Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Review | Skinology Tea Tree Spot Stick

 Hello there lovely!
Today I'm blogging because I didn't yesterday. I've decided to do a bit of a review but it won't be an extra in depth review because I don't really have that much to say I simply have a quick things to clear up about this product.

Over the last two months, I've been using this. It's from the Skinology range at Wilko. Now, if you've been reading Little Miss Prada for a while and scan through past blog posts, you'll realise that I'm a user of Skinology and their face wash/cleanser. As I looked on the Skinology shelf I noticed that they do a 'spot stick' which I've noticed on ELF website before. I decided to pick it up and try!

I've basically ended the bottle now so I feel like I can actually tell you about my thoughts, how it works and how I got on with it. 

What's the spot stick like?
As you can see, it's a glass, small ML'd rollerball bottle. You can see the liquid inside which I thought was good because sometimes, you can get things like this without the product showing whereas this bottle is good. 
The spot stick actually comes in a small cardboard box but I stored this without. 

It's really simple to use but I did have the initial thought of how to to actually use this effectively so it actually worked. I've tried many different ways of using this.
At first I rolled the rollerball gently on the area of spots - after time, I realised this may not be a good idea as the rollerball could get contaminated to create more spots - I think this is why I didn't find it as effective...
After time I decided to roll it on a cotton ball and dab the cotton ball into the spot. 

Overall Thought
In my opinion, a waste of time. You might aswell look after your skin and cleanse. I didn't see any results in this and if there were any results it's probably because they went a little less red but I wouldn't say this contributed to removing a spot or cleaning a spot.
I don't think this rollerball is a good idea, maybe remove the rollerball and stock it like that so you can empty some onto a cotton ball and use like that. 
I don't think this works very well and I won't be repurchasing. It seemed like a good product to try and for £1 you really can't go wrong. I'm glad I used it all - nothing was wasted.

What do you think of anti spot sticks?
Good results or no results?


  1. have been thinking about getting a tea tree spot treatment lately.don't think they carry this brand in canada but might go for the one from The Body Shop. but not sure i'm going to see no results like you.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I dont think this line will be available in Canada but you can always try the body shop one - each skin type is very different and they might work for you!
      I might try a more pricey spot stick and see how it works - it was probably just because this one was inexpensive and didnt suit what my skin was looking for!:-)


  2. I've always had no luck with these tea tree oil gel-like products. I think all they do is perhaps soothe the area. Always go for actual spot creams. Clearasil does a great one.



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