Saturday, 1 September 2012

London Haul!

Okay so as you all know I went to London last Saturday. I picked up quite a few beauty bits so im going to show you them now and the clothing tomorrow. Sorry if this post is extra long aha.

I bought quite a lot!

So first thing Im showing is this.. this is really lovely! I started collecting candles a while ago and stopped, shame because you can get some lovely ones for hardly any cost. I love decorating my room with pretty ones and as im swapping rooms nearer to Christmas or whatever, these type candles will really match in. 

I bought it from Primark for just £1! Its a lovely medium size so good for the price.

I really like the packaging/jar. Its not tacky and looks really pretty and girly. It suits the title of Spring Blossom.

I really like the smell.. its quite strong but once it burns it might not be as strong as it smells out of the jar.

I picked up this pretty bracelet for £3.. I love it! Been looking for one, for ages.

I love the beads on it.. Its more pink in real life but I think the camera didnt pick it up.

The beads are so pretty and for £3 im made up! I think they did another color but I cant remember... check out Primark if you want one!

I picked up some pretty makeup bits that didnt cost a lot too!

Available in Poundland/Savers. Im not a cheap skate or whatever but I love a bargain. I saw on someones blog that these are available here and they're like a dupe of the 'Clinique Chubby Stick' Im going to review these more on another post anyway, so shh!

Autumn shades!

They're really smooth! Great for £1.

Looking forward to trying them out. Really pretty shades!

Finally bought it! Like the products above, I'll go into detail about this in another post but this is part of the haul so I'll show you. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr. 

Shade-On and on Bronze. I picked this shade up because you can build it up for day or night. Amazing for £5.

 I picked up and Eyeliner from Beauty Base, only £1 so i thought I would try it as I love Beauty Base!

Not amazing packaging but I didnt really expect that.

Its really light but liquidy.. such a deep black.

Dont know about the applicator quality yet, I'll tell you soon!

I picked up these! £1 each from Beauty Base! Different shades..soso pretty.

Sassy Sparkle - Good for summer or winter nail effect.
Fiji Purple - good for winter as its a deep purple shade. Its got a hint of pink too.

Goddess- Such a pretty bronze color, big & small glitter particles and is great for autumn.
Shock- Good for summer and autumn as its a satsuma/mustard color. Never bought a shade like this before!

A different, but pretty range of colors. Ill have to add these to my 'Nails of the week' videos! Ill be painting them soon!

What ones your favourite?!

Last thing! I got these free in Westfield: Stratford as I was passing a Nivea stall near Forever21. So, anyone living there or visits there, remember to pass by! They seem good to try out!

Have you bought any of these recently?
Lots of love..

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