Monday, 3 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Three.

So.. Day Three already! This one is 'Three Unused' hm.. hard one! Hardly any of the products I own are unused because as soon as I buy something, I use it! I have a few recently bought things that are unused, but these have featured on a haul! So I had to scour my room and makeup/body/bath boxes just to find an unused item! ..well..three..
  • Day Three: Three Unused.

Okay so this was SOSOSOSO difficult! I have hardly any unused things, like I said before so I didnt know what to choose. As you know, I havent used the white glittery nail polish in 'Sassy Sparkle' because I bought this the other day and havent done a NOTW yeah. All I could think of! Then, I havent used this lipgloss from MUA in shade 5 before, its been stuck on my shelf and I need to use it because its such an unpigmented pinky shade with glitter in, so that needs using! Then I havent used this green eye dust from MUA because I didnt choose it, my friend and me went to town in Year7 and then I had silly color phases so she bought me it.. I dont go for REALLY neon eye colors so I might mix this with another dazzle dust or eyeshadow and see if I can tone the color down. Im sure its a beautiful color. All of these - £1.

Lots of love..

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Two.

Hey guys! I havent done Day2 yesterday, Ill do Day3/Day2 tonight, I've been sooooooo busy and stuff but, Im sure you guys dont mind! So I'm going to get on with Day2 and today is 'Two Accessories', this is a bit of a boring one because I dont have mega amounts of accessories, I just have loads of earrings aha.

  • Day Two; Two Accessories.
I didnt know if this meant 'two faves' or etc so I'll just post two of the accessories I've been wearing a lot recently.
Ive been wearing this Superdrug necklace a lot recently because it goes well with Autumn colors and dark colors. Its pretty and simple and I love it! It was only £5 reduced to £2 so I had to buy it for a small price aha. Sorry these are a bit boring but I dont really collect a lot of accessories and I take it by 'accessories' you mean jewelerry
Ive been wearing these a lot. I love them because they're my first Forever21 jewelerry purchase. I love the pretty design and how they were only £3.99. I wore them today and they suit a lot of jewelerry that I already have. 

So thats about it guys, bit of a boring post but I want to complete this 1O day challenge thing so yeah..

Lots of love..

Sunday, 2 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day One.

Okay so I saw this on I decided that, it would be a good thing for me to do, seeing as I dont update this blog everyday (im likely to forget) and this will give me a post a day to do, for 1O days. Ill probably be stuck for ideas most days but today (Saturday September O1) I will be starting DayO1, until September1O.

  • Day One; One Favorite.
Okay so this was actually a really hard one! I decided that, this is my favorite because it makes my nails super shiny and lasts ages. Its a beautiful color and its sososo cheap. I love the brush and it applies really weall and really easily. Its good with 2 coats for thickness but perfect with just one coat if you have short nails. Ive reviewed this once before so im just going to add pictures and yeah.. this is my Day One favorite!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

London Haul!

Okay so as you all know I went to London last Saturday. I picked up quite a few beauty bits so im going to show you them now and the clothing tomorrow. Sorry if this post is extra long aha.

I bought quite a lot!

So first thing Im showing is this.. this is really lovely! I started collecting candles a while ago and stopped, shame because you can get some lovely ones for hardly any cost. I love decorating my room with pretty ones and as im swapping rooms nearer to Christmas or whatever, these type candles will really match in. 

I bought it from Primark for just £1! Its a lovely medium size so good for the price.

I really like the packaging/jar. Its not tacky and looks really pretty and girly. It suits the title of Spring Blossom.

I really like the smell.. its quite strong but once it burns it might not be as strong as it smells out of the jar.

I picked up this pretty bracelet for £3.. I love it! Been looking for one, for ages.

I love the beads on it.. Its more pink in real life but I think the camera didnt pick it up.

The beads are so pretty and for £3 im made up! I think they did another color but I cant remember... check out Primark if you want one!

I picked up some pretty makeup bits that didnt cost a lot too!

Available in Poundland/Savers. Im not a cheap skate or whatever but I love a bargain. I saw on someones blog that these are available here and they're like a dupe of the 'Clinique Chubby Stick' Im going to review these more on another post anyway, so shh!

Autumn shades!

They're really smooth! Great for £1.

Looking forward to trying them out. Really pretty shades!

Finally bought it! Like the products above, I'll go into detail about this in another post but this is part of the haul so I'll show you. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr. 

Shade-On and on Bronze. I picked this shade up because you can build it up for day or night. Amazing for £5.

 I picked up and Eyeliner from Beauty Base, only £1 so i thought I would try it as I love Beauty Base!

Not amazing packaging but I didnt really expect that.

