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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dresses For Spring Weddings | | 2014

Untitled #640
Lace Dress | £70

Lace Long Sleeve Bodycon | £50
Ivory Organza Dress 
Lace long Sleeve Bodycon | £50
Short Sleeve Bodycon | £65
Fabric Mix Dress
Hello girls! Today I have a fashion post for you, it's a bit of a different one but I think it's something that could come in handy.
Spring is in sight and so are spring weddings, in work we're about to do a Spring wedding event with fragrances for brides, bridesmaids and grooms so I thought it would be a good idea to do dress ideas for wedding guests - it's always hard finding outfits to go to places in so I assume a wedding is 10x harder.

I was scouring the net and Next do some beautiful dresses - dresses for younger ladies and mature ladies also. The ones pictured above are definitely ones that I would go for, for personal style so I hope you all enjoy them too.

I think Spring weddings are all about peach and white tones, you never want to outstage the bride but I think you should keep it natural unless there's a certain dress code or a certain colour code that the happy couple would like you to wear. 

For Spring I absolutely love lace and peachy colours, the dresses above are lovely and bodycon is always a trend. These dresses are very feminine and girly. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Style Ideas

Untitled #638

Hello girls! Tonight's post is on Spring Style. It's been a beautiful day outside today and I always find that when the sun's out, the pastel colours must come out!

When the suns out we're all in a good mood to get dressed up and go somewhere so I've come up with a few style ideas that could help you with the *hopefully* upcoming sunshine.
These items can be adapted with other pieces of clothing to create other outfit ideas too.

Pink Crochet Waist Lace Skater Dress, £23, New Look  

I love skater dresses, they're so easy to style and you can dress them up or down. Add ballet flats or cork wedges for a summer feel. 

Light Blue Contrast Rounded Collar 1/2 Sleeve Swing Dress, £15, New Look

I love pastels for S/S and this year I've noticed them in shops more than other years. I love peter pan collars too and this dress is lovely. 

H&M Crêpe top, £15, H&M

These cami style tops are effortless. I've bought a few recently as they go great with little crochet style jackets or a tassle cardi and a shoulder bag, they're so easy to style and I love the look of this layered top. They're great to add with trousers and small heels for a classy, nighttime look too.

G21 Monochrome Blazer, £15, George

Blazers have definitely been my thing this spring and I love this classic design. This would go great with the cami pictured above with the trousers featured in the picture. This is one of the inexpensive blazers I've come across too - bargain!

G21 Sheer Panel Playsuit, £18, George

At the moment I'm really loving George clothing. It's never really been a store that I've looked in but lately I've been popping over to their website for a little look at some pieces and I have a few things that I'd love to purchase. Playsuits have definitely been the Summer thing over the past few years and this one from George is lovely. 

Printed Jersey Trousers, £8, George

At the moment, Blazers, trousers and smart flats have been my thing. I'm trying to get as many different trouser prints as I can and these are certainly different. I was shocked at the price tag because for £8 you really cant go wrong! They're a statement piece so remember to add a jacket and a cami that's quite simple. I think white would look great.

Shell Pink Daisy Jacquard High Waisted Shorts, £20, New Look

Soon as I saw these I thought they were gorgeous! I love the pastel colour and unfortunately the internet doesn't show them off to their full prettiness so I hope you can all see how lovely they are! I can imagine putting a little vest top with these and a crochetted cardi for a girly look.

Sparkle Teardrop Stone Earrings, £13, Topshop

I absolutely love these earrings. This design is really in this year and I've spotted a few pieces like this in New Look. I'm not really one to pay more than £5 for jewelery but these are very pretty.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

How I'd Style | A Snood

Untitled #632

Another post for you tonight, I'm styling a snood from Topshop. I love the knit of this snood, I love the neutral colour too. I love these colors for winter, Spring also suits them very well.

I was having a browse on Next's website and came across this lovely coat. I thought it would go great with the neutral colours and is a good price for a good quality coat - £80. *link*
I also saw this jumper from Next, I thought it was really cute for winter and has intricate design. *link*

These trousers from Topshop look lovely, I've seen a lot of people wearing these style trousers and thought they'd break up the plain white a bit. 
For makeup, typical me, I had to add a lipstick! I love the nude shade of this a lot so I thought it would go great.


