Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eau De Lacoste..Pour Femme | Review

 Hello everyone, hope you've all had a brilliant week. Don't worry, we're halfway through the week!

I've got an awesome sample to show you all today and it's a good one!
I'm a perfume lover. I'm also a freebie lover! So when Magic Freebies advertised this freebie on their website, I was over the moon! I believe that freebies are a better way to find out new, bad/good and quality/non quality products. I know MANY bloggers are subscribed to monthly Glossyboxes but I seriously can't see the hype in PAYING £10 a month to get samples? In a way, it's a pretty good idea and I surely will try it out one day, but £10 to me is a bit pricey!

I entered my details and waited for the sample. Normally, perfume samples come on a postcard shape with a smelly bit on them. You can't actually test them out. When this arrived in a ROLLERBALL I was more than pleased!

I've never tried a Lacoste perfume but the Lacoste Touch Of Pink was more than tempting! I had a cheeky try at this when it arrived, just to test the smell and how long it lasts. The rollerball contains enough perfume to last me ages so that's a bonus.
The perfume lasted on my wrist around 2 hours.. to me that's pretty okay, but I suppose if you had an 8 hour shift in the office, it's not ideal!

This is actually the first time I've reviewed a perfume and many people say describing and reviewing perfumes is difficult - I agree but this perfume is so lovely that it's plain and simple!
The perfume is very fresh and clean. It's that type of perfume to wear on a fresh, spring day just after a shower. It has hints of floral in it, but not overly floral. I think it's suited to many people and could be used as an everyday scent. It's not overpowering. 

I give this perfume a 9 out of 10. The only downfall is that it's not very longlasting BUT a bonus is that the rollerball is handbag friendly for allday, everyday use!

Eau de Lacoste is a new feminine fragrance, the equivalent of the L.12.12 men's fragrance collection. The perfume comes on the market in early 2013.
This rich fragrance of white flowers recalls clean white cotton shirt scent. It is made of notes of white pineapple, mandarin and bergamot at the top; Sambac jasmine, orange blossom and pineapple blossom in the heart, and sandalwood, peru balsam, vetiver and vanilla in the base.
Bottle design is inspired by the shape of a tennis ball. It exudes simplicity and universality which are ideologies of the Lacoste brand.
The face of the campaign is actress Amy Adams. Eau de Lacoste is available as 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum with additional body lotion and shower gel.

Eau De Lacoste is available in 30, 50 and 90ml bottles. Body lotion and shower gels are also available.
Debenhams - 50ml; £44 and the 90ml; £60.
The body lotion 150ml; £20
The 50ml gift set; £33

The Perfume Shop - 30ml; £32.50 and the 50ml £39.99 (RRP £45) and the 90ml; £59.99 (RRP £61)
Links mentioned;


Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hello everyone, hope you all had a brill weekend!
Just a quick NOTW today, seeing as I've shown you this one before.

I only just looked at my schedule and realized I have a post today, so I'm JUST before midnight;)

This weeks nails are by MUA so they only cost £2 to create - because I used stickers which totaled to £1 -
This nail polish is the £1 MUA one. It's shade 16. I absolutely LOVE it and it's so smooth to apply. It's a proper Spring/Summer color and it'll be a go to one for this year. 

I used Poundland's nail stickers for the floral effect on one finger which really adds a pretty touch. Click HERE to see the ones I used, seeing as I've used no pictures.

I hope you like these nails and leave me links to your nails of the week! 

Lots of love, x

Friday, 22 February 2013

How I'd Style | Pink Neon Blazer..

Topshop Blazer | Black Chiffon Shirt | Disco Pants | MAC Viva Glam | NEXT Studded Ballerinas

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! *payday, woo!*
I hope you have all had a good week.
I can only but *again* apologize for not posting this up on the day I posted my previous post on. I've been having a ridiculous sleeping pattern meaning I've been gettig up at 4 - which isn't good and shouldn't be used as an excuse! But, I just forgot to post this up and so I decided to do it today because on the day it was meant to be posted - Polyvore was a wally and deleted it!

