Friday, 8 March 2013

February Empties

Another month over, another bunch of products that have been sitting in a bag ready to be lobbed out.. but Zofia finally remembered to photograph some and pop on here!

I have a good amount of empties this month, a small range of everyday bits that I use and need. Not that interesting but here we go!

Nivea Q10 Body Oil | Sample Size 
This was just a sample but I liked the idea. I didn't see what the point of it was, but this is probably because it wasn't a repetitive programme.. it was just a one use product. I think if you used it once a week and your skin knew you were using it, I think you'd see effects of what it was meant to do. I haven't heard any reviews on this etc but it seemed pretty cool.

Gliss Conditioner For Colored Hair 
I like the Gliss shampoo's/Conditioner's. I normally get the pinky colored bottle but they didn't have that and I thought that this smelled nice anyway, so I didn't mind too much! This was an alright product, it did weigh my hair down slightly and the product was quite thick. Like I said over on my Youtube channel, I'd repurchase if I didn't have anything else.. but it's not a go to product and it's not something I'd be looking forward to use.

Palmolive Soft And Gentle
This is just my basic, everyday deodorant! 

COLOR Macara
This is a New Look mascara from a gift set. I enjoyed using this, it was very runny and had a very thick applicator. I hardly used it but it was used every so often. It's gone dry now so I'll probably keep the wand as always and use it in brow gel!

Baby Wipes
I use these to remove makeup when I don't use my Elemis wipes. These are my everyday wipes and I think they're brilliant! They're cheap in Tesco and normally 3 for 2. They're really soft and take off mascara etc really well.

Baylis & Harding Wild Rose Body Wash
As you know, I love B&H! I love their products because they're really nice on the skin. They last a long time and are a really quality buy. I loved using this and it was a really thick gel that could be used sparingly. I never like 'rose' scents but this one was really subtle!

Tesco Everyday Shampoo
I never use this on my hair, I use it on the dogs!
I always use this to wash the dog, but the main reason I buy it is so I can clean my makeup brushes! I love using this to clean them, it doesn't leave them clogged up and it's easy to wash out. I love how it doesn't leave them with a scent either.

Supersoft Apple Shampoo
This seemed like a really cheap shampoo. Like it wouldnt do much good for my hair. This was a last minute buy in Savers as I couldn't find any decent looking shampoo's and I wanted to try something new. Infact, it was quite good. It left me with a tiny bit of volume which I NEVER have in my hair, it's flat as a pancake! It left it feeling clean and was easy to rinse out..once I blowdried my hair, it was silky! I'd repurchase.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'll see you all in 2 days time for my How To Style post!

Love you all, Zofia x


  1. I think I might try that Pamolive Soft & Gentle Deodorant, I tried the spray but didn't like it very much, lol! I like this post a lot! Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award:)

    -Lizzie xxxx

  2. It's really nice!:)

    Thanks ever so much! lots of love xxx


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