Friday, 9 May 2014

Makeup Haul | Boots 3 for 2

Haul time!
I feel like I haven't done in a haul in months. I've decided to do them less, just so I can focus the product more in reviews etc rather than hauls.

This month I've made the most of Boots 3 for 2 and picked up a few new bits and bobs. I spent £30 overall which isn't too bad but don't expect it often!
I've been wanting to try the Gelly Lip Products since I saw the advert and I decided to go with this light pink shade which looks slightly darker in photo. The only thing I'm unhappy with is £4.99 for a small amount of product... 

I've really wanted to try the Facefinity Range lately too, I decided to get the foundation and primer which I'm excited to try. The primer is amazing value for the ml and price. I wanted to get the Babyskin primer but £8 for a small amount of product is a scam!
I also picked a few lipliners up from Natural Collection and Barry M too so I'll do a few lip looks and probably do a review on them. I never really get lipliners so I have a bit of a collection coming on lately. 

Another thing I'm trying is the new Colossal mascara from Maybelline so you'll definitely see a review on that.


  1. Ohh i do love it when Boots have a 3-for-3 offer on, i can't help myself sometimes haha. You picked up some lovely goodies! I have really been loving Maybelline mascara…the Falsies and Colossal versions are my favourites :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Yessss me too - only when payday comes if not i'm left lusting over a huge wishlist hahaha!
      I always find that Maybelline ones work best!

      Have a nice weekend Sophia xx


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