Monday, 3 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Three.

So.. Day Three already! This one is 'Three Unused' hm.. hard one! Hardly any of the products I own are unused because as soon as I buy something, I use it! I have a few recently bought things that are unused, but these have featured on a haul! So I had to scour my room and makeup/body/bath boxes just to find an unused item! ..well..three..
  • Day Three: Three Unused.

Okay so this was SOSOSOSO difficult! I have hardly any unused things, like I said before so I didnt know what to choose. As you know, I havent used the white glittery nail polish in 'Sassy Sparkle' because I bought this the other day and havent done a NOTW yeah. All I could think of! Then, I havent used this lipgloss from MUA in shade 5 before, its been stuck on my shelf and I need to use it because its such an unpigmented pinky shade with glitter in, so that needs using! Then I havent used this green eye dust from MUA because I didnt choose it, my friend and me went to town in Year7 and then I had silly color phases so she bought me it.. I dont go for REALLY neon eye colors so I might mix this with another dazzle dust or eyeshadow and see if I can tone the color down. Im sure its a beautiful color. All of these - £1.

Lots of love..

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