Monday, 24 June 2013

Things I'd Repurchase

Hello everyone, I'm back!
You probably haven't noticed, but, I've not actually been on the internet for 3 weeks. Some blog posts and YT videos were scheduled, luckily, but I still have some catching up to do! This post didn't manage to go up, so here goes!

XXL Volume Sensation Mascara | Maybelline 
I'd repurchase just because I love the wand and I love how it applies. This is the second time I've bought it and I reach for it most days. It's a pretty old mascara, but I love it. I love the wand because it's thick and very big but it doesn't clump my lashes. It's a good, quality mascara and I love it!

Rimmel Lipsticks
I feel like Rimmel lipsticks are many people's faves. They're only around £4 and they have the hugest range of colours. I never complain with Rimmel lipsticks and there's always a shade on my wishlist. I love them!

Barry M Nail Polishes
As you and I both know, Barry M nail polishes are on many people's shelves. I love them, I'm sure you love them..every beauty lover does! I'd always repurchase a nail polish if I have spare money and Barry M always gets thought of when I need a pick me up!

MAC lipsticks
I so need to purchase more. I always catch myself on the website and I always bang on about how I want to try more shades, so I need to! *Zofia's in London on Saturday, by the way...;-)*

OPI polishes
Same with MAC. I always notice shades I want but never bother to make a purchase. I really like them and have blogged about them before, so I will get more shades, for sure!

Colour Tattoo's | Maybelline
Bloomin' love these. I love them because they're multipurpose and I love the shade I have. I want to purchase the grey one!

Dream Satin Liquid Foundation | Maybelline
I remember a few years back when I actually bought this, I decided to get properly into foundation. I loved using this and I really need to get it again. This shade suited my skin perfectly and I always looked really glowy and healthy. It was very good for my oily skin and it blended beautifully.

Chit Chat Bronzer
It's multipurpose! I've used this as an eyeshadow many times before and I love it. It's a pretty bronzer and works for me.

120 Pro Palette | Not MAC!
I bought this off eBay ages ago and I love it. Obviously, the shade range is brill and i've been using it more often, recently. 

Natural Collection Loose Powder
Mentioned this before, I love it. I use it everyday and it keeps me perfectly matte! I HAVE to repurchase or I'd be stuffed!

Mango Soap | The Body Shop
I'm using this everyday at the minute and it's so lovely. It doesn't have a strong fragrance and I feel like if you have sensitive skin, these soaps are brilliant. I love them and they're the only soaps I'll use.

Match Perfection Foundation | Rimmel
Using this at the moment and I love it. I like the way it leaves my skin and I really want to repurchase!

Supersoft Detangle Spray
I love this and I love how easy it works! It doesn't leave my hair sticky like most sprays, either!

I hope you enjoyed this post, there may be more to come that I need to catch up on, but I'm not sure yet! Hope you had a brilliant weekend and I hope you've had a good day. Lots of love, Zofia x 

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