Thursday, 3 October 2013

October Wishlist

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Hello there!
Today's post is a wishlist one. I feel like I haven't done one of these in ages - I seriously think this month has gone by so slow!
Last month I managed to bag myself a job - I've already had my first wages and I didnt' actually purchase anything overly exciting! I'll be doing a haul soon so you'll see what I picked up.
Now as I have a job, I feel like I'm able to buy many more 'high end' items which I'm definitely considering after Christmas. 
This month many new releases have hit the shelves so I've actually kept up!

Body Shop Honeymania Range I really want to try the new range at The Body Shop, I went in there the other day and the new range looks really good. I actually got an invite to the event for the release and I couldn't make it!:-(
Island Fantasy Fragrance As I work in the Perfume Shop I've been smelling allsorts of fragrances. Although this is a fresh summer scent I still want it - it's gorgeous!
Collection Privee Lipstick Range I really want to collect all of these. They're a new, nude range of lippies and I really like the colour range. They're a celebrity range too!
Loreal Cleansing Water I'm sure you're all sick and tired of seeing this on blogs but I'm yet another blogger that wants to try this! It's had many mixed reviews but it's something I'd like to try in the terms of skincare.
MUA Matte Lipsticks MUA have brought out new lipsticks and they're all matte formulas. Mixed reviews but I'll try them because 5 lipsticks for £5 is brilliant. I think they're either going to be really drying or a perfect formula....
A YSL Lipstick Now as I have wages, I'm going to treat myself! Not sure what lippie I want from them though....



  1. I want #6 and #1 as well! And i need to smell #2 because Ive heard soo many bbloggers talk about this scent recently. Im not sure why, as you said its more of a summery scent.

    1. Once you smell it, you'll love it! It's definately the scent I go for!


  2. Ooh the honeymania range sounds so good, I really want to try it out especially the EDT perfume or lip balm! And the l'oreal micellar water is great, so effective at taking off makeup. Makes my skin feel soo clean. Let's hope you try it out soon! :)


    1. I really want to try it too, so strange how so many 'Honey' products are out now?!
      I'll definately try the Loreal product, it's so inexpensive too!



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