How I'd Style... Fur Boots

Untitled #631

Hello everyone, todays post is a little bit later than normal - this was meant to be posted earlier in the week but I didn't have the time to blog this week so I'm playing catch up!
End of January always seems like Spring for me but this year the snow is late so the pastel polish and floral tee's haven't appeared yet - I'm still wearing two pairs of tights and two tops under my work wear! 

Today's How To Style post is styling some fur boots - I don't have real UGG's I just stick with a cheaper pair until they ruin, but today's post features real UGG's. I decided to keep the outfit very girly, I love this collared top from New Look, I saw something similar in George the other week but it was a jumper dress - I need!
I love how the top matches these lighter shade jeggings from New Look - I've been looking for a lighter pair of bottom wear as they always go with cable knit jumpers or cardigans. This biker jacket from H&M looks perfect with the outfit too, I love biker jackets but they don't suit me! For makeup Topshop's 'Innocent' lipstick is my favourite at the moment.


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A NYE Outfit Idea

Untitled #627

BAG - EBAY *link!*

Hello girls! Today's post is a NYE outfit idea. I'm always indecisive about outfits at the best of times so a big occasion is no exception! For NYE I never normally do anything so it's been quite nice choosing an outfit for the occasion rather than selecting a onesie!

I think red and black is always classic and dressy. I love red, lace dresses as they suit most people and they're easy to style. Soon as I knew I was doing a NYE outfit I knew I wanted to keep to a red and black theme. The dress and shoes are quite dainty I find, simple for all shapes. I like how I've styled this cheaper Mulberry bag from Ebay as it's nice to style on the arm and great for all the bits and bobs you have with you on the night - especially a camera! The earrings are very 'Kate Mid esque' I find which came from the dress inspiration! 
For makeup I'd add nude lips and black polish.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How I'd Style A Fur Coat

Untitled #604


As you read this, I'm standing, in the cold, watching Jessie J, James Arthur and Conor Maynard in Oxford Street, London... so this How To Style post is very needed! 
This last week I've been doing things in the evening which means I've needed a coat and I've actually felt the temperature drop. For all of you that are late getting a jacket, I've styled this beautiful fur coat from River Island to inspire you all!

Last year, I had a fur jacket which I've sadly fallen out of love with this year. It was shorter than this but I found it so hard to style as it made me look very bigger than I am and everything made it look even bigger so it's a no go this year I'm afraid! I like this one from River Island because you could wear any clothes/outfits you wanted - it looks so cosy that it'd keep you warm whatever the weather!

Because it's a gorgeous plain white, I thought a black colour theme would go well. I really liked the look of this top from River Island - it's sheer and has slight gold detailing which I liked. I matched it with these leather trousers, also from RI - I thought they'd go well seeing as leather and sheer have been the trend for most part of the year. For a bag I've featured this MK bag that was in a post a few days ago - I like it because it's also plain but goes well with the sophisticated black look.
In the shoe department I've featured these inexpensive New Look chain pumps that add a bit more gold detailing but not over the top detailing. I think this outfit would look great for shopping, maybe?!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How I'd Style | A Skirt In The Colder Weather

Untitled #601


Hello everyone!
I'm back to fashion posting today and I've decided to style a skater skirt with an A/W twist. I'm definitely feeling the chill now but luckily I didn't get the effects of the storm in my part of the UK.. I'm hoping all you lovely lot are fine where you are too!

Even though the weather is chilly and it's jumper/coat weather, I've been fine wearing long tops and skater skirts with a jacket lately. Today, I've decided to style one so you can keep wearing one through the A/W too!

I love this skirt from New Look - it's very shimmery and sequinny (if that's a word!) so I thought I'd match it with a plain black top instead of overdoing things. I love long sleeve tops with skirts, I think this would look great over Christmas too if you're not into dresses.
Instead of flat, ballet type shoes, I liked the look of these heeled ankle boots. I think they're go well with the skirt and it's great that they're plain black. 

Obviously with this outfit you can add tights *shudder*, ofcourse you'll need them! You could add a plain black jacket or a blazer too for extra layering. 
For accessories, I love these earrings from Next that I've featured before on my blog. I think they'd look great with the outfit and not too OTT.
Obviously with black we need a traditional Kate 107 lippie so I've added one to the outfit and I think a nice brown smoky eye would look brilliant too!
For nail paint, this red/black gothic  Barry M shade looks great, I think I may purchase!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

How I'd Style A Jumper | Autumn

Untitled #600

Hi everyone, just a quick How I'd Style post which was meant to be up the other day.
It's a very autumnal post as I'm feeling the effects of Autumn. I picked up a winter coat today which you'll see soon and it's very needed - I feel like I'm coming down with something as I've not felt too good all day..meh!

