Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hello October | The Autumn Tag

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Well Hello October!
I'm not sure what to think about September. In a way, I think it's gone by so fast but looking back, it's been a bit of a slow journey...
September was an ok month, I didn't really notice a weather chance because we've been very fortunate considering it's been quite warm, sunny and not autumnal. We've not had a rainy day....

This September/October I've not really noticed the effects of Autumn. The picture above was taken last year and look at all the beautiful leaves! Last year I really enjoyed autumn, I really enjoyed the boots, coats and gorgeous leaves but this year has been totally different. At the moment, one street in my area has golden leaves scattered about the floor, but not as many as last year - I hope we get the same treatment again!

Today's post is a tag and I haven't done a tag in ages so this should be one that I enjoy and ofcourse, I tag you all to do it and leave a link below so I can see your favourite parts of Autumn!

  1. Favourite thing about Autumn? So many things! I love the countdown to Christmas, the golden leaves, snug days inside, and ofcourse photography opportunities in the garden!
  2. Favourite drink? I don't really like hot drinks and I don't drink tea/coffee so you won't get the usual 'Starbucks' mention here because I've never had one! At the moment I've been drinking a lot of 'Caribbean Crush' lucozade...which is a bit summery but there you go..
  3. Favourite scent? Oooo, this should be a good one considering I work in the Perfume Shop! At the moment I'm really liking Island Fantasy by Britney Spears...strange how it's a summer scent but I don't really coordinate the seasons to scents.
    A few other scents I love in the autumn are cinnamon candles. I need to purchase some from Yankee Candle because they smell so cosy and warm!
  4. Best lipstick? As I'm doing this tag, I'm finding myself still attached to summer..I'm still wearing barbie pink shades! *covers face*... For the Autumn though I really like Rimmel's lipstick in 'Bronze Goddess' as it's the perfect brown for my skin tone as I don't wear plum shades.
  5. Go to moisturiser? I've not been moisturising lately which is so lame but I really like Soap And Glory in the winter and I really like The Body Shop butters, although the ones out at the moment are very summery so I need to purchase some Gingerbread editions and Honeymania!
  6. Go to colours for the eyes? I love bronze/brown colours all the time and they're my everyday choices so I'll keep to that and probably add a bit of liner. I really want to try different shades this autumn but I probably won't get round to it...
  7. Favourite band/singer to listen to? I don't really need to change my music taste for the seasons so I listen to the same old tunes...
  8. Favourite outfit to wear? I've decided to keep to the same outfit choices but add some tights and a jacket. I need to pop into all the shops soon and get some autumnal skater skirt colours. 
  9. Autumn treat? Oooooh, I'm not too sure?!
  10. Favourite place to be? London! Hyde Park and St James' look beautiful in Autumn.


  1. I also love the yankee cinnamon candle, its one of my all time favourite and I always have to have it in my house in Autumn.


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