - if you want to see any more shades, its excellent! It cost £2.50, so a perfect price for a good polish! Its very thick and you need 2 coats depending on how pigmented you want it. Its better for short nails or medium length, if not, 2 coats for long nails. Its a light blue and obviously a good shade for summer. It doesnt chip till around 5 days time. I really like this and glad I spotted it! It doesnt have a shade name, but its shade 341.
  • Another Barry M one! This one is like Nails Inc Atomic but much brighter. The Nails Inc is more Coral colored than this one. Funnily enough, its called Coral, 296. Like I said about the Shocking Pink color, its a good summer brand, the same applies.
  • Next one is No7 Stay Perfect Nail color. Pink Grapefruit 80 is the shade. I like the color as its a reddy-pink and its quite dark. But, I dont like the Nail Polish its self. Its very thick and the brush is too long. Its very gloopy and goes on my skin. Its not one of my favourite Summer Nail polishes, but the shade is. Its good for long nails, so it might suit you better.
  • MUA nail polish shade 9. I love this, as you all know, if you watch my YouTube. I think this is very good for on the go people or just a top up. I like the shade and its good for short nails. For long nails you need to add a few coats. Its not gloopy or thick its just the right consistency. I really like it, good for a pound too!
  • This one, is my fave nail polish of my collection! Its a pastel color, even better for summer, its one of the trends! Its Barry M, so the same applies to what I said about the others. Berry 308 is the shade. Its lovely and thick, which I like for this shade, I wanted this shade because I saw it on the Cher Lloyd UK - Want You Back video! Haha!
  • This next one is a green/mint pastel color. I like this, the same as the Lilac one above. Its another pastel type color. Its called 304 Mint Green. The only problem with this is.. 2 coats goes REALLY gloopy & thick, but my nails are short so one is enough.
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Plus. This was my mums from about 5 years ago. Theres still a bit in it, I dont really use it but the color is so pretty. Its a candy Pink color but I dont think you can buy it from shops anymore. Sometimes, this goes gloopy if you apply two coats but I suppose it depends how you apply it. The brush is like the No7 brushes, they're really long which I dont really like but I love the color so its a dilemma!
  • NYC (New York Color) I love this! Ive already reviewed it, so you all know what I think. Its 298 High Line Green.
  • Natural Collection Antique Coral. When I got this, Coral was really on trend. I didnt have a Coral at the time, and I really liked this one. Its a pastel type Coral color, so it would be good to wear this summer as its on trend. It doesnt go gloopy or thick, its a perfect size brush too. £1.98..perfect!
  • Nails Inc OMP by Fabulous. Like I said for the first review, stays the same for this. Its perfect for toes and mum likes it too! Probably wouldnt have bought this from a store, so it was good I got it free.
  • Next is, Natural Collection. The shade number/name has been rubbed off, but its a shimmery lilac color. I have the Lilac eyeshadow color to match too! Like the coral color, I loved this too! Shame I spilt most of it and its nearly all gone! I love the shimmery shade to it, perfect for summer!
  • This one is the last, but also one of my favourite Nail Polishes of my collection! Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish - Sunshine 280. Its yellow but so matte and really bright. I have this on my toes right now ( picture coming soon). Its very thick but good for short/long nails. Perfect summer shade!
I hope you all liked this post.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
Hello everyone! Not posted in a bit, I haven't been spending and there isn't much to review or to tutorial because I've been pestering dad for the new camera for YouTube.
But, on Friday, I did go to Tesco to food shop. I come across this in the Toiletries isle. Finally! I've been wanting something of Baylis & Harding for AGES! I have a few products of there's, but this is one that I've been looking for, and not seemed to find.
So when I got it, it was on offer from £5.70 to £1.75..amazing! I picked it up and couldn't wait to try it.
Today is Sunday and I've tested it out! I think its excellent, well, it is B&H!
I added it to my bath while I had the shower head running. It foamed up straight away, and I could smell it being added the the bath! Lovely! It foams perfectly and you dont need to add a big amount soon as you have the bath running, add it gradually.
It smells SO fruity! Its called 'Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit'. Its a very strong smell, but not heavy. Its very light and refreshing and smells a lot like Mandarin. 
The liquid is very thin and I didn't actually expect that. I thought it was going to be a very thick liquid, but its more like a watery base! 
For 750ml you might use this up in about 2/3 months depending on how many days a week you use it. I wont use it everyday, so it will probably be gone in around 3 months. You don't need to add TOO much, just about.. a cap full. And as you can see, the cap is actually a good amount.
It foams quick with a fast running tap, but doesn't last longer than 20 mins in water. This is probably because I had shampoo and soap added to the bath. 
It has a very nice shaped bottle too. Appearance matters to me and I like the way this looks. It has a frosted like-look to the bottle, its not clear plastic. It obviously has the recognizable logo, which stood out in the shop! Its very basic, but nice. 
A perfect smell for summer! (We provide the bath foam, If England provides the sun!)
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