Not really much to chat about in this post but I feel like we should all be collecting our A/W jumpers if we haven't already as they're obviously a great staple - I love a good knit! This jumper is from New Look and I thought it looked really casual for plain days. 

I matched the jumper with these jeans as they're great for casual days too and ofcourse, we all love the odd ankle boot! I love these boots and I feel like you could slip them on with most things.
Lastly, we all know about Kate Moss 107 lippie and so I've included a quick punch of colour into this outfit with the classic which is 107! For nails we all need a berry shade in A/W and here it is - Gelly paint from Barry M!


Friday, 27 September 2013

How I'd Style Autumn Boots | Autumn Nudes

Untitled #596
Hello there gorgeous!
Today I'm back with a How To Style post and I love it!
At the moment, I'm loving champagne pinks and nudes. I'm just finishing with my summer brights and now I really want to start looking for navys, bottle greens and mustard yellows. 

For autumn, if you're the type of person that enjoys brights, neons and fushia pinks then I think nudes are for you. They're great autumn/winter shades and I've seen many of them in the shops at the moment. 

Today's How To Style Post is on Autumn Boots. I saw these on the New Look website and I really like them. New Look say they're 'grey' but I see them as a browny/grey shade as they don't look full on grey on the site..

I knew I wanted to match the boots with a jumper as I'm jumper hunting at the moment. I love jumpers and Primark are doing lovely ones - All under £15 aswell!
The jumper that I featured in todays post is actually in Primark for £10 as I picked it up the other weekend but obviously New Look is the next best thing as Primark don't have a site. 
I think muddy brows and whites/champagne pinks look lovely together so I think the jumper suits the boots lovely. 

Instead of keeping the whole outfit nude/brown I threw in a deeper colour with the jeans. I featured some New Look jeans on here the other month and a few people said they liked them so I decided to add in another pair today.

For accessories I came across this 'Lauren Conrad' style bag which I thought matched the jumper quite well and I love jumpers and shoulder bags.
Makeup wise I have my eyes on these lipsticks from Loreal at the moment and I thought this was the perfect shade for the outfit. Nails - Loreal again. Such a gorgeous champagne colour which adds a pretty theme to autumn.

I hope you like!

Monday, 16 September 2013

How I'd Style.. A Rose Gold Watch

Untitled #591

Hiya everyone.
Today, I'm styling a Rose Gold watch. These watches have become very popular during 2013 and I even want one myself.
I'm not a huge fan of gold, I'm a silver girl really so I never really get gold jewlery. I love gold with black, I think if you wear it right it looks right.
The gold that I have been loving has to be rose gold. I think it's very feminine and doesn't look 'tacky'.

The watch that I've styled today is from Next. Next always have good accessories and they had quite a few watch ranges on offer. I really like this watch. 

I decided to keep the outfit very casual but very classy. I think this outfit is suited towards 'drinks' or a night out with friends, instead of wearing a typical dress, I think dressy trousers and cami tops are popular.
At night now, I don't think it's as warm as it has been. As we're in Autumn I think it's best to carry around a blazer, or jacket, to keep warm if you have to travel outside. I love this jacket and love the gold detailing to match the watch. 

I didn't put any accessories or makeup with this outfit, I think that the watch and purse is all you need. I love this purse from River Island, clutch bags suit this outfit the best.
All in all this is a simple outfit - I hope you like it!

Do you like these watches?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

How I'd Style | A Pair Of Acid Wash Jeans

Untitled #567
Hiya girls! I'm back with my 'How To Style' type posts today, I've really missed doing them but I think I completed all of my Summer outfits and I hope I gave you some Summer inspiration and helped you piece some items together, I helped myself out at points, although sometimes, things on the internet look a lot better than real life..ha!

As we're heading into Autumn, I find that jeans can be your bestfriend. I find that Autumn in the UK means brown leaves, windy conditions and a spot of rain...although we can have sun so don't pack away your teeny bikini's and low cut shorts just yet...

