Friday, 16 May 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick | Hot Plum

This is the most perfect summer lipstick. Pinks are always my go to shade and I love them at any time of the year but for you girlies that prefer nudes over brights - this is one to try!
I've never tried a Maybelline lipstick before, I normally opt for Rimmel so I decided to pick this up in Boots. This is a definite repurchase everytime, I love everything about it.

For £7.19 it's a high quality lipstick. I love the way it smoothly applies and doesn't settle into fine lines, I don't need a lipbalm as it feels nourishing enough. It applies quite sheer as seen in the picture but once you build it up you get a stronger colour. I like the mirrored tube but don't like the red packaging - that doesn't really matter though!

The only complaint is the fact it's called Hot Plum. This is more of a fuschia shade not a plum. If you look on the Boots website, the swatch is actually purple - in no way is this lipstick purple. Apart from that, I'd love to try the other colours. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Maxfactor Facefinity Primer | First Impressions

Today's post is another review, I've been trying a few new products lately and this is a mixed first thoughts post. 

This product is part of Maxfactors Facefinity range, they have a foundation paired with this which I also have and will review soon. It's only £10.99 which I think is AMAZING for the ml and for the size bottle. Babyskin from Maybelline was eyed up but I think it's totally pointless, unless you're looking for a Porefessional dupe then I find BabySkin a waste of the price tag. 

Facefinity primer is a white, gel like liquid that reminds me of the Smashbox primer - it's a good dupe. When applied to the skin it blends in just like a moisturizer. I then apply some loose powder over the top to set then my foundation. It has one of the ingredients from the Facefinity 3-in-1 foundation. 
I like gel primers like this because my skin is oily. When applied to the skin I feel like it's quite refreshing, non sticky and easy to work with. You only need small amounts.

I would say this made the foundation I was wearing on the day (Rimmel Wake Me Up) last for around 3 hours. I'm going to try  it with different foundations to see the outcome. It's great for making my foundation last slightly longer and just work as a general base. Brilliant value.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Makeup Haul | Boots 3 for 2

Haul time!
I feel like I haven't done in a haul in months. I've decided to do them less, just so I can focus the product more in reviews etc rather than hauls.

This month I've made the most of Boots 3 for 2 and picked up a few new bits and bobs. I spent £30 overall which isn't too bad but don't expect it often!
I've been wanting to try the Gelly Lip Products since I saw the advert and I decided to go with this light pink shade which looks slightly darker in photo. The only thing I'm unhappy with is £4.99 for a small amount of product... 

I've really wanted to try the Facefinity Range lately too, I decided to get the foundation and primer which I'm excited to try. The primer is amazing value for the ml and price. I wanted to get the Babyskin primer but £8 for a small amount of product is a scam!
I also picked a few lipliners up from Natural Collection and Barry M too so I'll do a few lip looks and probably do a review on them. I never really get lipliners so I have a bit of a collection coming on lately. 

Another thing I'm trying is the new Colossal mascara from Maybelline so you'll definitely see a review on that.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fragrance Wishlist | May

Untitled #641

Well, the start of a new month means a Fragrance Wishlist. 
I didn't really know what fragrances I was lusting over this month so I had to actually think about this one, usually I have a big list I need to test or something - this month I don't!

YSL Manifesto | £46.50
A bouquet of Jasmine, Green notes, Woods, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean. I would say this is a heavy, sweet scent maybe aimed towards older ladies but it's definitely something I go for and it's longlasting. I love the bottle too.

Britney Spears | Fantasy - Nice Remix | £22.50
I like Fantasy and Midnight fantasy and lately, Britney has remade them into two new scents which is Fantasy with different ingredients and Midnight fantasy with different ingredients. I personally think nice is more fruitier and naughty is more sweet using the cupcake ingredient. I really like the bottle too.

Jimmy Choo Exotic | £43.50
This is a lovely one for summer and I've already posted some info on it on a previous post. It's fruity and a great one for summer. 60ml = 43.50 isn't too bad either.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet | £53.50
I love this scent for spring, it's not long lasting but it's a nice fresh, light scent for this time of year. It's a light, floral, musky scent. It's a little pricey for the size but ofcourse, it's Dior.

Lacoste Eau Sensuelle | £32.50
This is such a different scent - I find it quite sweet, musky and very sensual. I wouldn't say it's floral or summery but it's actually in that catagory - I think you need to test it to decide. I'll definitely be purchasing this, it's lovely. 

Beyonce Heat | £29.99
This scent is warm/fruity. It's quite alike to Heat Rush which I purchased the other week but I would say this is more nighttime and Heat Rush is daytime. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

April 2014 | Throwback

April was an alright month - we've had some nice weather and I've visited a few new places. 
I went to Birmingham to see a friend, my first visit there was nice.. I should be going back soon to shop, the shops there are great - much better than Peterborough! The weather was lovely on that day too, it's a shame I have no pictures.

I went to Cambridge last week to work, I know Cambridge quite well and it's always a lovely place to visit. I obviously didn't shop because I had to work but the weather was nice on my lunchbreak and the senior sales in the Cambridge store was very welcoming so my day there was a good one. I felt like such a tourist on my way to work though, I must say!

Me and the parents went to Jimmy Spices buffet for the start of April, my first visit there was great! So many nice foods to choose from and the desserts were quite nice. It was a great family meal as we don't really do it much so it was a lovely Mothers Day thing.

Easter 2014 has been and gone, I got quite a few Easter eggs - that age in my life hasn't really matured yet so I still expect eggs for Easter! Even though I am healthy eating... 
All the pretty flowers are out for spring now so I took the advantage of getting a few photos.
Other events include bowling and nice spring walks... 
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