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Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Pre Christmas Haul

Hello everyone! I'm back with a haul today and I've finally taken some time out to photograph some purchases. I keep saying this but I'm definitely slacking on the blogging front and I always seem to purchase things and then slack on a haul so as always, I apologise but my excuse HAS to be the lighting! I get home from work somedays at around 3pm and it's nearly dark and my room isn't the best for daylight so it's ever so difficult to the picture take - last year was simple when I had no schedule to live by! 

This haul is exciting I suppose.. the last one of 2013 and it includes some best loved products from bloggers that I just NEEDED to buy! Most of these products I've actually tried already but I'll be reviewing them in a different post.

Match Perfection Foundation Savers are excellent for Rimmel goodies, I picked this up for under £5 and I used this all  the time a few months back so I decided to repurchase. I've got a foundation collection going on at the moment so it's worthwhile making a repurchase but now as I'm using Fit Me I don't think I like this as much as I used to. The coverage is slightly less than Fit Me so I mix this in a bit with my current foundation.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer I couldn't find the Collection one so I quickly purchased this in London at midnight when the store was closing... I've used it a bit but I'll need to use it a bit more to tell you what I think. All in all I do think this is a better concealer than the MUA one. 
Bourjois Bronzer I've said thousands of times I'm going to get this so I've caved in! The smell is sort of nice, bareable... I've used this a bit and it's a good bronzer but it just doesn't show up on my skin?! I've popped my brush on the bronzer so much to build it up but I just can't get it to show up!? I'm into controuring at the moment and my £1 2True bronzer works better than this... anyone had this problem!?
MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist I've never tried a fixing mist and for the price this was probably an impulse buy but I'll give it a go and tell you what I think!
Bourjois Bronzing Primer I saw this on someone's blog and it looked like a good thing to try. I've never tried one before so I'm waiting for new brushes to apply this with. I think I might have to practice with it first to get the finish I want.
Ebay Beauty Blender Dupe I picked this up on Ebay after seeing it everywhere! I use a brush for foundation but sometimes it doesn't look flawless and sometimes it does a bit streaky so I decided to purchase one of these for REALLY cheap! link
YSL Touche Eclat Highlighter I won this at work months ago and I've just received it! I seriously cannot wait to use it! My first ever YSL product!

Scandaleyes Liner I love the thin applicator of this, I've been using this so much and love how it can be built up for a thick line or swiped over the eye simply for basic definition. I like how it isn't too pricey either - another good Rimmel product!
MUA Lash Boom Mascara I love this! Perfect applicator, very different and works with my lashes perfectly.
Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Mascara I love this mascara too, big wand but not clumpy on the lashes. It's a weightless mascara too which I love, I can wear it all day and it doesn't irritate my eyes.
Bourjois Colour Edition 24 hour Shadows I bought this when I went on my Bourjois spree - I decided I wanted to compare these with the Maybelline ones. I haven't tried it a lot so I'll keep you updated. I picked mine up in a light bronze shade. 
The Body Shop Shadow Mon Cherry I never use purple shadows but I LOVE this blended into my crease with a little bit of bronze shadow to keep it natural! I love how I can add some colour to my everyday smokey eye and it looks so good. Definitely using this in a FOTD soon!
MUA Undressed Palette I've been using this everyday for my perfect eye look. I love using the shimmery bronzes for a festive smokey look - perfect palette in my opnion!

MUA Luxe Lip Laquer Funk I LOVE this shade! It doesn't bleed, doesn't smudge and it stays put ALL day at work even if I eat/drink! Definitely getting more shades as soon as I can - I love them.
Kate 01 Lipstick I love the Kate lippies and I was looking for 107 wine red but I couldn't find it so I decided to get this shade. It's very similar and looks great in the winter. 
Topshop Nevada Lipstick Yep, hooked on Topshop lippies at the moment.. this is the third in my collection and it's something different in my complete lipstick collection - it's a pale, peachy nude which I have to have a play with first because I can sometimes look really 'not right' when I have pale lipsticks on so I need to have a play round then I'll report back!
Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippie Yep, I finally purchased this after many mentions! It's just a basic pink lipstick which is unique to everyone. It matches your PH balance to give you a unique pink. When I tried it on the other day it was a pretty hot pink. 
Lush Bubblegum Lip scrub Such a novelty item but I'm copying the rest of the #bbloggers! I love the smell of this and it works quite well so I don't mind spending £5 for this because it's actually something that works in my collection.