I find that jeans can be your bestfriend because you can still feel loose and cool if the sun does come out, if you add a loose top, just like I have in this outfit.
I really love this outfit and I need to collect a few items so I can create it myself. I find that acid wash and white go lovely, even though this outfit is probably more spring than autumn, I find that it fits well for Autumn because it's very casual and classy.

I lovelovelove jeans, loose tops and ankle boots. Ankle boots are such a spring/autumn essential and I think these ones from Office go so well with the colour code. They're very simple with a bit of gold detailing and tassles.
As I mentioned, it can be quite windy/showery so you might want to keep a bit covered up, add this beautiful embellished blazer from Next is the perfect item! 

For accesories/makeup I think a nude lip and bronzed cheeks would go so well. Winged liner would look good to match the black colours and so for eyeliner, I chose Loreal Super Liner as it's a thin eyeliner that can be used easily to apply a winged liner.
These Next chandelier earrings are so pretty and something I need. I've never seen these in store, so I'll have to pop in.... They're so lovely and I think they go perfectly with the whole outfit. 

All in all, I love this outfit and think it's very stylish and casual for Autumn. I think it'd suit all ages and can be adapted to how you want it. 

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit just as much as I do,
Talk soon,

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How I'd Style Sandals

Untitled #560

Hi girls. I hope you're all enjoying the sun if you're from the UK!
To fit in with the hot weather, I've decided to do another 'Style some sandals' post. I know I did one a few days ago but I came across this beautiful dress and I know what sandals I'd style it with!

The dress is absolutely gorgeous. It's a Celeb Boutique dress - I love looking at Celeb Boutique's website every now and then, obviously I've never made a purchase because I'm not that luxurious but, a good peek at the website every now and then doesn't hurt!

I couldn't find a single dress picture but I the model in the picture is full of prettyness anyway, so it doesn't matter!
I love the embellishments on the dress and sandals. I think they go well together and soon as I saw them both, I knew they'd work well together. Maxi style dresses need sandals so I think these go well perfectly.

For jewlerry I had no idea. I didn't want a necklace because the dress embellishment is enough so I decided to go with plain, hooped earrings from Rover Island. For makeup, this golden, baked style, eyeshadow from Fashionista @ Superdrug looks fab!

All in all, I think this a pretty simple outfit for the summer months  weeks!
I hope you all like it, remember to leave your comments below! 

Lots of love xo

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How I'd Style | Basic Flip Flops

Untitled #558


Hiya everyone - I hope you've all had a good day. 
I've been looking at the weather forecast for the weekend and I think it's time for flipflop, summer dress and bikini weather! 
So, I've decided to style some flip flops for today's how to style post. I know it's pretty random but flipflops are popular and they're easy to pop on and go. Flipflops do go with many things but I really wanted to style this pair.

I found this dress on the New Look website and I was looking for a nude dress to go with the tan shade of the flipflops. I really like this dress and it's a bit on the pricey side but I think it'll look beautiful in the sun and will be a good summer staple! I think the dress would go with many things too and I really think these flip flops would go great because the tan adds some colour to the nude!

When I matched the flipflops to the dress, I had an image of a shoulder bag in my head - I think these type dresses suit shoulder bags in the summer and sometimes, in the summer, we don't really need to carry that much stuff, do we? So I think a shoulder bag is perfect. I think shoulder bags and dresses are cute haha!

For makeup, I really wanted to keep the 'nude/natural' look. I automatically knew that I would choose Rimmel Apocalips for this look, it's really natural and glossy. For blush, I chose Nars because they have a wide range of blush shades and I think this one would look perfect!

I really hope you enjoyed this look, I enjoyed styling it - talk to you soon, Zofia xo

Thursday, 27 June 2013

How I'd Style - A Floral Top #1

Untitled #556
Hiya everyone, another 'how I'd Style' post today. I haven't done one in a few weeks, I don't think - so today, I am! 
This post was meant to be up a few days ago but nevermind, I'm catching up!

I really didn't know how to do this post because i was styling a floral top and I think that's pretty simple! But, I decided to opt for a different type of floral top - it's not really floral all over so I suppose, technically, it's not floral!
I really like this outfit though, it's very classic and very sophisticated! I decided to keep the outfit in a black and white theme because black&white looks perfect all year round. This outfit would be good for warm days and cooler days - multipurpose outfit! 
The top isn't 100% floral but I love the small, floral, lacy design. Younger girls may want to put this top with shorts or maybe with a skater skirt and older girls could pair the top up with these trousers or maybe with some jeans for a casual look!
I really like this top, it's very me!