So, as you all know I was in town this week and I did have a £10 credit voucher for New Look, seeing as I took something for £10 back before because it didn't fit. 
I was looking round the shop and didn't see much that I liked. I wanted some nude heels but needed some more leg-wear more than shoes.
I wanted these Crotchet Shorts for ages and when I saw them in the store I was so happy! I went to try them on and they fit perfectly.
We bought them and were £19.99. 
I got them home and tried them on to see what top went with them or whatever.
I tried doing the zip up at the side and it wouldn't zip. The zip appeared to be really stiff and seemed like it would break any minute. So, yesterday, we took them back.
They're so pretty and I recommend anyone to buy them, just make sure 100% that the zip is loose and easy to do. Maybe these were a bad batch and in your stores they will be looser, but its a shame that mine weren't. They have lovely lacy design and loose for summer and would go with pretty much anything like a blouse or chiffon shirt, but unfortunately, they weren't very practical.
I did take them back and got a few things with another £20 credit note. I will put these in another post tomorrow. Really happy with what I got!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sorry it's not very clear. But, it is writing at the end of the day, it's always a bad picture!
I said it my last post that, I would update you all on the offers in this months Boots magazine, because it might inform you all and help a bit.
So, before I start, the disclaimers are:
-valid from 2/5/12 until 26/6/12.
-only one coupon per person.
-one item per coupon.
-can't use more than one coupon on the same item.
-no photocopies.
-cannot be used at
-cannot be applied after purchase or on separate days.
-subject to availability.
-no cash alternative.
-not to be used on any other of that brands products.
So the offers are;
-£2 off Sk:n Facial Exfoliating Cleanser.
Which costs £13.33 and is in a measurement of 200ml. It helps oily and acne prone skin to rejuvenate the skin and moisturise.
-20% off any Slendertone Abdominal Toning Product. If you need any details on this, see their website or search: On use promotional code 'slendertone20'.
-£5 off any product from This Works perfect range. This includes products like the Perfect Skin Defense SPF 30 which costs £30. They do products that specialise in Bodycare, Skincare and Bathing.
-£1 off a Tony and Guy product. This excludes miniatures. So for example you could get the Classic Shine Gloss Serum which costs £7.19 or the refreshing Dry Shampoo for £6.63.
-£10 Eye Check. To book an appointment call 0845 125 3751. An to find your nearest practise, look on the website.
-£1 off when you buy Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion or Gentle Skin Cleanser. Cetaphil Moisturising lotion costs £8.99 and the Skin Cleanser costs £8.99. Both are 236ml.
-Free hearing check. To book an appointment call the same number as the Eye Check.
-Triple Advantage Points. When you buy any Umberto Giannini Hair styling Kit. Kits include; backcomb, festival hair, up do and vintage. Each cost £12 and i really want to try one!
Hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoy reading about offers and things so I thought I'd help you lit out too!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
So, I was in town yesterday and decided to get this months summery edition of Boots magazine. This is £1 or free with your boots advantage card, which I have. I wasn't too keen on this edition as it was full of tanning tips, tanning adverts and things, I don't really tan so I didn't really read this months edition, but ill review it anyway to keep you all updated. It obviously had the usual pages of offers and things, which im going to do another post on, telling you what offers are in this months edition, as it could help some of you out if you don't get this magazine but want to get it because there's an offer inside that involves you.
So, there was the usual page of 'Advantage Card Points' I like this, because I like getting points with my product, and seeing the product with the point either reminds me to buy it, or I buy it anyway because of the points! Good promoting Boots!
They also had 'Get The Cover Look' on the first page, this was good as it said 'Create Sexy Tousled Waves' as you can see, the woman in the cover photo has these and I was really keen. 
And then on page 15, is 5 Top Fathers Day gifts, I think this was helpful, but not very good for me because my dad isn't keen on things like this!
This edition was very seasonal including things like the Jubilee, Bank Holiday etc. 
It also mentioned the 60s bob, which also reminded me of how much people have this hairstyle, not knowing its from the 60s!
It also had an 'Inspirations' page, this included people like Nicola Roberts, Torvill & Dean and Colin Jackson.
It had pages for Cellulite problems, tanning queries and all things summer.
This edition was okay, but not really interesting for me.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
I recently went to Town and had a look round with mum. I spotted this in Superdrug as I don't have a grass green color. This is by NYC and i really like it. I haven't used it yet but I will tonight/tomorrow. Its like a grassy green color like i said before, it said its quick dry, which, i believe because I have another NYC color and i really like it. The shade is called High Line Green. The number is 298. Its a non gloopy formula, which I like because I have short nails and if its a thick mixture, It doesn't go well. Its not a transparent polish either, its very pigmented seeing as it was £1.98. I really like this nail polish!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx
So, as you know, I was out yesterday and I went into Town. I havent been to Town in a while so I thought it would be good to meet Mum from work and have a look. I went to Superdrug and needed a new eyebrow pencil so I thought I would get something from MUA as I love their products. This is called 'Blonde' But I actually think its a light brown. I dont like my eyebrows to look really heavy and dark anyway, so this is the perfect color. Its more of a brown, so if you were blonde you would have to get a lighter color. It was £1 so thats an amazing price for the brush included. Its very soft, its not a rough pencil and adds definition quite quick, so use small strokes. The brush is quite basic, it only has one side of the normal brushes you can buy, with the plastic side. But I suppose you only need the nylon side because it brushes out eyebrows well. 
It seems to be used quite fast, Its worn down quite fast now and ive used it once to practise on. So you might need a sharpener handy each day. 
For a pound, the pencil is very 'non cheap' looking, i like it. Good for on the go!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

