Thursday, 30 August 2012

Makeup Brush cleaning talk through

I was cleaning my makeup brushes the other day and thought 'ill do a guidethrough on how I clean them'. Its quite a boring/easy post but we all clean them different ways I suppose, and some of these tips could help. Sometimes people spend so much on cleaner or sprays when really, you dont need to. Seeing as im a budget beauty blogger, ill tell you how I do it for less!
Most people buy the MAC brush cleanser which is actually quite cheap for MAC at nearly £10, which you can buy or view here - - and, Ive actually never thought of buying, just because I would rather get something cosmetics wise with £9.50.
So, heres my method! Enjoy.

So first, I get any brushes that need cleaning. This is generally every 2 weeks which I know, thats probably awful but i use different brushes, these were just the few that need doing on the day. Personally, I think you can tell when brushes need washing when you dont feel that they're clean and when you cant see the makeup application on them. Also, eye brushes are the worst when dirty, because they dont apply the correct color. After every makeup application I do wipe the brushes used with a makeup wipe.. this isnt good enough, they need a proper wash. 
Makeup brushes are the route of breakouts/spots/acne etc, especially if you are prone to greasy skin or if you break out easily. Bacteria can also build up when you're not using and applying makeup with them. So all because they are just sitting there unused, doesnt mean they aren't dirty..this is when they collect dust&bacteria. An open wound or crack in the skin + dirty brushes = disaster. Sharing brushes isnt the best thing to do either, they can cause infection. With family its not toooo bad, but with people you just happen to know.. isnt the safest option, or healthiest.  

Next, I get a bowl of soapy water. You can do this in anything. I did mine in an old washing up bowl! You can use the bath/sink though, if you prefer this.. anything you want! I used washing up liquid for the bubbles, which you can just get a supermarket own brand one, this is really cheap and works just the same for makeup brushes! Then, i applied some 'Tesco own cheap shampoo' this is about 70p and I use it for brush cleaner. I used a mix of hot/cold water. 

Then, get a brush that needs cleaning and wet it, in the water you're using and make sure its really wet.
When the brush is +lovely and wet, apply some cheap conditioner, or any conditioner you dont need. Maybe you could use the cheap Tesco conditioner which is around 70p, Ive used that before for this same job and its perfect. Im using a cheap shampoo from Tesco and it works. Apply quite a bit amount, not too much because itll make the brushes sticky, just a 'golf ball amount' will be fine. Use mine as an example!
Then what you want to do is, swirl the wet, conditioned brush into your palm and make it really lathered, just like you would do with your hair really. Just to make sure all the conditioner mixes into the brush/es and gets the most amount of makeup out as possible. Over time of doing this, you will see shades of color come out with the conditioner in your hand.. it looks horrible! Foundation brushes are the worst for it, the wet/dirty foundation isnt the nicest thing to see! 
Then, rinse again! You'll know when they're clean. After this, get clear, non bubbled water and wet.
After all of the cleaning, leave your brushes to dry! Using the hairdryer also works aha, I did this last time! 
Hope this actually helped a lot of people, it probably didnt but its a cheaper way!

Lots of love..

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