I hope you all liked this outfit, do you have any style requests? I'll try any!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

How I'd Style.. Denim Shorts #2

Untitled #550
Yet another How I'd Style post..
This is another denim shorts post but I thought I'd do #2 because there are many ways to style them and I had a few ideas on how I would - so I hope you don't mind a #2!

Sad to say but I love these shorts more than I liked the last pair of shorts.. they're really me and I LOVE the design! They're the cutest shorts ever and the floral crochet design is lovely!!
The colour of the denim is pretty too, it's a lovely turquoise colour. These come in a pink colour too but I wasn't overly keen on them, I really like the blue ones. 

At first, I decided these shorts would look good with a bandeau - they would - but I didn't want to include a bandeau in this post because I think I've included many of them in my recent fashion posts. So, I chose this top. I love this top a lot and it's also something I'd choose. I think the two go well because they're both floral and with these shorts I decided on a clean, fresh feel with a white theme because the shorts are floral and a pretty shade of blue. 

For the shoes, I didn't want to add another pair of wedges and be repetitive like other style posts - so I went really simple with some sandals! I haven't included Forever 21 in my style posts so I thought I'd have a look at their website which I never seem to do and I came across these - I think they're quite nice and have minimal detail so I think that's needed with the heavy florals! 

I added this cardi from Next which is the 'pointelle' one. I really like it and it's really basic so you can throw it on when you get a bit chilly in the evenings. I noticed that when I wear outfits like this to the beach (this is totally my beach get up!) I feel a bit chilly round about 6/7 o clock so a nice cardi like this always helps!

As always I have to add a lipstick! This outfit suits a bold colour I think and I always choose white outfits with a red lippie, just because they match and I needed to mention RiRi Woo at one point, so here it is;-)

I hope you like this outfit - It's totally me, I love it!

Zofia x 

Monday, 3 June 2013

How I'd Style.. A Basic Pair Of Denim Shorts!

Untitled #548


Hello there girls, hope you've all had a good day, considering it's Monday!
Today I'm styling a simple, basic pair of denim shorts. Denim shorts are a staple in every girls wardrobe I would have thought - especially for me anyway!
I love denim shorts. I always have a few pairs of floral, coloured, aztec, high waisted, acid wash or basic denim ones in my wardrobe just because I can throw them on and accessorize. I feel like they're casual and good for walks, festivals, shopping - they're 100% great for summer. 

I also don't mind wearing them. I'm never really 'body conscious'. I'll never wear a crop top, bralet or hotpants but I feel like denim shorts are good to get away with in the summer months and they're a good change from the leggings!
This month many of you will be attending festivals I should think so I beared that in mind when styling these shorts. I think festivals are a brilliant way to wear shorts because there's no messing around and as I said before - they're casual.

I love these denim shorts from New Look because New Look always do a brilliant range of shorts every year - last year I saw the loveliest pair of aztec style ones but never managed to get them and every year they do some really nice high waisted ones with the brightest colours so this year I might purchase a few pairs! New Look shorts are also really inexpensive too and work for most body types. I really like Primark shorts aswell because last years patterned ones worked well on me seeing as I have a 'fuller' shape and I'm short. That's one thing I struggle with and one reason why you'll never see jeans in my wardrobe!

Moving on to the upper section of the outfit - the top - I really love this bralet from Topshop and I knew to go on their website straight away when I was searching for one because I knew they'd have a range of styles. I chose this one because of the floral design. I absolutely love florals in summer, with shorts and I think this bralet suited the floral pattern wonderfully! Because the shorts are acid wash (meaning they're lighter) I wanted to keep the outfit quite girly so I think a pretty style top suits well. 

I'm in love with the shoes, again, from New Look. I love the look of platform cork heels in the summer and I think these type shoes always go perfectly with this outfit. I really need to get my wardrobe summer ready and include these things but I never find the time!
I thought nude suited the acid wash and the florals quite well so I went with these shoes as first choice. 