I like doing these posts, I really enjoyed doing my previous one and I thought I'd do a small little series on my blog once a week or something called 'How I'd Style..' I love putting outfits together and I'm a big polyvore lover so it's a really good idea I think! 

I never go clothes shopping, I have a small collection of clothes but I promised myself that this year, I'd get a bigger clothes collection, instead of keeping the same style of look. 

In this post, I've styled a neon blazer. Neon is really in at the moment and sometimes, it can look a little 'out there' so I think some people shy away from neon. I've styled this blazer so it's something that's the main focus of the outfit.. if that makes sense! 

I think black and pink go really well. In this outfit I've made the bright pink look quite formal, yet casual. This outfit would be good on a Friday night for drinks or for a meeting. I kept all the other pieces black and simple because the blazer is the quick 'pop of color' *cringeeee*.

I hope you liked this outfit, like I always say, I love makeup more than I do fashion BUT I want to include different posts on my blog - not just the usual!

products mentioned -
Hemanti Black Chiffon Shirt | | £14
TOPSHOP Ponche Noute Blazer | Topshop | £52
Black Disco Pants | | £25
Black Stud Ballerinas | | £28
MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam | MAC | £14

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How I'd Style.. Pattern Leggings!

Embellished Lace Peplum | Cameo Rose Leggings | Miso Wedges | MUA polish
Hello everyone!
Sorry that this post is late and I haven't blogged since Friday. I'm meant to blog every 2 days and I kinda broke the rule already! I'll post yesterdays post after this one though - you won't miss out!

I never really do Style or Fashion posts on here, I should's not just a makeup blog!
The other day, I decided on a few style/outfit/fashion posts to do and posts that I'd know a little bit about. I'm not the best at fashion - it's not something I'm really overly interested in..but, it's something I enjoy.

This post is a short post (i hope, unless I ramble!) on how I'd style pattern leggings. Pattern leggings can be really difficult to wear and style. I've never had a pair just because they'd be stuck in the wardrobe lonely.. I'd never manage to style them or work them well.

There's always a motto for patterned jeans, trousers, shorts etc.. don't wear them if they're not for your figure. I have quite big hips so I never feel like I'd work them and wear them well because of this. I think they suit slim legs.. but if YOU feel confident in them go for it!

I've never felt like I know what top to put them with, but after mooching about online and looking at numerous websites, I've come up with what I think - a good top!
Peplums have been really in style for around a year now and I'm a proud owner of a few! I love them and think if you put them with a good pair of trousers, jeans or leggings, they look great! I really want to style a peplum with a pair of shorts this summer so bring on the heat!

I love this peplum, I love the embellishments and I don't think they overpower the trousers. The trousers are very 'out there' so they were hard to style! I think the top is pretty plain even though it's lacy. 

Shoes are quite hard to style with pattern trousers because they're meant to be paired up with the trousers to match. I think plain black wedges suited the diamonds on the trousers and they were really simple to pair up.

As a makeup lover, I thought the nude MUA love hearts nail polish was the best nail polish to use, as nude goes with anything!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoyed the clothes used. In my next post, I'm styling a certain type jacket/blazer so keep a look out! All items used will be listed below; 

Lace Embellished Top | £22 | or In Store
Miso Black Wedges | £40 | Republic
Cameo Rose Diamond Print Trousers | £20 | Newlook
MUA Love Hearts Polish | £2 | 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Versatile Blogger Award!

So today, I wasn't meant to post! I saw this comment on one of my tag posts, on Thursday morning at 5am.. *blame the dodgy sleep pattern* and I was quite surprised! 
Kat over at Diary Of A Polishaholic left me a link to this post, saying she nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award - which is super lovely and thoughtful!

I don't have millions of followers but every single one of you mean the world to me! There's nearly 30 of you and although you never really comment or chat, I hopefully feel like you enjoy following me and you all make me incredibly happy - I know that with you lovely lot, my posts have a meaning! 

I was quite shocked to be honest that I've been tagged or nominated for one of these things because I never thought my blog was recognised haha!

