Thursday, 26 December 2013

MUA Undressed Palette | Review

Happy Boxing Day beauties! For all of you that are back to your blog reading already because the distant family that have come down for the festive season are bugging you then I have just the post for you - an MUA review! 
Today is my birthday so happy birthday to me - a small 17 haha! I worked for a bit today and I'll update you all what I got for my birthday etc in my haul, in the new year. For now...back to the MUA review!

As you know, a while back I picked up the Undressed palette. It's something I've always had my eye on consdering I've never tried an MUA shadow and this is a much better buy than the shadows themselves. At £1 an eyeshadow but only £4 for this palette, you're basically buying 12 eyeshadows for the price of 4.. amazing!
I was obviously a bit sceptical about MUA shadows because they're an inexpensive brand and sometimes eyeshadows from cheaper brands can be a bit chalky or non existent on the colour payoff. MUA eyeshadows are very impressive letting me create my everyday smoky eye with a perfect pigment. 
These shadows blend well, they don't dropout that much so you're not left with shimmery cheeks AND you have all the shades you need in this palette to create an eye look on the go ... all day everyday. I find that these shadows apply very silky and the shimmery shades apply like a normal shadow, not a shadow dust.

With these shadows, the only con I find is that when these are newly purchased they don't apply very pigmented on the first few uses. When I first tried this out I was so disappointing and wondered what the hype was but what you have to do is use it a few times, make a bit of a shown usage in the pan and then they apply really well - I don't know why this is, but it's just something I've observed. 

On another post I'm going to be doing a FOTD featuring an eye look from this palette. There are so many looks you can create with this palette and for the £4 price tag I'm definitely trying more of the MUA palettes in the near future. 5,6,7,10 have to be my favourite shades so far. 



  1. This is such a gorgeous palette! I think I'll have to get this - it's such a bargain xx
    Elise -


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