Thursday, 18 October 2012

September Empties/Faves

 Hiya lovelies!
So this post is quite delayed because my camera was playing up and stuff, thats why my Youtube video hasnt gone up yet. I always seem to be delayed on Youtube with my monthly faves and then I never seem to post my faves/empties on to here.. so its late BUT, I remembered this time!
So in September I didnt really have many faves, and if I did, I've already said them before or they're my empties! So I've combined them together.. I'll start with Empties first;
  • My Elvive 'Smooth Silk' intense shampoo. This is so good, this ran out in like early September, I haven't yet repurchased but I think I might have to, my hairs ruined! This is about £3/£4 in Tesco or Boots.
  • Next empty! This is my everyday deodorant. I dont use any other deodorant, I just pick this one up from Tesco in my weekly shop! It smells lovely, its fresh and not heavy and lasts a long time! ..and its only £1, ha!
  • This is my old cleansing lotion. I didnt have any at the time so I just picked it up from Wilkinsons for £1, but I got bored of it, so I have now bought a new one which I'll post up. Its okay and does cleanse the skin, but its not a cream type lotion, its alcohol.. dont think its very good for the skin?
  • Next is the VO5 'give me moisture' conditioner. This is amazing if you have split ends! AMAZING for the ends of your hair to give moisture! Love love love this, and its good if you straighten your hair, as it doesnt leave residue and leaves it shiny, not greasy looking.
  • Alberto Balsam.. this is the shampoo that smells like coconut.. the smell is lovely, the shampoo isnt.. I washed my makeup brushes with this halfway through the bottle, it just didnt suit my hair.
  • The next one is the crystal elvive conditioner.. love this! Really want to purchase again, and the smell is lovely!
  • I always use these wet wipes, they last about 2/3 weeks and they take my makeup on and off, leave my skin smooth and they make my skin feel fresh, these are just the Tesco ones that you get from the baby isle!
  • The next one is colorseal gloss, this is good for extensions and freshly died hair, I've used the red and brown one, I love them.. great for £1! I'm just wondering if they do a bigger one!
So I hope you liked my empties and hope I added a variety! I'm going to do my small amount of September faves now:-).
  • I've been loving the volume sensation mascara this month! I found this in Poundland a while back *cheeky*. I had this when I was about 10/11 and I love it! I love the wand, its big, it adds volume and its great for bottom and top lashes. 
  • I Love the color tattoo from Maybelline's 'studio' range. I think that its great to build up with eyeshadow or wearing it on its own. I'd love to try the other colors, this is the only one I have at the moment, but its such a basic brown where you can do simple or dramatic looks with it.
  • Then, last one, I've been loving the Poundland chubby stick dupe. This is brill for an all day look on the lips, adding a tiny bit of shimmer and a juicy feel. Also, cheeky tip!.. if you get a spare eyebrush, you can actually use it in the same way you use the eye tattoo.. it DOES crease so you will need to use the eyetattoo as a base or use a primer as a base.. or you could use it for a thick eyeliner look.. ive tried, it works! Make sure you use a brush though, because mixing eyes with lips may be a bit unhygenic.
So I hope you enjoyed this big post, I'm glad I remembered to post this as I never normally do! I can now put my things in the bin! 
Lots of love..

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