I then read the rules that stated - ''I have to select 15 more blogs to nominate, and it helps get their names out to people!  And I have to list 7 unique things about me.'' 
The blog listing will be a bit difficult but, ill try! The unique facts should be simple;-)?

7 Unique Facts - 
1. My second toes (the one near the big ones!) are smaller than the big one..arn't they meant to be slightly larger?

2. My name came from someones gravestone. You pronounce it Sofia..I think people have difficulty though!

3. When I was born, I was the size of a hand palm. (up to the age of 1 1/2).

4. When I was a baby, I wore baby doll clothes.. not baby human clothes.

5. I never liked makeup. Up to the age of 11 I used to wear tracksuits and trainers.

6. I hate melted cheese on toast, but when it's with things is nom.

7. I can't think of any! sorry:(

15 Blogs That I follow or just followed - 

I'm loving her lip posts at the moment!















Thursday, 14 February 2013

New MUA Items!

no photos belong to me, they all belong to the MUA facebook page. 

Hello everyone! Hope you've all had a good day and I hope you're all doing really well.
Friday tomorrow.. which if you're paid weekly..this means pay day! *woo*.
I have the perfect bargain items here and I thought I would share my first impressions on the new releases of MUA.

If you like the MUA facebook page (link) you will all know that any new products will be announced on there for the first sneak peek. I always want to get things from MUA but before I have chance to buy a new release, they have another new item out! I don't even have a big MUA collection, I have like 3 items from them and need to get a bigger collection as there is always something I want - and in reality, the items are VERY good quality considering they're not MAC prices.

So without rambling, I am going to go through the new products and share my first impression opinions with you. Feel free to comment below what products you'll be buying and which ones you have your eye on! 

Undress Your Skin | Flawless Skin Primer | £3
Obviously, none of these products have been bought and tested. I'm not sure if they're out in stores or not so as of yet, I haven't heard any reviews. First impressions guys!
The packaging of this looks good. I love the metallic bronze packaging and it's quite different for MUA packaging and for a primer packaging. I'm not too obsessive over primers but I might give this a go. I like how it's a suitable price, I paid £11 for two of my No7 primers and I don't even like them!

Undress Your Skin | Radiant Under Eye Concealer | £2
I like the look of this. I don't have any items like this so I'll definitely be trying this out because of the good price range. This is in a pen form so it's an easy application for a right amount. Their website says it's lightweight so I hope it turns out to be that way!

Undress Your Skin | Illuminating Foundation | £3
I don't buy MUA foundations. They never sit right on my skin and always slide about and never really suit my skin tone perfectly. This might sound a certain way but I don't buy cheap foundation - I always stick to the other brands like Rimmel, Collection, Maxfactor, Maybelline etc.. I tried a Natural Collection foundation when I was about 11 and my spots went into overdrive! I know the MUA foundations suit a small amount of people and I know quite a few reviews said the same thing as me. They never feel matte enough either, they always feel really waterbased no matter now 'matte' they say they are! So I'm never really fussed when MUA announce a new foundation.

Pro Base | Conceal and Brighten Kit | £3.50
This is a product that didn't really interest me but now I'm warming to the idea of trying it out. I want a small collection of concealers to perk up my foundation collection and application a bit so I might give this a go. The packaging isn't the best and I don't think this was photographed well because the actual product looks slightly different in someone else's picture! It's a simple product to add to your collection - I think it's a back up from a high end product you may have.

Matte Perfect | Shine Control Foundation | £2
I don't think 'shine control' applies! I won't be purchasing this foundation either.

Pro Base | Complexion Kit | £6
This is a good on-the-go product, just like the concealer kit. It includes a powder foundation, concealer, and a shimmer. I personally won't be purchasing but it does look good. 
‘Wear the cream to powder foundation for opaque, full coverage, or simply break it down to be more translucent by mixing it with some undressed flawless primer’ - Karla Powell, MUA’s Head of Make-up Artistry

Cover and Conceal | Concealer Wand | £1.50
I'll be purchasing! I like these type products for everyday use. I was going to buy one from Natural Collection for £2 - I'll still buy it and I'll buy this too and compare the both. It comes in 3 shades, Fair, Natural and Almond. I think this could be a product that many people rave about!