No7 Voucher; 

So! Its back! I really love it when Boots do the No7 vouchers. It gives people, like me, more of a chance to buy No7 as I don't really buy anything off No7 if it doesn't come with a voucher. The only thing I've bought without a voucher is the No7 eyebrow and bikini trimmer which was for my mum. In the past, when i have received a voucher I've just bought 2 Nail polishes because they cost £2 with a voucher and on separate times, the Face Primer. None of which i recommend but that might just be me. 
It stops on June 26th so im totally going to get something because I only just remembered I had a voucher in my bag from my Stamford trip. I already know what I'm going to get seeing as I looked on the website earlier making a decision. Ill be posting a separate post on here soon, maybe tomorow, telling you all what you can buy with the voucher and what best offers there are so its spent wisely and ill also add what i'll be buying too. 
Hope you've liked this quick post, hope i reminded some of you!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

MUA order;
MUA is a brand from a 'drugstore' or Beauty store in the UK and other parts of Europe i think, im not too sure what other countries sell MUA. I am really keen on MUA as I posted in my last post about their £1 nail polishes. I have a few products, not many, but enough to judge the company. 
They had an offer on back in May 'FB20000' which, they hit 20,000 likes on their Facebook page, so they were giving a free Immaculate palette away with ANY order. Obviously delivery was an extra charge, so i got Shade 1 nail polish and the free palette worth £8 and delivery. This came to £3.95. I was so excited because i had seen many blogs and YouTube vlogs saying it was a really good palette for -£10. I also was looking forward to the £1 nail polish because it was a shimmery blue one which, at the time, i didn't have. 1 week came and Me&Dad thought it was a bit late, but anytime soon. 2 days after the one week, I emailed them and asked if it would be here soon, they said if I am in the UK.. yes. So I waited and two weeks came, we contacted them again and they didn't do much apart from say, 'it'll be here soon'. After 3 weeks Dad thought it was a bit weird so we emailed again and they said they would send another out seeing as its been 3 weeks and we haven't received it.  It didn't come either, so at 4 1/2 weeks we contacted again. They asked for the # of delivery, so I had to look waaaay back through my emails just to find it. I didn't get an answer. 5 weeks came and i asked, they said they cannot do anymore than this so they shall refund my money. 7 weeks has come, we haven't had our order OR refund so we have lost out on £4. Not a big amount of money but it still shouldn't happen. Another thing that annoyed me was they take ages to reply and the person who sends the emails out cant spell to save his life so it was a hassle trying to read it, also, they don't work at weekends. I'm really not happy with MUA, so if anyone wants anything, going to the shop is the best option!

Recently Done: Nails!

Created with: MUA shade 26&11. I also used Nail Art Pens for the Polka Dots.

I love these colors together, the dark purple and silver look so good together. They're probably Wintry colors but I don't really mind. I added Polka Dots because it looked a bit plain by itself. 
I really like MUA because its only £1 and the colors are good and non gloopy or chip easy. I only have these two colors and the light blue but that's running out. 
The silver isnt glittery or matte.. its just plain and the purple isnt shimmery, its matte.
If you add some clear nail polish like I did it looks exactly like a £10 nail polish! I hope you all like this look! 
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