Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Huge Collective Haul

Hello gorgeous! 
A very exciting post today... It's a collective haul!
These things have been collected over a 3/4 week period, I'm so surprised at how much I've bought because normally, I never seem to buy the latest bits and bobs but lately, I've been buying things soon as they've hit the shops.

This post will be very talkative and picture heavy, so if you're in a reading mood, you're in luck.. get comfy and I'll ramble on!

clothing | After posting this, I've realised how many clothing items I need to purchase! I'm always browsing the isles of boots now a days so I need to pop in to H&M instead... 
For clothing bits and bobs I've picked up two Primark items. I always pop in there and they had a sale on ages ago so I picked up these two for £5 each. I love minty greens and so this thin peplum can go with leggings and a jacket in Autumn, even though the colour is very much Spring like, I love mint greens so I had to pick this up.
The tassle top isn't really me but tassles have been 'in' this year so I picked this peachy/beige colour top up with black tassles, this will go well with boots or something in the autumn and it's quite long/floaty so I'll probably look twice the size - but nevermind, I'll find a way to style it!

Makeup Face Products | 
Wake Me Up Face Shimmer | Excited to try this, such a bargain for £1 instead of the ridiculous £5 price tag. 
Collection Foundation | I'll be using this as a concealer because it's very light but I'm a bit unhappy that I bought this from Poundland and it's half used... nevermind.
Wake Me Up Foundation | I've read all the reviews and I've finally bought it. I can't wait to use as it looks like a great foundation. It's also quite darker than my Match Perfection one which I like. I love looking tanned instead of a shade lighter..

Bath/Body | 
Baylis and Harding Soaps | I only like Body Shop soaps so I'm looking forward to trying these. I prefer the mandarin soap better than the pink one but they both look like great products so I can't wait to try.
Ted Baker Butterfly Range Scrub | This smells lovely and I needed a new scrub so I'm also looking forward to using this. I love the butterfly range.
Tesco Bath Collection | Shimmer Lotion, Body Polish and Bath crystals. I've never tried all three of these so something different in my collection. Most excited to try the crystals.
Sanctuary Items | I've picked up some mini's and a bigger size body lotion. I love the body lotions and the scents of Sanctuary items so I'm looking forward to trying the bigger size lotion. I've never tried a scrub from them so I can't wait to use this. I've used a wash in the past and I've used this one up already - I love them.
Champneys Minty Spritz | I've loved using this in the Summer! It's so fresh and minty and refreshes you if it's warmer weather. It's a bit of an impulse buy but I enjoyed using the Soap and Glory girligo so I decided to give this a go. I think it's going to be lovely in the colder months too.
The Body Shop Bits | After buying the Raspberry Body Butter I decided to opt for a lightly scented one. The Vitamin E one seemed different and has a really light scent. I picked up the strawberry wash and satsuma lotion too.
Baylis Minis | I love these Minis from B&H, I like the mandarin scent more than the pink coloured bottles but these are so handy in my little bath collection. They lather well too, so they last quite long considering they come in mini versions.

Haircare |
Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo&Conditioner | I know, I know.. I said I disliked Gliss items a short while ago but I really liked the look of the Asia Straight range so I thought why not.. they smell amazing too!

Eye Makeup |
Dainty Doll Shadows | I picked up the beige base which I've used already - it seems pretty good! I also picked up the dark brown shadow which is super pigmented and smooth on the eyes. 
Natural Collection Brown Duo | I've never tried a Natural Collection duo but I bought this and I love it. It's a makeup bag essential instead of carrying round multiple shadows. It's pigmented, considering it's only £2 and the shades are great for everyday. 
Rimmel Union Jack Eyeshadow Palette | I saw this in Poundland and it looks great! I love olivey/bronzey shades so I'm excited to use this.
Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Trios | I love these two trios, I love green/olive shadows as I've mentioned and I love eyeshadows like these that arn't based in a pan..if that makes sense? I also like using grey's occasionally so I love the pinky/grey trio. 
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow | I love browns, they're my go to shades. I picked this shadow up in Poundland and I've actually seen these in stores but didn't bother with them. I can't wait to use this and I'm hoping it's pigmented.
Lash Accelerator Mascara, Rimmel | This is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's become my go to mascara. I love the wand and how it makes my lashes look. Yay, Rimmel's done it again!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam | £5 introductory offer - can't go wrong. It's a new mascara and the wand is very different. I prefer the mascara mentioned above but this is fairly okay. I'll review this soon.
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara | Never seen this in shops so I was made up when I saw it in Poundland. It's a basic wand, but works wonders.

