Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get Unready With Me!

Apologies, I haven't posted for a few days. I was meant to post on Sunday but I've been enjoying the sun yet again and I haven't had time to post. I'll catch up on my posts anyway and I'll post them up another time!
Also, apologies for not getting my 'old blog' back. My blog has somehow gone into a plain template..I have NO idea how to get it back:-(

Onto the post, I'm showing you how I get unready! I'm doing a quick post to show what products I use to get my makeup off in the evenings. I hope you enjoy!

First, I use Elemis Freshskin Face Wash. I was so unsure whether I liked this or not because it kinda broke me out - then it worked - then it broke me out.. I've nearly finished it now so I'm not too bothered, some days it works, some days it doesn't. I like the smell though, it's fresh! I use this first to take my makeup off, then I use products after to get rid of the last remaining bits. I like this because it foams up slightly and lathers into the skin. I also like it on bare skin, it makes me feel so fresh and clean. 
After using the Elemis Freshskin Face Wash, I then pat down my skin (to dry) and then I use the Tesco Everyday Eye Makeup Remover - this isn't the BEST for removing, but it does the job and it removes mascara so I don't mind too much. 
When that's done, I use wet wipes to wipe my face and gently cleanse my eyes. I like the ones in the picture above, just because they work - they're not branded nor expensive but they work for me and they're not scented, I like that. If they work for babies, they work for me!
After that, I like to use Wilko Skin Therapy face cleanser on a cotton wool ball all over my face until the cotton wool looks clear. I love using this because it gets all foundation out of my pores and off my face and it removes all makeup gently!

Finally, I use some aftersun and some Elemis Night Moisturiser to settle my face. I love sleeping with this on, when I wake up I'm babysoft and feel like I have the perfect base for makeup again. I love using aftersun all year round because it settles my skin, even if we haven't had hot weather. It's a bit like using SPF in winter, it just protects the skin. It's runny and it's not a thick, moisturiser type liquid but it does settle quickly. I hate a greasy, slow drying face!

I hope you enjoyed this post, my Youtube video should be up about it in a few days time! Hope you've been enjoying the warm weather if you're in the UK. I can't see it lasting, ha!

Lots of love x 

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