Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review | Herbal Essences Hair Mask

Herbal Essences Hair Mask | Seductively Straight | £1/ RRP - £3.99 Superdrug
Today, everyone, I have a review!
I feel like I never do reviews on here. I don't, actually..
I normally say what I feel and think about products but I never seem to go in depth and say a huge review about a product. With this item, I'm going to because I feel like it could help some people and because I feel like it's a good product to review and to introduce for my first blog review.

I purchased this back in February and used it all by the middle of March. I didn't use it for every hair wash, I simply used it once or twice every 2 weeks when I was doing something the next day - not when I'm having a lazy day. I simply used it for occasions because I wanted to see how long it took for it to make my hair greasy and how well it styled my hair. If I'm having a 'day in' I wont do anything fancy with my hair so I couldn't put it to the test!

I saw this in Poundland near their haircare items and makeup bits. I always pop in there to see any branded items they may have seeing as they're always £1 and I always spot really good items in there. This caught my eye being in a pot and being Herbal Essences so I decided to buy it and try it out. I normally hate with a passion this brand and you're never going to see me purchase it in the supermarkets and you'll never see a bottle of their shampoo on my bathroom shelf - just because they use the worst ingredients and soon as they changed their packaging and Herbal Essences suddenly changed, I hated using their products - remember the days where everyone would think HE were a rubbish brand and noone would use them? I do! I used to always use the brand when the packaging was the old one and I used to love the things that the shampoos did for my hair but nowadays, so many bad things are written about the brand because of ingredients and just the way they make peoples hair.. especially mine!

So anyway, when I finally got round to using it, I simply used a 'palm size' amount. So i took a reasonable scoop, not too much, just enough. After I shampooed I applied 3/4 hand product to the ends of my hair and then the 1/4 remaining hand product to the upper sections of my hair - NOT the roots - the crown! I then used my hands to mix the product in and at this point I discovered the smell of the mask - it wasn't delightful and the smell wasn't the BEST thing about the mask but it was alright.. kind of fruity, I suppose. 
After about 5 minutes of letting it sink in and letting it do it's wonders, I took my shower head and washed it out. At this point I felt my hair feeling a lot more cleaner and silky smooth. Once I had rinsed it for around 5 minutes it felt like it washed out perfectly. I never really know when a product has been washed out properly so I seem to do it for ages because I used to have a 'filmy feel' on my crown a while back that I couldn't get rid of and I think it was to do with buildup..

So when I washed it all out, I towel dried my hair as normal and the smell remained in my hair and left it smelling quite nice. I blowdried my hair and realised that the product washed out really well and didn't leave me with residue (HE normally does), so if you're a worrier of buildup, you'll be okay with this product, just dont' use 24/7 because it won't help.

When dry I feel like it helped my hair a slight amount but didn't work amazingly well and I wouldn't ever class this as an intensive mask because my overall thought on it was a bit like a thick conditioner.. it didn't really feel like a mask and it didn't really feel like it changed my hair at all - it made it a bit more silky looking but made my hair incredibly greasy 12/15 hours later... which didn't do me any wonders at all with my greasy hair and normally it gets greasy around 1 1/2 day later so this didn't help!
I'm not too sure if I'd buy this again, I feel like the cons outweigh the goods on this product and the use of ingredients really does put me off slightly..

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope that it helped some of you a little better if you were going to purchase this. It wasn't an extremely bad product and maybe some of you might have agreed with it and some of you may love it if you purchase but me personally - I don't think it liked my hair type!

I hope you've all had a good day,
Lots of love,
Zofia x 

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