Matte Perfect | Primer | £4
One thing I'm not liking about the new MUA products, is the fact they have tooooo many primers and concealers. I don't see the difference? I would have liked different products to build up a collection. I won't be purchasing this.

Undress Me Too Palette | £4
I'm loving this! I lovelovelove the fact they have a follow up from the Undress Me palette. I haven't managed to buy that, typical me, but I WILL and I WILL get this one! £8 for two palettes.. £72 for 2 Naked Palettes.. such a bargain! 
''The Undress Me Too Palette embraces this season’s fresh-faced look and urges you to strip back and go nude! Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit allskin tones and any occasion.

The pearlescent flesh-toned finish of Shades Naked, Devotion and Shy are perfect for highlighting the eyes, while the shimmering bronze hues of Shades Fiery, Lavish and Dreamy give a sultry effect. There are even smouldering contour tones in Shades Tranquil, Exposed and Wink so that you can transform your minimalist day look into a sexy smokey eye in an instant.

Featuring a shade range that runs from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal grey, this isn’t just ‘shades of beige. Each shadow has a distinct look that works for everyone.''

Undress Your Skin | Highlighting Powder | £2
I really want this! I need a highlighting collection and it's not something I have. I don't use these in everyday use and it's not something I think of adding to my routine. I absolutely love the look of this and the packaging is really nice too. The look of the actual product is so pretty and something to keep out on your desk! 
''MUA Top Tips!:
Try applying a dusting of the highlighting powder over the brow bone, and then apply between the eyes and inside the inner corners of the eyes to brighten them up. 
Undress your Skin Highlighting Powder can be layered ontop of blusher or bronzer too to add that extra glow to your skin.'' 

Hide and conceal | Cover up stick | £1
Another concealer.. I have a natural collection one of these so I won't be purchasing this. I like the packaging though, it's simple and easy to carry around during the day.

Matte Perfect | Loose Powder | £2.30
This is slightly more than my Natural Collection one, but I want to try this so I can compare. I'm a lover of powder now as I have oily skin and bronzers/blushers look a lot nicer with a finish on my foundation. I hope this one's just as good.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Hard Knock Life Tag..

I was scouting about on Beautylish the other day and came across a new beauty blog to read. I absolutely love the design of her blog and the well thought out blog posts - so I decided to follow her! If you wanted to check out her blog, click here:-)

A post that really interested me was the 'Hard Knock Life' tag and found myself answering a few of the questions, so I thought I would do it too! I think this was made up by her so I'm sure you could all do it! This is more of a lifestyle tag and I never really put anything lifestyle on my blog, even though I'm meant to.

As any normal tag, I'll go on and answer the goes!

1. Your Favorite tool to keep you organised in everyday life..
A schedule. I have one for Youtube, my blog, my LIFE! My meals and my days out. I love being scheduled so a good schedule keeps me organised. I go by a routine everyday and eat at certain times, excersize at certain times, walk the dog at certain times.. I love it haha.

2. How many hours in one week do you normally spend cleaning up/studying for school/organizing around the house?
I'm homeschooled so I'm always doing schoolwork. I hardly ever clean the house.. ''muuuuuuuuuuum!''

3.What is your least favorite aspect of school/work/organizing?
Half the time, I never 'get it'. So I leave it for days and then I half to spend longer than I would have, just to catch up.

4. What is your most favored aspect of school/work/organizing?
I love learning things so I suppose carrying on at home doing my schoolwork was a good thing. I love organizing because I can keep everything to a standard of what I want. 

5. When you are studying/working/organizing, do you have any rituals you must do before, during, or after?
When I'm studying I have a habit of listening to music via my earphones.. sometimes I lose concentration but sometimes it helps..strange!? And while I'm organizing, music is always the way forward!

