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Thoughts On | Rimmel Kate Lipsticks | My Collection

 Hello there gorgeous girlies!
So sorry tonight's post is quite late on. I usually schedule for 7.30pm UK time but tonight's post wasn't scheduled and I've been working all day so I just found time tonight to do my biggest passion and blog for you all!

If you remember a few months back, these used to fill my monthly wishlists. I always loved the idea of Kate's lippies and everyone blogs about them on a daily basis. I think Rimmel lipstick *and the brand altogether* have to be my favourites and if I'm looking or lusting over the idea of a new shade I will always walk over to Rimmel's stand for quality, value and inexpensive beauty buys purely because I know they work. 

I haven't *unfortunately* tried all of the Kate brand just because I've been seeing how they work and how I like them first - now I truly know I love them I'll head down to Boots and pick up all the shades. 
For tonight's post though I'll go through my small collection and explain my favourites - by the picture I'm sure you can tell which one I carry in my Mary Poppins bag....

Kate Lipstick | Black Bullet | Shade 05
I purchased 05 and 02 on the same day and found it hard to differentiate between the two. I actually thought they were the same shade - but no!
The black ones are the MATTE range so this lipstick is matte. With this lipstick I liked the pinky shade. I liked that it wasn't as bright as 02 and I liked that it was a shade that I don't actually own - it's quite different.
I was really excited to try this lippie as the colour is gorgeous and pinks are my favourite. When I applied it (without a balm) I did find it hard to push the lipstick onto my lips and apply - it did feel very drying and very matte. I do have to apply a balm under this because I feel like it wouldn't look right for work and I'd probably be a bit conscious! All in all though I do like this lipstick but the red bullet lipsticks are my favourite.

Kate Lipstick | Black Bullet | Shade 02
Same review as above, I really loved this shade because it's a fuschia pink and definately the pinks I go for. I don't have the smallest shape lips in the world so I really enjoy piling on the pink because I feel like they suit me best!:-)
I felt like this lipstick didn't 'fill in the lines' that well - I felt like it needed a lip brush to apply it, if not it didn't really look right? This one is very drying but I do love it; it's just not a lipstick you can throw on 5 minutes before you leave the house.

Kate Lipstick | Red Bullet | Shade 101
My absolute GO TO! You wouldn't believe how much I LOVE this lipstick. I've been using it every single day and it's the perfect one for work. It's so sleek and lovely and applies like a dream. It applies so smooth and it's kind of like you've applied some lip gloss over the top; that's how smooth it is. It doesn't sink into the cracks or the oops bits of your lips and it lasts quite long. I work on average 6 hours and it lasts all that time and only gets kind of dry 4 hours after. I really enjoy to put my MAC Minaj lippie as a base of this because then it really does last all day! I've enjoyed using this and I always carry it around with me as I know it suits everything I wear and my everyday smoky eye. As you can tell by the picture - the difference of usage and the different formulas. 
I also find that the red bullet collection shades are more me and bright than the black bullet packaging - although I will try them all.'ve done it again.. I love you!

Kate Lipstick | Black Bullet | Shade 13
A different colour in my range is this bright orange. I have a few other oranges in my collection but they're not as vibrant. Same review as the other black range but I think this one blends a lot better. I think this is probably one I need to use more and I'll get back to you.



  1. I loveee the orangey shade but I'm obsessed with orange lipstick! Shade 02 sounds lovely :). Don't know how I have possibly gone through life without trying a Kate Moss lipstick!


  2. i love this line...well..the one lipstick i have from this line anyways.. want to pick up more but need to stem my lippie purchasing
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I'm so obsessed with lipsticks lately! What lippie do you own?:)

  3. I think we have similar tastes in lipstick, I love each and every one of these colors!

  4. I love Kate Moss lipsticks, my favourite is 107. 101 mighth ave to be next on my list though. Great post

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. 107 is a classic, everyone loves it! x

  5. I haven't tried any of them yet and I need to change this! :D Great post x

  6. I absolutely love the Kate lipsticks! 05 was my favourite lipstick for a while, might need to go dig it out my stash! xx


    1. i've started using this more lately, i dont know if i like the formula though!

      thanks for commenting xx

  7. I love these, shade 08 is my favorite :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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