Friday, 11 October 2013

Collective Haul

Hello there gorgeous!
Haul time again and today I have a few bits and bobs for you. These things haven't been picked up recently but they've been bought a few weeks back. I will have a haul soon with all the recent things I've bought but me with wages means a catch up!

Asda Skin System Cleanser
I bought this a while back because it was inexpensive and I wanted to try a few more skincare things. After using it for a while I'm not overly keen. It's a milk base which doesn't suit oily skin and so I feel that when I use it, it doesn't really remove makeup and make my skin feel smooth, fresh, awake and clean. Thumbs down...

Wilko Alcohol Base Cleanser - Tea Tree
Thumbs up! I love this cleanser. I always get it and I always alternate between the green Tea tree range and the blue normal range. I really like this and when I use it I can tell it works because my skin stings - this is a good thing though, I'm not allergic ahaha!

Wilko Tea Tree Face Wash
Same as above. When I'm in the bath this is great to remove all my makeup from the day or if it's a makeup free day it freshens my face up and makes me feel smooth and clean.

Tea Tree Spot Stick
I won't go into too much detail with this because I want to review it separate but lets just say i wouldn't buy again....

Sinful Colours Irish Green
My first SC! I've always taken a look to their inexpensive boots stand but I've just never made a purchase. I passed Poundland weeks back and came across a huge row of these so I bought this very gorgeous shade!

Rimmel Shout Out Loud 
Beautiful colour - my reason for purchasing!

Rimmel Peppermint
Another gorgeous shade, probably more suited to Spring but I've been wearing it lately anyway.

Kate Lippies 13, 2, 5.
Beautiful pink/orange shades. I've been trying these all out lately so I'll let you know what I think separately. I love these shades.

Champagne Pink Fuzzy Jumper | Primark
Primark have a lot of these in store lately and I'm obviously going to get them all. I loved this colour and champagne pinks are lovely! This is a winter staple.

Brown Tassle Shorts
Very impulse buy.. these were £1 in Primark so I obviously had to get them. They've lovely and warm but I couldn't wear these now , people would call the local helpline... 

Pink Peplum
I have a mint green one so I had to get this - £2 in Primark and it's a lovely top to pop on in S/S.



  1. Oh my gosh you got that skincare skinology stuff from wilkinsons! I LOVE THEM! I actually did a post on the face wash, and i've got loads from them, it suchs that they're a wilkinsons exclusive brand :( gahhh. I've never heard anyone speak of them before in the blogging comunity ever, so i'm glad that it's not just me who owns their products :) haha. They're so cheap as well, such good value! ahhh!


    1. Oops, this got posted without me adding text! You caught my blogging error;-)
      You're the only one I've heard talk about the Skinology brand too, noone mentions it considering it's a good value brand!

      Thanks for your comment:-) xx

  2. The only thing I haven't got is the anti-spot stick, could you do a review of it when you've used it? Thank youuuu!


    1. I can! It'll be up soon i scheduled it haha xxx

  3. lovely post!
    those rimmel lipsticks you got are gorgeous shades! and the peppermint nail varnish is beautiful!

    Laura xxx


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