The Body Shop Cranberry Linen/Body Spray I wouldn't usually purchase something like this but because it's winter I love the scent so I've decided to 'Winter my room up a bit' with this spray.. I got it for half price so it's not a big purchase - I've been wearing it to work a lot too anyway!
The Body Shop Gingerbread Candle Oil I haven't use this yet but I definitely am through the Christmas period! I'm a little disappointed because it smells more of lemon than Gingerbread men but it's a nice scent so I'm happy with my bedroom purchase!
Yankee Candle Apple Spice Potpourri This smells so wintery which I love! It goes well with the cranberry spray! I bought a vanilla one which burns lovely but I used it before I pictured it... oopsie!
Snow Fairy Shower Gel A Christmas essential! This is the first year I've actually shopped at Lush for Christmas, I always forget to go in there but this year I definitely wanted Snow Fairy so I got the shower gel!
Lush Candy Mountain I've heard a few people mention this so when I saw it in store I decided to purchase as I loved the scent and the design was good so I need to use it!
Lush Think Pink My first ever Lush bath bomb has been repurchased 3 years later haha! I never shop in Lush but the first time I did this was the one. I love the flowers and the concept of the bath bomb so I've decided to give it another go!
Mango Shower Gel Not sure if I featured this in my last haul so I've popped it on this one just in case!
Cartier Inspired Bangle I saw this on Maria Fowler's insta page and I fell in love with it! I only paid £6 for mine - I think it's beautiful. I love the simplicity of it and I've been pairing mine with jumpers!


Saturday, 1 September 2012

London Haul!

Okay so as you all know I went to London last Saturday. I picked up quite a few beauty bits so im going to show you them now and the clothing tomorrow. Sorry if this post is extra long aha.

I bought quite a lot!

So first thing Im showing is this.. this is really lovely! I started collecting candles a while ago and stopped, shame because you can get some lovely ones for hardly any cost. I love decorating my room with pretty ones and as im swapping rooms nearer to Christmas or whatever, these type candles will really match in. 

I bought it from Primark for just £1! Its a lovely medium size so good for the price.

I really like the packaging/jar. Its not tacky and looks really pretty and girly. It suits the title of Spring Blossom.

I really like the smell.. its quite strong but once it burns it might not be as strong as it smells out of the jar.

I picked up this pretty bracelet for £3.. I love it! Been looking for one, for ages.

I love the beads on it.. Its more pink in real life but I think the camera didnt pick it up.

The beads are so pretty and for £3 im made up! I think they did another color but I cant remember... check out Primark if you want one!

I picked up some pretty makeup bits that didnt cost a lot too!

Available in Poundland/Savers. Im not a cheap skate or whatever but I love a bargain. I saw on someones blog that these are available here and they're like a dupe of the 'Clinique Chubby Stick' Im going to review these more on another post anyway, so shh!

Autumn shades!

They're really smooth! Great for £1.

Looking forward to trying them out. Really pretty shades!

Finally bought it! Like the products above, I'll go into detail about this in another post but this is part of the haul so I'll show you. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr. 

Shade-On and on Bronze. I picked this shade up because you can build it up for day or night. Amazing for £5.

 I picked up and Eyeliner from Beauty Base, only £1 so i thought I would try it as I love Beauty Base!

Not amazing packaging but I didnt really expect that.

Its really light but liquidy.. such a deep black.