Its really light but liquidy.. such a deep black.

Dont know about the applicator quality yet, I'll tell you soon!

I picked up these! £1 each from Beauty Base! Different shades..soso pretty.

Sassy Sparkle - Good for summer or winter nail effect.
Fiji Purple - good for winter as its a deep purple shade. Its got a hint of pink too.

Goddess- Such a pretty bronze color, big & small glitter particles and is great for autumn.
Shock- Good for summer and autumn as its a satsuma/mustard color. Never bought a shade like this before!

A different, but pretty range of colors. Ill have to add these to my 'Nails of the week' videos! Ill be painting them soon!

What ones your favourite?!

Last thing! I got these free in Westfield: Stratford as I was passing a Nivea stall near Forever21. So, anyone living there or visits there, remember to pass by! They seem good to try out!

Have you bought any of these recently?
Lots of love..

Essie Autumn/Winter Collection!

Hey guys!
Just thought I would post this up.. Essie!
Its just turned SeptemberO1 about 10 minutes ago and I just saw this picture floating around on the internet. I dont know if im late or not, but omg!
I actually LOVE these shades! These are for the autumn collection, and I saw the summer Essie shades but unfortunately I never got the chance to get the collection.
I like all the shades, they're very autumn like and for only £8 I will be making a few purchases!
Stylenomics looks like my favourite and first Essie purchase, but Skirting The Issue definitely will be bought!
Overall, these look like 'worth the money' buys so yeah.. down to Boots next week!
What shades do you have your eye on? Whos excited for autumn/winter?! I am!
Lots of love..

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Makeup Brush cleaning talk through

I was cleaning my makeup brushes the other day and thought 'ill do a guidethrough on how I clean them'. Its quite a boring/easy post but we all clean them different ways I suppose, and some of these tips could help. Sometimes people spend so much on cleaner or sprays when really, you dont need to. Seeing as im a budget beauty blogger, ill tell you how I do it for less!
Most people buy the MAC brush cleanser which is actually quite cheap for MAC at nearly £10, which you can buy or view here - - and, Ive actually never thought of buying, just because I would rather get something cosmetics wise with £9.50.
So, heres my method! Enjoy.

So first, I get any brushes that need cleaning. This is generally every 2 weeks which I know, thats probably awful but i use different brushes, these were just the few that need doing on the day. Personally, I think you can tell when brushes need washing when you dont feel that they're clean and when you cant see the makeup application on them. Also, eye brushes are the worst when dirty, because they dont apply the correct color. After every makeup application I do wipe the brushes used with a makeup wipe.. this isnt good enough, they need a proper wash. 
Makeup brushes are the route of breakouts/spots/acne etc, especially if you are prone to greasy skin or if you break out easily. Bacteria can also build up when you're not using and applying makeup with them. So all because they are just sitting there unused, doesnt mean they aren't dirty..this is when they collect dust&bacteria. An open wound or crack in the skin + dirty brushes = disaster. Sharing brushes isnt the best thing to do either, they can cause infection. With family its not toooo bad, but with people you just happen to know.. isnt the safest option, or healthiest.  

Next, I get a bowl of soapy water. You can do this in anything. I did mine in an old washing up bowl! You can use the bath/sink though, if you prefer this.. anything you want! I used washing up liquid for the bubbles, which you can just get a supermarket own brand one, this is really cheap and works just the same for makeup brushes! Then, i applied some 'Tesco own cheap shampoo' this is about 70p and I use it for brush cleaner. I used a mix of hot/cold water. 

Then, get a brush that needs cleaning and wet it, in the water you're using and make sure its really wet.
When the brush is +lovely and wet, apply some cheap conditioner, or any conditioner you dont need. Maybe you could use the cheap Tesco conditioner which is around 70p, Ive used that before for this same job and its perfect. Im using a cheap shampoo from Tesco and it works. Apply quite a bit amount, not too much because itll make the brushes sticky, just a 'golf ball amount' will be fine. Use mine as an example!
Then what you want to do is, swirl the wet, conditioned brush into your palm and make it really lathered, just like you would do with your hair really. Just to make sure all the conditioner mixes into the brush/es and gets the most amount of makeup out as possible. Over time of doing this, you will see shades of color come out with the conditioner in your hand.. it looks horrible! Foundation brushes are the worst for it, the wet/dirty foundation isnt the nicest thing to see! 
Then, rinse again! You'll know when they're clean. After this, get clear, non bubbled water and wet.
After all of the cleaning, leave your brushes to dry! Using the hairdryer also works aha, I did this last time! 
Hope this actually helped a lot of people, it probably didnt but its a cheaper way!

Lots of love..

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