Lip Products | 
No7 High Shine Lipgloss, Smile | Such a different applicator but such a brilliant lipgloss. It's sticky, yes - but I love the shade too much to care about the formula. I've never thought about a No7 gloss before so I decided to purchase. I love this and I might even pick up more shades. 
Primark Lip Crayon | I've mentioned millions of times before how much I enjoy using the Poundland ones so I decided to get one from Primark. It's very smooth, pigmented and glossy - for £1.50 I'll definately pick any more shades up.
Rimmel Apocalips, Nova | Finally! I've said so many times how much I want one, now I need to get round to using! I bought this in July and I still haven't used, but there will be a review on the blog sometime extra soon. I love this shade a lot.
Miners Matte Factor, Cappuccino | I love this, it's such a plain shade but looks really pretty with a light eye. I bought this around the start of July and I need to get round to using it more. It's not that drying, either.
Baby Lips, Cherry Me | I got one! I've used mine once and got it at the start of August, it's great. I've read so many negatives on this but I love mine and want the whole collection. I love the taste and it leaves a subtle shade on my lips which I love. 
Primark Lipstick, Bright Pink | I bought this for £1. It's a gorgeous bright pink but I haven't used it yet to see if it appears on my lips that way. I think it may be a bit drying so I might have to put my baby lips underneath!

Other Face items | The gorgeous people at Montagne Jeunesse sent me these face freebies which I can't wait to try! I got a mud pac, a passion peel off and an olive face mask. I'm so excited to try and use their Mondays for Me app while I'm at it!
Collection Mosaic Glow | I also bought this mosaic bronzer the other week which is amazing! I've used it a few times already and I'm definitely going to review it. I love the shade and the shimmer and it's only around the £2 mark. Brill!

Nail Polishes |
OPI Black Shatter | Purchased from Poundland. I hate shatter polishes but for £1 I had to pick it up. They did loads of other shatter shades and I've seen a blog post this week on normal polishes from OPI in Poundland so I'll have to keep my eyes open.
Rimmel 60 seconds polish, Deliciously Dark | I'm definitely looking forward to Autumn so I picked this polish up. It's a beautiful aubergine shade. A bit black, bit with a purple tint. I'm not a lover of darks but this is a lovely shade.
Colour Show Polishes, Midnight Taupe/Green With Envy | An Autumn shade and a spring shade! I've recently applied Midnight Taupe and my mum's been rocking the minty shade this week! I love the whole colour selection of Colour show polishes and I'll always collect more but I don't like the gloopyness of them and the time they take to set. That's the only downside!

aaaaaaaaaaaand breathe... I've finally showed you everything I've purchased over the weeks! It's taken me a few hours to complete this post so it's satisfied my boring afternoon.. I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried any of these items?


  1. Oh wow, what a huge haul! Have fun playing around with all that make up :D xxx

    1. I'm sure I will, but I've been spending already!

      Thanks for your comment,
      Zofia xo

  2. The Primark lip crayon looks so good, I'm tempted to try it now! I have the pink lipstick from Primark and it does come on that bright, it's such a gorgeous barbie pink :) x

    1. I've tried the crayon and I really like it, it's quite pigmented too!
      I've been wearing the pink lippie all week and it's my absolute FAVOURITE! Stays on so long and it's super bright!

      Lots of love xo

  3. Loving the top with the fringing on. Looks lovely :)

  4. That Schwarzkopf shampoo & conditioner range (the keratin type to be exact) has been my hair saviour while I've been travelling! It's kept the moisture in my hair, maintained it's shine and prevented breakage! I swear by it, definitely a great product!! xx

    Find me on bloglovin:

    1. I've been using it recently and I quite like it! Great product! xo

  5. What lovely bits! This makes me want to go shopping so much!

    Absolutely love your blog by the way, especially the layout! Thanks for leaving me a link on Twitter :D

    Scarlett x

  6. Really like the products you mentioned, i'm so going to try out those products.
    thanks for introducing me these!

    If you got time check out my blog!

    1. Thanks very much!
      If you purchase anything, remember to drop me a tweet @lilmisspradaxo !


  7. Oh my gosh what a haul!! You got so many make up items that are on my wish list- the Maybelline gel foundation has been on my wish list ever since I tried a sample. I've also been wanting to try some Sanctuary bits for ages :) Thanks for sending me your link in the #bbloggers chat xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Haha, I hope you enjoyed reading!

      Lots of love xo


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