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More Than Beauty | A Day At London Zoo!

Hello everyone! 
Today's post is a lifestyle one - I love doing these.
I went to London Zoo a few weeks back, at the end of August and I had a really good time. I've never actually been to a Zoo before so it was good seeing all the animals as I'm a huge animal lover! I don't think I had a favourite part of the Zoo as the whole day was brilliant, but I'll go through some things that I loved in a bit...

I can't compare London Zoo to any other Zoo, purely because this is my first time but I thought the Zoo was really well laid out and we could find everything really easy using the map. I really liked how the Zoo was in categories like 'Aquarium' and 'African Animals' because this made it easy to find each section.
I thought the Zoo was really tidy aswell - ofcourse there's no litter because it's bad for the animals but I liked how tidy the different sections were and how well the animals get looked after. I wanted to take them home at the end of the day! 

While I was on my way to the Zoo I knew instantly I wanted to see the water animals. I absolutely love them - I love Otters, Seals, Penguins and ofcourse the coral reefs at the Aquarium section.
On the day I went I didn't make it to the certain section in time to see the Penguins being fed and I didn't see any seals; but, the adorable otters and penguins made up for that! 

The otters are so adorable with their whiskers and I loved the way the penguins dived in after eachother in the pool. You could tell the penguins were well looked after because the water was so clean and they have lovely surroundings to play with. I loved the way there was a window to watch them at the bottom of the pool. I was so fascinated with watching them!

In the 'African section' there was alsorts of animals - the ones that I couldn't wait to see! Giraffes, Zebras, Okapis and some sort of 'fighter dog' which, infact, are really cute..even though they're probably not like the ones you live with at home.....
I love the Giraffes in the Africa section. They're so funny to watch and their tongues are HILARIOUS! They're so long! QUICK FACT - Giraffes tongues are so long and they stop sunburn! I wonder how that works....

I think the funniest but of the day was watching the monkeys. I LOVE the gorillas and they're so alike to us - I loved watching them's like watching a human!
I loved the smaller monkeys too, I couldn't stop laughing at them. I loved watching one monkey select the food he wanted to eat, he had a plate of celery, carrots and potatoes and he was choosing what he wanted to try adorable!

There were many other animals there but I just thought I'd share some of my favourites with you. I hope you enjoyed reading my Zoo Day out - have you ever visited the Zoo?:-)

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  1. I love the zoo! I haven't been to London Zoo for about 12 years! I really want to go again, lovely pictures :) xxx


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