For cosmetics and accessories I think you can wither play it down and use the top to be 'out there' or you can dress up and really accessorize with jewelerry but maybe keep the cosmetics on the minimal side. I wasn't tooooo sure what you girls would like so I decided to feature only one item for accessories which were these gorgeous Topshop earrings. I mentioned 'aztec' styles earlier and I think these earrings would go well with an aztec outfit. But, for this outfit they go really well too because I think they'd suit the festival theme and the colours of the earrings go well with the florals, too.

To match the shorts, I chose this Butter London nail polish..
I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did, I really enjoyed styling it!
Remember to leave any comments below as to which items you'd like me to style and I'll add it to my list!

Lots of love,
Zofia x 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

How I'd Style.. A Turtle Neck Crop Top!

Untitled #547
H&M TROUSERS - £7.99 WAS £14.99
Hello beauties! Another fashion post today, I really hope you don't mind them!
I'm styling a 'turtle neck' crop top today and I enjoyed styling this a lot. The top isn't something I'd wear personally but I know a LOT of you girls are wearing them a lot lately and I've seen celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Jessie J wear them often as staple pieces!

I don't really like them purely because I envy people that suit them and have the stomach for them! I, for one, do not...
I'm in LOVE with these trousers so so so much though and I've already added these to my next wishlist. They were £15 now they're £8 and I really love them. I'm going to attempt to buy them and take them home and style them and see how I suit them, just because I'm 4'11 and so I'm unsure as to whether they suit shorter legs.. 

This crop top is from New Look and is so much cheaper than other ones I've seen about on the internet. I was going to style a bright orange one (I still am!) from Topshop which was £10 - not so bad but you can get 3 crops from New Look for the price of one!! 

I decided to put this with a brighter pair of trousers and I thought the pattern of the trousers went really well with the top, seeing as the top is plain. I think you could style this top yourself even better by adding jewelerry and bangles and things like that. I love these trousers with the sandals and I think all the colours blend well and I like the metallic shade of the sandals. 

As you all know, for my outfit posts I love to add  a lipstick that I think suits. For this outfit, I think this beautiful shade from Loreal is perfect because it's a beautiful summer shade and ties in well with the trousers and gives the top a summer spruce up!

I love all these colours and I love the outfit. If you're afraid of crop tops because of your belly area, I think these trousers will give you a bit of comfort because they're not exactly high waisted but they're not so low either. 

I hope you like it, 

Have you got a collection of crops for the warmer weather?
Tell me how you style them!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

How I'd Style | A Lace Dress

Hello there everyone! I'm back for the third day in a row, catching up on posts. Now as I'm back to blogging and getting back to the swing of things, I thought I'd do my typical 'How I'd Style' post. At the moment, I'm kinda stuck on what to style so I took myself over to the Next website as they always have things that i enjoy styling and I came across a post on their notice board about 'Lace' items.
I personally love lacey clothes. I have a few collared tops from Primark that are lacey and I think they're perfect for summer considering they're light and you have room to breathe - then, if it's quite chilly you can always add a blazer, cardi, bandeau, jacket, coat etc.. ANYTHING you like to 'build up' the outfit a bit more.

So, I came across this lace dress which is BEAUTIFUL. It's a bit on the pricey side being £55 but I think it's a dress you could style differently each time and a dress that you'd get maximum wear out of. I was also stuck between two styles of shoe to put with this so I went with the wedges. 

I absolutely love this dress because it's lacey and it's a shift dress so I think it suits all types of body shape, because it's not fitted. The model in the picture, on the website suits it very well and that's why I think it's a dress that I'd like because you don't need to show off your figure too much!

I added these wedge shoes because they're great for summer and they had mimimal design. I didn't want this outfit to be too out there because it's an outfit that you can 'sling on' and go out for a bite to eat or the beach. I like these wedges because they keep in style with the colour, being a peachy pastel.
Lastly, I added this lipstick because it's a bit more of a powerful colour and I always like to keep outfits plain and add colour for the makeup. I've been loving the Rimmel lipsticks recently too, so I thought I'd add one!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit, I really like it. Leave your thoughts below or comment any items that you'd like me to style! Lots of love and I hope you've had a good Saturday. Enjoy Eurovision..;-)!

Monday, 29 April 2013

How I'd Style.. A Maxi Dress

Ok. So. It's basically the end of April.. where did the time go?
If by now, you haven't got into your maxi dresses or you don't know how you want to style yours - have no fear! I'm here with my basic tip on how to style one!

