Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Nail Polish Collection..

 Hello girls! Welcome to my Nail Polish Collection!
I've finally decided to do one, seeing as I'm a big nail polish collector and I really love painting my nails, even though they're not the longest!
I had no idea how to take pictures for this blog post because I know the pictures look a bit bad but I had no other way to picture them - at least the pictures are clear anyway!

I'm not going to review them all but I'll mention ones I use the most/like the most and which ones I'm not so keen on etc. I hope this blog post goes okay and I hope you all enjoy!

OPI Nail Polishes | These retail at £11 and I love OPI. These are the only two I've tried but so far so good. I really want more so I'm going to try and get some. I like the green one more than the purple, but they're both good polishes all in all. These two are from collections - Nicki Minaj & James Bond, Skyfall.

Barry M | Everyone loves a bit of Barry in their life, don't they? I do! I love these polishes and I use them a lot of the time. I've started collecting more recently and there are still many more shades that I really want. My favourite shades from my collection have to be mint green and berry ice cream. A new favorite of mine has to be 'spring green' because I love emerald colours. 

Rimmel Polishes | I much prefer the I love lasting finish ones! I love the colour range and the finish of them. They're so nice!

Kiko | I've never heard of this brand before I purchased these but I LOVE them! i bought these last summer at Westfield and for £2.50 I love them! I hardly wear these anymore but I'll be wearing them more now as we have sunny weather. Definately repurchasable and I'd love to get other shades!

LA Colours | I absolutely LOVE these polishes and for 98p they're so worth it! I always get these from Beautybase in Westfield and I always pick up a few when I go just because they have the hugest colour selection and they always set well. I absolutely love these and I love the shade Fiji purple for summer.

Chit Chat Glitters | The gold one is my fave! I love it so much and for £1 you wouldn't think it! Great colours and you can wear them gradient or all over the nail! Love, love, love.

NYC Polishes | I love these, too! They're really nice and I love the colour selection of these too. I really like Hi-Line-Green, and Lights-Camera-Glitter. Oh-Soho-Sweet is a very milky colour which is good for school or work. 

They're my top picks from my collection and ones that I love the most. My other polishes include Sally Hansen, MUA, Goldigga, Ciate etc. MUA are good polishes and really inexpensive - I hardly collect these but I think I'd like to. I'm not keen on Ciate polishes and I don't think I'd ever get anymore. 

I also have these nail art polishes that I do many designs with. I hardly seem to use these anymore but they're handy!

I hope you like this post, I tried my best to include details but if you have any questions on these polishes leave them in the comments and I'll help you out!

Have you tried any of these,
What ones do you want to try?
Zofia x 


  1. Wow, what a collection! I love OPI and Barry M nail products =)

    Corinne x

  2. me too, so many colours and finishes! xx


  3. someone with as many as me! makes me feel better to know im not the only nail varnish collector . lovely blog im your newest follower, my blogs its 2 weeks old if you want to take a peek xx

  4. love collecting them!
    I had a look at your blog and followed! i follow everyone back so thanks for following me:)

    Zofia xo


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