Dont know about the applicator quality yet, I'll tell you soon!

I picked up these! £1 each from Beauty Base! Different shades..soso pretty.

Sassy Sparkle - Good for summer or winter nail effect.
Fiji Purple - good for winter as its a deep purple shade. Its got a hint of pink too.

Goddess- Such a pretty bronze color, big & small glitter particles and is great for autumn.
Shock- Good for summer and autumn as its a satsuma/mustard color. Never bought a shade like this before!

A different, but pretty range of colors. Ill have to add these to my 'Nails of the week' videos! Ill be painting them soon!

What ones your favourite?!

Last thing! I got these free in Westfield: Stratford as I was passing a Nivea stall near Forever21. So, anyone living there or visits there, remember to pass by! They seem good to try out!

Have you bought any of these recently?
Lots of love..

Monday, 13 August 2012

What I Bought Today

Close up of the necklace.. so pretty..

It was reduced from £4.. to £2!

..Bought a cheeky flannel! Essentials and all that;-)!

I bought this new Charlie spray, I didnt know they had a new one!

What does it smell like?

Trying a new shampoo too! Garnier Fructis ran out!

Alberto Balsam swatch..

Orange/Satsuma swatch..

I reaaaalllyyy liked the lid of the shower gel!

Nail polish! cant go a day without purchasing!


Its a lovely nude, I have no shades like this..

Zofias been shopping!

Mmmm.. gorgeous!
So, thats a lot of photos!
I went to Stamford today, which is like 12 minutes away from me and they have a few shops there like Wilko, M&S, Superdrug, Savers, Boots etc so we just walk the dog there for the meadows and I had some money to spend so we walked up to the shops. Its only a small little place - google?! - but I enjoy it more than Peterborough.. where I live.
So ill guide you through what I bought and then later on when I use the things ill review them a little bit more.
  • Start off in the list order. I bought myself a necklace as I dont have many, I have more earrings than necklaces and I thought this was super pretty! Its a bronzy gold color and is on a thin chain. Its got some pretty hearts hanging off an O shape and these are all different patterns. This would go with pretty much everything and for £2 rather than £5 i thought it was a bargain! I got this from Superdrug!
  • I then bought a flannel, this is an essential because I needed a new one, they need changing every now and again! So this was about 33p from Wilko, I dont really mind about the cheap price tag, it does its job haha! I got this in a Fushia pink, its lovely & soft.
  • From Savers, for £1, I got the new Charlie spray, this is in 'Enchant' the bottle design drew me in and I think its really pretty with the pastel blue color. Ive sprayed this a little bit to smell it, but Ill do a separate review on this. Its in its normal bottle ml and says it contains 'honeysuckle, wild apple and coconut'.
  • I then got myself a new shampoo to try out seeing as my Garnier Fructis shampoo has run out, review here- - plus, I hate buildup so I love to change. This is Lychee & Coconut. Well, Ill review this in a new post but.. I have no idea what Lychee is, haha. I love coconut at the moment, so I bought this. £1 from Savers.
  • Everytime I go shopping/out I always pick up a nail polish! I have a reasonably large collection so I think a sortout is in order! This is another NYC nail polish, Ive never bothered with them before but I have 3 now and I love NYC! This is in OhSohoSweet and is a very plain nude color that ive been wanting for a while so for £2, you cant complain! Ill also review this soon!
So, I got quite a lot, I wonder if you've tried any of these?
Lots of love..

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I thought I would update you on the Makeup I wore for London. I applied a bit of everything I suppose! So I just thought I would show you.
So, thats the eye makeup i used from my 120 MAC Palette. My dress was greenish so I thought these were pretty. I applied my gel liner from Maybelline and my colossal mascara from Maybelline too. For my top lashes I applied Barry M Wink pen. 
I used my Rimmel 8hour lasting foundation and Natural Collection Loose Powder in Neutral.
As you can tell, all the rest is in the pictures!
Lots of Love xxx
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