6. Do you use a consistent routine for the morning and/or night?
No.. I've been wanting to stick to my everyday routine all this week and failed.. and last week.. I've planned out everyday and wanted to do it but I failed, aw:(

7. What organizational product do you swear by and recommend most when asked by others?
Makeup storage. I used to love everything just..out..on my desk and then I'd go to pick up a mascara nad it'd be like dominoes - once one thing falls, the other thing falls and I'd have to spend ages putting everything upright again. So I decided to get makeup storage and I know where everything is now. I might do a makeup storage post, actually..

8. What is your favorite & least favorite place to be when relaxing after school/work/cleaning up?
I'm not one for relaxing, ha!

9. Do you have one study/work/organizational habit that you preach to others about, but struggle to actually follow in everyday life?
Tidying. I hate when things are messy so I hint to mum - ''ooh, so messy in here today. Think it needs a clean''

10. Do you use any outlets to help you pass the time more quickly when organizing/working/studying?
Twitter. Have a good moan and it soon passes the time.

11. When life gets truly overwhelming, what are some things you do to remind yourself to do in order to either relax for a few minutes or get away from it?
This is a hard one.. I really don't know!

I hope you enjoyed this tag, it was something slightly different and took me pretty long to do it haha! I like to include lifestyle posts into my blog aswell, seeing as it is Lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Confessions Of A Beauty Girl

-photo courtesy of although I personally edited, contact me if it belongs to you and you want it removing-

 I know I've been doing many tags recently - probably they're boring you - but, I uploaded this to my YouTube and I really enjoyed doing it. I thought that many of you don't sub to me on Youtube so you may want it posting on here! 

I changed the name from GURU to GIRL because as many people have said - I'm not a guru so girl was more appropriate! 

1. How many hours a week do you spend filming/ editing videos/blogging?
I spend around 1 hour and a half a week filming. Editing, I do on the day before the video goes up. Blogging - everyday! I schedule posts when I have nothing to do. Then I'm prepared! I love blogging.
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
Definately both. I love saving money and spending it in the best way I can - then when I have a good amount of money, spend. I love getting bargains and good value so I like to spend the best way I can.
3. When is it easiest for you to film/blog?
When noone's in! I love when noone is in and then I can film the best way possible. Also, when it's daylight. I hate when the lighting is mish mosh! Then it's easiest to blog when I don't have any other priorities - which is most of the time - but when I have something to do I can never blog well.
4. What makes talking in front of the camera comfortable for you/writing a blog post?
The fact that noone is watching.. noone is right infront of me so it's simple. Then, once the video is out there, there's no going back! I don't think it's hard to film - unless I missmatch my words then it gets a bit awks! Then, I think writing a blog post is simple. I blog about things I know and love so it's simple. If I'm blogging about something I'm not 100% on it's bound to be difficult because I'm not sure if I'm correct.. you get the jist!
5. What’s your worst makeup/ hair habit?
Makeup - doing a look then realizing I have to go out in 10 minutes and it's a bit OTT and I start panicking and hair has to be not straightening it before a video.. I sometimes look awful!
6. One quote that you wish the world would live by?
Don't regret something that once made you happy.
7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
45 minutes.. my hair's long.. that's my excuse!
8. Your favorite video on youtube?
9. A youtuber that you watch who deserves more views/ subscribers than they have?
Anyone that puts 100% into their videos and hasn't quite reached the amount they wanted. I've seen a few people that do videos EVERYDAY without fail and they only have about 100 subs. Some people are quite rude to their subs too - they have more than 20,000+ and they're quite rude to their subs.. a lot of other people would love to have that amount!
10.One thing your excited about in the upcoming year?
I don't know whats upcoming. I hope to have more followers and improve my blog. At the moment, I think my blog is okay and I don't think theres many bad things about it, but ofcourse, everything can improve! I also hope to reach my 100 subs so I can do my giveaway! I also hope to get a job that I'm going to enjoy - not just any sorta job.
11. Your most awkward filming moment?
When I done my Whats In My Bag video and I went to show my bag and I fell..awkies! I didn't take the video down and I didn't know how to so so so so awkward!
12. How long does it take you to prep for a video?
Not long. I get ready and then pop my camera on my tripod, pick a spot in my room to sit and natter and away I go!
13. Are you wearing pants(jeans/skirt) right now or are you actually wearing pajama bottoms?
My onesie.. obvs!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

NOTW | 17 Magnetize Nail Polish

Another week, another NOTW post!
I really enjoy doing these posts and showing you all what nail polishes I've been using recently and which ones I wouldn't buy again..this is a buy again!

