Monday, 3 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Two.

Hey guys! I havent done Day2 yesterday, Ill do Day3/Day2 tonight, I've been sooooooo busy and stuff but, Im sure you guys dont mind! So I'm going to get on with Day2 and today is 'Two Accessories', this is a bit of a boring one because I dont have mega amounts of accessories, I just have loads of earrings aha.

  • Day Two; Two Accessories.
I didnt know if this meant 'two faves' or etc so I'll just post two of the accessories I've been wearing a lot recently.
Ive been wearing this Superdrug necklace a lot recently because it goes well with Autumn colors and dark colors. Its pretty and simple and I love it! It was only £5 reduced to £2 so I had to buy it for a small price aha. Sorry these are a bit boring but I dont really collect a lot of accessories and I take it by 'accessories' you mean jewelerry
Ive been wearing these a lot. I love them because they're my first Forever21 jewelerry purchase. I love the pretty design and how they were only £3.99. I wore them today and they suit a lot of jewelerry that I already have. 

So thats about it guys, bit of a boring post but I want to complete this 1O day challenge thing so yeah..

Lots of love..

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