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Ways To Treat Damaged Hair | Feat. John Frieda Full Repair

Hello there!
Tonight's post is on treating damaged hair. I hardly ever do haircare posts as my shampoos and conditioners really aren't extravagant! 
I'm not the queen of haircare if I'm honest but the John Frieda team recently sent me some of their Full Repair range which I've actually really wanted to try lately. 
I decided to do a post on treating damaged hair as this applies to myself.

There's so many ways to treat damaged hair - some work, some don't. 
Over the years my love of GHD's has expanded and my love for washing my hair has too. I suffer with oily hair and lately, for work, I've been washing it everyday which is really bad... 

I'm very lucky that the John Freida team sent me some of their Full Repair range, just so I could see if I could improve my hair in any way.
After using these I noticed that my hair seems slightly smoother and after straightening it looks more soft and sleek rather than show every split end off. 
I find that these haircare items wash out very well and leave no residue. The conditioner applies so well to my hair and the shampoo lathers nicely, but doesn't weigh my hair down. I also love the fact they're big bottles and will last me a lengthy time.

Onto the hair oil..
I really love this. After washing my hair, I'll apply a little bit onto the ends of my hair so it's smooth for when I straighten. I'm wary when it comes to hair oils because I don't want them to make my hair look any more greasy and I don't want them to make my hair feel sticky or noticeably oily - this ticks all the boxes! It's a great oil that's lightweight and is unnoticeable  I'll definitely repurchase this as an all the time hair oil because it ticks all the boxes. 

Quick Ways To Stop Damaging Your Hair -
-Stop washing your hair daily.
-Use shampoo's that contain no chemicals or less chemicals than your usual. I know Timotei do a good one which is all pure and natural.
-Use 'reconditioners' once or twice a week to retain the natural smoothness.
-Let your hair just dry instead of a blowdryer.
-Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb after washing. 
-Cut hair once a month to refresh split ends.
-It's hard, but, stay away from the irons!

I hope this post was a little fun to read and slightly different for my blog. I'll keep you all updated with the Full Repair range!

Have you tried this range yet, what did you think?
If you haven't tried why not enter the John Freida Competition?:-) / See The Full Repair Range

*PR SAMPLE. All thoughts are 100% honest and even though they were sent to review, all thoughts are my own.


  1. Really Great Post I Recently Started Dying My Hair, So It's Starting To Look Damaged. Some Really Great Advice I'll Be Taking On Board
    Thanks So Much, Great Post

  2. Thanks so much for these recommendations! I dyed by hair a lighter brown last year and the damage on my hair has been annoying so much :P

    Jenny xx


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