Monday, 13 August 2012

What I Bought Today

Close up of the necklace.. so pretty..

It was reduced from £4.. to £2!

..Bought a cheeky flannel! Essentials and all that;-)!

I bought this new Charlie spray, I didnt know they had a new one!

What does it smell like?

Trying a new shampoo too! Garnier Fructis ran out!

Alberto Balsam swatch..

Orange/Satsuma swatch..

I reaaaalllyyy liked the lid of the shower gel!

Nail polish! cant go a day without purchasing!


Its a lovely nude, I have no shades like this..

Zofias been shopping!

Mmmm.. gorgeous!
So, thats a lot of photos!
I went to Stamford today, which is like 12 minutes away from me and they have a few shops there like Wilko, M&S, Superdrug, Savers, Boots etc so we just walk the dog there for the meadows and I had some money to spend so we walked up to the shops. Its only a small little place - google?! - but I enjoy it more than Peterborough.. where I live.
So ill guide you through what I bought and then later on when I use the things ill review them a little bit more.
  • Start off in the list order. I bought myself a necklace as I dont have many, I have more earrings than necklaces and I thought this was super pretty! Its a bronzy gold color and is on a thin chain. Its got some pretty hearts hanging off an O shape and these are all different patterns. This would go with pretty much everything and for £2 rather than £5 i thought it was a bargain! I got this from Superdrug!
  • I then bought a flannel, this is an essential because I needed a new one, they need changing every now and again! So this was about 33p from Wilko, I dont really mind about the cheap price tag, it does its job haha! I got this in a Fushia pink, its lovely & soft.
  • From Savers, for £1, I got the new Charlie spray, this is in 'Enchant' the bottle design drew me in and I think its really pretty with the pastel blue color. Ive sprayed this a little bit to smell it, but Ill do a separate review on this. Its in its normal bottle ml and says it contains 'honeysuckle, wild apple and coconut'.
  • I then got myself a new shampoo to try out seeing as my Garnier Fructis shampoo has run out, review here- - plus, I hate buildup so I love to change. This is Lychee & Coconut. Well, Ill review this in a new post but.. I have no idea what Lychee is, haha. I love coconut at the moment, so I bought this. £1 from Savers.
  • Everytime I go shopping/out I always pick up a nail polish! I have a reasonably large collection so I think a sortout is in order! This is another NYC nail polish, Ive never bothered with them before but I have 3 now and I love NYC! This is in OhSohoSweet and is a very plain nude color that ive been wanting for a while so for £2, you cant complain! Ill also review this soon!
So, I got quite a lot, I wonder if you've tried any of these?
Lots of love..

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