I love all the effect nail polishes.. crackle, glitter, fur, magnet etc.. the list is endless. Even Chanel do a leather effect! Over the past two years, I think effect type nails have been popular a lot more. I remember getting a crackle nail polish back in 2011 and never really used it.. so I thought this would be another novelty product I'd get for Christmas and it'd be stuck at the back of my shelf going gloopy. 

This is the first time I've tried a magnet effect nail polish and the thought of it seemed really good and worth a try. Back in December I had a voucher in my Boots magazine for half price or some sort of money off on 17 Magnetize Nail Polishes. I asked mum to pick it up and give me it for Christmas. I didn't actually mind what color I had, although I know that they do a green and blue and silver shade. My shade is green. 

I didn't quite understand how to apply it first, so it took me a few thumb attempts to get it.. it's really simple but I'm a bit silly, ha!
To apply, you apply the nail polish and while it's wet, remove the top of the nail polish (picture 1) and push the magnet onto your nail. This is the part that made me feel a bit weird because the thought of a magnet on my nail was a bit strange but after I applied it to one finger, the rest were simple and I was ok with it.

The only bit I didn't like was how some of the nail polish on the tip of my fingernail slightly stuck to the magnet and a little bit (only the slightest bit!) got taken off my nail, so I slightly filled it in with the brush. 

I also want to apologize for the state of my fingers in these pictures, I'm forever having bad skin around my nails!
Overall, I would buy magnet effect nail polishes often if I had some spare money or had some points on my card - definitely worth it and the effect was pretty impressive!

If you've tried any of these, what do you think of them?
Worth it or not?


Thursday, 7 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me | Tag

A happy Friday eve everyone! Ah, nearly the weekend to all of you who have had a stressful school or week work.. 
I was just scrolling about on my blogger reading list and half of this weeks blog posts were all about the '50 random facts about me tag'. After reading maaaany posts on it, I've decided to do it! I haven't written any facts about me, I haven't thought of any facts either so this might take up the rest of my night, which is a bonus, I'm terribly bored! 
Also, feel free to comment below or create this post of your own and leave me a link, I love reading these and I'm always interested in the latest fact or other and getting to know people, so go ahead!

1. I absolutely love London. I plan to move there one day and no matter what, I'll try my best to live there! Many people might not understand the obsession, my parents certainly don't! But I love London so much and anything London related - I could natter on for hours! 

2. Recently, I've been a bit of a 'homeware' freak..shame we don't have IKEA in Peterborough because I could seriously walk round there for hours seeing as I'm always on their website. 

3. I always wanted to be many things when I was younger. Interior Designer was first on the list and then I faced reality - I'm rubbish at Maths! I also wanted to be a hairdresser for a while, then I realized I'd get fed up and bored.. why is that? When we're younger we always want to be all sorts and never face reality haha!

4. I love quotes. I don't necessarily 'live by' quotes, but I do copy down and find pictures of my favorite quotes to suit the situation I'm in.

5. Sometimes, I wonder what things would be like if certain things didn't happen. I think we all do, but I hate regretting things. I just always think of certain situations that have happened and think 'wonder if I didn't do that'.

6. I always look forward to moving out, moving away, getting my own home, decorating.. then I realize that things arn't that simple!

7. I'm pretty independent. I'm an only child so I suppose that's why. I do like people helping out and trying there best for me, but I do like doing things by myself. I think I get things done better and easier and then I get what I want.. that sounds a bit diva-ish..oops! Didn't mean it like that, I mean I get things done to how I want them done. Then if things turn out pearshaped.. I know how I can better myself.

8. I have a slight sense of Agoraphobia. I sometimes hate the thought of crowds, going out etc. I panic quite a bit and hate waiting around for something to happen in public because I get a bit worried. I think recently though, it's gradually going away. 

