Monday, 20 May 2013

13 Personal Questions

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Hello everyone. 
It's a non beauty post today and I thought I would do a tag! I posted the video to this today so I thought I'd let my blog followers have a read, too!

It's the 13 personal questions tag and although they're not the nitty gritty nor personal, I thought it'd be a good tag to do - so I hope you enjoy!

1. What Do I Order From Starbucks? 
Nothing, I'm afraid! I don't drink coffee so I never bother with Starbucks.

2. What's one thing in my closet, that I can't live without?
A chiffon shirt. Inexpensive from Primark, range of designs to match up to skirts, leggings and jackets and they suit me well, I think. I love them!

3. One thing people don't know about me is;
I can't tie shoe laces or use a knife well. I'm so embarrassed by this but I just can't.. ahh, awkward!

4. One thing I want to do, before I die is;
Move to London/Live in London and have many holidays, be a makeup artist and own a makeup shop - more than one but I want to do many things!

5. One food I can't live without?
Noodles.. gr, so hard to give up!

6. One quote I live by?
Loads. the best one is 'don't regret something you once wanted' because I feel like we can all relate.

7. Like and dislike about the Blogging/YT community?
I like how we all love the same thing so we can all chat and most of the time there isn't much bitching or favouritism, well I haven't experienced that yet anyway! I hate the fact people pick out the bad things and never focus on the good and I hate the fact there's no pleasing people. So far, I haven't had a bad experience. 

8. No 1 song on my iPod/iTunes?
Armin Van Buuren's tune at the moment I'd have to say! It's been on non stop...

9. My style?
No style. I don't follow trends, I just pick out what I like and wear it. I'm not 'fashionable' at all - I just wear clothes haha!

10. My fave number?

11. Hobbies?
Makeup, Blogging, Face charting, Youtubing, Baking, Cooking.

12. pet Peeves?
I hate a lot of things to be honest, I can't quite think of one right now though.

13. Guilty Pleasure?

I hope you all enjoyed this post & I hope you're all glad that I'm back;-) Hope you've all had a good day, Zofia x 

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