Monday, 8 April 2013

March Empties

Lovely Mint Story Bubble Bath
Maybelline BB Cream Sample
Palmolive Deoderant
Loreal Elvive Conditioner
Beautiful Brunette Shampoo
Wet Wipes
Cotton Wool Balls
Snow Fairy Wand
Lovely Mint Story | Tesco
I loved using this, I used it quite regular and it's easy to purchase by visiting your local Tesco! I love the Treaclemoon bubble baths and I want to try more! It was affordable too.

Maybelline BB Cream | Sample
This was alright but I'm not too keen on BB creams. I thought this was just the same as a foundation and I don't see the 'hype' around a BB cream. This felt the same on my skin just the same as a lightweight foundation did. Why pay £4/5 for a BB cream when you can pay £8 for a larger bottle of foundation?

Palmolive Deoderant | Tesco/Boots
I use this everyday to keep me fresh and fragrant! It's nice on the underarms and does the job!

Loreal Conditioner | Boots/Tesco
I love this and I want to purchase another. I love the fact it leaves my hair silky soft and it's not overpriced.

Beautiful Brunette Shampoo | Boots
This was ok-ish but didn't really suit my hair. I thought it would restore my natural brunette but it didn't. It didn't really do anything spectacular so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Wet Wipes | Tesco
I use these everyday to freshen up my skin and to remove makeup. They're suitable for babies and young children so they're soft.. this is why I love them on my skin. They do a good job and they're just an everyday essential. Affordable and good to use!

Cotton Wool | ASDA
I picked these up from Asda. Along with my wet wipes I like using these for cleanser because they're big balls and they do the whole face in 3/4 balls. They're really soft too!

Snow Fairy Wand | LUSH
I love this! First time I tried it and mmmm, the scent is SO nice! It's a Christmas edition for Lush but I found the wand at the bottom of my empties bag, so I needed to mention!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of this months empties? I feel like March went on forever?!

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