9. I'm a bit of a loner. I don't have friends because being by myself is what I've always loved. You don't have to fit in, you don't have to make others happy, you don't have to explain yourself, you can just be you.. I know many people need and want friends and their friends make them happy, but, in life I've only had two bestfriends and that turned out to be a drama, lets put it that way!

10. I want to be a makeup artist so bad. Recently, I've been begging mum to go on a makeup course later this year instead of college. I'd love to put all my effort and all my hardwork into a job I love. I don't want to be a loser forever and doing a job I love would be the ultimate achievement. I know that things arn't as simple as that and I know having a good job isn't straightforward but doing something you love with complications is much more better than doing something you hate without effort.

11. I love writing. I'm homeschooled, so when I actually bother doing my schoolwork, I always write pages and pages and pages and could do it for 12 hours a day. That's probably why I ramble on and on because I love explaining things and writing/typing a lot.

12. I'm enjoying doing this post. I feel as it's letting you lot know a lot more about me and it's entertaining, haha!

13. Confidence - 0. I've had to go to 2 job interviews this month (end of Jan and yesterday) for the same job and o m g I was so unconfident and I seriously felt like crying.. I hate when the pressure is on and I have to chat to someone I don't know. I'm not the most confident person, only when it comes to things I love and know and I can explain myself, but when it comes to things I'm not used to I have no chance.

14. I wish I was at school. Who actually says that?! But, when you're actually at home 24/7 and do leave school, there is 50% of you that wishes you were still at school. I'm in year 11 and so this year was meant to be pretty good, but hay ho..things change!

15. I cry at the fact I will never have a prom. It's a little bit pathetic I suppose but every little girl wants a nice dress on the last few days of school. Imagine having a rubbish wedding? It's a little like that I suppose. I planned my prom dress and I still have a look online at my fave prom dresses and things, but I have to understand that I won't have that and so I should just get over it and move on. 

16. I don't follow a certain 'fashion trend'. If I walk into a shop and see something I like, i'll buy it. Ofcourse, most things in shops are a certain trend of the season, but if I like a certain top I'll just buy it no matter what. 

17. I love photography. I never really did but I suppose when I joined Tumblr, that side of me appeared.

18. Up to the age of 11, I never wore girly clothing. Never wore makeup and certainly wasn't into beauty. Secondary school changed that I suppose, and I'm happy I started wearing makeup at 11 because I wasn't that young. 

19. At the moment, I'm healthy eating. I'm doing quite well and this year, if I slim down, I'm going to treat myself to a bralet to go with my dip hem skirt! Haha, that's what I'm working towards, I really want one but I'm so weight conscious that I would'nt wear one. I've finally decided that I ate waaay too many Pot Noodles, crisps and cakes that it's time to stop. I still have a few crisps and small cupcakes, but I won't have 5 a day. I understand when to stop. I've only been doing it nearly 4 weeks, but I think i'll do better than I did last February!

20. Josie Gibson's new body is my thinspiration. I watched her on Big Brother a few years back and now shes slim I want to be like that. I don't need to lose as much, but I do want to get to 8 1/2 stone. I'm 4'11 so I don't want things to get worse. Josie's new body looks amazing and her dresses look gorgeous on her now and so I feel that if she can drop 10 stone.. I can!

21. Lindt chocolate is the best chocolate. I've just been munching on a Lindt reindeer from Christmas *oops* and mm, lovely. I'm more of a sweets person than a chocolate one, though.

22. Don't know anymore facts..

23. The volunteering job I recently applied for and went for an interview at.. I hope I don't get. Sounds crazy but I don't feel like I'd fit in and I don't feel like the interviewer liked me. 

24. I've now become worried at getting a job. At first, when I turned 16, I was really excited but now the thought of getting a job worries me because I don't want it to feel like the schooldays again. The days of not wanting to get up and the days of not wanting to go to work. Noone should ever feel like that.

25. I love planning things out. I love routines. I love lists. I love writing down what i'm going to do. I love being organised.

26. Following on from the last one - at the moment, I have weeks and weeks of meals scheduled. I'm a lover of schedules and I've planned out my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the next 3 weeks or so. I love doing things like that and I love going by a routine.

