Monday, 16 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Do you prefer a real or synthetic tree?
I have a synthetic one but I'd love to have a real one next christmas maybe!

You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you order?
Nothing, I don't go to coffee shops! I'd love a festive drink though, I'd love to try one!

What's your favourite colour scheme for the tree?
We have some multicolor lights, purple and red baubles and some silver tinsel. My tree would consist of white/sparkly baubles and white lights. 

Giving Or Receiving?
I detest when people say 'I hate receiving, it's all about giving' when really it's not.. I like both, I love selecting things for people and watch their faces light up and I also love receiving because it shows people also chose something for me AND I'm a cosmetic addict so the more the better, haha!

To Mince Pie or To Not?
Make them...YES! Eat them?... bleugh, no!

Traditional Christmas dinner?
Quorn peppered steak and vegetables!

Christmas Fashion?
Christmas day means the onesie! I've never gone out on xmas day or got dressed purely because it's always me, mum and dad and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Your Christmas Song?
I like them all! I can't choose!:(

Your Christmas Film?
None... I don't watch films!! But,  do like The Polar Express. It's the first Christmas film I watched so I love it.

Presents before or after Lunch?
Before! We don't have lunch we just have dinner and I open everything soon as I wake up!



  1. This is such a cute tag! I might do this on my blog...
    Did you make it? xx

    1. definitely do it! i didnt make it, no:-)xx


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