I have a maxi, it's floral. I was a year late on the trend because yet again, I couldn't find one that wouldn't make me trip up over my smallness OR one that didn't make me look frumpy...
I realised that the best one for me was a sheer, chiffon material with an underskirt so you can't see anything else!

I love this maxi dress from It's a comfy material and loose for summer, but keeping a small amount of detailing around the chest so it isn't too plain.I love the colour - I think it's beach perfect! I also think it'd be good if you're going away on holiday. I added the hat, because I think instead of accessories (which I always forget in the hot weather) it gives a more sunnier, summer feel and goes well with the dress too. The hat is from ASOS.

These sandals are a staple, I think. I think this because they're white and they'd go with everything - shorts, leggins, dresses, skirts.. and they're only £12 from New Look! 
I added the MAC lipstick in 'Vegas Volt' because it's a coral shade, and I love corals in summer.

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

How I'd Style.. A Midi Dress!

How I'd style a midi! (for

Hello pretties!
I feel like I haven't done a How To Style post in absolute ages... I don't know why... I know it was a few weeks back though so this is needed! I want to keep things consistent and have a certain amount of 'series posts' but, I don't want everything to be recycled for you all to get bored and think 'yeah, I knew that post was coming'.. I do have a few different posts coming up and a few looks to do so don't worry! Remember, you can request posts too.. please do!
PS - Sorry this hasn't been posted at 7.30 UK time BUT I've had a good weekend enjoying the sun and catching a tan..which has actually started already..and I've been baking brownies and chocolate truffles too - so I apologise for the late post but I want to stop missing post days because I missed Fridays to start with, ha!

Moving on to the post *stop rambling..zofia..* 'm styling a midi! This is finally a post where I actually have the item in my wardrobe and can actually give my opinion. Every How To Style has been from first impressions and not how they actually look on me, personally.
I picked my midi up from Primark last...July..I think it was. It was around £10 and is zebra print. I liked it on the hanger but when I got it home I had NO idea how to style it. I'm 4'11 and I'm NOT the skinniest girl on the planet so it wasn't easy and I had no idea. I styled mine with a denim jacket and flip flops, that's how I'm going to style it this year, also with cork wedges!
Midi dresses were popular last year but not many people seemed to overhype them. A lot of people have been wearing them in a winter by adding a cardi or adding a jumper for the UK winters! Now as we've seen the slightest bit of sun *well done, cue the rain* I need to get my midi out and wear it more than once..with bare arms please!

To style this one, I chose a black midi. Styling one is hard enough, let alone styling the pattern too! I like this midi and to be honest, it's a pretty good price, especially because it's from Topshop. With plain things, as you've seen with past posts, they're so easy to style. They're also good to pull out of the wardrobe and add a few accessories and just go.  With midi's you have quite a small amount of leg out so I like the fact this midi covers your top half!

I'm not a fan of Barratts shoes BUT I scoured the internet looking for 'wedge boots' and I came across these. They're plain, they're simple, they're also easy to style in themself. I know on red hot days you dont want heavy boots on but I think if we have the odd rainy day or if you feel the cold in the afternoon, these would be okay. I never thought boots and dresses went well but seeing many Youtubers and Bloggers with the combo I really like it and you can style it to how you like to wear it. 

For accessories I LOVE gold chains! I featured the bracelet one in a recent post and this is a necklace version. Because you don't have much on your top half and you're covered up, I think this adds the right amount of color and even though it's gold, it's basic and it's not necessary if you don't want it to be!

I never really feature makeup in How To Style posts because we all have out own look and half the time I forget, ha! But, I did come across this lipstick from MAC that I think would go PERFECTLY! I was about to pick a wine red shade but 1. I've already picked one in a recent post 2. It's spring! 3. Wine red's are so autumn aren't they!
So I picked 'Pretty Please' by MAC. I love this and it's pretty for spring. It's a really nice pinky shade and I think it'd add some girly colour to the black and gold..

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! I really enjoyed styling it and I want a small collection of midis in different colours etc so I can do my own bit of styling! I'm really coming into fashion a lot more now after doing these posts and I think I've been enjoying clothes more than makeup recently! Remember to comment below any links of midis you like or have been buying recently, or any ways you style one! I'd love to know! My next post will be April Empties so keep a look out if you're interested. All links to outfits are just below!



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