27. I'm glad I started a blog. When I started being homeschooled, I was okay with everything. I started to get bored so I'm so happy that now I have a hobby and have something to put my effort and passion of beauty in to.

28. I've just applied Champney's hand lotion and got into bed, mm.

29. I lovelovelove people with banter. I'm a little sarcastic and sometimes in a conversation I can seem a bit uninterested and might start being sarcastic.. this isn't nasty, this is my way of showing you I'm's just the way I am.

30. I don't take things too seriously. I'm serious when things need to be and I worry if things don't go right.. but bad things don't last forever, just like good things don't.

31. I've never watched a whole movie. Probably when I was younger I did once or twice but I've never actually watched a whole, full movie. I've only been to the cinema once. I hate movies and never will watch a movie unless it's really interesting.. tell a lie - I have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic. I like them type films but overall, I don't like them.

32. I'm not sporty. Atall. I used to skive my PE lessons or write notes. Hatehatehate.

33. Talking of sports and excersize, I want to start the 30 day shred. I've been wanting to since the start of Feb but 0 motivation.

34. I love the Sims 2.

35. I love TOWIE & MIC. Loads! I'm so happy that Maria Fowler only lives up the road too haha, random fact for you there!

36. Katie Price is my idol..Many people disagree and frown at this but she is. Everything she has achieved and everything that she's done in life, she's made something out of herself. No matter how many people put her down and call her things, she gets back up out of it and does something she enjoys..

37. Tulisa is also my idol. I've loved her ever since the NDubz days and as a solo artist. I think she's a really strong person and has been through so much. 

38. I want to go Ice Skating SO bad!

39. I love watching DOI and wishing I could go skating. I think I'd be alright!

40. I love animals so much. Any sight of animal cruelty on the telly and I instantly cry. My dog Zack is my everything and seeing him grow up and seeing him being born was one of the most amazing things ever and anything bad happening to him makes me sososo sad. He's my baby!

41. I'd love to have children one day. Atleast 3 - Faith, Hope & Grace.. but I hate the thought of childbirth and needles. boo.

42. As I mentioned earlier, I love writing. I write so much that on my middle finger, on the outside of the finger, just on the bit before the knuckle, I have a permanent lump. It sticks out and makes me look like I have a fat finger.. just because I write so much it's left a bit from the pen!

43. London accents are just the best. If you have a London accent, I'll love you forever. Lets just get married..

44. I keep a diary. I love it. I like to write down day by day my events. Then, when I'm old and wrinkly I can look back and see how much I moaned! I also keep a 2013 jar with events and memories of 2013. Cheers Tumblr!

45. I love cooking. I love baking. I love writing out recipes etc. Also, this weekend, me & mum & dad are doing a Come Dine With Me thing during 3 nights.. I'm totally making red velvet cake!

46. I've planned my wedding. I seriously can't wait. I've planned everything from the dress to the entertainment. Ofcourse I want a massive dress with diamonds and Swarovski crystals on with a horse and cart.. but hey, we have to find the unlucky soul yet;)!

47. I love having a rant. Can't beat getting things said and done with. 

48. Might sound reaaallyyy strange now.. but, I love having a bit of an online stalk. With certain people I'll check their Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.. I don't have an idea why but I suppose I'm a little bit strange..

49. I don't like melted cheese on its on on something like..bread.. but I love it with other things like tomatoes. I just hate melted cheese by itself.

50. I hope that one day, everything works out fine. I hope that everyone ends up happy and all the worrying and panicking stops. I think that everyone deserves to be happy and no matter what you do in life, people will never agree. People will never be happy with the decisions you make and they will never be happy with the path you take in life. This may not seem like a fact, but it is.. it's a fact because truth of the matter is - doing what makes you happy is the reality of everything.

I hope this wasn't too boring and I thank you for taking the time out to scan through or actually read these! I hope you know me sliiiightly better than you did before and I'm sorry if these were a little off topic. Do you agree with the same or am I the weird one?! Haha, lots of love! x
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